The Windows Setup program has disappeared from my system.

Tried to update Java and make the message that Windows Installer is missing.  Checked services.msc and it isn't here.  I can't download 4.5 and install due to missing Installer.  I can't install or remove any program that requires msi.  One knows if I can re update with SP @ and get back or there at - it another way than anyone can suggest.



I'm happy to hear that you were able to solve the problem and thanks for letting us share the resolution. Let us know if face you any problems with Windows in the future.

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  • The Windows Explorer icon has disappeared from the taskbar

    The icon from the Windows Explorer, which was next to the Windows button in the taskbar disappeared suddenly. Now I have access to my readers, etc. Documents on the start menu. How to get the icon back?

    Hello Joydeep2,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.
    Have you tried to pin Windows Explorer in the taskbar again?
    -Click on Start Orb > all programs > Accessories
    -Right-click in Windows Explorer > Pin to Taskbar
    Hope this helps

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • I use Adobe Photoshop on a daily basis, from today, that the program has disappeared from my computer. Is it possible to restore the program or to understand what happened?

    I use Adobe Photoshop on a daily basis, from today, that the program has disappeared from my computer. Is it possible to restore the program or to understand what has happened through Windows XP Pro?

    Has it really been uninstalled... or if only the shortcut has disappeared?

    Click Start > search, select "All files and folders", then search for photoshop.exe

    I do not have Photoshop installed, but if it's like other Adobe applications, he located in C:\Program Adobe Photoshop.

  • How to solve a problem when the windows setup program does not open a program, says I need to install it. and an error message 1706

    How to solve a problem when the windows setup program does not open a program, says I need installation cd and a 1706 error message happens.

    Hi PAtwoodwu,

    1. what program are you trying to install?

    2. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    3 does happen with all programs?

    Check and make sure that the Windows service install is running on the computer.

    (a) click on start to reduce this includes this image, click run , type services.msc , and then press enter to open Services.

    (b) right click on the Windows Installer service and then click Properties.

    (c) if the box Startup type is set to Disabled, change it to Manual.

    (d) click on OK to close the Properties window.

    (e) right click on the Windows Installer service and then click Start. The service should start without errors.

    (f) click on the file menu, and then click exit.

  • Photoshop has disappeared from my system.

    Recently, I signed the creative cloud and downloaded the new applications and updates cs6. Now, I suddenly find that Photoshop has disappeared from my system.  It appears in not known to the list of available applications. Normally, I would like to remove the application and reinstall a new version, but there is no visible list to uninstall. I also tried the cleaning without success program. Ironically, Manager of Application seems to be the only application that can find Photoshop on my system. He reported that everything is up to date and therefore does not have a new download. The system is a late model imac OSX 10.8.3 running.

    Good question. If the cleaning tool does not fix it, you can manually delete the caps.db in the folder selections:

    Important directories


  • In LR5 import window, the Panel file that was on the right-hand side has disappeared from handling.  How can I get that back?

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  • Paint program has disappeared from my computer

    I use PAINT a lot, but it has disappeared from my computer. How can I get it back?

    I use PAINT a lot, but it has disappeared from my computer. How can I get it back?


    Try this...

    Go to control panel > add or remove programs > Add/Remove Windows components > put a check mark by Accessories > click Next.

    MSPaint.exe is located in C:\Windows\System32. You might create a shortcut to the exe.


  • PAINT program has disappeared from Windows Vista

    I don't know how but my program just painting has disappeared! I really need it so, how can I install the version windows vista paint again?

    On Sunday, July 18, 2010 17:48:40 + 0000, hannahhannah12 wrote:

    I don't know how but my program just painting has disappeared! I really need it so, how can I install the version windows vista paint again?

    Sorry, I answered somehow by mistake to a wrong message. Here's what he
    I wanted to say to you.

    Are you sure that the program paint has faded and not only the
    shortcut to it?

    Do a search for the program in his name, mspaint.exe

    Ken Blake

  • tiles Windows 8 app has disappeared from the splash screen

    My computer has forced a reboot for an update today and after I back in all the tiles from the app (weather, photos, applications purchased in-store, etc.) had disappeared from the start screen, with the exception of desktop computers and store.   Nothing seems to be disturbed in desktop mode this just seems to be the Win8 apps.   I didn't install anything (with the exception of windows updates).   How to bring back these tiles?

    Windows key + X, select command (Admin) prompt and type sfc/scannow and return.  If it detects and repairs system files, run it again until no error.

    If this does not correct the situation, you must do a refresh install.

  • The Windows Setup program does not open. Stuck with black screen.

