Virtusa Tennis 4: Fatal error! Could not initialize the Games for Windows Live. This application will be closed.

Original title: Virtusa Tennis 4

Virtua Tennis 4 error message has

"Fatal Error!"
Could not initialize the Games for Windows Live. This application will be closed.


Hi Ravikumar,

Of Virtua Tennis are what version you try to work with?

It seems that Virutal Tennis version is not compatible with Windows 8.1, you can check the Windows Compatibility Center.

See also:

Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows

However, uninstall the "games for Windows - LIVE redistributable Microsoft" and 'Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace' and resettlement of allowed little such users mentioned by ' GeraldLuger answered December 30" provided article.»

Virtua Tennis 4 - games for Windows LIVE

Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can help you.

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    Is it the instructions and the page that contains the link you tried:

    It contains step by step instructions.

    You have a Windows Live ID account / Microsoft account?

    J W Stuart:

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    This is the setting in the mucow xml file:

    (Tab is to facilitate troubleshooting; I normally follow each line.)

      <list name="pagingOption" label="Pagination" defaultValue="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;simple&quot; ,">
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;simple&quot; ,"
              toolTip="PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons only"
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;simple_numbers&quot; ," 
              label="Simple Numbers" 
              toolTip="PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons, plus page numbers"
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;full&quot; ,"
              toolTip="FIRST, PREVIOUS, NEXT and LAST buttons"
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;full_numbers&quot; ,"
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    Thanks much for the reply of one year. First of all, I downloaded SP 2 and installed. It worked. Later, I downloaded SP 3 and it worked. Now, my system works well.

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    What is the vmx list

    ethernet0.virtualDev = "vlance" or something else?


    VMX-settings- VMware-liveCD - VM-infirmary

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    all games that support GFWL and I tried to connect it says: the e-mail address or password entered is not valid.

    I know that my email and password, but every time I try to connect, it gives me this error

    I tried to change my ID back, but it says that I have already changed my ID and I should try again later.

    Read this post and see if it helps. I know the live id and the gamerstags can be a bit confusing for some.


  • Virtua Tennis 4 - games for Windows LIVE

    Virtua Tennis 4 cannot start (steam purchase) because the game cannot connect to Games for Windows live service. It turns out that Batman Arkham Asylum is unable to access the service, too. So the problem seems to be related to the service. Uninstall and try to reinstall the service appears a window of compatibility problem known for her, a help line (via the button) is currently (29/12/2012) is not available.

    Without the service won't start even Virtua Tennis.

    On my sons computer (RC Win8) the service works correctly (with him), so it might be a problem with the configuration of my computer (PC connected to the DC games started through local account). I know that some games have problems trying to run them from a DC user (perhaps because of the redirected folders), but the local user was the way to go. Not the case this time.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Virtua Tennis 4 error message has

    "Fatal Error!"
    Could not initialize the Games for Windows Live. This application will be closed.

    Uninstall the "games for Windows - LIVE redistributable Microsoft ' and 'Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace' and resettlement of did the trick.



    first a few times I have uninstalled, and used the Setup program provided with the game (compatibility issue window), later I ran the installation from the web site. The installer found the client already installed (but did not check the version?) and took the plunge. Only after uninstallation, the correct client has been downloaded.

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