try to install itunes and windows install said installed improperrly

Try to install iTunes on the computer.  Screen that said Windows service install cannot be found.



Did you download and save iTunes on the desktop > then right-click > select run as administrator to install?

If you don't have anything done, see if this information helps you.

"Not to install iTunes or QuickTime for Windows"

«Remove and reinstall iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7»

If the advice already given does not, please contact Apple for assistance.

"iTunes support-how to use iTunes.

"Contact iTunes Support.

Or ask in the community Apple iTunes:

See you soon.

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    Sorry, but your question has nothing to do with Apple networks, but is most likely associated with OS X. You may find that you will get better results to get a solution if you post in this area of the Apple Support communities.

    FWIW, here is a list of the error codesof Mac OS X.

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  • ITunes and Windows 10 new facility

    Built it there a years of PC and until this new 10 Windows Installer, there everything worked beautifully - then I started to reinstall iTunes.

    Specifications: Intel i5 - 4690 k (quad core) @3.50 GHz

    8.00 GB of Ram

    GPU GTX 770

    Z97X Gaming 7 MoBo

    I meet the minimum requirements, I would say. The first error message (in its entirety) is as follows:
    An error occurred during the installation of assembly ' Microsoft.VC80.CRT, type = "win32", version = "8.050727.6195", publicKeyToken = "1fc8b3 b9a18e3b", processorArchitecture = amd64". See Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0 X 80073715.

    Then, I hit the only available button (OK), the Setup program and then "Rolling Back Action" and continues. After a few seconds, it stops with an error message:
    Service "Apple Mobile Device Service"(Apple Mobile Device Service) was able to start. ". Make sure you have sufficient privileges to start system services. Strange, never had this before, hoping that it is only because of the first question. I hit give up at this time, do not help the other options.

    I'm caught up on my windows updates, I promise you, and the only program that gives me problems is iTunes and Apple that comes with it. I got an iPod generation 1 for an extremely long time and wouldn't try something else. Help, please.

    The message "an error occurred during the installation of assembly ' Microsoft.VC80.CRT, type ="win32", version ="8.0.50727.6195", publicKeyToken ="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", processorArchitecture is...» "may occur because a particular library file is not included in the supplied with iTunes distribution package or will not be installed because some unspecified reason. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC security update before you attempt to reinstall iTunes can help.

    See troubleshoot problems with iTunes for Windows updates for more information if necessary.


  • Problems with iTunes and Windows 7

    When I try to access a song from the library in iTunes, I get the following message "the song 'xxx' could not be used because the original file cannot be found. You want to locate? "Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

    It also is an exclamation in the far left column in the iTunes library.

    This can happen if you have NOT the "copy files in my itunes media folder when adding to my library itunes." selected, and you have a network drive mounted where you have added files. If you launch iTunes and the same drive is not mounted, iTunes think that files are missing.

    The same is true for any situation where the path to your media files: either mount you a network drive in the 'shared media folder"and change the share name"Press Kit "... This happens with local directories as well if you leave not iTunes manage your media files (which you should NEVER do) and you do not copy the files of your iTunes media folder. Changing the location of your media or any what part of the path to these files gives you this error.

    This can also happen if you have completed the transfer of songs to your iTunes media folder - even if iTunes displays the files in your media list. I added about 200 discs in my iTunes library (which I had managed for years with full ID3v2 v1 EPAS, and Custom embedded in each file tagging support). When my computer restarted because Microsoft updates installed automatically (although I had that option enabled OFF...), I lost access to all files that they appear in my library. Try to add the duplicate error message gives me.

    iTunes is the worst.

    My only solution is to delete all files with the. and restart Windows. Start itunes and then log out of your account. Reconnect to your iTunes account and add the files of 'missing' again. If you do not use iTunes, you may use a more robust solution like helium... by far my favorite.

    Good luck with your multimedia library. Best wishes


  • iTunes and Windows 10

    I can't use, to upgrade, install, repair, or uninstall since upgrading my PC for Windows 10.  I've tried everything recommended here, Apple. Microsoft referred me to Apple. I tried to remove all Apple products that works with the exception of iTunes. Even took the .msi on the registry file.

