Toot of Dell Inspiron 910 windows system32 ntoskrnl.exe error

I booted up my laptop Inspiron 910 and got the following error message:

Windows root system32 ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt please reload the disc.

I tried several attempts through the advanced options [F8] and always comes back to the same error message.  I changed the BIOS to allow the disc to load first.  I put the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3 CD and you press a button to start.  Setup begins to install the files, but then I get the blue screen of death.

It reads:

A problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to ensure that it is properly configured and completed. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

Technical information:

STOP: 0X0000007B (0XF7A5E63C, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

I also run diagnostics and got these error messages:

Error Code 0F00:0244 Msg: DISK_0_Block 13533192 cannot read, replace the drive or remove the write protection

I also have the same error codes in the following blocks:









Any assistance or solutions would be useful!

Thank you

Hi rmina71,

·         Have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

Follow the steps in the article.

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  • File:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

    I need serious help!

    Some wonder how I deleted some system 32 - files

    Anyway now I can not connect my computer backinto.

    I am running Vista Business as my OS

    At startup, I wonder to insert my disck installation and restart - does not work - also tried repair - same result

    The error:


    Status: 0xc0000428

    Info: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file

    Please can someone help?

    Thank you



    Here are some links that may help solve the problem.
  • c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe is currupt

    Hi gurus,

    I am running vista professional.

    When starting my computer, I get system32\ntoskrnl.exe - cannot verify the signature

    I then insert the disc and choose repair

    A system recovery screen opens with Windows Vista (recovered) - load drivers or next

    A load the drivers of C: or CD?

    I also noticed I have a Boot (x :)) - don't know what it is?

    How can I re-mode Vista?

    In the C:\system32\ntoskrnl.exe when I select

    I get a pop up specified locotation does not provide information about your hardware

    Add drivers?

    Don't forget that I can not open Vista?

    Thank you



    ·         What is the exact error code or the message you received?

    ·         Have you tried starting mode safe mode with networking?

    I suggest you perform the steps below and check it, if it helps.

    1. boot in Windows Vista CD WinRE.

    2. Rename C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

    3. copy ntoskrnl.exe in C:\WINDOWS\system32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache of

    4 reboot

    You need to load the driver on the CD: when it asks.

    To reinstall Vista or related topic, please follow the link below.

    hope this solves the problem.

  • PC needs to be fixed: File:\windows\system32\winload.exe error code: Oxc000000I

    Upgrading to windows 7 8. PC worked fine for 3 months. The last time I turned on the computer would not start.

    After several attempts to "Prepare the automatic repair" screen appeared but never advanced.  The screen with the windows box 4 logo
    with circle of points running just above to prepare the automatic repair, waited for several hours but never changed.
    {1}-j' inserted my disk to repair Windows 8 {(set Bios pour démarrer sur le DVD).}  Note in this step, that I IS NOT select Boot from cd\dvd.
    That's when the error message appears: pc needs to be fixed: File:\windows\system32\winload.exe error code: Oxc000000I
    and you will need to use recovery tools.
    Three options are given: 1. Enter to try agai, 2; F8 for boot options, 2: F9 to use different operating system.
    Enter in any of the three choices just recycled the screen containing the same information.
    {2} - Windows 8 repair disk inserted. This time, I SELECTED Boot from DVD
    PC starts loading the cd [dvd, 4 windows box logo appears on the screen
    Bed cd\dvd for about 3-4 minutes.  Circle of rotation points appear on the screen below the logo box 4.
    at this point the drive HARD blinking led, system in this State remains. I never get to see service options. I waited for hours at a time.
    Produce the same results as step 2 above when I try to use the windows 8 installation disc.
    I'd appreciate any help as to how I can get to the repair, the troubleshhot or advanced options which are supposd to be available.

    Tony Hey,

    Regrettable that the problem exists.

    Seems like a problem in the BIOS settings, it would be good to check with the manufacturer of the PC.

