Studio XPS 9100, Ati HD5670, flickering of small format black and white square

I have Dell XPS 9100 Intel Core i7 CPU 8 GB 64 - bit Windows 7 OS.  ATI Radeon HD5670.  I found a new driver dated December 2014 and loaded.  The small blocks flick went then small black line sometimes appears on both monitors, but it's not the worst of it. This new drive made me all kind of pain.  When the launch IE I get message that IE has failed.  When I open file Explorer it fails also.  I got the drive to a 2010 version and the black line of thinking in the middle of the screen has disappeared but flickering blocks returned.  I did a restore to return six days ago, but IE and Explorer of files are still not.  I really screw that constituent.

I was wondering if my Radeon video card failed and if you think that it is perhaps the issue which video card would you propose?   At least a new video card would have current reference to the Web site with the current drivers or driver.  I don't do games but want to run three monitors (two running).  This machine is about four years with two internal 1 TB DASD, one Internal 500 GB and a 1 TB external drive.

HELP me please I'm in trouble AND I THANK YOU for your help.

I forgot to mention that I ran a Scan of the file as an administrator of the DOS command prompt, I am under MS Virus and Malware full Scan.  There is no longer a couple, I can take as the safe boot mode see if problem persists.  And then perform a clean boot and finally a scan of RAM memory.  I already did a restore of the system 8 days ago.  Guess I can make one "in Place Upgrade' as the last step at least think a person would be better off buying the new video card since this problem of flicker developed a few months previously and not related to my efforts to update HD5670 ATI Radeon driver to the latest version.  It seems almost obvious to me is a graphics card problem, because a change in the Version of the driver to change the shape of video problem scrapie blocks of black and white in the corner of the scree in a detroit thin black line in the middle of the screen.  However technology can be difficult, but does not seem plausible as a problem of video card with the new driver changing the display screen problem but by introducing the serious problem of failing IE and Windows Explorer.  The full scan just finished with a browser quarantined modifier.

"Point of entry not found. designates the malware has replaced this file.

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    I'd like to see if I can move at my Studio XPS 9100 motherboard to a smaller form factor case, but I don't know the size of the Board of Directors. Looks like it came in a full tower case. Does anyone know what the smallest case, is that it will fit inside? Maybe Micro ATX?

    Studio XPS 9100 manual shows all connectors of the motherboard and their functions for wiring. The question is whether or not the jury it self is mounting holes are identical to a standard size ATX motherboard. If this is the case, then it should fit in an ATX mid tower size.

  • Studio XPS 9100 motherboard update

    Is there a Dell SATA III motherboard configuration that can be installed in my Studio XPS 9100 from mid-2010?

    This would allow using the card storage and graphics capabilities.

    DDR3 Triple channel 666,5 MHz 18 GB
    Review of motherboard 05DN3X Intel x 58 13
    Intel Core i7 930 at 2.8 GHz

    SATA II SSD and HDD Icapable
    ATI Radeon 370 R7 series

    Corsair CX - M 750 Watt PSU

    Dell does not validate the other cards mothers systems in other systems so that we do not know what can work untested motherboards. Reference valid only Dell the mothers following in the Studio XPS 9100 =
    You should look for, "upgrades to the card mother Studio XPS 9100".

  • Studio XPS 9100 drivers

    I plan on finally replace my boot with a Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB SSD drive. I had a great experience with the Samsung 840 250 GB big on my laptop.

    I intend to do a clean install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

    The most disturbing aspect is always the drivers: I find the Dell Drivers page very confusing because even when I let the Dell software detects my system, it gives me many more options that I think I need, including multiple versions of the same driver.

    Is there a centralized place where I can only get the drivers I really need?

    The basic specifications are given below.



    Dell Studio XPS 9100

    BIOS version: DELL - 20101021

    BIOS date: 21/10/10

    Version of window
    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

    Processor manufacturer:
    Intel Core i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz

    Clock speed: 2.9GHz
    L2 Cache size: 1024

    Memory: 24 GB
    Size 4096 MB X 6
    Crucial Technology manufacturer
    Band bandwidth Max PC3 - 10700H (667 MHz)

    Card network adapter: Microsoft Teredo Tunneling adapter

    Hard drives:
    932GB Western Digital WDC WD1001FAES-75W7A0 (SATA)
    3726GB Hitachi sister (SATA)
    932GB Western Digital WDC WD10EALX-009BA0 (SATA)
    1863GB Western Digital WDC WD2002FAEX-007BA0 (SATA)
    932 GB Maxtor Maxtor OneTouch IEEE 1394 SBP2 device (IEEE1394)

