Taskbar of Windows 7 is not pop up when you use Google Chrome or iTunes

Chrome version: 18.0.1025.58 beta-m iTunes Version: 10.5.3
Other readers of browsers / multimedia tested: 5:OK Safari Firefox 5: OK IE 9: Windows Media Player 12 OK: OK Quicktime 7: OK problem?: Taskbar hide automatically, the value does not appear when you use Google Chrome or Apple iTunes what is the expected result? The taskbar will rise, allowing you to use your other windows what is happening instead? It remains hidden, forcing me to press the Windows key to open it additional information: iTunes has done this for a while, Chrome of the noticed the other day. My Windows IS personalized (Windows logon background start Orb has changed.) Also twisted with Ultimate Windows Tweaker Windows Version: Windows 7 Home Premium x 64 material: HP Pavilion dv6-600 4 GB RAM 500 GB HDD Intel i5 @ 2267 MHz (2.7 GHz) processor


Were there any changes made recently to the computer?

Try the following steps.


Step 1

The Advanced Boot Options menu lets you start Windows in advanced troubleshooting mode. You can access the menu by turning on your computer and pressing the F8 key before Windows starts. You must start the computer in safe mode with networking and then check out.


Step 2

Put your computer in a clean boot state and then check


Note: Follow step 7 to your computer as usual.

Hope this helps

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    Hi rikusg98319732,

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    NOTE that this only happens when I use navigation. If I scroll it works. It is, however, very nervous.


    and here is the file:

    Dropbox - MicrositeRedesign02.zip

    Thank you


    This behavior is caused by the white dots on the right side of the page master, forcing the content area (and thus the scroll in the browser area) is much wider than what you want.

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    Hello Karena R, yesterday, I downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail, and I must say that I prefer Windows Mail Live Mail program. After making sure that Live Mail is the deafult for all messaging functions and that the entry "Mail Protocol" was now back to the list of saved files, I checked the problem mentioned in my original post. He is not fixed! Another small problem is fixed now if. In my "drafts" mailbox I have some e-mails stored there and when I click on one of them upwards now comes an email with the appropriate address inserted in the address line. Who could not before. I used to get this error message, which is now the new title of my post. So why the difference when I click on email address that I find on Web sites? Now, I also find that by Michael following the instructions (below), I do not see an entry "mailto" but his suggestion to step d. type in "URL Protocol" is not appropriate because it is already there. The installation of an entirely new email software should have my computer all the necessary entries for the new program to function properly in all respects. So what's happening? It begins to look as if uninstalling the program Office has pulled something real Vista operating system.

    It's a good thing, I thought of the research on other boards for my missing post.


    c. in the Edit menu, select new, then clickstring goodwill.

    d. type of Protocol of URL as the name of the new string value

    e. exit the registry editor

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    Well... What do I do? Nothing? Hibernate? Sleep? Reboot? Blue screen? Start to play the chicken dance? Remember that we cannot see your computer.

    The power button may not be set to disable (or it could be a dozen other things because you did not say what it does):
    Click with the right button on the start menu
    Click on properties
    Next to the power button action chosen Shut Down
    Now he must shout down

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    On mine, there is a menu «...» "where I have the command to bring up a version in the printing of the message format. You will find that, and made the opening of pop-up windows? If it is blocked, you may need to create an exception in the blocker for live.com.

  • How can I change the length of note by default when you use the keyboard as input in piano roll?

    Note the length of the input to the midi keyboard

    Use the keyboard to input stage (Menu bar > window > entry step keyboard) choose the length of the notes you wish to enter the Piano Roll in conjunction with your Midi keyboard...

    Turn on the input Midi in the Piano Roll, if you do not have...

    Now you play notes on your midi keyboard notes will be length whatever you selected in the step of keyboard input interface...

    Note: If you do not find the keyboard under the window input stage... All the features of Logic work... so make sure you that you have enabled ALL the advanced tools in logic preferences and available for you.

  • import program does not process customized when you use the shell script


    I have the pkg in that

    PROC1 without leaving param in this procedure, I call you created proc2 import and program

    Now, I call this proc1 in the shell script, here my flat program to import does not work

    Why? and I try to use CONSCUB on proc1 using 2 output param which is errbuf, retcode in the newspaper, I'm "wrong number of arguments"

    Please help me?

    Thank you


    Proc1 is your first program at the same time, right?

    How many parameters is defined for that?

    You can paste a screenshot of the window parameter?

    If there is no parameter, just use this:

    $FND_TOP/bin/CONCSUB $LOGIN SQLAP 'Accounts payable Manager' WAIT ' rajesh' = N SIMULTANEOUS SQLAP PROC1

    Assuming that "Renon" is a username of fnd and the program is set in the Application of accounts payable.

    See you soon


  • File not found error when you use agent ODI.


    I am trying to load data using the csv file and get the following error.

    ODI-1227: SrcSet0 (load) task fails on the source FILES LOCAL connections.

    Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ODI-40438: file not found:

    I am going through the oracle blog and discover this ODI agent and the source file must be in the same server. But I can't place t of the file to the server of the odi where the agent is running. Can anyone know how to solve this problem.

    ODI configuration:


    ODI Linux server

    ODI Client Windows 7.

    Thank you


    Hi Paul.P,

    If you select an agent for execution of your, this agent should have access to all sources of data (DB, files,...) used in your integration project.

    You can map a network drive on the server where the agent is running and move files. Or you can get it from the original location via FTP or sFTP, for example. But your server must be able to manage this file at some point, if you want to use.

    If there is no way you can have the files on this server, you must take the opposite approach and install a new agent, where the files are located.

    More information: http://www.ateam-oracle.com/understanding-where-to-install-the-odi-standalone-agent/

    Kind regards


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    Often, I connect my laptop to my TV to extend my desktop and find work more quickly. Today, I wanted to listen to music then I worked, but did not want to disturb others in the House with the sound so I plugged my headphones on my laptop but the sound plays through television. How can I get it to play through my headphones only?

    I do not use HDMI but audio HDMI runs your graphics instead of the audio chip

    the laptop, so I think that you can turn off the HDMI audio in your graphics cards

    The control panel settings.

    -If not, you should be able to disable the HDMI audio via Device Manager.

    The HDMI audio will probably be known as your graphics (Nvidia, AMD or Intel).

    [Type Device Manager in the search bar on the Start Menu and select - sound, video and game controllers.] R / click on the appropriate audio device and select disable. ]

    Or - connect your headphones to the TV should turn off the sound from the speakers.

    You can purchase an extension for headphones, if necessary.

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