Static routing LRT214 does not


I have a hard time with a static routing on LRT214.

My configuration:

* LRT214 (recently purchased), acting as a gateway to the internet, local subnet is

* There is a local VPN ( server on the local network, serving a LAN tunnel with subnet on LRT214 port forwarding is configured

I can connect to my VPN server on the internet, and I can access the machine running on the VPN server (for example via ssh).

However, I can not connect to any other computer on my LAN, although I tried

adding another subnet under Configuration > network > LAN settings

* setting up a static route under Setup > Advanced Routing (kind of route add - net gw

of course, when I add the itinerary of statitc over any computer on the local network, I can connect via VPN tunnel to the machine, so its clearly a problem of LRT214.

Please help, how can I configure a static route for this scenario in the user Web interface?

The SPI Firewall, intercept traffic.

As far as I understand, it could be that when the VPN server sends data to another machine on the local network, this happens on layer 2 (where the SPI Firewall not listening), while the return on the VPN server traffic is routed higher up in the stack, where the SPI listening and intercept.

So, I will use the above workarounds, or put the OpenVPN server on a different subnet or VLAN, which I do anyway. I tried a basic configuration of VLAN yesterday (just put the Server full VPN with all interfaces in one VLAN separated), with InterVLAN routing enabled, but there seems to be some particularities with it (like the ping works, but not ssh). In any case, it's another story. Thanks for you support.

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    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

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    Hi I have an esxi5 running on the hp with two physical NICs micro server that is visible on esxi as vmnic0 and vmnic1. Initially, I was working with vmnic0 as a main network as the interface of management and also VM NIC that is connected to my internet. No problem here. Now, I plugged the second card which is represented as vmnic1 to another router in my house that has its own separate subnet by wire of physics. This second router has its own Dhcp and set up correctly as I connect my mobile phone and tablet that and gets its ip DHCP server. However vmnic1 receives not all IP address. Here is the configuration:

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    Before I read too many books, can someone point me in the right direction?


    I tried everything in the book - without success; so finally, I reset and reconfigured the router.

    He now works as usual, and I hope it will stay like that.

    Thanks for you patience and support.


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    @Sarathraj Please contact our Technical Support and let them know that your hardware is defective.

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    I have a HP G60 Notebook PC with Windows Vista Home Premium, it is about 4 years old. I recently got a new Cisco Linksys E1500 wireless router, which is connected to my home computer. My laptop shows that it is connected to the home network, but it does not connect to the internet. Other laptops in the House are able to connect to the network and to the internet. Mine seems to be the only one not working do not. Why it is not working? What should I do about it?

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    My internet connection was not a problem before last week (when I got a new router). What is the problem with my computer? Help, please!


    If you have an Atheros wireless adapter in your PC and you have not updated the driver, I recommend that you install it.

    Wireless adapters Atheros with former pilots, dislikes the new Linksys routers.

    If you have an Atheros wireless card, and your wireless driver is more than 2 years, I am very confident that this will solve your connection problem.


  • Router modem does not recognize

    I use a Modem SB5120 Motorola on Comcast, which works perfectly well when it is connected directly to my computer or my old router, a Linksys WRT120N.

    The router is dying slowly, so I bought a new one (Asus RT - 53N). He could not recognize an incoming WAN signal and establish an internet connection, with the exception of one, several hours window. In the contrary case, it seemed to work fine.

    I returned it and bought a Linksys E2500, who seems to have the same problem, because it does not receive an IP from the modem.

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    New modem resolved the problem.

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    Take not of the Settings (SSID and WEP/WPA Key) wireless router...

    Know the wireless settings follow this link

    Once you know the wireless settings are attempting to connect to your wireless network...

    Click Start and goto the control panel and double-click on network connections, right click wireless network connection and click Properties.
    Now, in this window, click on the second tab of wireless network and give a check mark on "use windows to configure my wireless" and then delete all network names present in the preferred networks window. Then click OK...
    Right click on the wireless again network connection and then click View available wireless networks and try to re - connect to your network...
    Now, it will give you the opportunity to put the network/wep key, make sure that you enter the correct network key and confirm...
    It will connect...

    Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > manage wireless networks, here to remove any present network and close the window.
    Click on connect to a network and try to re - connect to your network, he must ask for your key/password network, enter the network and password correct key and click on connect...
    It needs to connect... Once you're connected, you must restart the computer, it needs to connect to the Internet...

  • Router Netgear does not recognize the HP Photosmart 8750 (wired connection)

    My Netgear WNDR3300 router seems to block my ethernet connected the HP Photosmart 8750 printer. The printer does not appear in the list of the router of connected devices and network printing shows that the network status is offline.

    How can I get the printer and the router to talk to each other?

    Also, I checked the cable and tried to use a different port on the router; no change.

    Found the problem...

    I shined a flashlight in ethernet printer ports and found two sons/connections are folded. :-(

    If all goes well, not too expensive to fix.

  • Static assets selection does not work in 10.2

    Here, dear

    I have an application with selection of static assets, whose exhibition structions aset looks like this:

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    Just to finance a solution soon as I posted this: to add an entry in assets/gear - assets.xml:


    Hope this helps someone as well.


  • Client VPN router IOS does not connect

    Hi all

    I'm having some trouble of Client VPN connection over the internet to our Cisco IOS router. Some help would be very appreciated!

    On the VPN client log I get the following error messages:



    573 16:32:13.164 21/12/05 Sev = WARNING/2 IKE/0xE3000099

    Size invalid SPI (PayloadNotify:116)

    574 16:32:13.164 21/12/05 Sev = Info/4 IKE/0xE30000A4

    Invalid payload: said length of payload, 568, not enough Notification:(PayloadList:149)

    575 16:32:13.164 21/12/05 Sev = WARNING/3 IKE/0xA3000058

    Received incorrect message or negotiation is no longer active (message id: 0x00000000)


    We get debugging on the router that I'm trying to connect:


    router #debug isakmp crypto


    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP (0:0): received packet dport 500 sport 500 SA NEW Global (N)

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: created a struct peer, peer port 500

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: new created position = 0x678939E0 peer_handle = 0 x 80000031

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: lock struct 0x678939E0, refcount IKE peer 1 for crypto_isakmp_process_block

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: 500 local port, remote port 500

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: insert his with his 67B0AB34 = success

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): treatment ITS payload. Message ID = 0

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): payload ID for treatment. Message ID = 0

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP (0:0): payload ID

    next payload: 13

    type: 11

    ID of the Group: eggs

    Protocol: 17

    Port: 500

    Length: 12

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): peer games * no * profiles

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): load useful vendor id of treatment

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): supplier code seems the unit/DPD but major incompatibility of 215

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): provider ID is XAUTH

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): load useful vendor id of treatment

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): provider ID is DPD

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): load useful vendor id of treatment

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): supplier code seems the unit/DPD but major incompatibility of 194

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): load useful vendor id of treatment

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): supplier code seems the unit/DPD but major incompatibility of 123

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): provider ID is NAT - T v2

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): load useful vendor id of treatment

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): provider ID is the unit

    21 Dec 16:32:16.089 AEDT: ISAKMP: analysis of the profiles for xauth...


    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): atts are not acceptable. Next payload is 3

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): audit ISAKMP transform 12 against the policy of priority 3

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: 3DES-CBC encryption

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: MD5 hash

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: group by default 2

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: pre-shared key auth

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: type of life in seconds

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: life (IPV) 0x0 0 x 20 0xC4 0x9B

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): pre-shared authentication offered but does not match policy.

    21 Dec 16:32:16.093 AEDT: ISAKMP: (0:0:N / A:0): atts are not acceptable. Next payload is 3


    You can apply the encryption the WAN interface card and check?

