The hidden Partition recovery without recovery rescue CD

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  • Hidden partition recovery system


    I bought Satellite L25-S1217. It has partition COST Windows Home and hidden (I think with the recovery disc). Salt (I think) has formatted the C drive and I don't know how the system of "recovery" of the hidden partition.
    You have any ideas?


    You have recovery DVDs with your unit? Laptops in the United States are not known to me, but I put t believe the recovery image is stored on a hidden partition. If yes then it takes an option to create own restore CDs.

    As far as I know immediately Portege M300 was created, hidden partition to the recovery image. If possible check it please with the seller. Otherwise, you can use the facilities of Microsoft CD and then install all the things on your own.

  • Satellite A200-10W: can I collect if I delete the hidden partition

    I think Linux installation on my toshiba laptop, but before I do that I have a few questions.

    I noticed I can do with my recovery dvd recovery, but I also have a hidden partition on the HARD drive.
    If I install linux (and modify the original scores) can I still make recovery from recovery DVD I got with my new laptop?
    (If I can't do what are my options to install linux and always perform a recovery to Vista later?)

    Hi Luka

    Yes, you will be able to recover the laptop back to factory settings if you delete the hidden partition.
    In this case, you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery CD to get to factory settings.
    The hidden partition is used by Vista. Vista uses this partition for some backups and repair opportunities.
    The use of the recovery CD will format the whole HARD drive and also create the partition hidden too.


  • Satellite L300 - I can recover from the hidden partition


    The vista on my L300 will not start.

    I try to use the modem for the first time, but he could not communicate with the line. So I delete in "Device Manager".

    After the reboot, vista boot screen appears only for 3 seconds then restart the laptop. There is no way, no safe mode...

    Contact the hd as an external drive XP say 'unknown' 0 bytes, with Linux just like named 'vista' and I could open all the files.

    I have no recovery. DVD burning with the Toshiba Recovery program has failed tree times and so I give up.

    the hidden partition is ok. On my laptop from a different manufacture, I can recover from this hidden partition. Is it possible to do it on my L300?

    Thanks for the information



    The hidden partition you want to say has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery image.
    There are files for system restore, and it is a feature of Vista, not Toshiba. If you want more information about the restore of the system here is a good article from Wikipedia:

    The HARD drive recovery folder contains the original recovery image and if you don t have access to this folder and do not burn the recovery disc, you need a new.
    You can get one from an ASP, but you can also order a disc here:

    Good bye

  • The hidden partition

    Hi dear,

    I'm here looking for a solution for my problem restore acer Apire E1-571.

    I bought this laptop as refurbished store Curry with 8 pre-installed windows.

    After that the first boot and windows update, I immediately created WindowsImgageBackup on external hard drive.

    For reasons couldn't start windows. Then I created a windows recovery CD a friend 8 and through the recovery options. Auto repair all, refresh and delete everything and reinstall windows are failed one after the other. Then to restore the WindowsImageBackup Windows. At the end of the process got "Windows successfully restored" to this day, that the backup was created.

    To restart windows, it has managed to pass the acer logo and got a flashing screen and never goes out of this screen.

    Then I managed to with help from someone on the net to pass through the former function of F8 and run windows Safe Mode, and it has begun to find mode safe mode with active network.

    I went to settings of computer laptop-general update or reinstall from there, but get error message says 'there are some missing files, your recovery media will provide these files'. Of course, I have no recovery media! Have one, will cost me £60 and 14 working days as I told by acer support.

    The problem is that the hard disk 16 GB hidden recovery partition created by acer. I ran the DISKPART command to CLEAR the hidden attribute to create the recovery from it, media but CLEAR command never works with this partition despite test it with other partitions and it works fine.

    Is it possible to not hidden this partition and create the installation OR acer media make it impossible to get the 60 books of clients despite the payment of pray complete product including the HIDDEN PARTITION at the time of the purchase?

    Note: All assistance should consider my laptop works ONLY in Mode safe mode with network enable and can access the internet by any download but not all facilities!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    As if in response your other post, I suggest that you try this link to view these scores of Win8 explore using the command diskpart as administrator. You can then transfer them to a USB stick and use it for recovery.


    Jack E/NJ

  • Removal of the hidden Partition

    HI, I'm going to rebuild my system with Windows Vista, as it has been bundled with XP.

    In doing so, I considered the removal of the hidden partition.  If I delete it, will be I have only be removing the option to restore the default settings?  I did recovery DVD, so if this is the case, I should be fine.  I have will always have the ability to strike the thinkvantage button at start up and have some other tools that are there, such as diagnosis, or don't lose that as well.

    Thank you


    I deleted my hidden also partition after recovery disks.   You can use the discs to restore everything, including the hidden partition if necessary.

    The removal of the partition information is here:

    An excellent guide to a clean install of Vista is here:

    Good luck!


  • Satellite A300-1MT - how do I access the hidden partition


    I have the model Satellite A300-1MT and I don't know how to access the hidden partition.


    Why you want to access the hidden partition?

    Do you know why this hidden partition has been created on the HARD drive?

    This hidden partition is created automatically by Vista and it contains backup files that are needed to repair the operating system if something will go wrong.

    It s not advised to access this partition or delete it!

  • Re: How to start the recovery from the hidden partition?

    Sorry for my English.

