DL180 g6: dl180 g6 live front (513642-005 / 006-513642)


I work in the data center and my boss wants to join rails kit (513642-005 / 006-513642) rack back. I'd like to know the dimensions of the exact screws that I can use. I have tried looking for the dimensions of the screws from front of dl180 (which we use), but I found nothing. I already ordered M5 screws, diameter fits, but is not thread.

Thank you



Take one of the screws that you already use for a manufacturing workshop. They have all kinds of measuring instruments.

They can use a thread gauge and you tell what size, length and thread of the screw.

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  • HP DL180 Gen9 server: HP 10 GB 2 port 561T Ethernet adapter


    Can you help me if this 561T HP 10 GB 2 Port Ethernet adapter is Compatible with my HP DL180 Gen9 Server?

    Thank you



    This compatible list does not DL 180, but it is compatible with many other DL Gen8 servers:


    It must be. But my suggestion: talk with representatives of HP in your region drirectly, they are ready to help you.

    Kind regards.

  • HP 635199-421: HP DL180 G6, raid status

    Hi all! I have two rack-mounted servers HP DL180 G6 with RAID1 (mirror) in them. The question programs can get raid status, diagnosis? And he with a GUI for the user.
    I installed easy cd with "HP ProLiant series 100 management controller" and "HP ProLiant Smart Array SAS/SATA Event Notification Service for Server Windows 2003 and Windows Server 2008 x 64 editions. Is this all I need?


    You can also ask your question on the Forum of Support Community Business Enterprise HP - DL servers section.


  • DL180 G6 Server Rack - permanently at 80% fan speed

    I bought a "SE326M1 G6 Twin Xeon Hex Core L5640 48 GB RAM HP Proliant DL180 G6 Server Rack 2U" on eBay. As he came not with all drives, I bought four caddies and some third party SATA hard disks. The computer works as such, but fans run constantly on the 80% fan speed and thus sounds like a rocket.

    The logging of the ILO 2 displays the following warning:

    "Error MESSAGE: 1717-Slot X Drive Array - the following discs declare a State of overheating:

    The temperature of the ILO 2 storage area (five separate readings) reading displays 'OK' and 0 degrees centigrade for five. So, I assume that the 'sea of sensors' place the fan speed 80% because there is no available temperature.

    My current conclusion, which is no more;

    1. the hard drives is not a temperature sensor and I need to use four hard drives certified HP

    2. the sensors on the Drive Cage Assembly (HP-530946-001) are defective

    3. berries for empty drives must be filled with blanks

    In order to exclude all these possible I have to spend very little money and time, and so I have the following questions.

    Issues related to the:

    1. do the disk drives HARD to have a temperature probe at all? Will they have, is the temperature read by the sea of sensors?

    2 iLO 2 would display a temperature for the "storage area" even if there is no disk HARD drive in one of the 25 bays at all? If this is the case, it would tell me that the Drive Cage Assembly sensors are defective.

    3. fill the HARD drive bays with white makes temperature sensors start working? What I wonder if whites have an electronic or similar, or that they are just empty pieces of plastic?


    You can also ask your question on the HP Business Support Forum - DL servers section.


  • I use Windows Live Hot Mail... and have the same problems as the previous person, asking a question on their e-mail. The only option I have to choose tools are on internet option. It's not correct my problem front of e-mail... suggestions?

    I use Windows Live Hot Mail... and have the same problems as the previous person, asking a question on their e-mail.  The only option I have to choose tools are on internet option.  This is not fix my problem before the email (to make changes to the police and have the new police to stay)... of suggestions?

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    Thank you

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  • ESX 4.1 fails to install on HP DL180 G6

    All new machine.

    Installer boots fine. Gets to the point where we should choose the drive and it shows:

    Remote storage

    HP Logical Volume (naa. [long hex string]) LUN 0 2.1 to

    However, the text of Logical Volume is dimmed out and unselectable.

    Without doubt, I am missing a driver? I can't find one on the site of HP or via Google searches.

    I found an obscure reference in the forums of HP who suggested that I should update the firmware used by the RAID controller. So I did, but it has no effect.

    I try to load ESX 4.1.0 build 260247.

    BIOS HP version 020

    HP P410 RAID ROM version

    Series of Xeon E5540

    This material seems to be listed in the compatibility database.

    Thanks for your time.

    Maybe it's a problem of volume size disc/logic with the disk is greater than 2 TB.

    Run the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) to go to the SmartStart CD and split the RAID in several smaller logical volumes.


  • HP DL180 G6

    I get ESXI 4.0 installed and then wait 5 minutes, it crashes? RAID all ok, install to usb thumb drive it starts, runs, only shows ip no problem... then it crashes later? any ideas.

    Looks like that the network management agents / take a bit to load up, so it can accept client connections.