    Optical drives:

    HL-DT-ST BD - RE BH30N

    Graphics cards: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 1024 MB

    IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers: Intel ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller

    Wide screen LCD of HP LP2475w

    Reference Dell 2007FP

    Sound Devices:
    ATI High Definition Audio Device
    Realtek High Definition Audio
    M-Audio MobilePre

    USB controllers

    Intel (r) ICH10 family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3A3C

    Intel (r) ICH10 family - 3 USB universal host controller has 34

    Intel (r) ICH10 family - 3 USB universal host controller has 35

    Intel (r) ICH10 family - 3 USB universal host controller has 36

    Intel (r) ICH10 family - 3 USB universal host controller has 37

    Intel (r) ICH10 family - 3 USB universal host controller has 38

    Intel (r) ICH10 family - 3 USB universal host controller has 39

    Intel (r) ICH10 family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3A3A

    That's nice. A little more concise than the Belarc report.

    I am looking to download the XPS 9100 under Win 7-64 and see no chipset driver listed.

    Remove the existing disks, it's you. You won't have too much trouble telling which drive is your configuration.

  • Noise of Dell Studio XPS 9100 CPU fan failure CPU fan

    My Dell Studio XPS 9100 did a loud intermittent noise for a few months and then last week I got a CPU fan fault message while booting. I blew all the dust from the fan and I always get the CPU fan failure message. I finally got the system starts by placing a small fan blowing air into the funnel will CPU/processor fan.

    Alas, my warranty expired 2 weeks ago. I'm kicking myself contacting technical support a few months ago, when the problem started.

    I need to replace the fan. What parts need me, and where can I get them?

    Thanks much for the reply.

    Thank you. After being tossed a little I transferred to the sales and ordered a new CPU fan for a cost total which includes shipping and taxes of $42.25. Too bad it wasn't 2 weeks ago, then she would have been free.

    The seller said that I would not need thermal paste. Is this correct?

    Best regards


  • Studio XPS 9100 video card update


    I currently own a Studio XPS 9100, I am looking to update my video to a Nvidia GTX 660 card. My first choice of the map would be the GIGABYTE GV-N660OC-2GD, but I am concerned about cooling in my case, since it's a map outdoors. The card that's in there now is the Radeon HD 5770 standard with a closed around the map case. I know the case of XPS 9100 doesn't have a lot of fans and I wonder if I'd be better off getting a card with a case like the one that is there now, those who are better for internal cooling cases or are the two models of cards very well to use this system without modification?

    This card should work, but as you said would be throwing air hot back on the case and may not be the best for a stock case, unless you upgraded your fans or have a power supply that can compensate for the extra heat.  Should work well.   If you keep your machine in a well-ventilated vs in a Cabinet, you should be ok.

    If not, opt for one of these reference maps which has the shroud designed to channel air on the back of the card,

  • Dell Studio XPS 9100 integrated video card?

    Hi guys, I own a Studio XPS 9100 and I currently have GPU issues.

    I want to use my PC without having to rely on my graphics card. The studio XPS 9100 has an integrated video processing system? If so, how can I connect to that?

    I am aware that the Studio XPS 9100 is not an integrated video connector, and I have to use the connector available on the video card in the expansion slot to connect to my monitor.

    Hi Poorbeggarman,

    The card mother Studio XPS 9100 has a GPU integrated, but it is disabled, and there is no way to enable it. You have no other choice than to replace your video card.

  • Options for replacement card mother Studio XPS 9100

    I love my Studio XPS 9100. I have a lot of its components updated to try to keep up to date, but he is past his Prime and needs to be modernized. Are there replacement motherboards will be that adapts well in the case of Studio XPS 9100? If so, any suggestions for a nice high-end replacement? Thank you! Kent

    No there is no replacement.  This is a non-standard façade as well as several other control cables.

  • External port eSATA Studio XPS 9100 does not

    Hi all

    I have a Dell Studio XPS 9100and external eSATA port does not work or it is not detected. I have a Seagate FreeAgent external drive and it can't detected, and it is NOT power up when I plug it into the eSATA port. The FreeAgent drive works fine as it is detected on my laptop Dell Studio XPS 1645eSATA port. The drive is detected on the 9100 when I use the USB cable to the drive (plugged into a USB port, of course).

