What is TSAssist.exe and how do I get rid of him? starts each time you start.

I get this every time you start, TSAssist.exe. What is and what can I get rid of him.


Perform the steps in the following link and check if this is useful:

How to remove a computer virus?

Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

Note: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Back up the registry


I hope this helps.

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  • When we look something up on the internet, I'm always redirected 4to7 times before I get the page I'm after. What is a virous and how do I get rid of him?

    When I try to go on the internet, after you type in a subject, I get the usual list of items to the choice. But when I try to select one of them, I redirected sometimes up to 8 times before iget the page I want. I redirected pages yellow and many other sites that have nothing to do with what I am looking upward. If it is avirous how can I get rid of him.

    When I try to go on the internet, after you type in a subject, I get the usual list of items to the choice. But when I try to select one of them, I redirected sometimes up to 8 times before iget the page I want. I redirected pages yellow and many other sites that have nothing to do with what I am looking upward. If it is avirous how can I get rid of him.

    Search for malware:

    Download, install, execute, update and perform analyses complete system with the two following applications:

    Remove anything they find. Reboot when necessary. (You can uninstall one or both when finished.)

    Search online with eSet Online Scanner.

    The less you have to run all the time, most things you want to run will perform:

    Use Autoruns to understand this all starts when your computer's / when you log in. Look for whatever it is you do not know using Google (or ask here.) You can hopefully figure out if there are things from when your computer does (or connect) you don't not need and then configure them (through their own built-in mechanisms is the preferred method) so they do not - start using your resources without reason.

    You can download and use Process Explorer to see exactly what is taking your time processor/CPU and memory. This can help you to identify applications that you might want to consider alternatives for and get rid of all together.

    Do a house cleaning and the dust of this hard drive:

    You can free up disk space (will also help get rid of the things that you do not use) through the following steps:

    Windows XP should take between 4.5 and 9 GB * with * an Office suite, editing Photo software, alternative Internet browser (s), various Internet plugins and a host of other things installed.

    If you are comfortable with the stability of your system, you can delete the uninstall of patches which has installed Windows XP...
    (Especially of interest here - #4)
    (Variant: http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_hotfix_backup.htm )

    You can run disk - integrated into Windows XP - cleanup to erase everything except your last restore point and yet more 'free '... files cleaning

    How to use disk cleanup

    You can disable hibernation if it is enabled and you do not...

    When you Hibernate your computer, Windows saves the contents of the system memory in the hiberfil.sys file. As a result, the size of the hiberfil.sys file will always be equal to the amount of physical memory in your system. If you don't use the Hibernate feature and want to reclaim the space used by Windows for the hiberfil.sys file, perform the following steps:

    -Start the Control Panel Power Options applet (go to start, settings, Control Panel, and then click Power Options).
    -Select the Hibernate tab, uncheck "Activate the hibernation", and then click OK. Although you might think otherwise, selecting never under "Hibernate" option on the power management tab does not delete the hiberfil.sys file.
    -Windows remove the "Hibernate" option on the power management tab and delete the hiberfil.sys file.

    You can control the amount of space your system restore can use...

    1. Click Start, right click my computer and then click Properties.
    2. click on the System Restore tab.
    3. highlight one of your readers (or C: If you only) and click on the button "settings".
    4 change the percentage of disk space you want to allow... I suggest moving the slider until you have about 1 GB (1024 MB or close to that...)
    5. click on OK. Then click OK again.

    You can control the amount of space used may or may not temporary Internet files...

    Empty the temporary Internet files and reduce the size, that it stores a size between 64 MB and 128 MB...

    -Open a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    -Select TOOLS - Internet Options.
    -On the general tab in the section 'Temporary Internet files', follow these steps:
    -Click on 'Delete the Cookies' (click OK)
    -Click on "Settings" and change the "amount of disk space to use: ' something between 64 MB and 128 MB. (There may be many more now.)
    -Click OK.
    -Click on 'Delete files', then select "Delete all offline content" (the box), and then click OK. (If you had a LOT, it can take 2 to 10 minutes or more).
    -Once it's done, click OK, close Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer.

    You can use an application that scans your system for the log files and temporary files and use it to get rid of those who:

    CCleaner (free!)
    (just disk cleanup - do not play with the part of the registry for the moment)

    Other ways to free up space...



    Those who can help you discover visually where all space is used. Then, you can determine what to do.

