Tecra S3 XP Setup not find HARD drive even if the RAID drivers were included by F6 key

I tried to install a normal XP (not recovery). But the installation program will not find my HARD drive even if I include the Toshiba RAID via F6 drivers.

Any ideas?

> I have decided to use nLite and added the raid driver but after several installations different combo, I'm done with the original problem which does not recognize my floppy USB drive after format

If you have included the RAID driver using the nLite so I put t understand why you need the external USB floppy drive?
Anyway, to my knowledge, not all USB FDD drives are compatible and it can happen that a non supported USB FDD drive will not recognize and so you would not be able to install the RAID floppy driver!

But nLite is the key! Using the nLite you n t need the USB FDD drive!

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    My Satellite came with vista installed. No disc Toshiba down grade to XP. When you try to run the installer, he comes back with the program Setup cannot find the hard drive connected to this computer, make sure power is connected etc. It doesn't matter if I delete the vista partition or not.

    I copied the XP cd to the hard drive, but here the Installer gives blocked application because the current version is newer than the version you want to install. (not verbatim) Vista and both are my precious new copy of XP Home SP3 OEM. If anyone can help... PLEASE, I BEG YOU!

    Thanks in advance
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    You really Don t know why it happens?
    You don t have a clue?

    In this case, use the forum search. You will find hundreds of discussions on this and it s not a bug, it s a feature. The magic word is Intel Storage Manager.

  • Tecra S1 - Bios does not detect HARD drive

    Hi, first time poster, long drive date.

    I have a friends laptop with me an old S1, its hard drive has failed. (Even tried it on my USB adapter to diagnose).

    I had another IDE HDD which works like a dream.
    I can even install Windows up to a point with the exception of when the computer wants to do the first restart of the second phase of the installation. (Not on CD).

    In the bios the HARD drive is not detected a 0 MB for the read command.
    I tested the USB HARD drive. So works perfectly. will try another hard drive there tomorrow see what is happening.

    I tried the recovery CD aswell. But she also can not detect the hard drive.
    Finally, I even reflashed the Bios even if it was the last version 2.50.
    Still did not change.

    If I'm just at a loss here. Tomorrow I'll do the following.

    Try a 3rd HDD IDE into the machine.

    Opening of the case and see if I can find the CMOS battery to replace or remove for a minute or 2 to see what is happening.
    Is obviously a problem of bios of the HARD drive is detected. Has anyone ever encountered this before?

    Windows / ERD Commander / Partition Magic 8 all finding the end hard drive.
    Thanks for listening to my dribble that I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall being close.

    Kind regards


    What drive did you use and what size it it?
    I think that not all HARD drive would be compatible because of the 28-bit LBA.

    The 28-bit LBA supports hard disks up to 128GB and if the IDE controller supports only 28-bit LBA then it may happen that more large drives would not be recognized by the BIOS.

  • XP Setup cannot find hard drives

    Hello. I'm new to VMware and decided to download and install ESX 3.5 on an HP XW6200. Installed ok but I tried to install my first server VM. a XP sp3 ISO I have. I have it configured with one processor, 256 MB of RAM and 30 GB BusLogic emulated disk VM. I have started the installation but received an error message that windows did not find a hard drive to install the operating system. I found an article at the bottom of the knowledge to repoint the floopy drive to a file called vmscsi - Done, but still not find a disc. Rebooted and you press F6. When it comes to floopy I press on enter but it doesn't seem to find, said and and invites me to support on enter agin fto find disks. Help? Not sure where I am going wrong? Thank you.

    You make the right choice by pressing F6 at the start. If she does not see the disk then make sure that it is configured to connect to the power on and you have chosen the right floppy image. Make sure that it is not trying to boot to the floppy disk by going into the BIOS of the virtual machines and change the boot order or by pressing "Esc" at startup which gives a one-time boot menu so that you can start your ISO image / CD of XP. Good luck!


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  • Installation of Windows 7 - can not find HARD drive


    I am trying to install Windows 7 Pro. Setup does not find my HARD disk.

    I tried loading sata drivers - did not help.

    I have run the hard drive test and had no error.

    What can I do

    My laptop HP G62-b40sw



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  • Windows XP Setup cannot find hard drive

    Running VMWare Fusion 2.01 (128865).

