The first Elements 1.0 patch?

Well, I know that it is a question on a very outdated version of elements, but due to an Athlon XP processor executing I am stuck at the v1.0.  Anyway, I have not used for a while, but the recentley necessary to install it again.  Does anyone know if there are additional patches or updates available for this version?

Thanks in advance,


But as complement, there is not issued patches for versions 1 or 2. I'm sorry.

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    I don't see no problem at all when I copy the loop in an another VI in order to run it. Your jpg shows nothing on the values of the probe.

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    event ["EventMinute"] = "01";

    event ["EventSecond"] = '02 ";

    QML-> setContextProperty ("eventsModel", it-> eventsModel);

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    ID: eventList

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    Title: 'Event' + ListItemData.EventName;

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    onTriggered: {}

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    var eventDetailPage = eventDetailDefinition.createObject ();

    eventDetailPage.txtEventName.text = selectedEvent ['EventName'];

    eventDetailPage.pickEventTime.value = picker.dateFromTime(selectedEvent["EventHour"]+":"+selectedEvent["EventMinute"]+":"+selectedEvent["EventSecond"]); ();



    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    ListView determines ItemType of the element by calling the function itemType of the dataModel. By default, an ArrayDataModel returns an empty string for this call (see

    This leaves you with a few options:

    (1) If you have no header and all the elements are the same, you can make

    ListItemComponent {
         type: ""

    (2) If you have headers or different elements, you can extend ArrayDataModel and implement your own function of itemType

    (3) you can define a function of ItemType on your ListView in QML. Documentation:

    ListView called DataModel::itemType() for each item in order to know the type. QML, this can be overridden by declaring the itemType function (data, row) on the ListView element. ListView then call this function instead of the function DataModel.

    Here's how to create a list in QML which creates a header for all items on the high level and aStandardListItem for each item below the top level:

  • Does anyone know how to reach someone by phone about the first Elements 10 resettlement?

    Does anyone know how to reach a human by phone at Adobe about the first Elements 10 resettlement?

    Thank you! .html, references_file.htm

  • Which files must be registered with the Organization of the first elements 13 files

    I'm organizing my recording I want to keep on an external hard drive and files by removing what is not necessary.  I want to assure you that I can open my projects later and make changes to them, but for now, I'm done with changes in these videos and you want to store on the external hard drive to save space. I understand that I can remove the preview Adobe Premiere elements files. What the record coded files and folder Layouts. I noticed that the encoded files folder has only some of the projects, so I don't know how I created inadvertently them and what is their purpose. Ditto for the Layouts folder and files of the score. Thank you

    There are two ways to do it.

    My way is not documented.  It is to have EVERYTHING for each project in a project folder named and dedicated.  That includes copies of all the assets of video, image and audio and all the disks scratch (Edit > preferences > Scratch disks).   I can then copy the WHOLE folder anywhere for storage.  Then I can copy the disk to work for future changes.  Note that this may not work if you upgrade to the next version.  You must keep your different version to match your projects.

    Another way is to use the project archiver... tool on the file menu.  I tried it a few times and it works.  I use it because I have more can control on the folder structure when I average.  I remember correctly, there are two choices in the project archive.  One saves a vast set of folders for future work.  The other deletes files to save space, but leaves less future editing options.  Note that some versions there was a suggestion on this forum that it could be a bug somewhere in the archiver.  Before you delete your main project file, you can test personally being able to open an archived project.

    Please refer to the manual ( ) explanation of the process of archiving.

  • I bought the first elements but I accidentally downloaded it for windows, but I need the mac version. What can I do?

    I bought the first elements but I accidentally downloaded it for windows, but I need the mac version. What can I do?

    For cancellation, please contact support

    Contact the customer service

    * Please sign with your Adobe ID *.

  • How can I disable the first elements adobe from my computer crashed

    How can I disable the first elements adobe from my computer crashed

    Hi Franks,

    This probably should have been posted in the Premiere Elements forum, as this forum is a place of social discussion.

    However, you can simply install Premiere Elements of the new computer and activate it. If not, then you will need to contact Adobe customer service and use the 'chat' option - they will help reset your activation:

    Contact the customer service

    I hope this helps!


  • I get it during the installation of the first elements 13 ' the product you want to install is not a genuine Adobe software and appears to be counterfeit. Please report or contact customer support for assistance'

    I get this message when installing an upgrade of the first elements 13 ' the product you want to install is not a genuine Adobe software and appears to be counterfeit. Please report or contact customer support for assistance'

    Warning: "Adobe software real failure of Validation...". » | Windows

  • I bought the first elements 13 and 13 Photoshop elements according to a trail. I received 1 set of serial numbers to activate Photoshop and 2 sets for first. However, after you type in the first series of numbers for the first, there was no place to type

    I bought the first elements 13 and 13 Photoshop elements according to a trail. I received 1 set of serial numbers to activate Photoshop and 2 sets for first. However, after you type in the first series of numbers for the first, there is no place to type in the second set. How can I check if the first has been correctly activated?

    You get usually just a serial number by program... a list of 24 numbers, 6 sets of 4.

    Click the icon of the program and see if it boots without asking for a serial number.

    If it is not running now, please contact support:

    To contact support, please click the link below, click on the still need help? option in the blue box below, then choose the cat. Make sure you are signed in with your Adobe ID, have cookies enabled and have deleted your cookie cache.  If you have any questions, try another browser.

    Serial number and activation support


  • version 1.1 of the first elements

    I have version 1.1 of the first elements and installed on a pc runing windows xp. I have now upgraded to a windows system 7 and I have a problem to install the soft ware. What can I do?

    First element 1 is not compatible with Windows 7.  Your best bet is to buy the latest version of the components of Prime Minister and install it on your new machine.

  • Error message when you install the first elements 10 on my PC

    I bought the Pack Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10... and when trying to install, have successfully installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, but get an error message when you try to install the first Elements 10.  The Error Message reads as follows:

    This installation package is not supported by this processor type.  Contact your product vendor.

    Now that?  I don't know what to do from here.

    Could you please someone get back to me?  Thank you


    Disc 1 contains the installer for 32-bit Windows.

    Disc 2 contains the installer for Windows 7 64-bit.

    Disc 3 contains the installer for mac OS.

    Disc 4 is the content of the disc for Windows Adobe Premiere Elements.

    Disc 5 is the content of the disc Adobe Premiere Elements for Mac OS.

    You can install from Disc1, 2 or 3 depending on the operating system running on your computer.

    Thank you

  • I can't disable the first elements 9

    I have the first elements installed on a macbook and a pc.  I want to disable an account and install the new macbook pro.  I read the instructions but when I go to help the button disable is not highlighted on the pc or mac.

    Try to open a project first.

  • If the first elements 14A frozen during the download and restart it to download from the beginning again, how do I download it own?

    I was minutes to finish my first items 14 download when the program has stopped running. He took over at the beginning of the download process. I didn't have complications with 2 downloads so I stopped what should I do now?

    Delete previously downloaded files and re-download the link to download first Elements | 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

  • Will be the first elements 12 work with Windows 10?

    I bought a new computer yesterday which will have 10 Windows on it.  First elements 12 works on a computer that has Windows 10?


    I first items 12/12.1 on 10 Windows 64-bit edition and Windows Pro 64 bit and everything works fine.

    As I wrote, I feel remains the same as the first items 12/12.1 successes and failures are the same before and after the upgrade to 64-bit Windows 10.

    For any question or need for clarification on this, feel free to ask.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes with your new computer and first elements 12/12.1 projects.


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