    After that - you want to check any physical errors and fix everything for efficient access"

    How to scan your disks for errors* will take time and a reboot.

    How to defragment your hard drives* will take time

    Cleaning the components of update on your Windows XP computer

    While probably not 100% necessary-, it is probably a good idea at this time to ensure that you continue to get the updates you need. This will help you ensure that your system update is ready to do it for you.

    Download and run the MSRT tool manually:
    (Ignore the details and download the tool to download and save to your desktop, run it.)


    Download/install the latest program Windows installation (for your operating system):
    (Windows XP 32-bit: WindowsXP-KB942288-v3 - x 86 .exe )
    (Download and save it to your desktop, run it.)



    Download the latest version of Windows Update (x 86) agent here:
    ... and save it to the root of your C:\ drive. After you register on theroot of the C:\ drive, follow these steps:

    Close all Internet Explorer Windows and other applications.

    AutoScan--> RUN and type:
    %SystemDrive%\windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe /WUFORCE
    --> Click OK.

    (If asked, select 'Run'). --> Click on NEXT--> select 'I agree' and click NEXT--> where he completed the installation, click "Finish"...


    Now reset your Windows with this FixIt components update (you * NOT * use the aggressive version):
    How to reset the Windows Update components?


    Now that your system is generally free of malicious software (assuming you have an AntiVirus application), you've cleaned the "additional applications" that could be running and picking up your precious memory and the processor, you have authorized out of valuable and makes disk space as there are no problems with the drive itself and your Windows Update components are updates and should work fine - it is only only one other thing youpouvez wish to make:

    Get and install the hardware device last drivers for your system hardware/system manufacturers support and/or download web site.

    If you want, come back and let us know a bit more information on your system - particularly the brand / model of the system, you have - and maybe someone here can guide you to the place s x of law to this end. This isn't 100% necessary - but I'd be willing to bet that you would gain some performance and features in making this part.

  • What is "Task host" and how do I get rid of him?

    When I try to shut down or restart my computer, it says a 'background' called "Task host" program is still ongoing.  I feel like "Task host" is not a good thing!  No one knows what it is and how to get rid of?

    The host is just a framework that allows other processes to run.  For example if you press Ctrl_Shift_Esc, and check your task manager, you will see things like 'Hosting Service task' so it's the hosting frame system that allows the execution of the service tasks.  It is basically a common framework for each application should not unnecessarily duplicate all the same reference level of functionality (using additional resources, disk space, etc.).  They can share a single host.

    In any case, this can make troubleshooting difficult because you don't know exactly which task delays your stop.  Help solve is to limit the number of background tasks are active.  There are a great many ways to to do, but I wrote a primer of basic here.

    Microsoft also makes a tool called AutoRuns which can help identify software that runs automatically in the background and easily disable (or reactivate later) to find that one causes a problem of process of elimination.

  • Who and what is Uniblue registry and how do I get rid of him?





    Ouch! Please do not yell at us. We can hear you if you type normally, in different cases.

    Instructions for getting rid of it are here: http://www.ehow.com/how_5750090_uninstall-uniblue-registry-booster.html

    Also, note the following:

    Registry cleaning programs are * all * snake oil. The registry cleaning is not necessary and dangerous. Let alone register and do not use any registry cleaner. Despite what many people think, and what software record cleaning providers are trying to you convince to have used the registry entries is not really make you hurt.

    The risk of a serious problem caused by a registry cleaner by mistake delete an entry you need is much greater than any potential benefit it may have.

    Read http://www.edbott.com/weblog/archives/000643.html

    and http://aumha.net/viewtopic.php?t=28099

    and also http://blogs.technet.com/markrussinovich/archive/2005/10/02/registry-junk-a-windows-fact-of-life.aspx

    Let me stress that neither me nor anyone else who warns against the use of registry cleaners has never said that they always cause problems. If they have always caused problems, they would disappear from the market almost immediately. Many people have used a registry cleaner and never had a problem with it.

    The problem with a registry cleaner is that it carries with it the essential * risk * to have a problem. And since there is no advantage to using a registry cleaner, running the risk is a very bad deal.

  • What is plug in and how can I get rid of him?

    Prevents me from emails from finish. Display the error message with three choices, don't ask the question, continue, stop to plug.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} by holding down the < shift >
    (Mac options)
    key and then from Firefox. Is always the problem?

