VMWare using only 1 IP of EqualLogic PS6000

I have a new configuration of vSphere with 2 hosts ESXi (Dell R610s) and all my a new EqualLogic PS6000 storage. I use the Broadcom NIC for iSCSI (all other traffic exceeds a secondary NIC 4port). Right now I use 2 ethernet ports on the R610s and PS6000 for iSCSI. I followed the instructions in the document "setting up VMWare vSphere software iSCSI...". "Dell for 2 different iSCSI VMKernel interfaces configuration. The PS6000 uses an IP address of the group and the 2 network cards are and (all with a netmask). The problem I have is when I connect the R610s to the PS6000 via the IP, the PS6000 only redirects them to, forcing all traffic from these two hosts in the same VM. I tried connecting a computer non - ESX (my Mac desktop computer), and it sends me to, so this interface works without a doubt. What I'm trying to understand now, that is exactly how I have VMWare to connect two IPS to distribute the load between the two interfaces on the PS6000. The PS6000 reports 2 connections by volume of each ESX host.

Does anyone have an idea what I should look next?

Thank you.


I opened several requests for EQL support about something similar to this.  In many cases when I migrated a table in an existing pool, or when I activated interfaces more I don't see connections spread.  I saw the following:

-Select Eth1 and Eth2, wait a few hours, run IOMeter tests, all connections are always on Eth0

-Restart the controller, now all connections are on Eth1 and Eth2 with none on Eth0

-Wait as the rest of the weekend and check Monday, iscsi connections are balanced.

The above situations have happened to me a few times and I have been informed that the balancer connection will be finally doing things.  I think something has changed with this code over time, it was that the balancer spreads connections very quickly.


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    [Edited by: admin 7 May 05 08:18]


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    Thanks again for posting on the forums of HP and post back and let me know how it goes!

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    [Moved from comments]


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