    They might have more insight on this.

  • "When restarting, get the error, Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: < root Windows > \system32\ntoskrnl.exe.

    Original title: black screen

    Attempt to restart the Gateway system running XP Pro.  The message "Windows has not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\ntoskrnl.exe" Please reinstall a copy of this file.  What do I do and where is this file?

    There is a good chance that the disk check running the Recovery Console will solve the problem.

    1. Insert the Windows XP CD in your CD-ROM drive and restart your computer. If you are prompted, select any options needed to start (boot) on the CD.
    2. when the text portion of Setup begins, follow the prompts. Select the repair or recovery option by pressing R.
    3. If you have a dual-boot or multiboot system, select the installation that you want to access from the Recovery Console.
    4. When you are prompted, type the administrator password. If you have not set a password for the account admin simply press on enter
    5. at the command prompt, type chkdsk/r > press ENTER. (Note: there is a space between the slash and the letter k).
    6. at the end of the output of scan type > press ENTER.
    7 restart your computer.

    If you do not have a Windows Xp disk, follow the instructions HERE to create a Windows Xp Recovery Console

  • When turned on the computer he get an error message ' missing < root windows > \system32\ntoskrnl.exe.

    Hi, I replaced the motherboard in my computer, it seems to work very well, but when you turn on the computer I get an error message:

    \SYSTEM32\NTOSKRNL.exe is missing or damaged

    At this stage there is no cursor, or what I can do to get in my area on my drive, it's as if the computer shuts down and this message does not disappear.

    I am running Windows XP operating system.

    Is there a solution for this?

    Thank you


    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    · What is the service pack installed on the computer?

    Follow the steps in the link below and check if this can help: error message: "Windows did not start because of a configuration of the disk of the computer problem":

  • need to re - install < root windows > \system32\ntoskrnl.exe

    My computer does not load Windows. I use XP Professional Sp3 (I think). My drive is XP Professional SP2.

    When I try to boot from the cd, I finally get to a screen that gives me the Windows installation press options 1) enter or 2) to repair XP using the recovery console. Press r.

    No matter which option I choose, I get the message "implementation did not hard disk drives in your computer."

    I pressed F8 and used the "disable auto reboot" and received the message "Windows has not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\ntoskrnl.exe please reinstall a copy of the above file"

    How can I do this?  Thank you, the Safi

    Shouldn't you have the following option under integrated peripherals:

    On Chip IDE - SATA Controller [SATA, RAID or off]

    You don't want RAID!

    You should be able to select SATA and then SAVE the changes that you exit the BIOS (sometimes people forget this step!).

    Not all mobos have the ability to disable sata ahci. The sata/raid controller driver is needed for windows recognize the drive sata hard. Having the pilot does not mean that you have to configure or use the raid features. RAID is simply two working as one of the hard drives. Most of the drivers manufacturer mobo that I take care of combine sata and raid drivers for the controller in a single package. Here is an example of a driver for Intel Matrix Storage Manager. It is a common driver needed for Windows to recognize a disk sata hard connected to a motherboard Intel. If the options as shown in the above post by Jose do not appear in the bios then install drivers, as I said. For this reason, Windows gives you the opportunity to press F6 to install the drivers before the implementation.

    Intel(r) 82801ER SATA RAID Controller
    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_25B0&CC_0104=%systemdrive%\drivers\MSD\IMver5\iastor.inf; I do not vote for me I'm not here for points. If this post helps you, vote. Visit my forum @

  • Windows didn't start because the following file is missing or damaged: _ < root Windows > \system32\ntoskrnl.exe.__Please reinstall a copy of the above file.

    Hi the other my system was crushed, and on restarting I got this message: Windows is not start because the following file is missing or damaged:

    \System32 \ntoskrnl.exe.
    Please reinstall a copy of the above file.

    I've read a few articles online, but still I can not solve the problem. I don't want to reinstall XP or lose my information.

    can any1 give me a simple cut down on what to do (step by step).