    I tried to do some research online and some suggestions were to activate via the BIOS eSATA port, but the eSATA port is enabled in the BIOS. The wrong driver is installed on the device? I see the Intel ICH10 Family 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller-3 has 22 in the Device Manager. Is this the right driver to recognize the external eSATA port or is there something else wrong with the 9100?

    Does anyone think that the external eSATA port requires an external drive with its own power supply? The 9100 is a 2010 model year environment, but I think it should not require a player with an external power supply.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Hi all

    I grabbed an eSATA disk that has its own power supply (AC adapter) and trendy source on eSATA back port and he recognized the car.

    It seems that the Dell Studio XPS 9100 has of an old eSATA port requiring a drive eSATA that she is clean in order to be energy source active on its external eSATA port. If you try to use a disk without its own power supply eSATA it won't work because the former eSATA ports enabling the way as the USB ports and the new USB ports hybrid eSATA . My laptop Dell Studio XPS 1645 a hybrid one of these ports so apparently it is why my Seagate FreeAgent working on it and NOT on the 9100 desktop. You can't plug a USB cable in the 9100 eSATA port certainly isn't a hybrid eSATA port.

    I guess I solved my own question.

  • A Dell Studio XPS 9100 usable RAM ECC?

    A Dell Studio XPS 9100 usable RAM ECC? And can we use memory faster PC-10600 and can it use more than 24 GB memory RAM?

    Manual says: 1333 MHz DDR3 NO- ECC only and max is 24 GB. offers PC3-12800 DDR3-1600 RAM for this system and it is usually a good indicator of what will work, at least when the use of RAM bought from them.

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    When I try to connect my TV to my Dell Inspiron 6400 with ATI Mobility Radeon X 1400 card, all I get is a black and white image. I have tride all the PAL settings.

    What I tried: I connected the s-video with an s-video cable output to my TV s-video connector (composite) result: no color image, just black and white of my office.

    I connected the s-video with a s-video SCART cable output to my SCART TV (RGB signal) result: no color image, just black and white of my office.

    I connected the s-video with a s-video SCART cable output to my SCART TV (composite signal) result: no color image, just black and white of my office.

    His is no problem, this workt fine.

    Anyone know how can I get the color on my TV? Is this possible with my s-video cables? What type of signal you send with my Mobility Radeon X 1400 graphics card?

    Kind regards


  • Dell Studio XPS 9100: Case fan care? Cooler CPU upgrade options?

    I want to upgrade the case fans in my XPS 9100, but I've seen much contradictory info in the actual specifications regarding size: are these 92 mm or 120 mm?

    In addition, it is an i7 960: is there a compatible upgrade for the CPU cooler? I don't want or need to COO liquid: want to let it cool a bit. Basic time are constantly around 52 C.

    I think that on all processors in the LGA 1366 socket, the hoses are the same.  On the 9000, I used the cooler DBX - B on 4 different processors in the LGA 1366 socket.  Any socket LGA 1366 cooler should operate, regardless of the CPU.

    The DBX - B can be installed to direct the air in 1 of the 4 directions, depending on how it is mounted.  I have mine pointing upward, to the power supply.  (Note fan blows air in the direction of the fins in aluminium).  Idea is to keep the heat away from the other components of the motherboard and direct it to two fans at the rear (one being in the power supply), which are tailpipes.

  • Studio XPS 9100 Radeon HD 7950 what brand will work?

    Currently in research to upgrade the 5770 in my XPS 9100 with a 7950 and after checking if an upgrade would be possible for this machine I came across several posts that say I'm able to upgrade. After looking through several brands, I had made my mind up on top of the Gigabyte brand but after having looked more into it, I noticed several posts on different sites and a review on Amazon who said they had problems with this card specific gel. If you would be grateful if anyone knows of a brand of 7950 that will work. I know that I will probably not be able to get an answer from someone who has actually upgraded a 9100 XPS with a 7950 I prefer, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I have found no information on other cards installed in the XPS 9100 on the Gigabyte brand does not.

    Maybe Sapphire changed this on Vapor X model.  If this is the case, I'd go just with those that are confirmed to use just two 6-pin connectors, so you have no worries as this one HERE.  However, I would also consider the MSI TF as a good choice HERE.  As in the case of Dell cooling is never the greatest, I would look too GTX 660 Ti EVGA of external evacuation models.  Depending on the game, these two trade just kicks back in performance so that you would probably never notice no difference between the two except that the Nvidia GTX 660 it can just play games today smoother than the AMD card.  But then again, 4 games free vs a free game is a big difference if you like what you get.

