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CVI 9.0 (and XP64 using a GUI generated by the GUI editor, a problem), occurs if the attribute ATTR_CTRL_MODE of a control is changed programmatically from VAL_HOT to VAL_INDICATOR. In the user interface, the control mode is set as HOT. The problem is that the position of the label is shifted to the left in mode INDICATOR. changing the value hot translates the (starting) position. This happens for the digital controls and ring (I have not tried others). Thus the offbeat label may overlap other controls.

I can't say if it is specific to the CVI 9.0, as usually, I build my controls programmatically. This time, I used the GUI editor for a faster test version...

Also, I found no opportunity to present such problems/bugs that this forum. Is this the right place?



Hi Wolfgang,.

It is perfectly acceptable to submit bug reports in this forum.

Floating labels are associated with the bulk of a control in a way such that when the part master changes position, the label is automatically repositioned. You see, for example, when you move a control and label moves with him. What happens when you change a digital or ring indicative control is that the inc/dec arrows on the left of the control disappear, and the entrance area of the control (which is the main part of control) grows to the left to fill the empty space. This movement to the left of this part of the command results in a label which is on the left side of the control (as opposed to, say, the top of the control) to also shift to the left in order to maintain the same distance from the main part. By the way. This does not happen only when you change the mode of control programmatically. You can also see if edit you in the editor.

The solution for this is to save the position of the label (ATTR_LABEL_LEFT) before changing the control mode and then set it to the same position, after having changed the command mode.

I agree entirely that there is a scenario in which most people would probably not consider the label to move, since the control as a whole is not really 'growing up '. But because the association between the label and a specific part of the control, and because this part is increasing, so this behavior occurs as a result.

Because this behavior has always existed, even if we considered undesirable, that we couldn't really change at this stage, from now on, it is very likely that there are programs that have come to rely on it and change the behavior would break backwards compatibility.

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    Thank you


    Vlad, which Jdev version do you use?

    If you have a support contract, you must open a SR with support. You analyzed the captain already, only Oracle must accept this as a bug (that don't support that can do) and you can request a fix of our workaround.


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    Hi Nico,

    Unfortunately, it is a documented change in the behavior of the function point APEX 4.2 buttons, see
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    My Blog:
    APEX Plug-Ins:

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    I see what you mean. There is 1 template in the Optional default 15 ('Label') theme with help that is missing the tag 'label' and 'for' attribute you need. I would like our theme / template that developers. Thanks for reporting this.

    For now, you can move quite easily by changing this model. Add the following code at the beginning of the "definition > before Label' value:"


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    Kind regards

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    Thank you

    Published by: yerzhant on 06.01.2009 01:51


    This seems to be a bug


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    Edited by a moderator because of the language. See the rules and lines guidelines .


    The people who answer questions here are for the most part, other users Firefox dedicating volunteer their time (like me), not employees of Mozilla or Firefox developers.

    If you want to leave a comment for the developers of Firefox, you can go to the Firefox help menu and select submit comments... or use this link. Your comments gets collected at, where a team of people read it and collect data on the most common questions.

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    2. is there AGAIN HOPE this OS or any later version of it will reintroduce the labels?

    I'm not interested in using pseudo labels that are generated by these third-party applications, or even by those (the latter is supposed to be necessary in El Capitan) solutions to piracy.

    Thanks for any rebel comment - and that the label be with you... once again!


    1. the dialog box called an older routine at the system level.

    2. what Apple will know. If you wish, click here and suggest that he.


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