The maximum size of attachments in Windows Mail?

What is the largest size, I can have my attachments in Windows Mail?

It is up to your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Contact your service provider to wide band/Dialup for the maximum size of the attachments by e-mail...
They range from Internet services.

See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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  • Saved attachments in Windows Mail do not appear in the actual file

    In Vista, using Windows Mail, attachments are saved to disk hard aren't really there.  It does not matter what type of file it is.  When you click on an attachment to a paperclip icon and navigate to the folder on the hard disk where you want to save the file, the file seems to save successfully.  But, when you go to this real folder through 'Computer', the file is not really there.  If you go back to the email and save it, it says that the file already exists (although looking at the file in a Windows Explorer window, it is not there).  If you save multiple attachments from Windows Mail to a folder, the record is displayed all files in this folder... but none are really there.  What is the problem here?

    My only guess is that some 3rd party program is screw things upwards.  You can check for antimalware, antispam, or antivirus software and see if that might be the problem (  In OE, we suggest set you up a new identity, but it is not so easy in WinMail.  I guess you'll just to workaround it.  To ensure that the economy of attachment is selected under Tools | Options | Security also.
    "Splear R" wrote in message News: 8ee250c9-c1b5-49e4-b360-8684c8a9f9de...

    We tried.  This is even if hidden files are marked to show or not.  It does not matter where you save the file in... it will not be displayed in a regular Windows Explorer window, or be seen by other software (for example, whether a file you want to import into a program).

    If you double-click the message to open it in its own window and drag the attachment to a Windows Explorer window, it save successfully and can be seen and used as usual.

  • Hi, my places.sqlite file size is 30 720 KB I reached the maximum size, is there a maximum size for this. Visited links are is more changing color.

    My places.sqlite file size is 30 720 KB I reached the maximum size, is there a maximum size for this.
    Suddenly the visited links don't change is no longer the font color, that I prepare for an exam, I need visited issues to change color, to follow up on issues that I ended. But if I delete a few days of history, then again once, most visited links change color and then it stops, it seems that something is getting full and not able to accommodate more? Why my visited links don't change color after a number of visits? I would like to make a back up of the file places.sqlite. So I tried everything to remove the profile, uninstalling reinstalling, creating a new profile, and then copy paste places.sqlite etc, but as mentioned after a few visits, visited links is no longer change color, if I delete a few days in history and then a few visits is again change color and then stop again, so what should I increase so that my quota of visited links is increased , I also tried tweaking about: config and there has been no result. Although I was not really convinced that _pages growing brower.history_max (don't remember the name, but I'm sure you get the idea) will help.
    Seems that while my visited links change color, quota is met and only if I delete the history of a few days will I get some links most visited to change color. Can someone enlighten us? As mentioned that my places.sqlite file size is 30 720 KB so I think maybe this has something to do with it? Would be very grateful if someone could help me. Thank you.

    Sorry it is not looking good.

    1. Unlike bookmarks history is not saved in Firefox.
    2. There is a possibility using Windows.
    3. Sync is not expected to back up things until the synchronization server
    4. If places.sqlite does not sort itself you may have to re-create remove it. You will lose your history, but can still access indirectly IF you have saved a copy of the appropriate
    5. Different databases to try to create new profiles
    1. History
      is rather less robust than bookmarks, you should deliberately somehow return it upward, but it's too late now
    2. Earlier versions of Windows
      This is really the last chance. Make sure you have some places.sqlite you saved. Always before and after any attempt to restore the backup. Windows must be able to provide a previous version. One of these versions may be usable as is; or can be used after a repair with housekeeping. Of course, this is not the latest version but it should help.
    3. Sync is not a server backup service.
      Sync is intended to save on another device, no backup is the fact that the second device then contains synchronized information. IIRC Sync development ceased, and the replacement when available may include a server backup option.
    4. Recreate the database of bookmarks (including history)
      Unfortunately, recess can only use saved bookmarks, there is no saved history to use. Once the database is re-created, it will continue to store the history but it loses the existing history. This time take steps to save on a regular basis.
    5. Use the new profiles for database testing.

    To simplify comparison of the results of the database different files create one or more new additional profiles. Then try to smash the places.sqlite file into the test profile with any other places.sqlite, you want to try. Allows you to directly compare the databases, without seeking to use sync and without changing the Firefox profile work unnecessarily. You can keep a reference profile of studies with the best of the profiles of any shows results of history; According to the best recreated or corrupted database is.
    • Use the Profile Manager to create and delete profiles Firefox
    • CARE, do not rename or delete profiles created once or use anything other than empty folders when they are created. Don't nest in the other profiles. (At least until you know exactly how it behaves - post back if you never consider such actions)
  • What is the maximum size of hard drive, which can be installed in a pavilion d4790y desktop computer?

