What is the password for the BIOS on my Satellite A100-376?


Yesterday I did update the BIOS of my A100-376 Satellite from Toshiba (PSAAR) to version 5, 90 - WIN. Everything is ok, but now when I'am trying to enter the BIOS Setup by pressing F2 at startup, BIOS ask me a password but I don't know what it is because I do not have. What is the problem? Something is wrong? Please help me.

Thank you!




are you sure you didn t set a BIOS password or some of your friends/family? Because it is impossible that an update of the BIOS is setting a password. My friend has a Satellite A100-778, while he did the same update, you did and there is no problem.

Maybe you need to just press 'Enter' when trying to get into the BIOS. Otherwise, I would say do the update again and try to find out who put the password. :)

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  • What is the recovery CD contain - Satellite A100-847

    Hello guys

    I had a few questions on the recovery CD:

    1. what the recovery CD contain? and the other CD, which is called the media something?

    2 - has Windows inside? So can I format my PC to use it? And where can I find the product key (windows key)

    3. what happens if I wanted to use the CD without formatting? etc., install the software?

    Sorry to ask too but my laptop started to bother me. Just FYI, my laptop is satellite A100-847


    I'll try to answer your question.

    1 recovery media contains recovery image. Recovery image is a kind of package that contains the operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba tools and utilities and some other software like WinDVD or Norton antivir application. Media, that something is not known to me. Perhaps the exact description can help.

    2 Yes there the Windows operating system. Yes, you can format your laptop to use it. You don't need a product key. Just install it.

    3 I don't know what you mean. The fact is that HARD drive will be formatted before you start the installation of recovery. Make sure that all your important data are saved on an external device.

    Good bye

  • Re: What is the normal temperature on Satellite A200 psae6?

    What is the normal temperature on Satellite A200 psae6?

    What temperature do you mean exactly?
    CPU, GPU?

    Notes; the temperature depends on the heat dissipation of the unique pieces such as the CPU and GPU.
    The heat dissipation is higher when this part would go with superior performance.
    So it depends on the use of the laptop how temperature would increase

  • Password for the Bios M30 - 742 satellite problem

    I have a Toshiba laptop (model No. Satellite M30-742), bought on May 26, 2004.
    But I forget the CMOS password.
    Without entering the password, it is not possible to start the laptop.

    I have also contacted to your "Redington India" service centre in Kanpur (India).
    But they are unable to solve my problem.
    I know that my laptop is now out of warranty.

    So, I'm willing to pay for it.
    Please help me to start my laptop.

    Laptop model Satellite M30 742
    Model number PSM30E-7100V-EN
    Series No. 44095636P
    Windows XP operating system

    Thank you


    The unknown BIOS password cannot be deleted or removed easily.
    The unknown BIOS password can be removed ONLY by a certified maker Toshiba.

    To my knowledge, the Satellite M30-742 PSM30E-7100V-EN was released in Europe (probably for the British market)
    Then, probably, you should contact the ASP from Toshiba available to the United Kingdom in order to remove the BIOS password.

    Here is a link to all Toshiba ASP available worldwide:

  • Bad password the BIOS at startup Satellite A series

    After the children have used the laptop by connecting to BIOS password I get "invalid password" I don't think that they have been in the BIOS and changed it, so the only thing I can think is the language has been changed.

    I had this before but have always managed to open a session.
    Is it possible to XP to change the keyboard layout?

    If Yes to what?

    Is there a round work, or is it repair £150.

    Thanks for watching.


    Keyboard language can be changed in Windows XP.
    To do this, you must go to
    Control Panel-> regional languages and Options-> languages-> details tab
    Here, you can define an additional or new keyboard language.
    You can also use a short SHIFT + ALT key to switch between languages.

    But the main point is that this work of parameters only when operating system running Windows XP.
    In the BIOS, the provision could t be changed...
    So it is hard to believe that the children changed the layout of the keyboard.