    I'm going to guess that there is a problem that we're trying to fix with the Vapor X model if they are exchanging with two 8 pin after the first release.  Most HD 7950 s use only two 6-pin and the 7970 s HD using one 8-pin and a 6 pin.  GTX 660 Ti uses only two 6-pin for sure.

  • Cannot start Dell Studio XPS 9100 - is the PSU?

    These symptoms are compatible with a faulty PSU?

    I have a 4 years, processor Dell Studio XPS Desktop Intel i7 960 (expired warranty) 18 GB DIMM: 64 Bit Windows 7 ultimate OS.

    Computer will not start. (Dell 0M1J3H 525W) POWER supply has a green LED on the back of the envelope of the computer with a black switch diagnosis. When the computer reads the green light is on.

    If I press the Start button nothing happens - the white light on the Start button does not illuminate. But if I press the button to start for at least 12 seconds then release and press it again the logo Dell at the edge of the bezel turns on for a second and the fans turn at 20 degrees, but the computer does not start and there is no light on the Start button. The same thing happens if I press the black test on the power supply switch after the button of start for about 12 seconds. If I quickly press the test switch repeatedly from 40 to 50 times, four fans will turn a little bit but stop as soon as I stop to press the test switch. If a power is to learn in the light of the collar and the fans, but the computer starts and the green light does not go or flash. As directed by Dell, the green light is supposed to be activated when the current flows through the power supply and the green light is supposed to flash if I press the test switch when the computer is turned off.

    More Dell' diagnostic instructions I disconnected the motherboard and all the readers and the video card in the PSU, but the test was always negative, that would normally indicate a defective power supply.

    However, if the front bezel blinking on and fans to be powered for a fraction of a second, which excludes a failure of the power supply?

    GENERAL INFORMATION: One night several months ago fans have started racing as the computer was overclocking but my meter showed only 30% CPU usage. Computer subsequently began to lose power and restart at random times.  No crash dumps or stop. Just a loss of power and a reboot. Sometimes the auto restart would work and sometimes it wouldn't. When the computer restarts will not it will not re-start and there was no light white or orange, when I pressed the Start button. If I hold the start 12 seconds or more and then released it and press start logo collar flash momentarily, but no start and no other light. I would try restarts several times, sometimes by pressing the button start hundreds of times before the computer would finally boot. When you start the computer it would normally sometimes several days before losing power again.

    The last restart was more than a week and the computer normally lasted more than a week until yesterday when he lost power.

    I think that the power supply may be bad. But the only other time that I replaced a power supply on an old HP Pavilion. In this case, the computer was completely dead. I'm confused by the momentary illumination of the Dell logo on the collar and the shaking of the power to the fans. Which excludes a failure or default PSU?

    The button BIST says that the power supply is bad.  The BIST button isn't the power button.

    The LED on the back does not mean that the power supply is good.

    The BIST (built in Self test) is LED and button are for.

    cs_setInnerHtml ('video_3cd7b886-809d-491 b-b560-0ed6db867c3c', ");

    Diagnostic features auto power
    Some Dell computers have power supplies that include a self-diagnostic function. The test for power button is visible at the rear of the system. This witness is not the same as the power led on the chips on the motherboard (which said also only + 5VSB does NOT work the power supply is OK). Press and hold the switch self-diagnosis of food-
    * If the light is green, the power supply works
    * If the light is off, get the power supply replaced

  • Replacement of Studio XPS 9100 PSU

    Therefore, what I find a bit absurd; We have a 9100 XPS that we suspect if there is no power supply, so order us a new Thermaltake 850W unit and replace the one that came with the unit.  The system tried to start (fans tried starting to turn), then immediately stops, with a second try seconds later.  I assumed the new PSU was not under load and got another one under the RMA. Plug replacement to find the occurrence of the thing.  Is there something I'm missing here?  In all my years working on computers, this is a first, now I'm assuming it has something to being a Dell machine.

    Turn off the power to something else than the motherboard and remove any video card.

    If it lights up then attach the hard drive and the optical drive, etc.

    looking a linear power supply and ATX instead of EPS12v and 12v only part of the problem.

    If the 3.3v / 5v rails can extinguish 225W and the + 5VSB is 4Amps then there may be a problem elsewhere.

    The output combined on the Thermaltake 850 is only 130W while the DELL W299G is much higher at 225W. instead of 25A 25A its 32 a and 30 a for the 5v / 3.3V rails.

Maybe you are looking for