Storage array error event (PS4100X)

Dear Sir, I have VMwaer Vsphere 5.5 x 2 and only switch and DELL PS4100X storage I don't know why, I'm wearing the messeage PS4100X like this form = the table eql-1 storage subsystem ERROR event: event SP [secondary]: 15.4.1 time: Fri Jul 25 11:52:10 2014 NVRAM contains valid data. It is a RECOVERY of PANIC because of the panic on a processor of NetBSD. -Event of the table eql-1 storage subsystem ERROR: event SP [secondary]: 15.4.5 time: Fri Jul 25 11:52:10 records of 2014 saves CPU, CPU 1 to 0000000000000000 0000000004010000 v0 v1 ffffffffbef08010 a0 0000000000000104 a1 a2 a3 0000000000000000 0000000000000104 ffffffffd2243b70 t0 0000000000000001 t1, ffffffffd2243b70 t2 ffffffff804e2f88 t3 t4 0000000000000001 ffffffff8041f1d0 t5 0000000000001000 t6 0000000033de3e40 t7 0000000033de4290 s0 ffffffff8098b718 s1 ffffffffd2243b70 s2 ffffffff8098b718 s3 s4 0000000000000000-0000000000000000 s5 s6 0000000000000000 ffffffff82c84e60 s7 ffffffffc0131000 t8 t9 0000000000000000-0000000000000000 k0 k1 000000000010849f gp ffffffff80033000 000000000010845f SP ffffffffd22439e8 S8 ffffffff80976cf8 ra ffffffff804d2cac - the table eql-1 storage subsystem ERROR event: event SP [secondary]: 15.4.6 time: Fri Jul 25 11:52:10 2014 saved CP0 registers, CPU 1 sr 00488005 badva c01320a0 EPC 806a2ba0 errorepc 804d2c80 cause 00000108 errctl 00000000 cacheeri 00000000 cacheerd 00000000 buserr 0000000000000000 cacheerrdpa 0000000000000000 - ERROR event of the table eql-1 storage subsystem: SP [secondary] event: 15.4.7 time : Fri Jul 25 11:52:10 function call 2014 saved battery, CPU 1 804d2c80 804d2cac 804d2e90 806d99e0 804e2e88 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 80697a 38-= can you tell me why? Please HELP Storage control F/W is V6.0.8


We installed VMware Tools in all virtual machines and have also a good configuration of switch for our ESXi hosts tolerate the 10 sec 'dead time' of the connection of storage. Controller failover takes less than 10 seconds here and only 4 pings are missed.

We do FW updates in a low period of IO. I have to manage 25 EQLs and we carry out the FW update without blocking down the cluster. I have disable HA 'Host followed' as well as the notification by e-mail from vCenter for the time.

Yes version 7.0.5 is the latest public version available. 2 days ago, the FW Drive Kit 5.0 comes out so you can take one taken if your drives are on the list. If so, update the first readers.

Yes, as readers can be improved without closing anything. Drive for affected car kit checks and do one after the other.

Yes, you can upgrade directly from 6.0.8 7.0 x

You will see the service tag to the title of Member-> maintenance in the EQL Groupmanager. Go to and support and see if you have a support contract is valid. Check how to contact Dell technical support. If nothing is done, use the support link after you connected to

Kind regards


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    It seems that the file you downloaded is correct just seems to be a problem in accessing.  Here is a link to the installation guide for the plugin.  I'll make sure that you install as recommended by us & see if you still get the same issue. FTP://

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Welcome to the forums,

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    Your question is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the Windows Server forum.

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  • My computer crashes. Find "MPSampleSubmission error (event ID: 5000)" in Event Viewer.

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    I always need to restart the PC, and able to operate back then...

    blocking problem is interminted...

    I couldn't estimate when going to breed to hang...

    then I found that there my event log, have many error message as below show...