    For me it s not explained why the BIOS password has been changed or why fake BIOS message

    However, if you are unable to boot up the laptop because of the BIOS password then you will need to contact the ASP in your country to remove BIOS
    You will have to pay for this service but I put t believe that it s expensive

  • Cannot delete from disk HARD/BIOS password, to access the BIOS on my Satellite L855 - 16 p

    Hey everybody,

    So I decided to install Ubuntu and the password I put up (via the bios hard disk) will not let me access bios. I tried to access it boot advanced, tried all start on the start buttons, but nothing happens. So basically, I want to delete this password and I can't access bios.

    I use Windows 8.1 Toshiba Satellite L855 - 16 p PSKAEE.
    ACPI BIOS Flash version 6.70
    Can you help me with this disappointment?
    Thank you in advance.

    Stand by. What do you mean with that I can't access BIOS? Want you say you can not access the BIOS in general settings or the pattern is BIOS password?

    If there is problem with password BIOS none of us can help you with this. You should contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and they can remove BIOS password for you.

  • HP Probook 470: What is the BIOS administrator Passowrd

    I've restored my Probook 470 to the factory settings and ran Windows Update a couple of times bring things up-to-date.

    Then I used the built-in HP Support Assistant to check the HP updates. There are a few updates driver including an update of the BIOS. All have been installed except the BIOS update - asking me to enter the "BIOS Password Admiistrator".

    What shuold I go home? There is nothing that came with the computer who told me.

    OK, thanks for all your answers.

    A helpful guy to the HP Support has generated an SMC. BIN file for me (as well as clear instructions on how to apply it). Everything worked well and I now control the Admin BIOS password and have successfully installed the latest version of the BIOS.

    A nuisance - I had to install the BIOS manually because HP Support Assistant has a major bug. He pretends to install BIOS but, after Windows restarts, it displays the following window:

    "A restart is required to complete the installation of updates"

    Whenever I restart the machine, HP Support Assistant does is display the same pop-up window. An endless loop basically.

    I solved this by installing the latest version of the BIOS manually and uninstall HP Support Assistant completely from my machine.

  • Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - what is the BIOS Boot-block access


    My last update of the BIOS has failed and my laptop PSU45E PrU400 Satellite is now out of use.
    I want to use the recovery disk of crisis with a USB floppy drive, but I don't know the key combination to run the boot block.
    Is that someone can help me?

    Best regards


    I was wondering what crisis recovery disk you have?  :|
    In my experience the special drive is required, which is available only for ASP technician
    That's why it of necessary to contact the ASP in your country to reflash BIOS.

    In my opinion you shouldn't t try recovery disks of the crisis who loves you in the net, it can drive to the mobo damage

  • How to remove the BIOS on my Satellite A200 password?

    Dear Sirs:

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A200 - 10N with number of MODEL PSAE3E - 02D00HGR and mistakenly got a password when you turn on your computer and are lost, the fact is that it is unclear if it was the BIOS or via the utility you have in the Windows Vista operating system.

    In any case should reset the BIOS form or another way to do as in the beginning and do not ask for a password.

    Thank you.

    Hi dude

    Bad news the BIOS cannot be removed or deleted if you n t know the old password.
    In this case, there is only one way to get the free laptop password, you will need to contact the ASP in your country and the guys could do this work.

    Good luck and best regards

  • How to reset the BIOS on my Satellite P870 password?

    I have toshiba satellite p870 core i7 laptop

    and the bios password

    IM need bios jumper or or are planning to open the device

    This Drop modil > 6050a 2492401 gl10fg

    Please help me

    [email protected]

    BIOS password is very important security feature and techniques of hair removal of the BIOS cannot be discussed in a public forum, especially not on the forum created by laptop manufacturer. This info is something like secret from above. ;)

    Removal of BIOS Toshiba nearest service contact. They can help you with this.

  • Can not enter into the BIOS of Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-15W

    I am trying to enter a Toshiba satellite pro S500-15W bios. I tried the key F2 and FN + F2 keys don't set fixed no joy. Then downloaded the latest version (2013) the update of the bios for this series and windows 7, 32 bit. When I try to run the update I get the message "this computer is not supported". If anyone can help.

    Try to hold down the F12 key during the restart of the unit. You will see several options on the page that appears. You'll want to install at the bottom. I have the case of the warning you will are you aure you have win 7?

