the maximum size of the disk hard ix4 - 400 d


I have a Nas ix4 - 400 d with 4 HD 3 TB of each

I would like to change all then

What is the maximum size of hard drive, this device can handle?

Thank you



If you run firmware 4.x, you can use 4 TB. If you use a firmware lower than this max is output to 3 TB.

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    I am trying to create a virtual disk to a virtual machine, I want to make the size of the 300 GB disk but its not allowing to create.

    Can I know what is the maximum size of virtual disk, we can create in machines virtual esxi 4.0 with vmfs3 partition

    The maximum size of the virtual disk that you can use depends on the size of the selected block when formatting of the data store. With the default of 1 MB block size, the maximum size of virtual disk on a VMFS-3 datastore is ~ 256MB.


  • I would like to replace my drive 160gig hard with the disk hard 320gig on my laptop running xp.

    I would like to replace my drive 160gig hard with the disk hard 320gig on my laptop running xp. Is it possible to transfer the exact content from one disk to another without having to re - install operating systems and programs etc. ?  I would that all is the same except the size of your hard drive will be increased.

    Is it possible to transfer the exact content from one disk to another without having to re - install operating systems and programs etc. ?


    You use the disk cloning software.  In some cases, a new player may even be bundled with software that will do this for you.

    Unless your laptop has a second drive Bay (most don't), you will also need an external hard drive enclosure.  As a general rule, these connect via the USB port, although if your laptop has a connector FireWire or eSATA you can also use these interfaces.

    You must select your external enclosure based on 3 criteria: the type of connection to the laptop. the physical size of the disc (2 1/2 inches for computer laptop drives); and player interface (determined by the connection of the internal drive of your laptop). For example only (no recommendation), if you wanted an enclosure for a 2.5 IDE drive "which connects using USB 2.0, Newegg has 17 products

    The (slightly) more expensive items among the software, you will need.  For example: this particular House will work with SATA or IDE drives.

    If you buy an external enclosure that doesn't include cloning software, the software may be available for free from the manufacturer of the new 320 GB drive (e.g., or you can get it separately (this is not an exhaustive list):

    Acronis True Image Home 11
    EASEUS ToDo Backup
    Paragon Drive Copy or Partition Manager Personal

  • Bootcamp - Windows 10 should not see or read files from the disk HARD Apple intern.

    I have just successfully Windows 10 next OS X on my 15 "Macbook Pro mid-2014.

    Windows 10 should not see or read files from the disk HARD Apple intern.

    Should which driver I uninstall?

    On OSX, if the following Terminal command produces any output, then you cannot read partition OSX on the side Windows? FileVault2 will also disable access to the OSX partition.

    Cs diskutil list

  • I get an error "the disk hard virtual parent is in a saved state. Discard the saved state or stop the virtual machine and try again. "during the installation of XP mode.

    I have Win7 Pro SP1 x 64.  I downloaded WindowsXPMode_en - us.exe (from Microsoft downloads) and run it.  The installation seems to work OK (I've specified a different location for the parent virtual hard disk file).  Then, installation happening and I provide the information requested (name of user and password for the XP Mode), updates Windows and OK to the issue of sharing.  The installation program then reports the following error:

    The disk hard virtual parent is in a saved state.  Discard the saved state or stop the virtual machine and try again.

    I get the error even if I try manually configure XP Mode (use the Setup Wizard).  I downloaded the installer XPMode (3 times) and reinstalled several times, always with the same result.  If it helps, I can't locate anywhere .vsv file.

    Any idea what's going on?

    Original title: XP Mode Setup error

    Hi smithnr10,



    You must post your question in the TechNet forums because it caters to an audience of it professionals.

    To do this, you must consult the link-


    Hope this helps!

  • HP Pavilion dv6: System recoovery after replacing the HD because of the disk hard 301 error

    I have problems with the original of my HP Pavilion dv6 PC hard drive portable. I get an alert (SMART disk error 301) every time that I reboot, but I can still load my Windows 7.