    Event type: error
    Event source: MPSampleSubmission
    Event category: no
    Event ID: 5000
    Date: 23/08/2011
    Time: 14:50:48
    User: n/a
    Computer: VISION-1
    The description for event ID (5000) in Source (MPSampleSubmission) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the information necessary registry or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the option/auxsource = flag to retrieve this description; For more information, see Help and Support. The following information is part of the event: mptelemetry, 8024402C, endsearch, search, 2.1.6805.0, mpsigdwn.dll, 2.1.6805.0, antimalware from microsoft (bcf43643-a118-4432-aede-d861fcbcfcde), ZERO, ZERO, ZERO.
    0000: 00 70 00 74 00 65 00 m.p.t.e 6 d.
    0008: 6 00 65 00 6 c 00 65 00 l.e.m.e d.
    0010: 74 00 72 00 79 00 2 c 00 t.r.y.,.
    0018: 20 00 38 00 30 00 32
    0020: 34 00 34 00 30 00 32 00
    0028: 63 00 00 20 00 65 00 2 c c.,. . e.
    0030: 6F 00 64 00 73 00 65 00 n.d.s.e.
    0038: 61 00 72 00 63 00 68 00 a.r.c.h.
    0040: 2 C 00 20 00 73 00 65 00. . OS.
    0048: 61 00 72 00 63 00 68 00 a.r.c.h.
    2nd 0050: 00 20 00 32 00 00 2 c,. .2...
    2nd 00 00 36 00 38 00 1 0058:31... 6.8.
    0060: 30 00 35 00 2nd 00 30 00 0.5... 0.
    0068: 2 c 00 20 00 6 d 00 70 00. . m.p.
    0070: 73 00 69 00 67 00 64 00 s.i.g.d.
    0078:77 00 6F 00 2nd 00 64 00 w.n.... d.
    0080: 6 c 00 6 c 00 2 c 00 20 00 l.l.. .
    0088:32 00 2e 00 31 00 2nd 00 2... 1...
    0090: 36 00 38 00 30 00 35 00
    0098: 2nd 00 30 00 2 c 00 20 00... 0,. .
    00 a 0: 6 d 00 69 00 63 00 72 00 m.i.c.r.
    00a 8: 6f 00 73 00 6f 00 66 00 o.s.o.f.
    00b 0: 74 00 20 00 61 00 6F 00 t... a.n.
    00b 8: 74 00 69 00 6 d 00 61 00 t.i.m.a.
    00C 0: l.w.a.r. 6 c 00 77 00 61 00 72 00
    00C 8: 65 00 20 00 28 00 62 00 e... (. b.
    00D 0: 63 00 66 00 34 00 33 00 c.f.4.3.
    00D 8:36 00 34 00 33 00 - 6.4.3 00 2d.
    00e0: 61 00 31 00 31 00 38 00 a.1.1.8.
    00E8: 2d 00 34 00 34 00 33 00 -.4.4.3.
    00f0: 32 00 2d 00 61 00 65 00 2.-. a.e..
    00f8: 64 00 65 00 2d 00 64 00. d.e - .d.
    0100: 38 00 36 00 31 00 66 00 8.6.1.f.
    0108: 63 00 62 00 63 00 66 00 c.b.c.f.
    (0110: 63 00 64 00 65 00 29 00 c).
    0118: 00 20 00 2 c 4th 00 49 00,. . N.I.
    0120: 4 c 00 2 c 00 20 00 4 00 L.,. . N.
    0128:49 00 4 c 00 20 00 4e 00 I.L.. N.
    0130:49 00 4 c 00 0D 00 0 to 00 IL...

    Can someone let me know what it is... ??

    is it cause my PC always locks... ??

    Please advice...

    Thank you..

    Hi sookchan,

    ·         Have you checked the problem in safe mode?

    This event is generated when the client Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) cannot get updates from Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or the Internet. This problem may be caused by the WinHTTP proxy settings.

    You can see the B method among the Advanced troubleshooting methods in this article.

