What is the iTunes backup size

When I open iTunes and go to preferences and devices, it is not the size of the backup for iPad or iPhone, only date and time, what they have done. How can I find out what size these backups are on my Mac computer? Is there a file location to find out the exact size of these backups?

CTRL-click one and choose Show in Finder.


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    N ° you have to remove the back upward and restore the unit like new.

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    What is the controlfile or the spfile? It resembles a spfile?

    Both. An AUTOMATIC backup is made up both the controlfile the spfile. It's a backuppiece containing two backups (controlfile and spfile).

    See the first line to

    Hemant K Collette

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    It's a bit like having images used as boilerplate in Oracle Forms. Whenever the form is refreshed or called, the standard text (and images) must be made. In comparison, the images cached display much more quickly and can be stored on the application server. For the treatment of the data, do the boring tasks on the server, not in the form (or model) itself. If your model has to read/load much of other submodels, same idea.

    You must Transact in appearance compared to the features. So, it is true on the Web pages.

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    When test the movie in Flash go see-> bandwidth Profiler, you will see the total size of the swf file.

  • iPhone 6 won't restart after the iTunes backup restore

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    A DFU restore usually recover the phone:

    • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer, if it is already there ((you must have Windows 7 or later or OS X 10.8.5 version or later version)
    • Restart your computer
    • Disable any antivirus and firewall
    • Launch iTunes
    • Connect the cable of the device to a USB port on the computer (not a USB hub), but DO NOT CONNECT to the DEVICE AGAIN
    • Press in and hold the HOME and SLEEP at the same time for 10 seconds exactly, buttons until the screen goes black, then release the SLEEP button but continue holding the HOME button. If the Apple logo appears then that now the two buttons, you who was held for too long; start over.
    • While holding down the button HOME connect the other end of the cable to the device
    • You should see a message in iTunes saying there were a phone in recovery mode (it can take up to a minute for the message appears). When you see this message release the HOME button and the device must be restored. When asked DO NOT restore a backup. set up as a new phone.

    Try several times, if this does not work the first time; It is difficult to do in DFU mode.

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