    What is the maximum size of hard drive, which can be installed in a desktop pavilion d4790y?

    It would be a secondary drive, not the boot drive.

    The operating system is Vista Home Premium, 32-bit.  The version of the BIOS is 5.08.

    Are there any changes or upgrades that would allow an internal hard drive 3 TB to install?

    Here are the specifications and configurable options for your desktop HP Pavilion d4790y and here are the specifications of its card mother P5BW - THE (Basswood2). Based on the specifications and the age of the computer, I would expect you to use a hard drive 3 TB as a secondary drive on Windows Vista (DISPLACEMENT SP1 or SP2) and Windows 7. Formatted as MBR would require the drive to use with a minimum of two partitions. Formatted as GPT would require only a single partition. In no case will you be able to use the 3 TB as a boot device drive because your computer does not support a UEFI BIOS that allows booting from a GPT formatted disk. No changes or updated should be held.

  • Deny access to my SkyDrive workbook error: "workbook is greater than the maximum size of workbook can be opened in the browser.

    Original title: deny access to my workbook to SkyDrive

    I have a workbook stored in SkyDrive that I share with several co-workers. We had no problem sharing the workbook for the last two weeks, but this morning, we are all getting an error message saying "Workbook is larger than the maximum size of workbook can be opened in the browser" and cannot access it at all. It's a very important workbook we need on a daily basis at work, then I would greatly appreciate any advice you could provide!

    Thank you


    Because the problem is related to SkyDrive, I suggest you to report this problem in windows live support team.

  • Save attachments in windows mail


    Thank you

    Try to compact and repair the database with this tool.
  • Cannot open Word attachments in Windows Mail

    I am running windows vista, but can not open Word attachments in windows mail. I get the message: "this file has no program associated with it. Create an association in the set Associations Panel.

    If I'm going to start by default/programs/associated with a file type, it is show as .doc files being associated with Word. What is the problem?

    Yes, Microsoft Office Word is responsible.

    Save it in a folder of your choice. See if you can open it.
    If you are able to open it this way, then you need this:

    Note: Please read the resolution first, then scroll down to the spare and download this zip file,


  • The file size of data in Windows Server 2003 R2 x 64


    I have an Oracle Database 10 g Release - Production (single instance) on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x 64 Edition, 64-bit of the IBM BladeCenter HS22.

    And I would like to know what is the maximum size that a database can reach in an environment like this?

    The real database, have 10 data files and each data file a giga bytes.

    Can someone help me!

    The maximum file size is determined by the block size. For a tablespace petit_fichier (which is almost certainly what you have), it is 4 M blocks, so if you use 8 K blocks (that you are almost certainly) the maximum size is 32 G. A bigfile tablespace can be blocks of 4 G.

  • Change the maximum size of the JVM heap to 1024 gives error

    Change the maximum size of the JVM heap to 1024 gives an error.


    Windows 2003 R2 Sp2 operating systems
    RAM 2 GB

    After the installation of ColdFusion, one of the parameters that gets changed is:
    Server settings > Java and JVM > (MB) 1024 maximum JVM heap size
    ColdFusion Application service does not start with this setting. A file of errors is created in \ColdFusion9\runtime\bin\hs_err_pid1234.log (where 1234 number changes). The details of the log file are long so soon stick a sample.

    Arguments for the JAVA virtual machine are:
    Java.args =-Server-Xmx1024m - = false - XX: MaxPermSize = 192 m - XX: + UseParallelGC-Dcoldfusion.rootDir={application.home}/... /-Dcoldfusion.libPath={application.home}/... / lib - Dcoldfusion.classPath={application.home}//lib/updates, {application. Home} /... / lib {cation.home} / app... /Gateway/lib /, {application. Home} /... / wwwroot/Web-INF/Flex/Jars, {application. home} /... / wwwroot/Web-INF/cfform/Jars

    The JVM max 1024 m is one of the commonly recommended changes. Why change the maximum FMV of 512 m prevents ColdFusion from running?

    It is indeed a strange problem. Something does not seem right/normal.

    I did some digging and found a blog entry potentially useful:

    It looks just like your problem, but it is true, it offers a quite specific problem/solution, that may not apply.

    Here's another question: are you looking in the \runtime\logs directory? The log files it may show more information on the problem, maybe before or after the time that develop these logs of PID? They may be secondary to another primary problem. Search specifically for the OutOfMemory string in the log files.

    If that can't find anything, I would suggest another thought: consider changing the JAVA virtual machine. I see you are using 1.6_0_14. There are several points between it and the last _21 you can try.

    Finally, a thought more to consider: since this is the Hotspot compiler which reports the error (SH in hs_err_pidnnnn.log), it is possible that the addition of a switch to turn off Hotspot, just to go beyond that, could give a different error message with perhaps more information. In the following (or the CF admin, if we in Standard mode or server), try to add - Xint.

