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Connected to my Mac Pro early 2008 using a dvi on the graphics card but the monitor port does not detect the Mac Pro, is a graphics card problem? Computer monitor works fine with my windows

Which version of OSX?

What model of graphics card?

What are the output ports are on the graphics card?

This DVI-d port was working OK with the same graphics card and OSX version?

The fan on the graphics card?

Yo hear the phone ring when starting?

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  • Mac pro 2008 to slow down, or may not start, but starting in safe mode

    HI dudes. I have a Mac pro 2008 with yosemite.

    I can't boot into normal mode, but it's ok in safe mode.

    I changed the hd, do a clean install, but still the same.

    Sometimes (days), it starts up fine, but the other days not, or if it boot is so sloooowww if a type of something, maybe 7 characters, it takes about 30 seconds to display on the screen.

    I'm putting a radeon hd 4890 to see if the problem is the graph (due to the fact that the mac works fine in safe mode) now my graphics card is ati 2600 256 MB

    I don't know what to try next, I'm desperate

    PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm from the Spain.

    Yes, could be a bad graphics card.

    I would also like to run Apple Hardware Test

    Using Apple Hardware Test - Apple Support

    you will need one of the original disks supplied with the Mac

  • PCIe crush on Mac Pro 2008

    Hi all

    Looking for a PCIe card compatible thunderbolt 2 thunderbolt drives put in my Mac Pro 2008 Tower. Possible? Recommend?

    Thank you


    There is no such cards and until Intel control tokens required to implement love at first sight, it will never be. You do not miss anything. They do not exist.

    Love at first sight, a computer to use leaving the factory "shot of lightning-ready". There is little this computer manufactured by Acer - but they're just computers of ThunderBolt where sight of material has been placed on an optional daughter card, and then were made optional save money.

  • Mac Pro 2008 RAM Upgrade


    My Early 2008 Mac Pro (3,1) currently has 6 GB of RAM (two 1 GB sticks) and two sticks of 2 GB and I bought a pair of used ram (800 MHz DDR2, who works with the Mac Pro 2008 according to the announcement on Ebay) to take up to 8 GB. I have a Kingston 2 GB key and a broken stick of the same type to complete the configuration. I followed the instructions on the Apple support page and inserted the two sticks of working and broken in the memory card top of the page, and when I turned on the machine, it is detected that the map background (which had the pair of 2GB that was already in the machine) about this Mac. After the reinstallation of the new RAM, the fans in the machine began to turn to the maximum, and the machine hung on the Apple logo. I tried a few different configurations (including the replacement of one of the existing 2 GB sticks with the new work), which caused the machine hang or the memory card, they were to not be detected. I have now deleted the new RAM temporarily, and the machine works fine.

    Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I'm under El Capitan 10.11.4.

    installing new RAM check the smaller units of new RAM by itself, has increased the confidence that we CAN work, prior to mixing and matching with your RAM existing. This reduces the problem to the size.

  • Can I install two graphics on MAC Pro 2008

    I can install two graphics on MAC Pro 2008 cards, and if possible it can cause problems?

    Yes. Just not the slot 1 (double-width slot) and slot 2 are 16 x and Gen 2. Slots 3 and 4 are 4 x Gen 1.1 so not good for graphics cards.

    Note also that even the graphics cards require one or even 2 power connectors to THE but the mac has only 2 available

  • Mac pro 2008 book starts as usual, but recovery does not work.


    I recently got an old macbook 2008 a friend. It's a Mac Book Pro 2008 15 inches with OS X El Capitan. He told me he did a reinstall. It is quite an old machine, so I dualboot linux as my desktop with fairing. He told me that I have to disable SIP. I found the only way is in recovery, so I tried the command + option + r, r command but it shows the apple logo and the bar gets stuck half way.diskutil list does show a partition named recovery apple_boot that is 650 MB.

    Sorry for my lack of English, and I hope you can help me.

    She doesn't have the recovery partition on older Macs if you want to try to install it, see this article:

    If you have the OEM install discs come with Mac using those. Is not in contact with Apple and they will ship them to you for a small fee.

  • Mac Pro 2008 No. Startup Manager Access/Gray screen on startup

    I'm in a difficult situation and hoping a Ninja Mac can give a helping hand.

    Had a RAM issue (is no longer recognized a pair of memory modules in a 2008 Mac Pro, El Capitan), and among the troubleshooting steps, I did a PRAM reset (press / hold down ALT + CMD + P + R during startup) just to see if it could resolve. Unfortunately, the Mac would not start in front of a gray-white screen with a flashing icon of folder/question mark. Returned never me to get there.