    You may encounter temporary connection related errors when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates

  • Error event id1103:

    Event type: error
    Event source: .NET Runtime Optimization Service
    Event category: no
    Event ID: 1103
    Date: 16/06/2011
    Time: 05:30:09
    User: n/a
    Computing: NEW-8A4C086BD07
    .NET Runtime Optimization Service (clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_32) - tried to start a service that is not the latest version of the CLR optimization service. Stops

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    1. you have all the latest Windows updates installed?

    2. what exactly were you doing before this problem?

    Please provide us with more information about the issue so that we can provide you with the necessary assistance.

  • I get this message on my home screen common Manager error event. How can I solve this problem?

    the common error event you want to send the report to microsoft

    Hi tenaj7,

    ·         Exactly when you receive this error?

    ·         It's when you access Internet Explorer or when the computer starts?

    ·         You have a toolbar installed?

    If the problem occurs then on Internet Explorer, try the following.

    Method 1: Uninstall all toolbar installed and check if the problem persists.

    Method 2: Try optimize Internet Explorer and see if the problem persists. Follow steps 2, 3 and 4 at the following link.

    Internet Explorer is slow? 5 things to try

    Method 3: If is not on Internet Explorer, then you can try to start the computer in safe mode and check for the issue.

    Just reply with the results.

  • What is causing the error event ' BCM42RLY service failed to start due to the following error: the system cannot find the file specified "Event Id 7000

    What is causing the error event ' BCM42RLY service failed to start due to the following error: the system cannot find the file specified "Event Id 7000


    1. Since when are you facing this problem?

    2. What is the number of brand and model of the computer?

    3. have you made changes on the computer recently?

    BCM42RLY is a Broadcom network card driver. I suggest that you uninstall and reinstall the drivers and check if it helps.
    Uninstall or reinstall a device:

    Hope the information is useful.

  • Not able to start computer to Windows VIsta: error event critical ID 10

    Original title: Critical Error Event ID 10

    Yesterday my office started to show a very serious mistake. The symptoms are:

    * On the Dell splash screen, there are tiny dots blue/purple (hard to tell) on the entire screen.
    * If I allow him to continue to boot normally, it will pass through the screen with the little bar at the bottom of the screen, then it will go black and not change again. I have to make a hard stop.
    * If I hit F2 or F12 (menus on the start sequence), first black screen covered with symbols of the dollar ($) rises. The menu right then there is upward, except that it's full of spelling mistakes, signs and random symbols replacing letters and scattered everywhere.
    * I changed the boot sequence to boot from the optical drive first and booted from the Vista disc came with my computer. The screen "Press any key to start from the CD-ROM or DVD" was also covered with dollar signs. From there on, I was able to get the Startup Repair menu. Nothing could be resolved here.
    I managed to get into Safe Mode and view the event log. The only recurring error event that corresponds to the period is:
    Source: WMI
    Event ID: 10
    Task category: no
    General: Filter event with the query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60.

    WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Processor' AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage
    > 99 "could not be reactivated in namespace '//./root/CIMV2' due to
    error 0 x 80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the
    problem is solved.

    Details (XML):

    GUID = "{1edeee53-0afe-4609-b846-d8c0b2075b1f}" = 'WinMgmt' EventSourceName / >






    0 x 80000000000000


    SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE
    TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Processor' AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage >

    0 x 80041003

    Here are my specs:
    Model: Dell XPS 630I
    OS: Vista Edition Home Premium SP2 x 32
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2. 40 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Someone at - it suggestions?

    Yes, funny thing. Computer fixed now, but I don't know why. I've done one or two things in quick succession without trying a boot between them, so something has resolved, but I don't know what.

    The chkdsk says that it remove a bunch of files, so maybe that's her. I cleaned all the dust from inside, so that may have contributed. I also disconnected and then reconnected the graphics card (a big ' ole dedicated NVIDIA one), what could be the fixer as well.
    I'm inclined to think it's the graphics, since, as I mentioned above, my old laptop was showing similar symptoms when its GPU went wrong.
    So yes, the problem is solved. If all goes well at all times. Mods, feel free to close this topic.
  • Error event ID 7026 Windows Vista - related SYMTDI.sys

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium edition. Meet the error event ID 7000 in the newspaper of the events with the following details:

    The SYMTDI service failed to start due to the following error: A device attached to the system is not functioning.