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Jamdutch,

    Thank you for your message.  Click HERE for instructions to perform a repair of the system installation.  Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows (Vista) can not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: < root windows > \system32\ntoskrnl.exe

    When I start windows, the message that I get a black screen is Windows (Vista) cannot start because the file is missing or corrupt: \system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please reinstall a copy of the above file.

    I tried to launch a system of diagnosis without a disk and everything going on. I then tried running windows in safe mode and it won't allow me. That's when I switched to an installation disc supplied with the system. I tried to recover the system from there, but it would not go beyond the option of choosing an operating system. Once I got to that screen, there was NO operating system choose.

    I tried to restore my computer and there is no restore point.

    I renounced restore my computer and thought I'll all start over and install windows vista all over again. This was not the case either. I followed these steps:

    1. Turn on your computer and insert the CD or the DVD of Windows Vista.

    2. Install Windows page, follow all of the instructions that appear, and then clickInstall now.

    3. On the Get updated important for installation page, we recommend getting the latest updates to help ensure a successful installation and to help protect your computer against security threats. You will need an Internet connection to get the installation updates.

    4. On the Type your product key for activation page, we strongly recommend that you type your 25-character product key in order to avoid problems during activation.

    5. On the Please read the license terms page, if you agree to the terms of the license, clickI accepts the terms of the license.

    6. Follow the instructions on each page. On the type of installation do you want? page, clickCustom.

    7. On the place where you want to install Windows? page, select the partition where you want to install.

    8. Click next to begin the installation. You can see a compatibility report.

    and then had this error that says;

    windows doesn't have can create a partition on disk 0. The error occurred when preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code: 0x80004005.

    Now I am stuck and don't know what to do.

    Someone at - it solutions for me. Help, please.


    1. on which the drive was initially installed OS?
    2. What partition you selected to install Windows?

    You can try to perform a startup repair by using the Vista installation disc.

    Check out these links for help:  

    How can I fix a startup (startup)? 

    What to do if Windows does not start correctly: 

    What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista? 

    If nothing helps, so please get in touch with the system manufacturer for assistance because it may be a hardware problem.

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher - Microsoft Support
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I am running xp Pro 64-bit and get entered C:\WINDOWS\system32\ rundll.exe error: FQ10 what to do?

    I followed the instructions to load the OS disk, type expand C:i386\rundll.ex_ C:\windows\system32\rundll.exe, etc., but the error continues to appear.

    Looks like you had a meeting with the FBI MoneyPack (Ransomware) malicious software.  Fact that all sounds familiar (FBI, your PC is locked, you need to pay your fine, etc.).

    You must first perform some scanners from reputable and do what they can do, but sometimes leave you with a fake startup item that you must manually remove using something like Autoruns.

    No matter what you use for protection against malware, perform the following analyses for malware, then correct any problems:

    Download, install, update and do a quick scan with these free malware detection programs (not at the same time):

    Malwarebytes (MMFA):
    SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS):

    SAS will probably report a lot of tracking cookies and you can just let him delete them.

    They can be uninstalled later if you wish.

    The scans by operating clean, restart, and then fix any problems.

    If you still receive the message, delete the element of persistent starting using Autoruns.

    Here's how:

    A "Cannot find...". ', ' Failed to start..., "Could not load..." ». "Might not work... "" Cannot run ""error loading... ". "or"specific module could not be found"message at startup is usually related to the malware that has been configured to run at startup, but the referenced file has been removed after a malware scan, leaving behind him a startup item or the registry entry pointing to a file that does not exist.
    It might be a removal of malicious software or an application not installed.  The entry may have a curious looking name since it was probably generated at random when the malware was installed. If you search your system for the referenced file, you may not find.
    Windows attempts to load this file but cannot locate because the file has been deleted for most probably during an analysis of the malware. However, an orphaned associate of remainders of startup parameter or registry entry and tells Windows to load the file when you start or connection.
    So you should delete the referenced entry Windows stop trying to load or run the file. It may or may not be included in the registry, but you can find it.  Autoruns (see below) you get the elements no matter where it is.