    I get the error message says:

    "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."

    Please enter a different path to the folder containing the installation package 'iTunes6464.msi '.

    I have no other way. I have some other ideas to pursue.

    .. .to my end intelligence...

    Download the latest version of iTunes and extract the content, such as written here: troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates. When you are prompted for the path to the MSI file mentioned, point to the file in the folder of the extracted files.

  • I try to uninstall itunes and I get the message"windows service install could not be accessed. can be installed incorrectly, how can I solve this

    Ive had problems with itunes, I guess to uninstall it. But I do every time I get the message "windows service install could not be accessed. can not be installed properly. How can I do to solve this problem. It is also difficult to install things, too


    Try this FREE program to remove it

    or track information from apple to the links below

    Remove and reinstall iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7


    Problem installing iTunes or QuickTime for Windows


    Or ask for their support of itunes


    Also try the discussions of apple itunes

  • Itunes and Windows 7 update problems

    Well, I have a question for all of you who are technically gifted with computers.

    About two years my automatic updates for Windows 7 (64-bit SP1) has stopped working. Whenever I shut the computer down it would try to fail to install 40 of updates. I contacted Microsoft Tech that had me working with a level one and level 2 tech with no luck. In the end, I made the decision (finally not wise) just turn off updates.

    Fast forward to today. I tried to buy something from iTunes, but because my current iTunes was so far out of date (I rarely bother the upgrade whenever he asks) it did not work. No problem, I just downloaded the upgrade. Anyway, the installation failed, and now my iTunes does not... After digging a bit it seems that it's because Windows has not been updated in so long. As concise as possible here is what I tried so far;

    1. When iTunes was not installed it is because of the Apple Application do not install it. Everything else seems to be loaded to the right computer. So I extracted the installation individually with WinRar files and tried to install just the Apple Application (64 bit) only. But this does not work, when installing, I get the message;

    An error occurred during the installation of assembly ' policy.8.0.Microsoft.VC80.CRT, type = 'win32-policy', version = '8.0.50727.6195", publicKeyToken ="1fc8b3b9a1e8e3b", processorArchitecture ="amd64 ". See Help and support for more information. EDH...

    It is at this time that I read online that people with my problem followed it back to the question of the Windows updates;

    2. I ran a scan disk error checking, run a total of three times, once to automatically challenge errors, then back to search for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, and then a third time on the two while in safe mode. No luck. When I try and update Windows manually screen just sits there with the Green infinite loading bar.

    3. I ran sfc/scannow in cmd in normal and safe mode, once again, no change.

    4. I tried to install the Windows Update Standalone (I guess reinstalling the actual update of the program, rises like fix for Windows KB947821) it just sits there once the installation starts and will not be finished.

    5. I tried to clear the cache for the update, enter services, stopping the Background Intelligence Transfer Service and update of Windows and then delete all the files in the update, this at least reset the updater, then when I tried to download the updates again, I got an error (can't remember what it was, but it started with an "eight") and then some so I came back to the Green loading bar of doom...

    6. I also tried to run this Reset_Windows_Update_History.bat in a command prompt, but it did nothing.

    7. He was also something else that I tried to run in a command prompt to a forum, but that no longer works.

    I've probably tried a few other things too... I just want to get my iTunes works again, my laptop is almost eight years old, so I don't have the Windows CD to reinstall it, and I don't want to 'upgrade' to another windows program. Suggestions/alternatives?

    Thank you!

    Hi Petedln,

    It seems that you already do all troubleshooting steps for your concern.

    You can also do the following:

    1. Run the System Update Readiness Tool.
    2. Clean boot the computer.

    If the problem persists, try to create another user profile, and run Windows update from there.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Kind regards.

  • IPod Touch 5th generation being not found by Itunes and Windows 10

    I have a 5th generation Ipod Touch - which until recently was fine until a month or two ago.

    ITunes won't find is no longer my Ipod Touch and so the "sync" options do not come to the top.

