TIFF slow gross camera record

Camera Raw takes almost 2 seconds to record a 103MB tiff file. (I use Photoshop CS6)

When I save a bunch of files tiff, camera raw uses only half of my CPU and half of my RAM. In addition, I use the SSD which wrote 530 MB/s out of Photoshop. According to these specifications, it should save 5 images in the second. But it doesn't work. I think there must be something wrong with the settings? Help, please...

What you see is probably normal - Camera Raw takes a few seconds to process a raw, even on a powerful system file.  It can grow to be longer if you select a lot of features in Camera Raw, such as noise reduction, sharpness, etc.

And he is slower in general as Camera Raw becomes richer in features.

This reminds me, with version 8.1, I need to make a few points of reference more and add them to this topic:



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    see if Sony has a solution to workaround or upgrade to a model compatible vista

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    DR-D270U model number is not found in the jvc Web site. Do you mean like GR-D270US model number?

    In the affirmative, then the driver for the 32-bit operating system will install automatically and you do not have to install any additional software to use it.

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    Any help/suggestions appreciated.

    I solved the problem.

    First of all that I restored to factory default. Advanced Configuration/Administration.
    So to be doubly sure reset the cameras with the reset button on the camera.
    Installed the first camera and gave a name.

    (During the 1st attempt, I installed two devices one after the other and later changed the names.) I don't know if this is important)

    Instant recording was done, BUT in reading, it was just a single camera called MyCamera!
    Has been able to reproduce the recording.

    Installed the 2nd camera as above and makes an instant recording.
    This time, the drop box showed two cameras. MyCamera AND the name of the 2nd camera!
    The camera clicked and I could play the two records!

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

  • BlackBerry smartphones yet another bug - camera records incorrectly in memory at the launch of the lockscreen

    How to reproduce (and Yes, that's with the software of camera bb last updated from the game store):

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    (2) since the pitcher, after that phone is unlocked, start the camera application and take a picture. Use a file Explorer (I use ES File Explorer), and you will see that the picture has been saved correctly on/storage/sdcard1/DCIM/camera.

    (3) turn off the screen, then restarts.  Instead of dragging up to unlock, swipe to the left on the lower right camera icon to launch the camera directly.  Take a picture.  Using a file Explorer (or the details of a gallery app), you will see that the picture has been saved to/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/camera /, which is the memory internally.

    This phone is so buggy-with this, the keyboard double letter dropping and lag, overheating General and fast battery slide during use... on top AT & T startup sound, I can not turn off even muted, and "AT & T" shout his name in my face on the top bar each time notification I unlock the phone on my unlocked phone... I'm almost ready to return the phone and get back to my loyal Passport SE.

    .. new good .and!  This is a bug we have set and will be available in the next update on the Google game.

  • How to open tiff files in camera raw to the organizer of the 10 elements jpg,.

    How to open the JPG, TIFF in camera raw from 10 organizing elements of files.

    You can do that from within the Organizer.  You must use file from the editor... This opens the OpenFile dialog box, select the file type "Camera RAW", and choose your JPG or TIF file.


    Post edited by: photodrawken to refine the answer.

  • Hangs, severe slowness and camera running Firefox 27,0 / 28.0 on Windows XP / is it possible to block plugin container?

    Experienced a severe slowness and lock-up with Firefox to the end, which ends with a sharp decline in the use of memory and I have repeatedly shut down by the Task Manager. I created a new profile and disabled hardware acceleration. I tried to disable all plug-ins and extensions, but I noticed that sometimes (not always) plugin container was always an active process, I don't understand. Why would it be active when there is no plugin activated? I also noticed that when the plugin container is not active (list under process in the Task Manager), I don't have this problem and Firefox works normally? I need to block the plugin container. Help, please.

    If you have deactivated plugins and plugin-container should not be executed. It's one of the reasons I suggested malware scans.

    The Windows XP Task Manager lists the processes running. It will list the plugin - container.exe but I don't think it goes further. IIRC a Sysinternals utility was required to get information on the processes associated with the plugincontainer.

    Microsoft will now offer free downloads and documentation for which is the Sysinternals software.

  • IOS 9.2.1 camera records more photos on iPhone!

    I had an iPhone since version 1.0 and IOS since version 1.0.

    I currently have an iPhone 6 and who has been in my possession for about 1 year, works perfectly.   He has had several revisions to IOS during this period and it worked flawlessly...

    NOW, I'm a bit appalled my CAMERA WITHOUT LEAVE application to save photos taken.   I've shot with success a photo panorama a week ago and it was the LAST picture to be saved on the device.   Since then, I took photos – they even reviewed then unit the request and they are visible.   However at the close of the camera app and goes to the VIEWER's PHOTO app - they are not visible.   All my before photos and shared photos / rivers are visible.  In fact the last taken Panorama is there, but any photo taken recently by the camera is not visible anywhere.  This isn't in the photo gallery, is not in the film and is not in any album.   They simply do not exist...

    Re-opening of the camera app and press the Preview button shows the pictures but frown once again the last pictures taken are all GONE!  ..    If I take more pictures with the camera, they will be visible in the preview of the camera app until I close the application... Once closed, they are GONE GONE GONE and would never be found...