    You must be sure to solve the problem and not just fix the symptom of the problem by simply relieving your message - system is not a fix (there is a difference).

    If you just locate and uncheck the item in msconfig, which disables the element but does not remove the reference to the element of false starting your computer.   The msconfig program is not a Startup Manager, that's a troubleshooting tool.  Disabling things in msconfig to put an end to the messages and think that your problem is solved is short-sighted and leave behind him a sloppy XP configuration.  Just disable the display of a start-up error message should not count as a 'solution' to the problem.
    If you are comfortable editing the registry, you can find and remove the reference directly from there or remove it using a popular third-party tool called Autoruns.  The problem can always be found in the registry well.
    Before making any changes to your registry by hand or with third-party tools, don't forget to first make a backup of the registry. There is no cancellation or exit without saving the option in regedit.
    Here is a link to a popular registry backup tool:
    You can also use the Autoruns to find the element of start remains little matter where he's hiding.  Autoruns does not install anything on your computer.  It will display all startup locations where the reference may be then you can turn it off or remove it completely.  Here is the download link for Autoruns:
    Run Autoruns.exe and wait that he at the end of the filling of the list of entries.
    When the Autoruns is finished scanning your system, it will say "Ready" in the lower left corner.  Autoruns can be a little intimidating to first if you have never seen it before because it displays a lot of information
    .  You are really interested only a few sections.
    The problem is usually to start the system or the user startup entries, then click the connection tab and see if the startup item is there.
    Scroll through the list and look for a boot entry associated files in the error message.
    If you can't find on the connection tab, look in any tab.
    You can also click file, search to search for logon, or any tab for all or part of the name of the element.
    Right-click on the offending entry and choose Remove.  If you are not sure what it is, you can simply turn off (uncheck the entry), reboot, and if the problem is resolved and things work normally and everything works fine, then delete the offending entry.  If you don't see it in Autoruns, you may edit the registry and remove the item from your startup folder it.  Autoruns shall display the same information however.
  • C:\Windows/system32/cmd.exe error. Help, please.

    My computer is Windows Vista. When it boots, a black screen with C:\Windows/system32/cmd.exe happens. It freezes and will not respond. I can't type or even close this box. Help, please. I'm not a computer expert, so the simple step by step instructions will be appreciated.

    It does not start in safe mode. Is there a way I can fix this in safe mode?


    1. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    2. do you get any error code or error message?

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Start in safe mode and then put the computer in a clean boot state in order to determine which driver or program is causing this issue.

    Step 1: Boot in SafeMode in Windows Vista:

    Step 2: How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    Note: once you have completed troubleshooting, try the procedure described in step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Method 2:

    Restore the system to a point when the computer was working fine and check if the problem persists.

    What is system restore?

    For more information, see the following link to learn more about system restore:

    Hope the information is useful.

  • Windows cannot find C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe error message

    original title: I still need help... help please! Windows cannot find C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe

    Hello, I have windows vista and when I try to open certain programs, like Adobe or change the time in the control panel............... etc... the computer says... error loading Rundll specified module could not be found or Windows cannot find C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe.   I looked at the website of the doug knoxs, but all the EXE patches are for XP and it would not have worked... im a little stuck... What can I do?

    I tried running a scan in command line but it does not help... affecting its programs to update like spotify and adobe and I can not change the settings of the clock...

    any ideas...

    Thank you


    Rundll32 errors can be caused by malware.

    If you need search malware here's my recommendations - they will allow you to
    scrutiny and the withdrawal without ending up with a load of spyware programs running
    resident who can cause as many questions as the malware and may be more difficult to detect as the

    No one program cannot be used to detect and remove any malware. Added that often easy
    to detect malicious software often comes with a much harder to detect and remove the payload. Then
    its best to be thorough than paying the high price later now too. Check with them to one
    extreme overkill point and then run the cleaning only when you are sure that the system is clean.