    My old laptop died, and I am now on windows 10.

    I'm moving all my music files and have a sort out, but this has never been a problem before in the past.

    I tried to get to Device Manager, Bus USB, etc. - controllers, but they all show that they agree.

    Itunes troubleshooting 'Diagnostics' said me "No Ipod, Ipad, Iphone found"... tried as a result of the "HELP", but has so far achieved and then struggled...

    any ideas before the Ipod touch brings unfortunate end?

    Hey Msdefied,

    I understand that you have a problem with your iPod touch not appearing is not in iTunes. Let's go over some additional troubleshooting to get this sorted out.

    I would start by reset lock folder on your PC as well as to try cables and different ports if you have access to your PC. Take a look at the article below to continue what you have already started to get this to work for you.

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

    Take it easy

  • get rid of Win32 application when you try to download itunes for windows xp

    I am trying to download itunes on my laptop with Windows XP. Whenever I have start downloading, a pop-up window appears indicating that itunes is not a valid win32 application. How can I fix this problem?


    I suggest you follow the troubleshooting steps form these links and check if it helps.

    iTunes: Windows reports that "the iTunesSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application".

    Problem installing iTunes or QuickTime for Windows

  • ITunes and Windows Vista.

    We up had itunes 8.2.1, but because an ipod nano required version more recent iTunes, we tried to download it.
    Something was wrong because we can open is no longer the old itunes library and every time we try to download it or the new version again an error comes to the top. It is said...

    An error occurred during the installation of assembly ' Microsoft.VC80.CRT, version = "8.050727.4053", type = "win 32", = "x 86". "

    See Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0 X 80073712.

    Thanks, any help would be great.

    Thanks for trying to help, but I'm sick of downloading all these different programs that do not work. I keep going over my limit of download, and it is not attaches...

    See you soon.

  • Music in Spotify, iTunes and Windows Media Player

    Well, I tried to use my programs of music on my computer for about a week and a half now, and that they won't play all my music. Not at all.  I went to support these programs, but they did not really help. I also checked to see if any of them were incompatible with my computer, which iTunes was the only one, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the version 64-bit for Windows 8 and still nothing.

    I don't know if it's the sound of my computer, which I don't think it is, because it works for everything else except these three programs. And I have no idea why, and frankly, it's getting boring. I also checked my device manager and my sound system and everything is working properly.

    Anyone who can help and give me some answers on this as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi JennaHarske

    I understand that you have no noise while trying to play your music programs.

    Here's a url with different fixes for this issue that might be useful.

    This url allows you to use Windows Media Player and no sound.

    Please provide the following information so that I can better help you.

    Did you upgrade to Win8?

    What is the name of the sound card you are using?

    Click Start, type "Device Manager" and press ENTER.

    Expand the section "audio, video and game controllers".

    Right click on your sound card, and then select "Properties".

    Go to the Details tab.

    Select "Hardware ID" from the menu drop down.

    This post here.

  • Android and Windows 8 DualBoot - Acer W700P

    Hi folks, I'm David from South America and I have this great Tablet since last year, that's great, but I would like to install android and Android, so that I can dualboot windows 8.

    I tried to install the latest 'android - 4.2.2_r1 - ia2"use"Generic UEFI Installer", I followed the steps as shown in the quick start page, but I found problems between the path, the first was a message while trying to start mode EUFI saying that the:

    DiskName % has been blocked by the current security policy

    then I read somewhere that the implementation of a supervisor password would allow me to change the settings of the UEFI, within those parameters has been an option for select trust uefi files, browsing the UEFI USB created in the quickstar page and select all the files in a folder called efi EFI, I could then start the first screen of the installer , and then you try the manual installation option gives me an error and get stuck there...

    I know that some people were succesfull install Android from the page open source intel so please could you share the steps to follow to install Android and have dualboot with the large W700

    Please share your comments, because for sure, there are a lot of people willing to try the DualBoot - Android and windows 8

    Disable your security strategy uefi on yout start menu, assign an administrator password and disable the security check. DualBOOT android AI on w700 has been done successfully.

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