    Dustin Pike

    VMware Certified Professional (VI3 and vSphere)

    Blog of virtual cantons

  • iOS10 live wallpaper behaves differently?

    Hi, I just got my new iPhone Plus 7 and it seems that the Live wallpaper behaves differently than in iOS9.

    Namely, in the old system (on an iPhone 6 more) by varying the pressure on the screen I can control precisely of the wallpaper Live playback speed and easily play to the front/rear.

    In iOS 10 (on the new iPhone 7 more) it seems that the reading speed of the Live wallpaper has no can be controlled by the pressure.

    Is this normal? Or do I use a screen may be defective? Thank you!

    Same here on iOS iPhone 7 10.0.1

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    Today, I noticed that in my iPhone 5 the glass front is separate from the body. There is gap of 1 mm in the Middle, between the glass and the rest of the phone. Why has it happened?

    I bought my iPhone in the United Kingdom more than 2 years ago. What can I do?

    Unfortunately, I live in Poland and we don't have any store from Apple here. September I will be in the United Kingdom, so is it possible that in the Apple Store they will repair/replace my iPhone?

    Since the unit is out of warranty, you may be able to have it repaired/replaced, but at your expense.

  • The NI USRP-295xR RIO allows a front-end Ettus BasicRX IF-sampling? And what is the rate of the ADC to FPGA data?


    I'm in the quest to replace some aging PCI-5640R. I am currently using as a portable-Journal data solution, mounted in a Magma Expresscard to PCI box with a laptop. As a reference of the time, I use a Symmetricom XLi.

    The equipment is dependent on the sampling finished a set of samples once a trigger signal goes high and also receive antenna azimuth information using two lines PFI more. The signal is sampled at IF, 30 MHz, and the signal is less than 5 MHz bandwidth.

    Now, I started watching the Ettus X 301 with a GPS OCXO and MXI-express interface which should be the same as the USRP-295xR NI. It is available as device NI RIO with three different front ends, unfortunately, none of them work at 30 MHz.

    Q-1: Ettus has the front-end 'BasicRX', but it is only considered compatible with LabVIEW driver and not necessarily with the RIO. Is the front-end BasicRX usable with the USRP - 295XR RIO and MXI-interface with LabVIEW FPGA? Should I just avoid trying tune the nonexistent LO? As long as he gives me data, I can live with some error messages during the Setup...

    It's the best solution for me, but if it is absolutely impossible, I have a few questions:

    Q-2: information on the front end are really rare in the pages Web OR both Ettus, but the WBX is listed up to 50 MHz frequency, to have a filter of low pass of bandwidth of 40 MHz to I and Q. This should mean a total of 80 MHz of bandwidth with I and combined Q,-40 to 40 MHz. Why did the bandwidth to Web pages as OR listed being "40 MHz bandwidth in real time", if the low pass filter of the WBX is 40 MHz in I and Q? Not the band total bandwidth or 80 MHz?

    Q-3: assuming a bandwidth-40 to 40 MHz: could I put the WBX LO at 50 MHz, be tuned to the frequencies from 30 MHz to 20 MHz signal,-20 MHz and use a bandpass filter to the FPGA to extract the new signals and remove all other signals?

    Q 4: I tried to start a FPGA project in LabVIEW and add the x 301/294xR/295xR as a target. Data clock is locked to 120 MHz, which I guess means he will receive no data to 120MS/s IQ? The x 301 Ettus is listed as provide data of the ADC to the FPGA at a rate of 200 ms/s, could someone explain to me why, OR USRP RIO expects only database 120MS/s?

    Hi Idar,

    Yes, you should be able to put the basics on your X 310/USRP RIO and use LabVIEW FPGA to receive 120 MECH. / s of the DACs.  The example I posted is in fact not for the precompiled file bit.  The example I posted is for LabVIEW FPGA, which allows you to add the IP address for the FPGA.  There is a sample project that comes with LabVIEW FPGA which is the recommended starting point to build your FPGA application.  The sample project has all the configuration set up as well as broadcast continuously and pads/FIFOs in the FPGA and examples for synchronization.  There are comments in the code example that show where he must add your own blocks of property intellectual as a filter and decimater you mentioned.  The PDF I posted shows what changes you must make to this sample project using the Remora Basic/LF.

    I would like to know if I'm not explaining this clearly, or if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help you!

  • Bug? Right-click on the marquee in front causes!

    Posted on LAVA: http://lavag.org/topic/12097-right-click-on-front-panel-causes-selection-rectangle/. This message contains an update of the problem description.

    Whenever I do a right-click on a control in the FP and dismiss the context menu, I get a selection rectangle. If I catch him, moving outside the limits of the FP will cause the FP to scroll to continue my Junk 'selection'. This has been so far repeatable every time.

    I noticed that the problem is not happening on the controls palette, only the context menu for controls. Also, if I right-click the context menu before dismissing, the problem will not occur. If I select an item from the context menu (which also rejects), the problem does not occur.