    Let us know if any help.


    Providing CF troubleshooting services at

    [email protected]

  • What is the maximum size of HARD drive, I use in my dc7600 CMT

    I use a HP dc7600 CMT, which works well after the upgrade to a Samsung 128 GB SSD Intel Pentium D 3.4 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 6450. I'm under Win 8.1 Pro x 64, with the most recent upgrade and have absolutely no problem. Now, I want to add a second internal HDD and I wonder what is the maximum size that I can go to. I can't go up to 2 TB, or am I limited to a lower number? 1 TB? 500 GB? 250 GB?

    Will be happy to help here, especially if he actually tried to apply in practice.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


    In theory, you'd be limited to 2 TB.

    The biggest HARD drive I have ever installed in my dc7600 CMT was a 1 TB of HDD, so I can't confirm that a 2 TB drive will absolutely work.

  • Portege R100: Question on the maximum size of HARD drive


    I understand the internal player on the R100 is an ATA5 (Enhanced IDE), I've only used the IBM (now HGST) readers, they do a decent-sized on ATA6 disc, I guess, it will take the player that will support ATA5 as the controller on the R100 is ATA5 only.

    As for the size, what is the maximum size can I ride in this unit?

    The orginal is 5.4 width x depth x 7.9 height 8 mm. Can I assume all 1.8 inch drive will fot or is it a mine field?

    Thank you very much


    AFAIK the R100 was delivered with a 30GB and 40GB HDD.
    I found an info that the hard drives are compatible:

    HDD1422: Width (mm) 54.0; Height (mm) 5.0 0.15; Depth (mm) 78.5 0.3
    MK2003GAH: Width: 54.0, height: 8.0, depth: 78.5
    HDD1384: Width: 54.0 0.2, height: 8.0 0.15, depth: 78.5 0.3
    HDD1524: Width: 54.0 0.2, height: 8.0 0.15, depth: 78.5 0.3

  • Satellite Pro 4600 - what is the maximum size of HARD drive?

    My age Satellite Pro 4600 has a 20 GB HARD drive. These are now very difficult to obtain, does anyone know if superior capacy HDDs can be used and, if so, what is the maximum size of the HARD drive.

    (Despite his age that I always use the Satellite Pro for some jobs).

    Hello John

    Satellite Pro 4600 is old enough for laptop and it is not easy to find the exact info. The fact is that this laptop comes with 10 and 20 GB hard drives.
    My opinion is that you can use 30 or even 40 GB HDD. I think that 30 GB new HARD drive should be enough for your some jobs.

    What do you think?

  • Satellite L40 - what is the maximum size of HARD drive?

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L40, model number PSL4CL - 001 with 80 GB HDD (SATA) 00C. I need to buy a new bigger hard drive, but I don't know the maximum size that I can use my laptop?

    Can I get a new one with 500 GB or I shouldn't buy one more 250 or 320 GB?


    Theoretically, you can buy each HARD drive you want. Your laptop is equipped with a SATA interface for HARD disk and there is no limit of capacity as on the old IDE interface. So, a 500 GB model should work correctly on your laptop.

    If you buy a new one make sure that it s a portable 2.5 HARD drive with SATA interface. All that s! :)

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • What is the maximum size of HDD compatible on Satellite A300 PSAG4A-02M00M

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me the maximum size of hard drive that can handle a PSAG4A-02M00M and max running at 5400 RPM, (because I don't want it to be slower than that).

    And what specifications for disk replacement? (IDE, etc.)

    Thank you


    As far as I know the laptop supports the SATA HDD controller and you must use a SATA 2.5 HARD.

    You should be able to use any HDD SATA controller SATA HDD is not limited to any size. I think that the BIOS should also support a 320 GB HARD drive or more

    Hope this might help you

    Welcome them

  • Equium L20-197 - what is the maximum size of HARD drive

    Hi all

    I recently bought an Equium L20-197 and I thought to install a larger HARD drive.
    I wanted to know what the maximum size of HARD drive that can be installed on an Equium L20-197 (I guess it's 120 GB, as it is on the L20-187 but I'm not 100% sure)

    I have also been seaching for the IDE drives and found a list of sites who have PATA, ATA100 etc. are also the IDE drives? (I checked the wiki and articles all point Yes, but a little more confirmation would not hurt)

    I was also wondering if the HARD drive I install must be brand toshiba (or if it even makes a difference).

    Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide.


    Equium L20 is very similar to the Satellite L20.
    Search here in the forum for similar issues. If you want to use the advanced search option, you will find a few useful headings.

    I know, it's that you can use the 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB and 100 GB 2.5 IDE HARD drive supporting the UDMA100

    Good bye

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