    I'm doing a repair of my installation of Windows XP Service Pack 3 on the VM.  I am able to boot from the CD and start the Windows Setup successfully.

    However, installing Windows says it is unable to find a hard drive and cannot continue.

    When I hit F3 and restart the computer, the virtual machine load XP on the virtual hard disk as before.

    How can I get the Windows installation to recognize my virtual hard disk and do a repair?

    Take a look at the following...

    If the virtual machine was created using Windows Installer Easy or has a VMware SCSI virtual hard disk, you must download the Drivers SCSI VMware and select the file vmscsi - like the floppy drive of the virtual machine in the Virtual Machine settings sheet of the target. This disk image contains the necessary VMware SCSI disk drivers when booting with the Windows XP CD and you will need to press F6 when it says "press F6 if you need to install...". "at the bottom of the Virtual Machine window and it will then invite the driver after he continues to load additional files. Just follow the guests.

    BTW you may need to press the Fn + F6 etc. and this can be changed in system preferences > keyboard & mouse > keyboard > use all F1, F2, etc...

    If the Virtual Machine is not initiating the CD/DVD or ISO Image, and then select the CD-ROM in the Boot Menu.

    Engage the Boot Menu and select the CD-ROM drive...

    The bottom of the virtual machine just above the status bar after the Virtual Machine is started, it has...

    "Press F2 to enter SETUP, F12 for the start-up network, ESC for Boot Menu"

    On the status bar, it features...

    'To direct entry to this virtual machine, click inside the window.'

    BIOS flashing by is very fast so you need to work quickly however give it a try and if the Start Menu cannot be higher then the configuration of the Virtual Machine file .vmx must be edited to slow the STATION and or change the boot order.

    OK, click the big Play button on the screen of the virtual machine, and then quickly mouse click in the Virtual Machine screen and then press the ESC key to bring up the Start Menu and select the CD-ROM drive. If it boots the CD very well and if the Boot Menu does not appear, because he goes just to quick access and then try again or...

    Watch the Boot Delay section in the current user's Guide to VMware Fusion and the section of the virtual machine files of A Beginner's Guide to VMware Fusion on when the configuration of the Virtual Machine's .vmx file is and add the following lines to the file. TextEdit can be used to edit the .vmx file.

    To give more time to indulge, the Start Menu Add the following...

    bios.bootDelay = "3000".

    For, once, force the VM in the BIOS to change the Boot order in the BIOS if the CD-ROM is first add the following...

    bios.forceSetupOnce = 'TRUE '.

    Note: by default in the normal Fusion 1.x virtual Fusion function file are created in the folder "~/Documents/Virtual Machines" and according to host operating system version and or Fusion worm. There may be a .localized after Virtual Machines although by default, this extension is not visible in the Finder.

    ~ Is your Home Directory.

    The files that make up the virtual machine are placed in a folder (aka Bundle and or packing) bearing the extension '.vmwarevm' which, by default, this extension is not visible in the Finder.

    Example: "~/Documents/Virtual XP.vmwarevm Machines/Windows" in the Finder would just resemble an icon named "Windows XP."

    To view the contents of the entire file "Windows XP.vmwarevm" ctrl-click (or right-click) on the "Windows XP" icon and select Show the contents of the package.

    To change the configuration file of .vmx ctrl-click (or right-click) on the "Windows XP.vmx" file and select open with > choose another... then in Application choose TextEdit.

    Note: If you use Firefox do not copy and paste the parameters if TextEdit unless you copy only the exact line and nothing else in the case, use an editor such as TextWrangler.


    When you use utility disk in order to have a bootable ISO Image, you must select Master CD/DVD without encryption in which case by default, it will have an extension .cdr file and in version 1.1 of the merger and later does not need to be changed in .iso, although one can if one chooses to. A default .dmg image is compressed and is not bootable, as an uncompressed .dmg will start if changed in .iso and of course the source CD/DVD should be bootable in the first place.

    To create an ISO Image using disk utility...

    1 insert the CD or DVD disc into the optical drive of your computer.

    2. open disk utility (/ Applications/Utilities/Disk utility).

    3. Select the CD or DVD drive in the list of disks and volumes.

    4. Choose file > new > "Disk Image from (name of the disc)."

    5. type a name for the disk image.

