TOSHIBA DVGW/HD TS-L802A-ATA do not work after the update to Vista SP2


My devices Toshiba P200 DVD/CDROM has stopped working (code 39) since I've updated with Vista SP2.


I run Microsoft Fix It ( + "your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media.
But it has not solved the problem.

I download and run the Microsoft devcon command-line utility.

> devcon stack gencdrom

Setup class: {4d36e965-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} CDROM
Controlling service:
Lower filters:
5 SCSI\CDROM&VEN_RSFOBUJ&PROD_XEBG5QVCPQ7C&REV_1.03\ & 36E5972 & 0 & 000000
Setup class: {4d36e965-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} CDROM
Controlling service:
Lower filters:

I guess that this lower filter of "tdcmdpst" (the writing of TOSHIBA motor filter driver) is the issue.
But I can't remove the filter 'tdcmdpst' even with admin rights.

> devcon classfilter lower tdcmdpst

DevCon has failed.

How can I remove this filter to upgrade Vista SP2?

Kind regards


Can roll you back OS to an earlier time before installation of SP2?
Drive works properly again?

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    Hello Steve

    I don't know what you've done in the past, but I would like to know if everything works with the factory settings.
    Have you tried to install Vista using Toshiba recovery image?

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    To make things worse, Time Machine worked right for about a month, so I do not have a recent backup. I keep a sense repair or find a better backup program, but I don't have the time. My main concern is that all my music (from iTunes) files are still there. When I browse it in the Finder, it seems that all the files are still there. He Spears is only my applications that don't work... but he's literally all alone! Is that what I can do about it? Please let me know if anyone has an idea of what's going on!


    If you want to keep the data on the boot disk, and it is already saved, you must try to save now, before doing anything else. It may or may not be possible. If you don't care the data, you can skip this step.

    There are several ways to back up a Mac that is not fully functional. You need an external hard drive or other storage device to store the data.

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    2. If method 1 fails because of disk errors, then you can be able to save some of your files by copying them in the Finder. If you already have an external hard drive with OS X installed, the start of it. Otherwise, if you have access to the Internet, follow the instructions on this page to prepare the external hard drive and install OS X on it. You will use the installation program of recovery, rather than download it from the App Store.

    3. If you have access to a working Mac, and she and the non-working Mac FireWire ports or Thunderbolt, start the Mac non-working in target disk mode. A MacBook to the retina (2015 or later) with a USB - C port can also be started in target disk mode and connected to another Mac using a USB cable and an adapter.

    Work Mac to copy the data to another drive.

    This technique will not work with USB (except on a MacBook of the retina), Ethernet, Wi - Fi or Bluetooth. Note that a MacBook Pro (with Thunderbolt) retina is distinguished by a MacBook to the retina, and it cannot be connected to another Mac via USB in target disk mode.

    4. If the internal drive of the non-working Mac is replaceable by the user, remove it and climb into a docking station that is pregnant or an external drive. Use another Mac to copy the data.


    This procedure will remove some temporary and cache files. The files are generated automatically and do not contain any of your data. Sometimes they can become corrupted and cause problems like yours.

    Please, back up all data.

    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select this option:


    Right-click or Ctrl-click on the highlighted line and select

    Services ▹ Open

    the contextual menu.* should open a case with a funny name "records".

    Inside 'files' are several subfolders, each with a two-character name. Drag all subfolders except named "zz" to the trash. Do not delete the subfolder named "zz". You will be asked for your administrator credentials.

    Restart the computer and empty the trash.

    * If you do not see the item context menu copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

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    The drivers install properly but don't have still no sound.

    Download realtek 97 and drivers HD, but still no luck.

    I had this problem some time and fixed it but I can't find where I found the solution of :(

    Any help would be great, thanks!


    First if all would be very useful to know which model of laptop you have.
    Second, you could find the driver of his right on the page of Toshiba and so you n t need to test several audio drivers! The one on the Toshiba driver site works for sure.

    I read about a similar problem on Vista OS and these Toshiba document should help you:
    [Audio cut off (no sound) after the installation of Windows Vista: 758xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 54568603 & stateId = 0 0 51373343]

    Check it out!

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    How can fix this?

    reset the camera settings after Flash open ligt

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    Update: it downloads correctly revisions to my test site business catalyst, but not to the live version of FTP (not hosted by BusinessCatalyst).

    Update 2: seems to work now. Crazy. Maybe it was the safari.

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    You have customized by changes in oracle seeded workflows and not to change his name. If Yes, then it is not supported patches way and oracle are quite capacble of replace your coustomization.

    Oracle provides a way for the customization, serach metalink support and find out how to do it.

    You can get the list of object crushed by the patch by OAM or by running the fix in test mode.

    If you have backup of these workflows, you can replace it.

    Thank you

  • TouchPad does not work after the downgrade from Vista

    I found this before a year ago but I can't find him. It's a program that will enable the touchpad after going from Vista to XP.

    Fn + F9 does not help, Ive already tried to reinstall the drives and the utility of ON / OFF.


    Usually a toggle Touchpad utility would enable and disable the touchpad by pressing the FN + F9 keys.

    I think you could find it on the page of the European driver Toshiba

    Welcome them

  • Drive external HARD NTFS does not work after the update.

    I use a drive Seagate Backup of external Neurofibrillaire degeneration. After updating to Mac OS Sierra drive is simply not acknowledged at all. I tried on another MAC with El Capitan and works very well. Any solution?


    try to open disk utility and see if it "sees" the drive.

    If she "sees" the drivr then go to the finder preferences and deselect the hard drives and external drives in the menu.

    Restart your Mac.

    This sequence has worked for me.

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