32 envy: no sound on HP Envy 32 via mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable on Mac mini

I recently bought a HP Envy 32 monitor and hooked it up to my Mac mini using a mini DisplayPort (i.e. Thunderbolt) DisplayPort cable. The video works fine @ 2560 x 1440, but I have no sound. The output sound in references to system preferences "the selected device has no output settings" for the 32 envy. The sound works fine when I use a HDMI cable, but then, the resolution is limited to 1080 p. The Mac mini is a mid 2011 model, which is able to transfer the audio via DisplayPort, SAA as far as I know. Any suggestion on how to solve this problem?


Figured out how to get mini-displayport audio to work with the HP Monitor (I have a Macbook Air)

In addition to choosing the HP monitor HP ENVY 32 audio in the PREFERENCES SYSTEM-> SOUND->-> OUTPUT

An adjustment should also be made to the AUDIO and MIDI CONFIGURATION.  You can either do a search for it in the finder, or it is in APPLICATIONS-> UTILITIES-> setting up Audio and MIDI

  1. Open the app
  2. In the left menu, select DisplayPort
  3. Format of... Replace with 48000,0 Hz 2-channel 24-bit wide

Once changed, you should be playing audio from your monitor.

Good luck.

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    I see that your computer should be a model from 2011. I could be wrong but HP computers once 2012 come with UEFI - I really don't know, but that's what I found on the Internet.

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    Hi Paul,.

    Download and install the HP Easy Scan application below:


    Then, open the HP utility and try to activate the Scan of the computer again.

    Please let me know the results,


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    Welcome to the HP Forums!

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    One of the adapters USB-to-Ethernet (RJ45) listed at Newegg - USB converters should do the trick.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Please click the 'Thumbs Up' white LAURELS to show your appreciation

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    Kind regards.

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    Optics even figure?

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    In the section of sound from the Control Panel, when you click on manage Audio devices, you see two choices?

    You should.  You should see your integrated audio system (Soundmax) and your HDMI (which should be your AMD HD Audio device).

    You must have this current option in order to have your HDMI audio to work.

    If it is not present, I recommend you to only visit the Web of AMD site to download and install the latest drivers and the catalyst control center. This package should include the HDMI audio.

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    1. So that the audio works fine on HDTV, the device must be configured as peripheral by default in the computer Device Manager. To do:
      1. In Windows® XP:
        1. Note! Before you configure the audio device by default, the following Microsoft driver must first be installed: Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver
        2. After installing the UAA driver, click Start
        3. Select Control Panel
        4. Select sounds, speech and Audio devices
        5. Select sounds and Audio devices
        6. Click the Audio tab
        7. In the first article entitled audio playback, select the device you want to audio out of
        8. Click OK to save your settings
      2. In Windows Vista®:
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        2. Select the device of reading options
        3. Right click on the device you want the audio to the output of
        4. Set as audio device as the default
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