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I have a Vista 64 bit new conputer and would like to know what is the minumum programs that must be included in the startup. I know safety is to be launched.

What else is required for the system works well. There are a ton of programs listed at startup. Also, what is the abbreviations of the required elements. I know the system would load faster without all the programs listed. Computer is Pavillion A6710T

Let these: nvidiacom windows... nvidiamedi... security ca... ca antivirus... personal ca... .Java (tm)... hpq sr my... .hpsysdrv

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  • Cannot restart MacBook after starting Mac OS Sierra

    I have problems with the installation of Mac OS Sierra. It jammed last night at about 90%. I stop. This morning, I tried to start it without success. I then started with the command and R and choose to reinstall the software. This seemed to work, took forever, but when he resumed at the end of this process the small white obtained progress bar all the way to the end while it froze. I just talked to apple and told to try again, which I am. It took about 3 hours this morning. I checked my HD there are 117 GB of space. Another person had the same problem and managed to fix it?

    Start by holding down the command + R keys again if you can access the construction in utilities to check and repair if necessary startup disk, and then try to install the Sierra.

    On macOS recovery

  • iMac does not start after the update of the Sierra...

    Don't know what to do. Sierra, just updated and now my system hangs during startup and turns off.

    Anyone else seen this? No idea what I can do?

    Try a safe boot. Otherwise, you might to reinstall macOS.


    Stop your Mac. Use the power button if you wish. Now start with the SHIFT key is pressed. This will start in Safe Mode, with all extensions turned off. Safe mode is slow to start, so give it time, it checks a lot of tasks. If it works fine in Safe Mode, restart normally. If it works now, you are finished.

    If the problem comes back after a reboot, you may have an extension conflict. Disable all extensions via system preferences. To isolate which extension is at fault, turn on an extension at the same time, restart in the meantime, until you find bad.

  • Problem starting el capitan (sierra) - built-in keyboard and the mouse do not respond


    I have a 2015 macbook pro (SSD 256, 16 GB of RAM last el capitan updated) with a wired problem.

    I use it mainly to a cinema monitor and I use wireless keyboard and mouse (office installation program), and of course as a stand-alone laptop when I'm not at my desk.

    When I put the laptop to sleep, everything works fine when I wake up.

    but, if I'm away from the office and I have to restart my laptop, here is the problem.

    The boot process is very very slow, there is no edge, and when I finally have the screen to unlock the safe, the keyboard and the touchpad do not react. Actually, that's not exactly true, they are so slow that they are unusable and get caught quickly, all gel. So I can't unlock and complete the boot. My laptop is unusable ;-(

    At this point, I get a message that if I forgot my password I just need to reboot by pressing the power button, and I'll be able to reset it.

    When I do this and aprΦs the dΘmarrage that more slowly than usual but ok, I get another screen with several options of problem solving. One of them is "keyboard not responding do not. When choosing this one, it asks if you want to remove safe. I tried and everything was back to normal.

    later, I delivered safe and I had the same problem again. I did the thing to be able to restart again and improved to sierra in the hope that it would disappear. However, the problem is still there.

    I thought I could try to restart my office to see if my keyboard and wireless mouse would still work. Indeed, even if responsiveness was not normal, I could unlock and fill the chest.

    I have the impression that my laptop always "believe" it is on my desk, linked to my screen (probably the reason why I don't hear the Bell) and to my wireless K & M.

    It's really annoying and I hope someone has a solution.

    Thank you very much



    I'm having a similar problem with macOS Sierra which I didn't have with El Capitan.  I can possibly move the cursor on the power button and turn off (no), but I must be patient because the keyboard and trackpad are only for a fraction of a second, which only allows me to move the mouse slightly.  After he stop and start back up, everything is perfect until I tried another reboot, and then I'm back to the beginning.

    I tried to reinstall the operating system, reset the SMC, resetting the NVRAM, reboot in SafeMode... nothing worked so far.

  • iMessage hangs when starting

    My iMessage application crashes on my Macbook Pro 15 inch (last El Capitan), immediately after it starts. Error message is:

    Reason for termination due to an untrapped exception "NSInvalidArgumentException" app,: '-[__NSCFString getBytes:length:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fb1db0d7560'

    ending with an exception uncaught of print type

    Abort() called

    It started recently.

    I tried to remove preferences, saved etc. which none has helped States. Does anyone have any ideas what to do?


    There is an app Messages having an iMessages account.

    In fact, it may have a Hello 'Account' AIM, Jabber and Yahoo, not to mention the many you can have.

    One of them could be the cause rather than the iMessages one.

    These: -.


    See if the data of one kind or another in the past between the app and other places he works with.