    It can be made repeatedly in Mode safe - F8 tap that you start, however, you must also run
    the regular windows when you can.

    TDSSKiller.exe. - Download the desktop - so go ahead and right-click on it - RUN AS ADMIN
    It will display all the infections in the report after you run - if it will not run changed the name of
    TDSSKiller.exe to If she finds something or not does not mean that you should not
    check with the other methods below.

    Download malwarebytes and scan with it, run MRT and add Prevx to be sure that he is gone.
    (If Rootkits run UnHackMe)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-right on - click RUN AS ADMIN

    Malwarebytes - free

    Run the malware removal tool from Microsoft

    Start - type in the search box-> find MRT top - right on - click RUN AS ADMIN.

    You should get this tool and its updates via Windows updates - if necessary, you can
    Download it here.

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-right on - click RUN AS ADMIN
    (Then run MRT as shown above.)

    Microsoft Malicious - 32-bit removal tool

    Microsoft Malicious removal tool - 64 bit

    also install Prevx to be sure that it is all gone.

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-right on - click RUN AS ADMIN

    Prevx - Home - free - small, fast, exceptional CLOUD protection, working with others
    security programs. It is a single scanner, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something to come back
    here or use Google to see how to remove.   <-->  <-->

    Choice of PCmag editor - Prevx-, 2817,2346862,00.asp

    Try the demo version of Hitman Pro:

    Hitman Pro is a second scanner reviews, designed to save your computer from malicious software
    (viruses, Trojans, rootkits, etc.). who infected your computer despite safe
    what you have done (such as antivirus, firewall, etc.).


    If necessary here are some free online scanners to help the

    New Vista and Windows 7 version

    Original version

    Other tests free online


    Also follow these steps for the General corruption of cleaning and repair/replace damaged/missing
    system files.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type this into the search-> find COMMAND to top box and RIGHT CLICK-

    Enter this at the command prompt - sfc/scannow

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker
    (SFC.exe) program generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Run checkdisk - schedule it to run at the next startup, then apply OK then restart your way.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    If we find Rootkits use this thread and other suggestions. (Run UnHackMe)

    I hope this helps.

  • PC needs to be repaired, File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe, error Code: 0xc000000e

    I tried to install Windows 8 on my PC that was dual-boot WIndows 7 from 2 different hard disks and would choose between the 2 at the start.  So I deleted the partition of a Windows installation and installed Windows 8. Everything seemed to work fine, I could start and choose between Windows 8 or 7 and both worked well. Then, I updated a graphics driver Win 8 and caused problems with Win starting 8 by a black screen and nothing else. There is no restore point so I decided to start by deleting the partition. I have re installed Windows 8, but now when I boot I get an error screen.

    Your PC needs to be repaired
    File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
    Error code: 0xc000000e
    You will need to use the tools of recovery on your installation media, etc...

    Press Enter to try again
    Press F8 for startup parameters
    Press F9 to use another operating system.
    It allows me to boot from another HD after pressing F9 several times.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Kind regards

    I had exactly this problem with a Windows 8 machine with a hard drive only a couple of weeks might not start on Windows or Windows CD but was able to start USB recovery and follow the steps below.
    Start the computer with the recovery media inserted. The computer must load the CD or USB. (You may need to change the BIOS boot sequence to start the USB drive first).

    Choose your language. Click next
    You will now see install in the center of your screen. On the lower left side you can see fix your computer.
    Choose repair.

    You will have several options, including:
    Refresh your computer
    Restore your computer
    Advanced options

    Choose Advanced Options.
    Launch the command prompt
    Enter the following commands one at a time who hit enter after each command.
    Bootrec /scanos
    Bootrec /rebuildbcd
    Bootrec /fixmbr
    Bootrec /fixboot
    Restart the computer once the last command finished

  • XP Pro gives me error message &#60; root windows &#62; \system32\ntoskrnl.exe is damaged and must be replaced. How to replace or fix this problem?

