T560 - USB Skyris 445 m external webcam installed but does not

I don't know what it is... but the camera refuses to work exclusively on the Lenovo T560. Yet, it works on ALL the other machines I tested (including other laptops and other machines running windows 10)

It's the camera, what I'm trying to troubleshoot:

I install this camera using the driver from the manufacturer (I tried 2 of them) and it seems to install properly (in the Device Manager, everything is green AND the full name of the camera is set correctly).

Yet, when I try to use the camera by using the software provided by the manufacturer, I get "error, not enough band width and the camera is in use by another program."

I tested all drivers. I tried all USB ports. I tried deleting all the software that can potentially interfere with the laptop.

Hell, I even re-installed Windows 10 FROM SCRATCH just to test it... and yet, he refuses to work so that all other machines seems to work very well with it. The kicker is that it is not the first device which refuses to the laptop.

So, what's the problem? Why the laptop is so that all the other machines I've tested perfectly functioning problems with external USB cameras.

I'm panicking here because I bought this laptop EXCLUSIVELY to use this device.

It solved!

It turns out that the update of Microsoft Windows 10 birthday broke millions of external webcams in the world. (Good job Microsoft, you owe me a good 18 hours)

Had to go back to the previous update (which I was lucky enough to be able to do... because I received the laptop after the update has been applied).

The previous version of Windows is fixed at all. (Windows 2015 Nov 10 to build 1511).

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    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

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    Your wireless mouse does not work in Windows, or that your PC is in the early phase of the startup procedure when you turn on your PC?

    If in Windows, you might have to check batteries and polarity, corresponds to the mouse and the receiver to the other, also install the drivers from the manufacturers website or try to use the DVD that came with the mouse.

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    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    I had a problem with my touchpad for months. The synaptics touchpad driver is installed but the touchpad does not work and does not appear in either (just my external mouse) Device Manager. . I tried various troubleshooting methods, but none worked. Any help would be a lot for me. Thanks (in advance).



    Hi @decyferme,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    It's a great place to find answers and suggestions!

    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums.

    Learn how to post and more

    How can I find my model number or product number?

    I understand that you had a problem with the touchpad for months because it is not responding. Although the driver is listed in programs and features in the Device Manager is not listed.

    Have you checked for virus and malware?

    Have you done all Windows updates?

    Have you tried to run the troubleshooter in Windows?

    Did you run HP Support Assistant to facilitate updates of HP?

    First you would try this step.  Some models, you can enable or disable the touchpad by double clicking on the top left corner of the touch pad.  Please see if it is applicable for you.

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    EDIT: All right. Ignore my next post in the thread. I'll post if no new complication.

    It still hangs on the last line in the commissioning after the line 'Press CTRL-E to installation of BMC', with the blinking underscore, so I know that it is not frozen.

    It is bootable media and try to boot from it. It seems that the bootstrapper does not initialize correctly. I would suggest reformatting and reinstallation of the operating system again. The question is not hardware related. You can try another version of Ubuntu.

    Thank you

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    Thank you.

    IF there is a Setup program that you are running and it is not install properly, you must contact the developer.

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