    Some added addons toolbar and anti-virus are known to cause
    Firefox issues. Disable all of them.

  • What is the green line in the address bar and how do I get rid of him?

    Not more happy with Firefox 5 that I was with Firefox 4, but I at least 1 new problem. There is an irritating, ugly green line that appears in the address bar. What is this and how do I get rid of him?

    The sounds that you have installed the extension of the State-4-Evar (Tools > Modules > Extensions).

    You can change the behavior of the progress bar in the extension Options.

    Status-4-Evar-> Options-> progress > [] see the progression in the address bar

  • Windows live family safety... What is it where it comes and how do I get rid of him?

    Windows live family safety... .What is where it comes from and how do I get rid of him?

    This thing has invaded my machine, prevented me to access my most used and very general web sites and it's driving crazy me.

    Won't someone please help me get this and all related _ out of my machine?

    I went to this site and received no directive. https://account.live.com/HelpCentral.aspx?mkt=en-us&ProductKey=wlfamilysafety

    When I go into the folder on WL that appeared magically in my repertoire that I find all kinds of Nice to do things. How that happened? Why I'm so clueless, out in space, lost in the dark? I really did it? Going to cost me more than my sanity? Most of all, how can I get rid of him and everything that is associated with?

    Hello swhite1

    When you download any program Windows liver, you get all unless you say otherwise.
    To get rid of Windows Live family safety, you will need to uninstall the program.

    This is for Vista.

    Start menu > Control Panel > programs > programs and features >

    Uninstall or change a program
    Letter: Windows Live Essentials
    Click here: [uninstall / change]
    Click here: [continue] (Windows requires permissions)

    Uninstall or repair your Windows Live programs
    Choose: (*) uninstall
    Click here: [continue]

    Select the programs you wish to uninstall
    Choose: [] Family Safety.
    Click [continue]

    Uninstall the program

    Click here: [close]

    [X] close the control panel.


  • What kind of virus won't prevent you to connect to the internet and how do I get rid of him?

    Having been on my computer for hours very well, I left to pick up my girls from school, and my window was open to yahoo.  When I came back, the computer was off.  I tried to turn it back on and it wouldn't do anything.  the fire came, but it never came.  After you play with it for a bit, I finally managed to do turn it on, but it does nothing else.  I can't get into all programs and I can't connect to the internet.  After a few fault-finding with cox for more than an hour, they determined that I have a virus.  What kind of virus can put your computer completely out of use and how do I get rid of him?


    stops a lot of malware connect to the net

    Download update and scan with the free version of malwarebytes anti-malware


    You should also download and run rkill to stop the process of problem before you download and scan with malwarebytes


    make it work above in safe mode with networking

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
    3. Select the Safe Mode with networking with the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.
  • execution of DLLs. Error loading cbbxw.dll. the specified module could not be found. -what it means and how do I get rid of him?

    execution of DLLs. Error loading cbbxw.dll. the specified module could not be found. -what it means and how do I get rid of him?

    You could have, or still are, infected by malware; and it could also be a starting top left him entry.

    Malware scan:


    Malwarebytes is as its name suggests, a Malware Remover!

    Download the free Version from the link above.

    Download, install, upgrade and scan once a fortnight...


    How to use Malwarebytes once it is installed and updated:

    1. open Malwarebytes > click the update tab at the top > get the latest updates.

    2. on the Scanner tab, make sure that thePerform full scan option is selected and then click on theScan button to start scanning your computer

    3 MBAM will now start to scan your computer for malware. This process can take some time.

    4. when the scan is complete, a message box will appear

    5. you must click on the OK button to close the message box and continue the process of Malwareremoval.

    6. you will now be at the main scanner screen. At this point, you must click on the button toview the result .

    7. a screen showing all of the malware displayed the program that is

    8. you must now click remove selection button to remove all the listed malware. MBAM will now delete all of the files and registry keys and add them to the programs quarantine. When you remove files, MBAM may require a restart in order to eliminate some of them. If it displays a message stating that it needs to restart, please let him do. Once your computer has rebooted, and logged in, please continue with the remaining steps.

    9. when MBAM has finished remove the malware, it will open the scan log and display it in Notepad. See the log as desired, and then close the Notepad window.

    10. you can now exit the MBAM program.