    I tried to reinstall XP Pro, but then I get another error message the file for web printer windows cannot find so it won't let me not finished reinstalling XP.  How can I solve this problem or solve the problem with the ntoskrnl.exe that need to be replaced?

    Try the items listed in this article: 
    It covers the error you see and can be useful. Typing of my new Windows 7 64 bit and love it! Soli Deo Gloria!

  • Windows 8 ntoskrnl.exe errors, BSOD

    I lost my wifi connection, getting a BSOD, then reboot to find my Wifi disabled until I have manually re-enable it. I checked for memory errors and so far I have found nothing. Any person able to provide any idea that I'm missing?

    Landfills are found: here


    The attached file of the DMP is the verification of bug BAD_POOL_HEADER (19) .

    This indicates that a pool header is corrupt.

    Error checking 19, {20, fffffa8007a85570, fffffa8007a85590, 4020002}

    1: kd >! pool fffffa8007a85570
    Pool page fffffa8007a85570 region is paged
    fffffa8007a85000 size: 150 previous size: 0 file (allocated)
    fffffa8007a85150 size: 80 previous size: 150 free (free)
    fffffa8007a851d0 size: 80 previous size: 80 (allocated) pair
    fffffa8007a85250 size: size 90: 80 Vad (allocated)
    fffffa8007a852e0 size: 10 size: 90 free (free)
    fffffa8007a852f0 size: size a0: 10 stag (allocated)
    fffffa8007a85390 size: 40 size: a0 MmSe (allocated)
    fffffa8007a853d0 size: c0 size previous: 40 EtwR (allocated)
    fffffa8007a85490 size: 40 size: ReTa (allocated) c0
    fffffa8007a854d0 size: 80 previous size: 40 SeTl (allocated)
    fffffa8007a85550 size: 20 size: 80 (allocated) WfpL
    * fffffa8007a85570 size: 20 size: 20 (free) * Ipng
            PoolTag Ipng: Generic stamps of IP (address, Interface, Packetize, road allowances), binary: tcpip.sys

    Something 3rd party that works closely with the network's originally pool corruption.

    1: kd > k
    Call child-SP RetAddr site
    fffff880 '1c7470c8 fffff803' 33a90ba5 nt! KeBugCheckEx
    fffff880 '1c7470d0 fffff880' 01b7e802 nt! ExFreePool + 0xadb
    fffff880 '1c7471b0 fffff880' 01cd32ac tcpip! IppInspectBuildHeaders + 0x5f2
    fffff880 '1c7474a0 fffff880' 1aa9a111 c:\windows\system32\drivers\fwpkclnt! FwpsConstructIpHeaderForTransportPacket0 + 0x1dc
    fffff880 1 c 747550 00000000'00000008 mwac + 0 x 6111
    fffff880 ' 1 c 747558 fffff880' 00000014 0x8
    "fffff880 ' 1 c 747560 fffffa80 ' 050e0ce0 0xfffff880'00000014
    "fffff880 ' 1 c 747568 fffffa80 ' 050e0d04 0xfffffa80'050e0ce0
    "fffff880 ' 1 c 747570 fffffa80 ' 050e0cf4 0xfffffa80'050e0d04
    "1 c 747578 fffffa80 fffff880 ' 00000011 0xfffffa80 ' 050e0cf4
    1 c 747580 00000000 00000000 fffff880 of ' 0xfffffa80'00000011

    We can see that the Malwarebytes Web access control pilot damaged a pool block header.


    Remove and replace AVG and Windows Defender from Windows 8 with integrated VIPRE temporary troubleshooting purposes because they are contradictory and cause conflicts of NETBIOS with Malwarebytes. You have too much security will:

    -AVG removal

    Windows Defender (how put on after the withdrawal)-

    Kind regards


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