    I had read that resetting the PRAM the disc start, among other things, may need to be reset afterwards, and this seems to be the case. Looked this solution and kept diligently press Option key during startup. This time, no folder icon, instead a sensitive cursor, but nothing else. Gray-white screen only, no boot manager to select the startup disk is suitable.

    I also tried the following...

    1. Starting in the Diagnostic Mode... Gray screen.
    2. Restore/recovery... Gray screen.
    3. Reset the SMC... Gray screen.
    4. Enter Safe Mode... Gray screen.

    OS (and apps) on flash PCI cards. All files are on hard disks in the 4-Bay, as well as a player flash remains connected to a (used as a scratch of PS) free SATA port. So I can't really share, but I wonder if I shoot all readers it would require a search for another source?

    I create an El Capitan USB boot (currently copy with createinstallmedia), but don't expect that it will offer what anyone else that its use is based on access to the Startup Manager at startup..., that I can't do. There are the graphics on the screen (missing folder icon, mobile mouse cursor) so can not imagine a video problem.

    Looking forward to enter here.


    I created a USB bootable OS X installer using these instructionsand createinstallmedia. After some messing around with the Terminal syntax USB was ready to go. My concern, however, was that the operating instructions required by selecting the drive of the Startup Manager... which I could not access.

    With the USB stick plugged in I started to turned on the Mac while pressing the key OCCUPIED Palestinian territory and this time, the selection screen pops up showing just the USB key for installation of El Capitan. Got that we open and instead of installing I chose Startup Manager in the installation menu bar, took my normal OS drive and rebooted. Back in business, no problems.

    This put aside, although I understood that reset PRAM would also require reselect startup disk, I don't have a hot clue why did not appear the Boot Manager - or any other useful diagnostic. If someone could throw some light here would be appreciated.

  • VT on Mac Pro 2008


    I am trying to run ESXi 5.5 on VMWare Fusion on a Mac Pro in 2008. When I start the VM, I get "Virtualized Intel VT-x/EPT is not supported on this platform." Support site Apple said that the Mac supports the VT is there anything that I am missing?

    Thank you


    According to Intel® Xeon® Processor E5462 (2.80 GHz, FSB 1600 MHz, 12 MB Cache) this processor supports not Intel® VT - x with Extended Page Tables (EPT) and as I said before, 'I think that may also be necessary to run ESXi under VMware Fusion.'.»»

  • A Mac Pro 2008 work well with El Capitan?

    I found a xeon 2008 8 - core 2.8 GHz refurbished Mac Pro with 32 GB of ram and el capitan as, sold for 600 euros, my question is, if I buy it and put an SSD of 500 GB in it, how would that work? I could use it with a full hd screen? wouldn't be better than the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13 inch retina?

    With the stock graphics card, 2008 would be poor in app related to graphic design as a recent MacBook Pro.  Difference in litter with a Mac Air.

    The 2008 with original graphics card will support 2560 x 1600

    Problem with the 2008 (and 2009), is that which concerns the mac Pro line, only the 2010 and later Sierra will run.

    Also in 2006-2008 Mac Pro memory run hot and frequently fail with age.  The original of the graphics card, ATI 2600 XT also do either with time.

  • Mac OS x won't start on mac pro esxi host

    We have the latest mac pro machine functioning as a construction of host 5.5.0 esxi 2718055.  We have setup the virtual Mac machine of the as a waiter in a magic triangle to our Mac OSX windows domain configuration.  Everything was up and running for some time now not really used because we delayed the purchase of our projected deployment Mac until this year.  I logged on today, and he says he has several updates and necessary to restart, so we issued the command reboot. Now the machine won't start upward.  It starts the boot process you see the Apple logo and progress bar starts moving on a 1/4 of the way and then it just turned off. I tried several of the commands below in the link, but nothing works, it just turns off. I tried to use my mac with vm ware fusion and the connection to the host and always change. I have triple checked that I am in the comments window active when you press these commands, but the problem is it only stays on during approximately 5 seconds then stops. I have removed from the inventory of esxi and re added, as well as restarted the ESXi host as well.  The virtual machine is sitting on the local storage of the esxi server.

    Has anyone else had a problem similar to this?  I'm getting to this section and the progress bar starts to go, but then stops and turns off virtual machine.  How can I enter in address this further.

