where is the key of "hash" on my keyboard

where is the sign of hash on my keyboard tag... Please quite


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  • where is the symbol of hash on the Apple keyboard

    where is the symbol of hash on the Apple keyboard

    Hold down the option/alt key, then press 3.

  • Where is the key to refresh on C50 - A Satellite?

    Where is the key to refresh on C50 - A. On my old laptop is F5, but on an F5 disables the touchpad.

    You can use F5 as refresh the key, but you must change the mode of use of the F-keys.
    Follow these steps:
    Start Desktop Help > tools & utilities > system settings > keyboard you will find the option for function keys mode. Change special in standard mode.

    Now you should be able to use F5 as refresh key but don't not to disable the touchpad. This feature will be possible when you press FN and F5.

    Check it out please.

  • Where along the line on a Canadian French keyboard?

    Where along the line on a Canadian French keyboard?

    Long dashes are to shift option 0 and option shift =.

    Use the keyboard Viewer to see which button does what,

    OS X El Capitan: use the keyboard Viewer

  • Where is the key to multiplation on the calculator does not

    Can not see the key multiply.  no problems with less, fracture, or add the key but do not see the key multiply.
    Thank you
    Catherine Swaim

    The * key (adjacent to the number 6)

  • Where is the key on the keyboard?

    first of all, I do not even know the name of this key, so I can't create better title, sorry.

    That's what the look like key:

    It is a shortcut for a page break in the application of Pages.

    Thank you.

    It's two keys: command and Enter.

    But a MacBook Air does not Enter, key etc that the shortcut command function to return. If you turn on the keyboard Viewer, you can see that the fn key turn back (↩︎) to enter (⌅).

  • where is the key to the division on the calculator of Windows 7?

    Trying to use the Windows 7 Calculator but can find no key for the division and multiplication - can anyone help?

    ' * ' is the multiplication and "/" is the division. As is practical common on most spreadsheet applications...

  • Where is the key forward on the Outlook e-mail

    I went to Outlook from Hotmail. I can't find the command advanced enumerated in the choice for the emails that I receive.

    See if that helps,

  • Where is the key 100% width?

    Hi all!

    I'm doing an image stretched to fit 100% overall of the browser window. I use Adobe Muse 2016. Looks like it's gone! Thank you!

    Look for the "Stretch to the width of browser" option next to resize it: label in the Control Strip.

  • where is the product key W7 on mini 1000

    I'm recovering from a hard drive error. I have a Mini 1100 and it will start to QuickWeb, but will not proceed with Win7 longer.

    I have a fob USB recovery when the device was new, I created, but it does nothing after loading. All white screen. I intend replacing the operating system but make nave not required for activation product ID.

    So, where's the key?


    Instructions to remove the service cover.

    Chapter 4, page 40.


    We try to make your HP all the best experience.


  • On the Smart keyboard where is the return key back?

    On the Smart keyboard, where is the return key back?

    Find a back button to the upper right.

  • Where is the product key of MS OneNote?


    with my laptop L20 came MS OneNote. I started it and it asked for the product key. Where can I find the key?

    Thanks for your help!


    The product key found on the CD supplied with the device case. Check the back of the CD case-

  • Satellite A300-1EH - where to find the key for Microsoft Works?

    Satellite A300-1EH

    My laptop has been repaired. Exchange service throughout the system. I have serious problem since then.
    The new version of Microsoft Works requires me 25 - the key of the product registration. I don't have him. Where can I get this version, the product key?

    It did not help me Microsoft or service. They sent me manufacturer...


    You have installed a newer version of Microsoft Works? Normally, you can only use the version preinstalled work and so you do not need a key. It s already active and ready to use.

    I think you use HARD drive recovery option to get a working dos version Works. :(

    Good bye

  • Where can I get the keys that fell from my macbook air keyboard?

    Where can I get the keys that fell from my macbook air keyboard?

    Try iFixit.com and Powerbookmedic.com.  eBay may be another alternative.


  • Where is the tab key went using Pages on iPad 2 Air version iOS 9.2

    on my iPad (iOS 9.1) 2 Air' and in the application of Pages is no longer able to find even less to use a key of tabs.  Anyone know how to get back the tabs in Pages of documents?

    You have iOS 9.2 in the title of your post but 9.1 in the body.  I assume you mean of 9.1.  On my iPad running pages 'paw', the key is where it has always been, press the two keys on the left to the top of 'shift '.

    If you don't, then you could try to close your iPad completely and restart.


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