    I did a soft and HARD reset the unit several times.    It is a device of 128Gig with about 1/2 of it in use I have a lot of space - on the other hand, because it is a 75Gig restore;  I have no no no desire to attempt a restoration...    It's a lot of data at risk and a lot of TIME on a device that serves as my business.  !!

    APPLE - you have a BUG and it's not a nice...


    You said you did a 'hard reset' but try this way to see if it helps, nothing to lose, but a little time.

    Close your camera and Photos of applications completely from the multitasking window by double clicking the Home button and drag it to the top of the camera and Photos of streams overview until what they disappear from the screen. This close applications completely (they are not closed if do you a "hard reset" or simply restart). Then perform a forced reboot. Hold down the home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds , until the Apple logo appears. Ignore the "Slide to power off" text if it rises. You won't lose anything.

    BTW, you don't talk to Apple here, only other users like you. If you want to send feedback to Apple usage: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

    Good luck...

  • slow data cRio record


    I use a cRio 9074 in scan mode and I have a pretty simple timed loop which must run at periods of 5-10mSec for pwm control. I also need to do some data recording and record two (at approx. 1kS/sec) input signals. However, when I use scripture to the worksheet, the loop speed drops and my period of timed loop dates from 50mSec. How can I speed it up, and what is the effective way to save data in scan mode.

    Thank you.

    Hi Soheil,

    You can see the example of community, I found regarding loops producer/consumer.

    They could be quite useful.


    Any problems let me know.

  • How can I add date/time to internally of the metadata for a video file at home. The camera records all the metadata.

    My camera, Canon Ixus 870IS, adds a lot of metadata internal still picture files, but none for movie files.  I want to at least add datetime created in the internal metadata files can be organized properly.  The datetime in the external metadata is unnecessary because many videos will have the same value for datetime, that when they were transferred from the camera to the computer.

    So, please, how to edit internal metadata from a file?

    Hi laldfordo,

    You can follow the steps in this link & check if the problem persists:

    How do I edit metadata for wmv, avi and mp4 files in WINDOWS XP?

    software use of third parties, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Images Raw camera recording under a shade pink


    I'm having trouble with the edition of PS CS5 Camera Raw. I use images from a Canon 5 d Mark II & III, and starting this week, my images saved as the first below, with a pinkish tinge. I'll adjust the contrast, exposure, color balance and brightness of the large lots and save, once they are rescued, they look like to the below, and I have to adjust each setting on every image again. What is a user error? I used the same program, the same way for 3 + years now, and this is the first time that I had a problem. Now, when I save the pictures on my desk, they are fine (2nd image), but how irritating to have to have all of these images saved on your desktop and having to move again. Or do I need to ditch Camera Raw and start using a different program/process? Help, please!

    IMG_8495re_low 9.30.20 AM.jpg


    This looks like a simple matter of white balance. You must have some preset (accidentally) applied.

    If it isn't, you need to explain your procedure much more in detail.

  • Help!  Black, showing gross cam blue

    I need help - my Blacks are bright blue appearing when I opened in camera raw.  As I have set the black, it's just worse.  Is it my color on my computer setting, or does anyone have suggestions?

    If I need to uninstall/reinstall photoshop, I'm having problems with my serial number, be reused?

    These are simple answers if all goes well, but I just want it to work well.  Thank you!


    You probably have enabled clipping indicators.  In the histogram, there are two small icons in the upper corners.  The one on the left active capture of the shadow/dark, and the active right one to capture highlight.  If you click on the small icons, you can switch between the active or inactive.  This bright blue that you see indicates that the shadows are cut-off.  If there are the highlights being cut, they will appear as a bright red.

  • Everio cam recorder not recogonised in Windows 8

    Me too I have the same problem with my camcorder.  We get the error 43 in troubleshooting driver.

    Also seems to be in, portable external drive USB y

    Hi Kropera,

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay.

    I understand that you have a problem with the driver for JVC on Windows 7 devices. Don't worry, we will help you with the question.

    1 have you tried all the steps above by Bennet?

    2. What is the full error message that you receive?

    For reference:



    Please get back to us with the information required to help you further.

  • I got two sources of camera the same audio recording - how to use multicam to audio synchronization and display TWO cameras simultaneously

    I had two sources of camera recording the same audio - I want to be able to do is use mulitcam SYNCHRONIZE the audio and video at the same time and be able to use the two clips simultaneously in a video - multicam - how can we use the TWO videos? In Multicam, I can only go to one video at a time - is to detach anyway, so I can trim two camera responsition camera and 1 on a 16:9 screen? What would be the best way to do this? Any help would be welcome - Ty

    Two PPut copies the multicam in editing element, one on the other.

  • video recording on the camera application function does not

    My app windows photo 8 shows the video recording features, however nothing happens when I try to use it. I had no chance in the troubleshooting update and windows updates to fix this problem. How can I get the video camera recording function to work? Currently when I select the video mode, it absolutely nothing happens.


    Are you able to take pictures using photo app?

    It seems that there is something wrong with the camera application.

    So, I suggest you follow these methods and check.

    Method 1:

    Run applications troubleshooting

    Download and run the troubleshooter modern UI App.


    Method 2:

    I suggest you follow the steps in the article. Here is the link for your reference.

    What to do if you have problems with a soft


    For reference: app photo and webcams: FAQ


    Please report if you are still having the problem. I will be happy to provide you with the additional options that you can use to get the problem resolved.

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