    If the error persists after scanning, use the program to out startup:


    This utility, which has a knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs configured to run at system startup or login and that the entries in the order of processing windows. These programs include those in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other registry keys. You can configureAutoruns to show other locations, including Explorer shell, toolbar extensions, helper objects to the browser, Winlogon notifications, auto and many start-up services even more. Autoruns goes way beyond the MSConfig utility bundled with Windows Me and XP.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • What is snap.do and how do I get rid of it

    What is snap.do and how do I get rid of it

    Snap do re directions is usually a residue of adware, spyware or some kind of virus...

    Maybe it's enough to change your page welcome/departure of Google Chrome:

    If this is not help try the automatic removal tools:

    Microsoft safety scanner
    Malwarebytes AntiMalware

    Mod note
    Deleted link and spyhunter is not recommended by the community.

    I can't UNINSTALL Spy Hunter, no matter what I try!

  • A tiny diamond at the top right of a vignette retains this image highlight. What this means and how do I get rid of him?

    See above. Suddenly, a diamond appears at the top of a vignette in the Loupe. What is this and how do I get rid of him?

    You compare two images

    White Diamond refers to the picture of the candidate and the black diamond as selected picture

    Press on the X / Y symbol above Film Strip in the toolbar to turn it off.



  • I just started to use a new version of Illustrator and the text I've created has a pink box behind, seems to be on the depth of the normal linespace, it is not visible in outline view, only in the preview. What is this and how do I get rid of him?

    I just started to use a new version of Illustrator and the text I've created has a pink box behind, seems to be on the depth of the normal linespace, it is not visible in outline view, only in the preview. What is this and how do I get rid of him?

    A pink box indicates that the font is not installed. This is a file that you have worked before, or is this a new file?

  • I have a Trojan virus located in C:\windows\svchost.exe! How can I get rid of him? Help, please!

    I have a Trojan virus located in (C:\windows\svchost.exe)! How can I get rid of him?  Help, please!


    1 are you facing any problem with the operating system?
    2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    Try the next method and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Run Microsoft Safety scanner and check if there are any threats found.

    : the Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. During these 10 days, it will remove all the files infected by the virus and records. I suggest you create a backup of your data, and then install Microsoft Safety Scanner.
    Method 2:

    Make a file system checker and check if it helps.

    To run a SFC scan, follow the steps described in the following Microsoft article.

    How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929833

    It will be useful.
  • What is i.simpli.fi and how do I get rid of him?

    seems to be some adware/malware that captures where to go on the net. it slow down page loading. Whenever I click on a link or to renew a page it displays in the lower left corner (" i.simpli.fiof connection").

    How can I get rid of him?

    I am running firefox 21.0.

    Thank you.

    Hello, you have the MixiDJ this extension in your profile that could be considered malware.

    Please reset firefox and see if these entries are always present thereafter. also, go to the windows control panel / programs and remove all toolbars or potentially unwanted software from there and run a full scan of your system with the security software you have in place and various other tools such as the free version of malwarebytes & adwcleaner.

    Remove a toolbar that has supported your Firefox or the homepage search
    Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

  • What is the NWNTHAKDGX service and how can I get rid of him?

    I noticed this service on my Windows 7 PC, (NWNTHAKDGX) for advice as to what it is or how to get rid of him.


    Looks like you may have a virus or other malware. Get your updated antivirus program and boot into Safe Mode. Note that some viruses can hide from your normal antivirus program, so you really need to scan in Safe Mode. To enter in Safe Mode when you turn on first, press F8 on every seconds until you get the menu, and then select Safe Mode. Then run a complete system scan.


    Microsoft has suggestions and offerings to



    Moderator Forum Keith has a few suggestions along this line to



    If that suits him fine. If this is not the case, use system restore to go back to an earlier date at the beginning of the problem. To run system restore, click Start-> programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> system restore. Click on the box that says show more restore points.


    You can check the corrupted system files. Open an administrator command prompt and run SFC if the above does not help. Click START, and then type CMD in the search box, right-click on CMD. EXE and click run as administrator. Then, from the command prompt type sfc/scannow.


    Finally if all else fails, you can look at the rather cryptic system event log. To do that click on start-> Control Panel-> administration-> event viewer tools. Once in Event Viewer system log-click and scroll entries looking for these "error" with indicator see if you can find guidance on where the problem may be.


    When you get your system in good working condition, I invite you to back up your system up to an external hard drive and make it regular periodic updates.


    I hope this helps. Good luck.

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