    Notice that there is another error related event ID 7026. With some internet research, it seems SYMTDI.sys file system Symantec's Norton. I uninstalled Symantec from my system, but the file system still exist in the folder Windows\Systeme32\driver.

    I need help to get rid of the error caused by event ID 7000 which generate 3 files of event every 10 seconds or not. I also suspect that it is the cause of my breakdown of the system (blue screen) when I play a game that is installed on an external hard drive.

    Any help is very appreciated. Thank you.


    Download and run the Norton Removal Tool Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Error: Event ID 4609

    I recently met a problem on a HP Windows Vista laptop.
    When you turn on the machine it just hangs at a black screen and none will not go further. This happens before the screen prompt password.
    I can login in safe mode and the event log shows the following:

    Error: Event ID 4609

    Details in the following way:
    Internal system of events from COM + has detected what a bad code back during his treatment.  HRESULT has c 8007043 line 45 of d:\longhorn\com\complus\src\events\tier1\eventsystemobj.cpp.  Contact the Services de Support technique Microsoft to report this error.

    I tried to restore system with varying results. The first one failed, the second succeeded but only for a short time until that system crashed to a black screen as before.

    I have not loaded any software recently and it does not appear to be updates downloaded when I checked the log in safe mode.

    That's why I'm scratching my head a little as to what is causing the problem?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you


    As you requested the root cause of the problem, the cause is as listed above for event id 4609.

    Translation: You need a service that is not available in safe mode.

    It is the answer to your question. Please select on the post if it's the answer to your question. Thank you.

    Additional help for you
    1.) try to start in safe MODE.
    (Type 2). the command to solve any problem of system.

  • Error events arrives 45 minutes late, where I can configure this setting?

    Hello community, we use BBPE 4.3 to monitor our environment. Unfortunately, only error events are sent by my DOWNLOAD 45 minutes late, and then every 15 minutes, not so good.

    Looking at the documentation I have seen the bbpagedelay, but with this setting I can only say to the DOWNLOAD how much time waiting for a notification of an error of one individual to another, but where I can configure the pager to send welcome me the first notification instantly?

    Hope to be fairly clear in the description of my problem.

    Best regards


    make the recipient in the file bbwarnrules.cfg like this look?

    *;; *;; *;*;*; [email protected]: ~ 45-15


    *;; *;; *;*;*; [email protected]: ~ 45

    If so, change of

    *;; *;; *;*;*; [email protected]: 15


    *;; *;; *;*;*; [email protected]

    the ~ XX tells BB to start notifying * only * if the event has been produced for more than XX minutes.

    It's the only reason I see for now.

  • Configuration of MXL port for PS-M4110 storage array

    Dear all,

    I have to configure my Force10 MXL GbE 10/40 for PS-M4110 storage array. I have two PS-M4110 connected to ports 0/13 and 0/15. I have configured the following way.

    FTOS (conf) # don't activate any dcb

    FTOS (conf) # enable iscsi


    Configuring the ports 0/13 and 0/15 (ditto)

    OTF (conf-if-you-0/15) con #sho
    interface TenGigabitEthernet 0/13
    no ip address
    MTU 12000
    hybrid portmode
    FlowControl rx tx off
    spanning tree bpmh edge-port
    spanning tree rstp edge port
    spanning tree portfast 0
    spanning tree pvst edge-port
    Profile-compellent iSCSI
    no downtime

    I just need to know if these settings are correct. And what I have to configure iscsi target (3 260 860) ip address of the port-(A.B.C.D) as well? If Yes, then what IP should be given here? Group-IPaddress?

    I used this guide as a reference.

    And it seems that you have everything in place. The guide recommends not to use iscsi optimization for large san deployments. You can browse the guide too, just to double check.

Maybe you are looking for