    I just bought a new hard drive (SSD SATA3), but I would like to recover my original OS using my license key.

    How can I do? Should I create a partition on the new disk (D, copy the contents of my RECOVERY disc and use Esc + F11 after reboot?) Do I need a recovery CD/DVD? In this case, can I create one of my system?

    Thanks in advance.


    Drive smart error 301 indicated fall drive hard/failed hard drives

    If you have recovery disks, no need for product key, insert the disc after replaced by the new fair SSD & insert the recovery disks to reinstall everything, including the recovery partition.

    You can also order HP recovery discs

    You must ensure that the size of the SSD is equal to or greater than the size of the previous HARD drive to perform successfully the recovery discs recovery.

    If you have not created recovery disks, you can create one -

    Back up all your personal data now first.

    Thank you

  • List of the disk hard info by VM with VM name

    I am a beginner of powershell. I found how to connect to the virtual Center and a list of virtual machines and I can get a list of all hard drives, but I can't figure out how to get the VM name included with the HDD info. Here is my script:

    Add-PSsnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core

    to connect-VIServer virtualcenterhost

    Get - vm | Get-hard drive | Export-Csv d:\output\results.csv

    I can get the VMname of the path in the file name, but it is not easy to analyze, it would be much easier that I could add the name of the virtual machine to sort output. and we have one damn VM where they played and added a hard drive from a virtual computer to another for testing, so I know that one if I exploded the path information, it would be wrong.

    Would be really nice, if I could combine the result of this line with hard drive information:

    Get - vm | Select name, Description, MemoryMB, numcpu | Export-Csv d:\output\testresults.csv

    I tried to add hard drives to the select statement above, but I want the number of readers and the size of each disk by virtual machine.

    Thank you


    The problem is that the Export-Csv cmdlet takes in this case objects that are in the pipeline to write in the CSV file.

    In this case, the objects that are in the pipeline is the output of the cmdlet Get-hard drive, which is an HardDiskImpl object.

    And the HardDiskImpl object does not contain the name of the guest.

    One way to solve this is to use "calculated properties" on the Select-Object cmdlet.

    Something like this for example

    Get-VM | select Name, Description, MemoryMB, numcpu, @{Name="HardDisk";E={$_ | Get-HardDisk | Select Name, CapacityKB, Filename}} | Export-Csv "D:\output\results.csv"

    The problem you want in your CSV file, is that the hard disk information are all in a single column.

    This is because all the hard disk information are considered 1 object, a so-called PsObject with all the properties of the hard drive in there.

    If you want to have the information of the hard disk in separate columns, you could do

    Get-VM | select Name, Description, MemoryMB, numcpu, @{Name="HardDisk";E={($_ | Get-HardDisk).Name}},
                                   @{Name="HDCapacity";Expression={($_ | Get-HardDisk).CapacityKB}} | Export-Csv "D:\output\results.csv"

    The problem with this line, is that it does not handle clients with more than 1 hard drive very well.

    One of the solutions is to create your own "custom" object and fill properties yourself.

    The downside is that it will be difficult to maintain the one-liner format in this case.

    This is a possible solution

    $report = @()
    Get-VM | %{
         $vm = $_
         $_ | Get-HardDisk | %{
              $row = "" | select VMname, Description, MemoryMB, numcpu, HDName, HDCapacity, HDFilename
              $row.VMname = $vm.Name
              $row.Description = $vm.Description
              $row.MemoryMB = $vm.MemoryMB
              $row.numcpu = $vm.numcpu
              $row.HDName = $_.Name
              $row.HDCapacity = $_.CapacityKB
              $row.HDFilename = $_.Filename
              $report += $row
    $report | Export-Csv "C:\report.csv" -noTypeInformation

    Note that the resulting CSV file will contain one line for each hard drive for each guest.

  • How to access the disk HARD recovery from command line?


    I have a little trouble with my toshiba Satellite. My system crashed and I forgot to create the system recovery dvd.
    I can't access the "Toshiba HDD Recovery" when I start from another DVD Windows-7, but io accesses the recovery of HARD drive on drive D: with the command line. Is it possible to start the drive HARD recovery manually?