    Most of the time you get this error, or you have a different version, in this case 64 bit? or another OS 8.1 or 10? Take a look at your computer, control panel settings of IE - settings then you can ook at what OS you have and the 32-bit version of or64.

  • Crisis of the BIOS Recovery on Satellite P100


    Usual story. Windows (WinPhlash) BIOS updated was wrong and my P100 is dead.
    I fell on the collection procedure of the crisis that should work on any laptop Phoenix BIOS based.

    However, I either do something wrong or the motherboard is blown more than I expected.
    In my case, I follow the procedure carefully, but my P100 won't enter in crisis recovery mode at all.
    He's not even trying to access/boot USB floppy drive.

    I just tested with A100 my wife and all the readers (HD, DVD and floppy drive) light their LEDs right after turning on the laptop, if the floppy drive works fine. When I press the power button on my P100, fans begin to turn, turn hard drive (and heater for chipset gets hot after awhile), but by pressing Fn + B or Win + B as described in procedure of CR does not any change in the behavior of the laptop. Floppy drive is Toshiba, marked, so there should be no compatibility issues. Voltage all the USB ports, but somehow my P100 refuses to access the floppy drive at startup.

    Any help?

    See you soon,.

    Satellite P100 say isn't the same thing as the Satellite A100.
    The two laptops are supported on different motherboards and different BIOS.

    I put t know what you did, but I see only one solution.
    You will need to contact the ASP in your country for assistance technicians should be able to help

    Good luck and best regards

  • The maximum size of HARD drive the BIOS sees in Satellite Pro 4200 and 4300 series systems

    I want to switch the HARD disk in my Satellite Pro 4340. I know the 4200 and 4300 SP series can take at least a 20 GB HARD drive that I've already updated a SP4270 and SP4280 drives from 20GB already.

    I did a search on assignments earlier re. Satellite Pro 4200 and computers portable 4300 series as various other contributors of this forum had already asked this question. A respondent suggested that they had installed a 60 GB HARD disk without problem.

    Someone at - it else mounted a big HARD drive (or more even) in these notebooks series 4200 and 4300 and managed to do work OK and had the BIOS to recognize the total size of the HARD drive?

    What is the largest swap HDD that someone did with success on these machines of 4200/4300?

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to find accurate information about it. All you can find are reports from other users. I am really interested about other views.

    By the way: 60 GB HARD drive is not sufficient for you?

  • Where is the BIOS Setup? -Satellite Pro 490XCDT

    My wife has a prehistoric laptop 490XCDT and yesterday she has returned with a new WLAN card

    > please, best husband in the world, install this

    She said and now its me who struggels for hours with this sh... laptop :/

    It might be helpful that I could get in the BIOS settings, but when I press ESC for power, this model just to say:

    > check the system and press F1

    If I do, the 'system' boots (WIN98) and no BIOS configuration is available

    What can I do? (exept recycling, devorce, etc...)



    I agree with you. This device is quite old.
    Are you sure that your wireless network card is compatible with your device?
    What card did you use? minPCI or PCMCIA WLan?
    You suggested that your unit is pre-installed with an OS Win 98. Well, I m sure that you need also a good pilot.

    AFAIK the ESC is a button on the right to enter the BIOS but let other opportunities; F2 or F12.

  • Impossible to update the BIOS on my Satellite L750-1MD


    I want to update my BIOS which is v.240 now. I DLed the latest version at the official site (311 I think).
    I did pay attention to the numbers when I select one for my laptop.

    When I try to update it - it begins to do message not not to have apps on and not restart or put in hybernation appears and then it stops. Then he tries to launch windows - W 7 Edition Home Premium, and windows once, everything becomes a black screen with a cursor.

    Cursor can me moved but it lost during 10 minutes there.
    After that I had to reboot to get rid of the black screen. I tried again later.
    Same result. And I checked my bios version - there are still 240. :(

    What should I do? Thank you!


    Before you run an update of the BIOS, the antivirus and other security applications must be disabled. Also, make sure that nothing is running in the background.

    In addition the VAP (value added package) must be installed. I recommend the update to this package too.

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