    I'm under LabVIEW 8.6.1f1 on Windows XP Home SP3.


    On my main machine, I have been unable to recreate this behavior that got us wondering.  Then it happened to me, I modified the file ini on this computer.  In particular, one of the things that bothers me is trend of the LV to clicks in the windows in the background under tension.  Normally I click to activate, and then click Next.  For some time I have (and more often other users) would not always look where this first click went.  To disable it, I went to the LabVIEW.ini file and added the following key:

    dropThroughClicks = FALSE

    This stops the live by clicking on and seems to significantly reduce the appearance of this bug.  Your mileage may vary, but I still have to get the selection when this key is set.

  • front end control hovercraft

    Dear all,

    I am doing the project for my final year on Panel engineering front hovercraft using labview. Here, I have attached my vi. Please someone go through it.

    I get a series entry and display temperature display thermometer. Problem is as soon as the series executed and displayed reading the temperature on the thermometer the thermometer displplay display goes back to 0, reading, it will not always see the result.

    suggestions needed,

    I need to set up the sensor right, left and right, which is the Ultrasonic sensors which is the present enemy near the sensor and I need dispalay the distance between the sensor and the enemy who also came from Sanchez helps labview.how to implent it.

    Please someone help me to do this work.

    Thank you and best regards,


    LabVIEW, the default 'resets' orders or the default value (zero) indicator.

    The reason why you have to put your code inside a loop is very intuitive and a knowledge of the "common sense". You must specify the computer to keep your program execution for a specified period or until you force quit. If you don't do this, your machine runs each statement once and then, period. Imagine a plane that runs a control post (the brain) code within a material, without a loop. It will run once (for a period of a few microseconds) and then your aircraft will have no brain to decide what to do. So it will crash. Millions of lives will be lost.

    The loops are necessary 'energy' to keep your active code for a while. Your code will run once, and after it is finished running, its controls and indicators back to their State natural quantity ZERO.

    Maybe it's one of the reasons for your problem. Try putting a WHILE LOOP with a FALSE Boolean constant hung with terminal condition. Or simply wire a Boolean control the State OFF. If there still is no temperature reading, or get the reading as you mentioned, then there must be a problem with the acquisition hardware that you are using to measure the temperature.

    Try to put the loop first, observe and come back here.

    An other logistics major, that you need to take care is the SUBJECT LINE. Do not mention the title of the project in which you are facing problems. You are the door problem on only a part of your overall design. Try to get to issue brief, to-the-point. For example I have a robot (General design) where I get no ultrasonic sensor data (a design offer) because Calendar and the sycnhronization is a little new to me in LabVIEW FPGA (under part of part of overall design). So my subject line would be Timing and Synchronzation ultrasonic sensor in LabVIEW FPGA.

    Kind regards

  • Is it possible that I can move my son to my new windows live ID account

    I followed the instructions and signed by pursuing my windows live ID then found I have to give the babysitters my windows live / hotmail password to authorize sites!
    I also type this password very inportant in front of my son!

    I created a new windows live account especailly for this purpose ONLY for parental control (so I know not if I aloow someone use prental control I am not giving them access to my emails so staff)

    Only problem, is windows family safety says that I can not change the live ID of the parent
    So what happens when a live parent what ID is hacked and had to be abandoned? or split from the parent to the top, or like me, you want to give people access to parental controls, but not to your whole, live MSN ID and e-mail?

    It must be possible somehow?  Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the family safety?
    or create a new user account (Windows 7 will not let me copy the settings of his former property - copy profile is grey)


    To create a new parent account, we must first remove the current parent account and the account of the child to parental control. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. log in to https://fss.live.com with the current parent account.

    2. by the family of summary, click manage the list of the members of the family.

    3. check the box next to the name of the primary parent account. Click Remove. A dialog box remove your Family Safety family? is displayed asking to confirm if you want to remove the parent account and the whole family from Family Safety. Click on Remove and parental leave so that all parental control settings will be deleted. It will automatically register you on the family safety website. Note that this will allow you to start from scratch.

    4. customer open Windows Live Family Safety. After a few seconds, you will see a message that it does not handle any account. From there, you will be able to facility management account again. Sign in using the new parent account.

    5. Select the check box next to the Windows account of the family that you want to monitor on this computer and then click Next or Save. Make sure that you match the account of the child for the Windows account that you want to monitor.

    6. connect to https://fss.live.com with the new parent account.

    7. under the family summary, click on Add a new child. Add a new child dialog box appears. Click on Sign in and enter ID Windows Live ID and the password for the child's account. Once the child is added to your list of family members, you can now configure how you want to monitor on behalf of the child.

    For more information on how to install parental controls, please see the article below:

    Protect your kids with parental controls

    Thank you!

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