    Kind regards

    I know something like this isn't possible.
    If you did not create a recovery disk and you cannot start the HDD recovery procedure, you can order the new Arvato recovery disk

  • How to remove the disk HARD passwordon Portege R500?


    do you know how to remove the HARD drive password? I know the current password, but if I try to remove it by changing your current password to a blank password, it does not work.
    It has password always news.

    Thank you


    I hope that you use the correct and just HARD drive password because it of necessary to remove and delete the existing HARD disk password.
    If you have forgot the password for HARD drive then the HARD drive should be locked and you would not be able to unlock the HARD drive!

    Generally, the HARD drive password can be deleted in the BIOS.
    Please ensure that another password would be removed too.

    I found a forum thread useful on a password disk HARD similar question:𐍒

    According to the information published by the user jonr17 you must first make sure that all other like BIOS passwords, user and supervisor passwords are removed.
    Then try to remove the HDD from the BIOS password.

    Good bye

  • Portege M400: cannot copy the files on the disk HARD - can't see any of my files in Word

    I bought the M400 a few weeks ago. There are a number of problems. Adobe reader gives "an internal error has occurred", manual installation of download gives "error occurred in the file zip", download or copy of the files on the hard disk gives error "there is no space" when there are only 8 gig used from 60 GB. Now, I don't see any of my files in Word.

    I can also copy the files from the cd or DVD. I'm in canada mississauga on Horus, usually resident in the United Kingdom, so I'm in a precarious situation because I can't in my office to sort out the issues.

    Can someone advise me please why all these problems are happening, do I have to use the recovery disk? Baz

    > Forgive me but how to put the hard drive in business.

    I think that the Johnny means that you connect the HARD drive to another computer using the external USB HDD controller. These external USB HDD cases can be purchase in every store of the computer.

    However, if you n t need data that are placed on the HARD drive, you could simply start installing the OS from the recovery CD. This will format the whole HARD drive and install the new operating system as well as all the drivers, utilities and software further.

  • Desktop H500s put in the disk hard windows 10 from another OPERATING SYSTEM PC - ERROR CODE 1962 - No.

    I tried to replace the current hard drive with the disc provided with windows 10 from another PC.

    I have is after having swapped the hard drive. The system cannot load Windows 10 and displays this message "ERROR CODE 1962 - No. OPERATING SYSTEM".

    The main reason I like to swap the drive is because it is a larger and faster disk and it come with Windows 10 Enterprise license. Instead of my current hard drive of Levono who only 8.1 Windows

    I understand that the pilot is maybe a problem. But, I should at least be able to see the Windows screen and I can fix it the driver, instead of the message "ERROR CODE 1962 - No. OPERATING SYSTEM"

    Note: I did I tried to put this disc in the CD player, I've found, it can read the disc. Therefore, should not be SATA non-compliance issue.

    Any suggestion?

    Hope to hear the suggestion

    Dear all

    I managed to fix in Boot "Disable UEFI and activate the legacy", my system is running. I just need to install the audio driver after the system is running

    Usefully it doesn't matter who will help to have the same problem

  • Is the disk hard standard series Equium encrypted?

    My equium girlfriends broke down (motherboard according to the servicescompany) after only two years, and we want to know if the disks are encrypted or special in some kind or standard 40pin IDE disk? We want to transfer the data on the disks...
    (to repair the laptop would cost the same amount of money than buying a new one)


    The HARD disk provided with the laptops are not encrypted!
    It is a simple 2.5 HARD drive that can be connected to the second laptop or desktop via the external USB HDD controller.

  • Satellite A300D-125 - did the upgrade of the disk HARD vacuum warranty?

    Make the process which will not void the warranty?

    I upgraded the RAM to 4 GB, and many people say that it is not.
    What about the upgrade of the primary HARD disk?

    And what happened to place an extra HARD drive to the second HDD slot. I think that he should not void the warranty? What is - it actually?

