ThinkPad Helix - Mini Displayport to HDMI - Audio

Hi all

Support of the Helix Mini Displayport audio output?

Because it is not specifically mentioned on the Lenovo spec sheet, I was wondering if the owners of Helix have successfully connected to the AMD to HDMI with clear audio?

Thank you.



on the ThinkPad miniDP supports audio passes through.

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  • Satellite Pro S500 - Mini displayport are also audio?

    The mini displayport on the Satellite Pro S500 is also audio?


    Hey Buddy,

    That display the port do you mean exactly?

    Only display port that carries the audio is also the HDMI port.
    For all other ports display as VGA, DVI, S-video, etc. you need an extra cable for audio.

  • Tecra M11 - 120 Mini Displayport to HDMI

    Hey there...
    I received my new laptop and bought a HDMI adapter mini display port.
    On my television, I asked the connector, so I made to the map.
    I also introduced the option in windows 7, I would like to ampilfy my TV, screen went black.
    then I tried only to use television as the main screen, it worked only the solution of 800 x 640 pixels.

    Can you please tell me, what am I doing wrong? Mini Displayport is expected to be able to perform the Full HD 1080 p. And I only wanted to 1360 x 786.

    Welcome them

    >.. .She works perfectly with my pc monitor (LG), but not with my TV (MEDION), it could be something wrong with her as well.
    I agree with you. From this sentence we port the most important information about your laptop work properly. Why you don't have pic on your TV is another question.

    Check the settings of your TV. Perhaps something to be activated it.

  • HP 8440p: DisplayPort to HDMI Audio problem has never been resolved?

    I have a HP 8440p with NVS3100 graphics card. I tried all suggestions get the DisplayPort to pass audio through a DP-HDMI adaptor without success. I even tried to buy several cards in the hope of findingone that worked, even the own expensive adapter from HP.

    I cannot conclude that it is now established that the HP 8440p with the discreet NVS3100 (not the graphics card Intel integraed) simply cannot get audio of the DisplayPort adapter to a HDMI adpter? If the answer is he can't then I start shopping for a new laptop computer with native HDMI and DisplayPort not troublesome.

    Thank you


    Hey Dude.

    If you want that works = it is confirmed in Windows 7 (x 64) and Windows (x 64) 10 = - and assuming that you have the NVS3100m GPU, all you need to do is to install the older drivers NVIDIA 188.31, file name sp47020.exe and can be found once you go to HP/Support/Drivers on your machine and after selecting either Windows 7 Professional 64 bit as your operating system. This driver also works well to win 10 x 64. It is probabbly not the fastest graphics driver or, after being released in 2010, but at least audio on DP/HDMI works :-) Have fun!

    If not clear, contact me.



  • W510 Displayport to HDMI audio

    Hi guys,.

    I bought 2 diferent displayport to HDMI, 1 is displayport to HDMI (FEMALE) and another 1 displayport to HDMI (male).

    The two produces no sound at all.

    I went to the sound and check if there is any what HD audio, NVIDIA or TV selection, but there is simply no. Need some help here.

    Thank you.

    Hi shidevil,

    Please check this article, should be able to help.


  • ThinkPad W530 Mini DisplayPort broken

    I bought my Thinkpad W530 about 8 months ago and I have been with the mini port of RFP questions. When I look at the port, it seems that he "went inside" the laptop a littlebit, so I could not conect it supervises.

    I just asking if it's covered in the warranty, and if yes, how can I go and fix it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The problem has been resolved. I used a knife or something to pull the thing out, and now it works.

  • Tecra A11 no sound by mini Displayport

    Hello Guy,.
    I hope you can help me so solve my problem.
    I want to connect my Tecra A11 with a Logilink mini Displayport 2 HDMI adapter for my Toshiba Regza LCD.

    The video connection was quiet easy, but I'm not able to get the sound of the LCD screen.
    Is there a setting shit I forgot to put?

    I am frustrated, after 2 hours, only to find no way, especially as an IT Pro.

    I found 2 Audio device in Win7 x 64 Device Manager but nothing in the Windows sound settings.
    Audio Realtek... (external chip!)
    Intel HD Audio, I think that what comes from the CPU/GPU (Core i)

    I hope someone can helf solve me this problem.

    Thank you very much
    The Germany Asko


    As far as I know to choose the HDMI output as the primary device.
    You can do this in Control Panel-> sound-> playback.

    If you n t all devices listed in this category, then you should try right click and must have activated options called; Show hidden devices and show disabled devices.

    I hope this helps.

  • Audio X1CT Mini Displayport support?

    Hi all

    I'm trying to find out if the mini displayport on the carbon X 1 Touch supports audio when connected to a TV via HDMI. I guess I could buy an adapter first and then see if it works, but I thought it would be a better method. I have been through the documentation, but I guess I missed it - any pointers welcome!

    Kind regards


    Yes, he does.