    6. choose "DVD/CD master" from the Image Format pop-up menu.

    7 choose "none" from the encryption pop-up menu.

    8. click on save.


    Take a look on: VMware Fusion menu bar > help > VMware Fusion help > manage virtual machine > configure the CD/DVD drive

  • P200-rt7 but Win XP Setup cannot find hard drive

    Hi, try to install xp on my Toshiba p200-rt7 and xp says it cannot find my hard drive. If I launch the install of vista dvd he finds it so I think I need to hit F6 during the xp installation and select "third-party drivers? If Yes, where can I get these drivers? If anyone can help?

    Thank you

    Installing a version commercial (street copy) of Windows XP on a Toshiba Vista laptop.

    Step 1: Prepare the BIOS
    -Go to section Support/Drivers on the Toshiba site and look for your model of Toshiba
    -If your phone has a separate version of BIOS for XP and Vista, download the BIOS XP and run it in Windows.
    -If you cannot start Windows, you can update the BIOS after installing XP.

    Step 2: Enable SATA Compatibility Mode in the BIOS
    -If installing XP cannot detect SATA drive, enable SATA Compatibility Mode in BIOS if this option is available and install XP.

    Step 3: Install XP using a floppy with the SATA drivers
    -If SATA compatibility mode is not available, you must use the SATA drivers diskette during installation of XP. Follow these steps:

    (1) Download driver Windows XP SATA F6 on the site of Toshiba Support/downloads.
    If a single SATA/AHCI F6 driver is unavailable, download and extract the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver for XP in a temporary folder.
    The Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver package must contain some files under the folder "F6flpy". For example: C:\temp\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\F6flpy\ICH8M_32bit
    Choose the right folder. For example: ICH8M_32bit for a Chipset of Intel ICH8 during installation of Windows XP 32-bit.

    (2) copy these files (iastor.inf, etc.) on a blank diskette. The files must reside in the root directory of the floppy disk.
    For example: A:\iastor.inf, A:\iaahci.inf, etc...

    (3) connect a Toshiba USB floppy drive to the Toshiba laptop. (some non - Toshiba USB Floppy Drives may not work correctly during the installation of XP)

    (4) (4) demarrer start from the Windows XP CD, start the installation and make sure that your floppy with the drivers is inserted into the floppy USB drive.

    (5) for the XP installation invites you to press F6 to install a storage driver, immediately press F6.

    (6) for installing XP you invites to select a SATA driver, select the appropriate driver and continue.
    For example: ICH7M Intel(r) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller, Intel(r) ICH8M 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller

    (7) keep the attached floppy drive and floppy disk inserted XP has not completed its installation.
    Do not partition or format the hard drive during the installation of XP. The diskette SATA drivers are copied and stored on the hard drive during the installation of XP.

  • HP Pavilion dv7-6c95dx: HP Pavilion dv7-6c95dx Windows 7 x 4 Can not find Hard Drive

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-6c95dx. I put in a new hard drive. I can't get Windows 7 x 64 to recognize during the installation. I tried the Intel Chipset drivers on the HP download site for my laptop. I also tried the x 64 drivers from the Intel website: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24293/a08/f6flpy-x64.zip.

    I tried with the original hard drive in and Windows 7 does not recognize either.

    Any ideas on how to get Windows 7 to recognize the drive?


    I understood why Windows 7 does not recognize the hard drive. I tried to install Windows 7 from a USB key. I burned the BONES on a dvd and booted on the dvd and he found the hard drive. It is trying to install Windows 7.

  • A33 satellite will not start on the hard drive even after the installation of the new system

    Hello, I need help, my A33 does not start on a hard drive. It is to see the drive hard in the bios and even by operating the drive when you go to install. But as soon as it will boot to the hard drive, it is just a black screen. It is very strange that you can see the hard drive in the bios and even with a diagnostics disk. I can see, scan it and check it by starting with a diagnostic disk, but when I start the computer, it doesn't do anything.

    Help please!

    Stand by. Your ad is so confused. When you read can you understand what you wrote?

    BIOS recognizes the HARD drive correctly, no?
    When you use bootable disk for the installation of the OS is properly recognized HDD?
    You can install OS using the original recovery disc or by using the Microsoft installation disc?