    I have good news for you my friend:
    If you upgrade the RAM or HARD drive you will not lose the warranty of your laptop.

    The two components can evolve without losing the guarantee of the user. :)

    Of more if you add a second HARD drive will be not too lost the warranty. But don t forget in the second drive Bay HARD must be a second HARD drive connector. Otherwise, you can install a second HDD of the t.

  • Replace the HDD with SSD boot disk and use the disk HARD now as secondary storage

    I would like to replace my dv7 - 6143cl HDD with a SSD boot drive and using the OEM HARD drive as secondary storage.

    I have the SSD and the caddy

    I need to:

    delete the original OEM HD

    Install the SSD

    install OEM HARD drive in secondary Bay

    Install Win 7 (I don't have install disks - what is on the HARD drive in his backup partition)

    or I have to

    delete this HD

    Install the SSD

    go into the BIOS, and then assign him drive in AHCI (etc.)

    Install Win 7

    install OEM HARD drive in secondary Bay


    I want to dual-boot, if possible, but I think that the second HD (start-up disk) does not start, even if I change the settings in the BIOS

    is this true?

    Pavilion dv7 - 6143cl



    Win7 (64)

    Thank you very much


    Your BIOS is set to AHCI (or RAID) by default. It cannot be changed.  Look in your device manager and in the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers section, look to see if there is a controller SATA ACHI he.

    If so, you have an AHCI BIOS default.

    If you go further down the line in Device Manager and see a section of storage controllers, click on that, you would see a SATA RAID controller and your BIOS is set to default RAID.

    I don't have your model laptop so I don't know if HP has implemented some models double disk RAID or AHCI.

    So... First, copy your original C:\ drive SWSetup folder and save that to a portable hard drive. That must contain all the files installation for the drivers and the software provided with your PC. You can search this folder for programs that you may want to reinstall after your new SSD drive HARD primary.

    To install W7 on your SSD, check your own install of W7 disc.  Here's how:

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.

    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.

    Can't answer your question on the dual boot as I never did before.


  • Amount of disk space available on the disk hard keeps fluctuating.

    I have a Compaq CQ2103WM-B desktop running Windows XP, hard disk Go 139.  I started to receive notices of high memory use, began to receive notices of disk space is low. I ran the cleaning disc several times, it has been very slow, constantly showing only 2 bars, sometimes for hours. He finally released the space and I have deleted several programs and files, emptied the trash. After a few minutes the amount of free space started going down again. For several days, I kept repeating this process, but keep decreases the amount of free space on the disk. Now, it fluctuates to the amount of free space on the disk every few minutes. I downloaded and ran CCleaner, it frees up space and again it has disappeared in a few minutes. He got so low that I can't watch videos, use system restore, download other software or software upgrades (like Norton), cannot download pictures from my camera or save files in programs such as Corel Draw. Right now is 3.97 MB free space, he went down in the KBs, sometimes it goes up, but it changes even if I do nothing. I scanned for viruses and malware, Norton managed to reach space, but it lasted only a few minutes. I don't know anything else to try. Would it be a software problem, the malware that Norton cannot detect, the hardware, or if my system has been hacked and someone uses free space on my computer? Any information would be appreciated.

    In disk clean up, look for the button "other options" above I think it is, go to the

    the bottom of the next page, look for "System Restore" cleaning, this eliminates all but the last

    restore, and then mount the disk clean up. In addition, with a 139 GB hd, you must also have video/music

    files on the C: drive, perhaps to burn them on a cd. In addition, in my c: drive-count,, open,

    Do scroll through folders & see what take place, install a slave drive can be

    you are the answer. With this, you can move all data from the user to the slave instead of having

    C: drive handle it all.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Replace the internet Explorer by foxfire

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  • Tecra M4: TV out s-video does not work with Vista

    I have windows vista ultimate on Tecra m4.I tried out the tv via s-video but nothing happened.I tried fn + f5, but it shows only Lcd choice with no other choice. It all works well with windows xp tablet edition, I installed the latest driver proposed

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