    In some cases, the 'reason' may include a reference to something being 'null '.

    In these cases, this may mean that the Contacts App has no listed correct My map, in some cases, this means that Mac user account name and my card Contacts do not seem to match.

    Can you be specific about which .plists you deleted.

    Some with ichat in the name refers to the functions most basic application which have been there since the app was called iChat.

    For example, it might be the sort of friend order if you have AIM, Yahoo or Jabber accounts.

    This Yahoo have released a new version of their Messenger which seems incompatible with what they had before.

    It seems to stop the Messages application entering this account.

    I don't think that is the question here because I don't have this problem myself.

    Can you remember if you changed anything in the Messages recently?

    Present themselves as one or more individual items contact lists?

    Changed a State Message to a buddy list?

    Changed the "conversations of beginning of" setting on the iMessages account?

    Deselected an alternative email or number of iPhone?

    20:32 Thursday; October 6, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • After Malware that my login is disabled cannot start in safe mode

    Hi if anyone can help.

    A friend tried to watch movies online, I'm not sure of the site they visited, but were asked to install MacKeeper and I believe that they did, as I noticed it was to download and installed the following day and I asked them why they did this and they said it was the only way to watch movies!

    Anyway to cut a long story short my friend then called me to say they received a "pop" window to say that my computer has a virus and call a number of 1800... I told them to do nothing certainly not call the number and I would like to sort.

    So basically since then that then I can not connect to my main account at the start, the section where you type your password won't let me type into it and there is a symbol of the brand of 'question' next to it. If I hold my mouse over the question mark I get a dialog box stating "Please enter your password to iCloud as... as well as the date. I can only login as a guest and I cannot connect in 'safe' mode by holding down the SHIFT key.

    I deleted the MacKeeper Application (and also another OS player application that is newly installed the same day!) and empty the memory cache of my browsers and also now upgraded to 10.11.6

    I also run disk utilities, but still I'm getting this problem trying to connect to my main user account!

    I think that it is some kind of malware, does anyone have ideas how to solve at least the connection problem?

    If I could stamp out to see if there is any malware stuff going on behind the scenes it would be too great!

    All suggestions welcome.

    Thanks, Ciaran

    How did you uninstall the MacKeeper application? Please be as specific as possible, unless you have followed the steps, I suspect that your system has installed to uninstall. If this is the case then you will need to re-install and uninstall immediately by following the instructions of developers. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to do a wipe and installing OS X and then manually install your applications and restore your data from your Time Machine backup.

    I'm sure you probably learned to not let this 'friend' enter the 100' of your computer.

  • Something is wrong! Start in safe mode, but it turns out that for Normal mode.

    Mac Mini (late 2014)

    Processor 3 GHz Intel Core i7

    16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory

    Start drive Macintosh HD

    Iris 1536 MB Intel graphics card

    Monitor: DELL U2713HM, use the Apple adapter to connect to the Mac Mini

    I upgraded from Capitan in Sierra and got the problem that after I pressed the power button, the screen is full white. This problem has occurred on the Sierra, never happened in Capitan.

    I went to the Apple store today, they made a few diagnostic and found no problem. Everything is good. System is fine too. In the Apple store, they showed me to press SHIFT after I press the power button and it will start up the Mac in safe mode. They told me this can sometimes help fixing the boot issue. My Mac actually works very well in the Apple store. I tried the power and turned off twice in the store, and there is no problem. I am happy and come home.

    After I go home, I turn on my Mac, it always has the same problem before you go to the Apple store, after I pressed the power button, the screen is completely blank. So I tried to boot mode safe by pressing Shift and taking until I saw the Apple logo on the screen.

    After I log in, I checked my Mac mode, this is actually Normal mode!

    If I intended to power to the top of my Mac in safe mode but it turns out to be normal.

    If I do not press SHIFT and hold it pressed down after I turn on the power, I'll have just a white screen!

    It works very well in Apple store, but not in my own House.

    Anyone know what is happening?

    What is different between your system and the store? Have you taken your own keyboard & they were they that? If you use a bluetooth keyboard try using a wired USB one instead. Is this an original Apple keyboard?

    Do you have other devices connected? If you delete them.

    Please see the article below from Apple, it has information about starting in safe mode without keyboard (by setting a NVRAM variable). If you enter a work boot, you can put the mini in safe mode from there, via the command appears on this page...

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    I would like to start trying to make another bootable OS disc - either an installation disc or a complete operating system to see if the Mac can be started OK to a different installation of OS - which indicates if the operating system or disk are part of your question, or if the material is simply unable to work correctly at all.