    Okay, so I went through the list and now I got using the command option r. tried before but maybe I press the keys long enough.  I was using my mac book pro and pro fusion to do all this. Couldn't make it work when you use the client heavy vsphere on my windows machine. Repair disk permissions is grayed out. I ran check disk permissions and got a ton of errors, ran check disk and he stopped saying repair the disk. Ran repair disk and he stopped to say that he cannot repair the disk, backup as many files as possible, reformat the drive and restore your backup files.

    Is there another way to try to fix this sucker, or is he at this point a POS and build a new one?

  • Extension of hard disks on a Mac Pro 2008

    Hi friends,

    I want to add two internal hard drives in my Mac Pro early 2008.

    I was wondering if you might have experience with this, please.

    There are 4 hard drive bays, of which 3 are already used. I would like to add an additional drive, and I don't know if I should replace one of the existing players or is there another way to add a 5th disc. Is there room for an extra hard drive in an optical extra hard drive that is not used?

    This is a 2 x 3 GHz Quad - Core Intel Xeon (2008) Mac Pro.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!


    You can add a ssd drive to lower the front optical drive Bay.

  • Mac Pro 2008 no bootable media. No keyboard.

    It doesn't matter if the disks are installed or not the same message keeps popping up. So I know the USB ports work, but it does not recognize the keyboard mouse power. I even tried the keyboard pc and nothing. No boot camp is installed either. It comes to 10.11 and 10.7 straight. Discs of OS X. each OS is on its own drive. No multiple partitions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Unplug all but one monitor, mouse, KB and power.

    -Try resetting the SMC

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    Have you tried the EB in total, recto and verso, USB ports?

    Are you saying you get this with a 6.8 installation DVD into the optical drive?

    Remove all except one HD sleds and try with only an inserted both sled. Try different sleds.

    If you open the side door are any diagnostic light on?

    Is the white fixed power light?

    When did it last work?

  • 2008 mac Pro can he take the captain

    I just installed the latest version of Mac OS X on my mac pro 2008.  When I restart it goes only up to 10% and then it goes to a white screen and it stays like that for about 10 minutes.

    I tried to reboot again, and continues to be the same thing. I have just brickedmy mac.

    Whatever happens is not incompatible with ElCapitan 10.11. Incompatible hardware even never starts to install, because it starts cleverly to a lighter version of the new incoming system before copying all the files. Incompatible hardware crashes just here, in the first ten seconds, before whatever it quoi que ce soit be changed.

    Tries to start to search for the Recovery Mode (hold down command + R to start) disk utility and repair the disk or disk first aid.

  • How to wake up 2008 Mac Pro in his sleep?

    In the past, when my Mac Pro (2008) fell asleep, I could watch on my laptop under the heading 'Shared' in a Finder window and the Mac Pro would be there. I could click on it and the Mac wakes up.

    Now, I can't see the Mac listed under the section shared in the Finder when its sleepy, so I have to go to press the power button. Back To My Mac is activated in the settings of the energy as 'Wake For Ethernet Network Access'.

    What Miss me?

    It is possible that the Mac Pro does not appear because its file sharing settings have been changed (on the Mac Pro).

    You must have a Hello sleep Proxy on your network, such as an airport or an Apple TV device point.

    Immediately to the request and Hello sleep Proxy - Apple Support


  • 2008 mac Pro Apple Raid card problems, help!

    Hello, I have a mac pro 2008 with a raid set up. I want to get rid of all old raid together upwards and instead put a new ssd in the first Bay. The computer cannot read it because I think that it is always configured as a raid. Does anyone know how to make the available drive bays to new readers? You're help would be highly appreciated. I want to take the Apple Raid card so I can have an additional PCI port and I also want to get out the discs four raid. Just so I can put in a single ssd! Thank you very much.

    When you remove the Apple RAID card, readers who were searched will be unreadable. You need to make backups before time, because there is no way known to them read differently.

    There is a data cable, called the iPass cable connected to the motherboard to the RAID card. You must remove this cable when you remove the RAID card and reconnect the plug corresponding on the motherboard. Once you do this, you get four bays returned as SATA bays and can install any drives that you like. The problem with a lot of SSDS is that they are 2.5-inch form factor drives and may not fit on a standard sled. Users have used an IcyDock (in the 2008 version and earlier versions) or the newer technology adaptadrive:

    ... to get the alignment and attached straightened.

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