  • Qosmio G30 - capacity of the HARD drive even after disable RAID

    Hi all

    I have a G30 with two hard drives, which were broadcast in RAID 1 configuration for a year now. For RAID 1, I activated the mirroring and everything worked perfectly.

    However, I'm now running out of space so I turned off mirroring using RAID console.
    My question is "why do I always see the same capacity of HARD drive when I go on my computer? I hope that there is a simple answer to this.

    Thank you for Uncle Bob.

    Can you see the drive in disk management?
    Perhaps the HARD drive is not enabled or needs to be formatted.

    And the BIOS recognizes the another HARD drive?

  • Is it possible to recover files deleted from your Recycle Bin, after the failure of the computer after the backup hard drive contained in the folder windows.old, including system files?

    Very well. My computer is messed up awhile back and my friend saved my whole hard drive, the files system and everything, then wiped and restored, then ALL put in a folder called "windows.old" that I can access my hard drive. So since he has saved the files system and everything, I'll be able to recover my old files I had deleted before it was erased, if (hopefully) they is not replaced? If so, what filepath can I go in?

    Hi thatonehxckid,

    The content in the trash is not saved in the folder windows.old during a custom installation.

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  • Problems starting Tecra S3 - cannot find HARD drive

    Toshiba Tecra S3 runnning windows XP fully updated last week.

    I tried to restore my S3 with a picture made using Acronis, but whenever I start using the disk of the computer is unable to find the hard drives. After several failed attempts, I opted to use the Toshiba restore program to restore the original factory conditions, but after the start he was still unable to find the hard drives and now at start up, I get up is a lack of operation system message.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    Unfortunately, for me, it looks like a HARD drive malfunction.
    The missing OS error message appeared on my cell phone 6 months ago. I was very surprised because it happened suddenly!

    Finally, I had to change the HARD disk! It was an accident head! So I guess that even happened to you!

    Good luck

  • Cannot reformat, says Pavilion «can not find hard disk Drive»

    I want to reformat the laptop HP Pavilion dv6000 my grandson. When I try, it loads Windows xp, but then says it cannot find the hard drive.

    The laptop is to some extent functional, but displays several error messages auch as "one or more files are corrupted" and "some partitions damaged."
    The unit offers to try to fix the problem, but fails.
    In addition, the "Start Menu" from the programs list does not appear, it says 'empty' when I click on "All programs" in the Start Menu.
    In addition, no icons appear in the "Start Menu", but "My Documents, my pictures, my computer, etc. are all here.
    By clicking My Documents, nothing is displayed. ------, but the computer responds and shows the 'disc C' and available memory, etc..

    What I would like to do if possible is:

    1 as the player works to a degree, try to get the GET disk xp, program that recognize so I can reformat.
    2 celebrate!

    Would be more happy of all assistance. Thank you.

    The laptop is running. And we are justified. I just talked to the man who has done the work to local ghe Geek Squad. He proceeded as follows:

    1 update the Windows operating system (OS to nu xxp) to service pack 3 using available cds which I did have.
    2 went to another computer and downloaded the drivers HP form.
    3 installed the drivers and it went online as a champion.

    Apparently the version of xp was so old that the drivers, I downloaded from HP on another computer and burn it to a cd, simply move in the laptop.

    So, no way we could proceed without saving this service 1 one 3 discs. I had actually tried to download these service packs, but all I could get was service pack 1a .who might also do not install.

    Thanks again. you were right on target, but I couldn't do it.

  • my pc will not boot up when I run the disc to recover its says cannot find hard drive

    my pc won't start recovery disc tried tried

    Windows 7 disk but will not work it says can't find hard drive

    Sorry do not know all the details of my pc

    I am not basic pc user

    Thank you

    If you use your PC manufacturers recovery disks and don't see "no hard disk" the chances are that the hard drive has failed.

    When you try to boot your PC normally what exactly is the error message?

  • I have a Macbook Pro which is not a hard drive.  How to install Adobe Photoshop elements 11 that came with the Epson scanner, I bought.  I registered S/N, and I can't find the free download anywhere alone trials.

    I have a Macbook Pro which is not a hard drive.  How to install Adobe Photoshop elements 11 that came with the Epson scanner, I bought.  I registered S/N, and I can't find the free download anywhere alone trials.

    Downloads available:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

Maybe you are looking for

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