  • Starts two windows shows

    After you have installed windows on my Macbook Pro 13 "2015, installing bootcamp is not delete my iso installation of windows partition drive.

    When I press 'option' to choose which partition to start in the start menu, there is a Macintosh disk which is my os x and partition of two windows.

    The first is the windows operating system and the other opens just the installation.

    How can I remove the installation partition and give space on the windows partition?

    Thank you!

    Also, when installing windows 10, I pressed accidentally the "option" key after the installation finishes (it goes then to the start menu) and then I select the windows partition to boot windows. I don't know if that will cause a problem like that or not.

    Problem solved,

    After the start under os x, the installation of windows partition is removed.

  • My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also backed u

    My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also saved to the time capsule. Everything is in 'Data' when I look through the Airport utility. I think that the information that I've lost are still there since I was a Capsule 3 to.

    Time Machine backup to a sparsebundle.

    The sparsebundle will use the share name of computer. So, it should be obvious who is your Macbook and that is your Macpro.

    Open the sparsebundle in Finder and keep open the subfolders until you get to the backup of each separate hard drive...

    You has of course set the exclusion in Time Machine?

    By default, Time Machine will exclude your second drive unless you have included it. Did you?

    Once you get to this level during the backup, you can do a full restore manually whenever you want.

  • Impossible to get 2008 Macbook at the start of the recovery of the Internet... help?

    I tried the command + option + R and command-R start-up and restart, but no dice. I'm trying to reinstall Mac OS to give the laptop to a friend. Any tips?

    Hey Sndietzel,

    Thank you for being a part of the communities of Apple Support.

    I understand your message you are trying to boot a MacBook (2008) for OS X Internet Recovery but it is not successful.  This happens because this year and model of Mac does not support the OS X Internet Recovery:

    Computers that can be upgraded to use OS X Internet Recovery

    What version of Mac OS X is currently installed? In the menu bar select  > what the Mac and you should see the version of OS X installed.  If she has OS X 10.6.8 or more, then there is no OS X Recovery, and you will need the installation disk OS X, or the disc that came with the computer to erase the disk and reinstall OS X. You will need to insert the disc while the Mac is turned on, and then restart while holding the C key to boot the disk.

    Take care.

  • SIL flashes once every 6 seconds mac does not start

    My mac book pro end 2011 running El capitan (not sure what version of El Captain) short charges a month ago, when my charger is broken... somewhere, I'm the charger at work now (after a month, it was completely empty until about 2-3 days ago), he would not start I can not reset nvram or smc as the mac won't even turn on.

    If without connecting the charger I press the power button or indicator, nothing happens, but if I connect the charger, then press the indictator of costs it market showing no charge as Whiteout pressing me the button power mac continues to try to start the ISL flashes on the left, the fan turns, there is a noise coming from the hard drive the screen is completely black and this is repeated every 6-7 seconds...

    I thought that it was because the battery was completely discharged so I let it charge for 4 hours the first day then for about 6 to 7 hours the second day then topic 2-3 hours on the third day it was yesterday, so I read a tutorial or something online that said to hold comand, shift, option, r, p and the power button at the same time for 10 seconds and then let it, and press the power button Yet once I did this, but nothing happened, it was in the same loop, then I repeated the process without holding shift it wasn't too then I held command, t nothing happens so in desperation I held the power button for about 10 seconds, the fan has started a lot of dust exploded and fun trotted it started normally then I ran a virus scan and a control of being using bit defender, nothing was wrong with the results of bit Defender, I will attach be check the results soon... all the while there was an X mark on the indicator of battery... then I restarted the mac and he returned to its previous state, I've tried everything to run back removed the disc hard cords battery cables and cd drive leads to the Board and tried to boot with various combinations of even (what I did the day I got the charger is working IE the first day, but two trials failed to produce results and my mac is back on the loop and I'm sick using a phone to post my question) , I am not able display the screen shots I ttok the activity monitor and the edition of text file that I saved with being check the results I copied both of them on my phone so that I am able to provide using any other method, I would really appreciate if someone can help me

    I found a way to solve this problem! This is only a temporary fix and it dosent charge the battery, but I can use the mac on AC only when it is plugged so that's how it happened the charger is plugged into the mac and socket is in the same loop as explained above, then when I remove the battery leads to the mother board or logic board do not know who , but one at the top, then the mac tries to start u see the Apple screen and then it turns off back. Then after a few seconds the fan starts and SIL flashes 4-5times and turns off, then starts again now, when I connect the battery cables again once (while the lights flash) now it starts perfectly and without brand X on the battery icon it shows not charging and the task kernel upward a big piece of my ram There is absolutely no free ram, I found the culprit core task and it is a process owned by the root, that it was something like coreutd I have strength that quitting smoking and the RAM is free as usual when I restart I have to go through all these things that I've done to start the first time and this time another process owned by the root with the task of kernel so I stop and ram is normal again every time I restart the ram is completely sold out

  • Mac book pro early 2011 start 2011 15 "- MC723LL/A problem"

    Hi, I have a Mac Book Pro 15 2011 beginning "-MC723LL/A, which was a problem for a few months."

