Step, repeat and move an object, but not with values of %... rather the real numbers


I have an item I want to make a few copies of and get more than 1.5 mm each time.

Normally, I would use the function of deformation and transformation for an array of objects as it and then expand appearance, but I can only resize in % no values by using this dialog box. Is it possible to do using a real number as the addition of the 1. 5 mm to each object?

Even the ordinary scale transformation options allows only values of %.

Thank you!


Use a mix. Example:

Suppose I have a rectangle with a height of 1 ". I need a set of six rectangles (including the original), each increase in height by. 25 ".

1. multiply the number of additional steps requested by the desired increment. (5 x. 25 "= 2.25".

2 transformation Palette (or control panel): adjust the height of the copy to 2.25 ".

3. Select both. Object > blend > make.

4 mix Options: specified as follows: enter the total desired minus 2 (4 intermediate steps).

5. develop the mixture. "I now have a group of 6 rectangles with heights 1", 1.25 ", 1.5", 1.75"-2", 2.25 ".

If the object in question is more complex, convert to symbol. Then run the above on two Instances of the symbol. (Don't forget to use the barred proportion between the height and width fields if you want the objects 'grow' proportionately.)


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