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    Try other examples like that of made me understand where is the problem: with a simple "/" as the uri (or a vacuum in order to keep the shorter paths) for the module causes all the issues I have outlined above. Using another model as /api/ seems to work fairly well...

  • Static IP address does not work

    Hi everyone, small problem.

    I put a static IP address (, this is how I did it) and now my WiFi does not work. I tried most of the things at this point, and its getting on my nerves. When I go to my modem config ( I see the device listed with the IP address has changed, but when I go to any Web site other then my modem config, internet will not work. It also shows that if I ha no WiFi in my task bar thing. I have a static IP address on my Tablet very well and want to do the same with my laptop win8.
    Any suggestions?


    1 have. what measures you taken to set the static IP address?

    2. don't you get any message/error code when you try to access the internet?

    3. What is the brand and model of the computer network adapter?

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing.

    This problem may occur if you have correctly configured the static IP address.

    Here are the steps to manually configure the IP address in Windows 8

    a. go to the search box, type ncpa.cpl , and click the icon that appears in the result.
    b. a network connection window opens. In the network connection window, right click on 'connect to the Local network' and select 'properties '.
    c. a Properties window opens. In this window, select "Internet Protocol version 4", and then click on "Properties".
    (d) another new window will be opened. In this window, click on 'use following IP address ". Your IP address, then click 'OK' to save the setting.
    e. in this step click on 'Close' in the Ethernet Properties window. All your network settings will be changed.
    f. now you can see your address IP changed. That open to a command invites as administrator and type ipconfig and press Enter.
    g. your network adapter settings have been changed.

    If you are still having problems connecting to the internet, so I would ask you to reset TCP/IP and check if it works.

    Follow these steps:

    one) starts at the desktop view.

    (b) open the command prompt, right-click in the corner when the start window appears, select command prompt (admin).

    (c) at the command prompt, copy and paste (or type) the following command and then press ENTER:
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

    Note: If you do not specify a path of the directory for the log file, use the following command:
    netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

    (d) restart the computer.

    See also:

    Wireless and wired network problems

    I hope this helps. If you have any other queries/issues related to Windows, write us and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Router firewall does not block traffic


    I use vmware view Home 4.6 client.  I can authenticate and connect to a windows image 7, but only a black screen appears.  After about 30 seconds it disconnects with the error "the connection to the remote computer has ended."

    If I disable my billion router firewall, the machine virtual windows 7 appears and everything works as expected.  I tried port forwarding 4172 and 5002 but still does not work.  Then I tried port forwarding 50000 to 65000 I saw various 50456 to 64652 ports in firewall logs.  TCP and UDP are enabled in both cases, but no luck.

    Here is the part of the firewall log:

    04 August 23:01:38 home.gateway:firewall:info: 476378.910 blocked Prot = 17, > - default defense

    04 August 23:01:38 home.gateway:firewall:info: 476378.910 blocked Prot = 17, > - default defense

    04 August 23:01:38 home.gateway:firewall:info: 476378.910 blocked Prot = 17, > - default defense is my computer and is my domain controller from work.

    I then tried to create a packet filtering rule to allow 4172, then 50000 to 65000, but nothing worked.  To disable the firewall of the router or select the parameter of low security for her is the only way to operate.  The default medium security setting blocks the traffic.

    Router is a VGP 7301 billion.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


    Im sorry im not familiar with this particular modem however I got something similar on my draytek at home. Mine to connect for a few seconds, and then stop working.

    I discovered that it was because my BACK settings on my modem have been set to protect against a stream of UDP. I was able to disable then part of security BACK settings and then it worked ok.

    Maybe it's the little, you have problems with that. I have no port forwarding on my configuration, and im sure I wasn't leaving the installation rules, all incoming traffic is blocked.

    I hope this helps.

    See you soon



    Just checked, I 32111 outgoing tcp (redirect usb) and also 4172 TCP/UDP outgoing (pcoip). Nothing, nothing allowed incoming traffic.

Maybe you are looking for

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