    When I turn it on, it is stuck in start page: in the apple logo and stay there for a while and then restarts or shuts down. The start page is not normal and it is of low quality.

    I tried in single user mode and repair it's hard but it did not work.

    I tried to install different versions of Mac OS on DVD (Captain yosemite and el), the process is slow and sometimes work. but after using it a few times (after stop or restart) the problem is back.

    I heard a problem in these series of mac book. the link is: - trial-repair-program-3497935 /

    I'm in a country that is not being handled apple, but soon I will be in Dubai, which has the support of apple. my book mac technical support and service coverage has expired.

    I heard that apple take the problematic product and purchase offers of new products whose price reduction.

    Can someone tell me how to fix it or get a new one.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Repair your Mac must be covered until 31 December 2016. See the following topics

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the MacBook Pro laptop forum

  • iPhone 5 (iOS 10.0.2) with iTunes (12.5.1), sync has failed to start.

    Hello, yesterday I bought an iPhone 5 with iOS 10.0.2 and while I am trying to sync it with iTunes 12.5.1, an error saying that: "I phone cannot synchronize because sync could not be started."

    So far, I tried to re - open iTunes and try new but no luck, I also deleted the last device back upwards (as it has been mentioned as a solution on a forum), but didn't work. I also tried to do it after I closed all the applications on my phone and restart it but no luck. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!


    In addition to restart iTunes, try a reboot of the strength of your iPhone: restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Apple icon flashes red once when starting the

    Suddenly, new iMac (drive merger) began to display a flashing icon of Red Apple at the start, but it does not start successfully, a bit slower than normal. A glaring red box box icon flashes red once during start up. Installed Sierra 10.12 on September 21, but this cannot be connected. With the help of an Apple technician, I put the machine through the

    • Disc utilities check App and through the restore process

    Reset SMC •

    • Safe mode starts

    • Memory NVRAM reset (three times)

    • Restored to point a few days before the problem occurred?

    Perplexing phone technician, and the master builder that he consulted had no answer. I am at a loss. Is there a problem, and if so, what should I do next.

    Thank you

    Pat (October 4)

    I have the same problem since I installed Sierra (2 days ago)

  • New Sections in Pages - 'Starting on this page' not an option?


    I am creating several sections on one page in the Pages so that I can create sections with different numbers of columns.

    I'm running on a problem that create a section break automatically starts a section on a new page. When I try to select "Start this page" on the "create a new Section" menu drop-down format of the Document, the option is grayed out.

    What should I do to "starting with this page", an option?

    It's easier to do in Pages ' 09, which took a Break from layout and a column break. V6 and v5 pages eliminated paused, so you have to improvise.

    There are two different approaches to a layout page in single column, two columns and return to single column. The two approaches are easier if you are available with showing invisible mode (click on the images to enlarge):

    1. Preferences pages: leadership: Alignment Guides: both are checked.
      1. Alignment of the areas corresponding text appear automatically
      2. Text boxes for positioning as appropriate. Several column in a text box mode do not display the column or gutter contours. It is the simplest to implement and tweak.
    2. Two sections
      1. Regular and one single column followed:
      2. Insert menu: column break
        1. Format text panel: tab page layout: 2 column
        2. Insert text in multiple columns and add additional yield at the end of the last sentence.
      3. Insert menu: column break
        1. Format text panel: tab layout: 1 column
        2. Resume entering the content of normal paragraph
  • I interrupted utility disk neck 3 clear and now I can't start


    with my iMac 21.5 "2016 days 30 years playing up (beachballing each click of the mouse), I decided to start over with a new facility. However, when I deleted my hard drive I accidentally selected the erase 3-pass. I stopped very quickly the erase operation, but now I cannot start my computer and cannot use the recovery of the internet option when you press the R option to install new software to boot.

    so has my cancellation erase the neck 3, all the data on my disk unrecoverable and the unusable disk?

    spoke to apple and they say it needs a repair? It is 31 days old. I have probably need a new hard drive because of this?

    Thank you.

    Yes. The clear operation is all data unrecoverable.

    The first step must always be a backup before you start any of this important project.

    If Apple says it should be repaired then take to them and ask them to fix it please.

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