    I reinstalled Windows from DVD Windows (win Vista) because I get blue screen sometimes. After the reinstallation, I had the same problem again.
    Now the shop wants to charge me for the service because recovery F8 does not work. I still have this hidden partition, but I put t know how to do the recovery. Any chance of fixing the problem?

    I don t care about the data and the blue screen, I think than is hardware problem.
    Thank you


    Now you have the problem. You can start the recovery folder HDDRecovery facility just if your laptop has the factory settings.
    When you use Microsoft facilities disk for the installation of the operating system, this option will be gone.

    You have created recovery DVD such as recommended by Toshiba?

  • Re: Satellite C660/C660D will using clear data on the D partition recovery?

    Therefore data on D safe if I use the recovery?

    Thank you


    My knowledge using Recovery Disk format the entire HARD drive and all the partitions would be created again during this process.
    This means that your data on the D partition are not safe.

    But after my experience, retrieve the use of the HARD disk format only the partition system (C) not very well that if this applies to all laptops Toshiba so maybe you should test this first time in such a case would recommend backup data if partition D should be deleted.

  • Satellite A300 - 21H - means that the hidden partition?


    I have a Satellite A300 - 21H and using MS vista but will get soon dual boot ubuntu.
    When I look to the top of the size of my disk I see drive C is Go 148 and then there's an E drive also to 147 GB.
    The E drive is ntfs (contains a folder named file text and drive HARD recovery) - I assumed it was the recovery disk, but it seems pretty huge!.

    Then I looked in the manula see retrieve it should be 1.5 GB and there is also a shadow of 1.5 GB on the disk drive.
    My question is what is the E drive, I can merge with the C drive? and I can wipe and always use the 1.5 gigabytes to retrieve things? and the two backup DVD I made what they are for?

    Thanks in advance:

    Hey Buddy

    The book contains 3 partitions;
    A partition contains the operating system Vista
    The second partition contains the folder of HARD disk recovery. This HARD drive recovery is necessary for HARD drive recovery procedure. You can grab the laptop without using the disk. You can boot from the HARD drive and can start the HARD drive recovery process.
    But it s is strongly recommended to create a recovery disc! This could be useful if something goes wrong with the preinstalled operating system and HARD drive recovery.

    Last partition (one hidden) contains the backup files in Vista called Windows re.
    These backup files are needed to repair the operating system in critical situations
    It s no. recommended to remove, delete or merge this partition!

  • Does anyone know how to access the hidden partition in a Sony Vaio VGCRA830G desk top?

    The Sony Vaio VGCRA830G integrates a backup partition in which you can restore your entire system without having to insert the discs I think? I tried to enter the Recovery Wizard, but it says that it cannot find the path. Anyone know how to get into this hidden partition, or find the path to the files, where is the path of the wizard?

    See if it's useful:

    Tom Ferguson

  • upgrade and the hidden partition

    Can I do an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 and then delete hidden partition/files and reclaim that space? I don't see that he had to do a recovery back to this first version of Vista.

    Lenovo R61, Vista bus. 32-bit, processor T8300 ram 3 GB...

    ~ Mike

    I decided to recover the partition space before moving to Win 7.  Just so that everyone knows, it can be done without losing your data or reinstall...  I used Diskpart (now a part of Vista) to view and delete the partition.  I then used Gparted to expand the drive C partition.  DiskPart will develop a partition if there is space after the partition to be expanded, but it will increase space unallocated at the front.  GParted will do.  It took a little over an hour to do.

    After completing and try to restart.  It would not be.  I knew it going in.  You must have a windows installation disc.  (I used an old Dell Vista upgrade disc).  When loading, select language and press Next.  There is an option to repair Windows.  Hit windows repair.  He will do his thing in a few seconds and then you can restart the machine should work fine.  It did for me.

    ~ M

    R61, Vista, processor T8300 3 GB of RAM, 100 GB 7200 RPM HD

  • Satellite A200-130: done remove from the hidden partition void warranty


    remove the hidden recovery partition will void the warranty on the Satellite A200-130?

    No, certainly not!

    You can delete what you want ;) you can also install a different operating system.

    You would lose the guarantee only if you open and disassemble the laptop or attempt to upgrade not upgradable components such as CPU for example.

    Just for the note; You can set the laptop back to the factory settings using the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    This would create a new hidden too restore partition.


  • How to release the hidden partition

    My key recovery tool is not necessary, so I uninstalled it my idea Notebook 500 Lenovo.

    Now again 22GB are consomed by "someghing" - potentially a hidden, partition created by onekey recovery tool I've ever wanted.

    My idea book has 128 GB SSD drive and he told me that only 105 GB are put at my disposal. How can I make more memory available?

    Thank you.

    Hi oliver_bu,

    Welcome to the Community Forums.

    Heads up, remove the recovery partition voluntarily would be to cancel your request for recovery software.
    Either you create a recovery drive / clone or buy recovery media to recover your Windows 10.

    Sharing of certain discussions and information for review.

    Understand the partitions of hard drive on Lenovo systems

    Remove all the HARD drive recovery partition incl. disk partitions

    Other options

    Update us how it goes for you.


  • M40X-250: what is the hidden partition?


    I have a M40X-250 and I want to know what the 250 MB hidden partition?

    Can I delete it?

    Thank you


    I m bit confused about your message. What hidden partition do you mean?
    AFAIK there aren t no matter what hidden partition on the device.
    If you want to see some information on your HARD drive or partitions please go to
    Administrative tools computer management disk management

    Good bye

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