  • T410s - no audio via Displayport to HDMI adapter

    A week after I got my T410s (Intel graphics only) I bought an adapter Displayport to HDMI. Video HD works fine, but no audio signal is transferred. As internal speakers work.

    What makes me sad, it's like no other audio device Conexant Smart Audio internally to appear in the list of the reading devices. No device - no signal...

    Device Manager also displays under ' Audio, video and game controllers' 'Intel(r) Audio display. The information box indicates that it works correctly. But what connection use this controller?

    Anyone have any idea if the material of the 410 s (without dedicated graphics card) supports the audio via the Displayport? Perhaps only the proper drivers are non-existent?

    Hermann (Bonn, Germany)

  • ThinkPad Helix - HDMI?

    Does anyone know if the Thinkpad propeller will have an HDMI port of micro/mini on the tablet or the keyboard?  Other sites say it has a mini HDMI port and Lenovo Web site has no mention.  I know, from the Lenovo Web site, it has a minidisplay port.

    It's the miniDP on the Tablet and keyboard.

  • E-port Plus - made audio coming out of DisplayPort converter / HDMI / dongle?

    Hi all

    Currently I am considering buying an E6230 Latitude with an E-Port Plus Replicator (or E-Port USB 3.0 version). However, I intend on connecting the E-Port Plus to TV via HDMI cable (TV doesn't come with DisplayPort, so I have no choice), and I know that this requires an additional DisplayPort / HDMI converter (or dongle, according to the E-Port Plus specification).

    If the hardware installation would be something like this:

    Latitude E-6230 - E-Port Plus (DisplayPort)--> DisplayPort converter / HDMI / dongle---> cable HDMI---> TV (HDMI port)

    My question is, the audio signal will pass through DisplayPort | DPtoHDMI converter | HDMI to the TV? Or the only way to output audio signal TV's throughout the E-Port Plus audio jack? I would be disappointed if this is the case later.

  • 32 envy: no sound on HP Envy 32 via mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable on Mac mini

    I recently bought a HP Envy 32 monitor and hooked it up to my Mac mini using a mini DisplayPort (i.e. Thunderbolt) DisplayPort cable. The video works fine @ 2560 x 1440, but I have no sound. The output sound in references to system preferences "the selected device has no output settings" for the 32 envy. The sound works fine when I use a HDMI cable, but then, the resolution is limited to 1080 p. The Mac mini is a mid 2011 model, which is able to transfer the audio via DisplayPort, SAA as far as I know. Any suggestion on how to solve this problem?

    Figured out how to get mini-displayport audio to work with the HP Monitor (I have a Macbook Air)

    In addition to choosing the HP monitor HP ENVY 32 audio in the PREFERENCES SYSTEM-> SOUND->-> OUTPUT

    An adjustment should also be made to the AUDIO and MIDI CONFIGURATION.  You can either do a search for it in the finder, or it is in APPLICATIONS-> UTILITIES-> setting up Audio and MIDI

    1. Open the app
    2. In the left menu, select DisplayPort
    3. Format of... Replace with 48000,0 Hz 2-channel 24-bit wide

    Once changed, you should be playing audio from your monitor.

    Good luck.

  • Mini display to HDMI adapter double link

    Can I use a mini display HDMI Dual link adapter to connect 3 HDMI TV to a Mac Pro?

    I never heard of a "Mini display Dual HDMI link.

    There are double-ling mini displayport > DVI adopters as the double bond is required for DVI so a resolution higher than 1920 x 1200.

    You can get the dispatchers who will share a single HDMI into two identical signals. You may be able to get one which divides into three signals. A power supply may be necessary for a this type separator

    A dispatcher will give identical screens on each monitor.

    What model Mac Pro?

    What card graph (s) installed?

    Want a different output on each monitor?

  • Spectrum of HP 4195nr: what is the version of the Mini Displayport in spectrum HP 4195nr?

    What is the Mini Displayport in spectrum HP 4195nr version?


    I'm glad that you were able to talk to someone.

    Yes, some of them don't transmit video and audio, but rather only video. Press release HP presents its most Premium and versatile PC says that it comes with version 1.2.

    I hope that helps!

  • Tecra M11-103 - mini displayport doesn't seem to work

    I posted a question, but it was published, and I think that I misunderstood.
    So I'll try to ask better now...

    I own a Tecra M11-103 it has both a vga port/bus (I'm not sure what to call it) and a mini displayport.
    Everything worked fine until, in the middle of watching TV (laptop was connected to the TV via hdmi adapter mini displayport has) something was wrong, and since then the port is not identified... the vga port works fine but the mini displayport simply ceased to recognize each time a cable is plugged...

    How can I reinstall the port itself?
    I tried to reinstall the display driver, but it did not help, I thought maybe reinstalling the chipset utility, but I don't know what this means and what is the danger...

    If my question is still not clear please help me go the more accurate information...
    Thank you

    Hi mate:
    Please do not always start new threads on the same topic.
    Please follow this first thread to avoid misunderstandings:

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