    Hi all

    I'm trying to install windows 7 from an iso file using Bootcamp assistant, Version 6.0.1 but unfortunately just windows installer does not open so I'm stuck with this black screen. I left my sit MacBookPro autour with this black screen during more than half an hour and after awhile, it gets really hot so I interrupted the "process."

    I have reset the NVRAM (command + alt + p + r) which did nothing.

    I followed the instructions of bootcamp. I downloaded the correct drivers for my model of mac pro book, I created a bootable and partitioned my drive.

    The forum has a lot of "black screen problems" but none of their solutions worked for me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    1. leave BCA creates the installer from USB, but not to partition your drive.

    2. download the correct drivers to install Windows 7 and previous versions on your Mac with Boot Camp - Apple Support and replace $WinPEDriver$, AutoUnattend.xml, and the entire folder on the drive flash USB2 Bootcamp.

    3. run BCA, connect the USB cable and click only the Windows Installer and test if the Setup program starts.

  • The Windows Setup program opens each time a program is open

    My setup issues are not quite like those posted. My Windows Installer is not only appear at any time, but rather opens whenever I want to open a program. I click on explore, and I get the window. It passes through the preparation to installation and the program opens. It should not only be the program well. When I tried to open this Web page, it came, and then when I wanted to post this comment he came again. So I had to wait until he is 'install', and then I could post.  I did a system restore now for something completely different, and once I did, and then it started to happen. I also decided to restore back to an earlier date, and then I got the message unable to restore. I tried to re-boot in safe mode, but it wouldn't take my password! Thank God it's Friday! I really want to solve first the thing of windows installer.

    Thank you!

    Hi Giggymaw,

    It is possible that your Windows Installer service is damaged and must be repaired. You can follow the steps described in the following article for instruction on how to repair service:
    I hope this helps.
  • Delivers the Windows Setup program, when you make updates I get error code 641

    I use Vista Home Premium. When you perform the update of windows I get 641 error code. In addition, had 'Installer could not access' trying to download QuictTime.  I read the posts of severl where people thought iolo System Mechanic may have caused a registry problem. I contacted iolo on the problem, and they mentioned, that there is a registry problem with 10.8 SM, I think. They said that they are working on the problem. They have called for a snapshot of the system and said: your question has been referred to our support technicians to senior level for further research. I had to have a response within 24-48 hours; However, I have not heard from them yet. Is there a way I can reload Windows install? A simple help would be appreciated. Other than the update or install delivers the computer is running fine. The tenth of May was the last Windows Update to work.

    System Mechanic is your troublemaker & you have lots of company!  See...


    Contact System Mechanic ( support for assistance - they are well aware of this problem.

    TIP: If you think that more never your registry database needs to be cleaned, repaired, boosted, to the point, healed, twisted, fixed, magnified, "swept" or optimized (and even more to convince that it is not), read and draw your own conclusions. See also

  • How can I enter a url? The window for this has disappeared.

    The new Firefox home screen doesn't have a place to enter a url. Everything seems to be able to do is go to, which I won't do. I want to be able to enter a url, press on enter and navigate to a Web page. With the new design of the screen I can't see how to do this.

    Make sure that you run not Firefox mode full screen (press F11 or Fn + F11 to toggle; Mac: Command + SHIFT + F).

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible.

    • Firefox menu button > Options
    • View > toolbars (press F10 to display the menu bar)
    • Right click on empty toolbar space

    Use the toolbar (Customize) to open the Customize and set the toolbar to display items.

    • Make sure the "bookmarks toolbar items" are on the personal bar
    • If "Bookmarks Toolbar items" is not on the bookmarks toolbar, then FRY it in the palette of the toolbar in the window the bookmarks toolbar Customize
    • If the missing elements are in the toolbar palette then drag them from the window, customize the toolbar
    • If you do not see an item on a toolbar in the toolbar palette and then click the button "Restore default" to restore the default toolbar configuration
  • Windows Media Center has disappeared from my computer

    I installed windows 7 Home premium on my computer, everything worked fineincluding windows media center and my tuner tv... but now the Media Center program is gone, not sure if I've done anything to the computer or not... Bill

    Click Start, type "optionalfeatures.exe" and press ENTER

    Activate the Features of Windows Media , and then click OK. Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

  • The line tool icon has disappeared from the toolbar

    The line tool icon disappeared from the toolbar, and I don't know how to re-enable.

    Message titlewas edited by: Brett N

    Continue to press the letter U on the keyboard to paw through the choice of the tool.

    Or right click on the display of the form.

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