Why Adobe Application Manager doesn't stop downloads the installation fails because of corruption AAM

Adobe Application Manager - if installation fails for the first of all the products of CS6 Cloud with note that "MAO is damaged and must be reinstalled" why not ARREST all the others download (which then also fail for the same exact reason!) AAM?

In countries like here (New Zealand) who still have restrictive limits on their downloads, this would be VERY USEFUL!

Cheers, Kevin

The error message stated that the MAA has been damaged and I should reinstall. However, I tried again (without reinstalling the AAM - I'm an optimist!) and all applications have now installed successfully.

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  • How to fix Adobe Application Manager code error-60 download appears corrupt but only for Photoshop CS6 app

    How to fix Adobe Application Manager code error-60 download appears corrupt but only for Photoshop CS6 Creative Suite cloud App. Several attempts have been made to install Photoshop CS6 with Adobe Application Manager without success. All the other Creative Suite apps has been downloaded successfully. I get Installation failed when trying to install Photoshop. How no one corrects it?

    PJBarbour I would recommend working with your IT Department to solve your network problems.  Aid and the trial license is only a workaround and do not solve the root cause to be able to download the Adobe Application Manager software.

    There are other offers available currently in the creative cloud, i.e. Adobe Edge and Lightroom, you need to download and install using the Adobe Application Manager to the licensed software.

  • Missing or damaged Adobe application Manager problem Student Editon of the creative cloud

    Hey I just bought a subscription to adobe creative student cloud editing and I've just finished installing Adobe Pro CC first and whenever I run the application it it pops up a window saying

    Adobe Application Manager to start your trial, is missing or damaged.

    Please download a new copy of Adobe Application Manager of


    So when I try to install a new version of the adobe Application Manager, it says updated Adobe Application Manager and I say yes to give her our association of course then it finish loading and then it just closes and nothing happens I can't find anywhere to open an adobe application manager then I try to open first pro Once again he give me the same error again.

    So, any suggestions or solutions would be helpful

    Keep in mind im using pc not mac thank you

    For Mac:

    1) click on the Finder and search options listed next to icon located Apple in the upper left of the screen and click on the "Go" menu button and select 'utilities '.

    (Applications > Utiliites)

    Look for a CC Adobe and Adobe Application Manager folder under utility window and trash both folders.


    Click on the link below and download & run the cleaning of Adobe tool:

    Select "Adobe Application Manager for Mac OS X 10.6 ' and then click on"Clean up selected. "

    https://helpx.Adobe.com/content/help/en/Creative-Suite/KB/CS5-cleaner-tool-installation-PR on-item-par/procedure/proc_par/step_3/step_par/download/file.res/AdobeCreativeCloudCleaner oblems/_jcr_content/hand-Sea/accordion_container_1/accordion-nominal/accordion-point-1/accordi Tool.zip


    Click on the link below and download and install Adobe Application Manager.


    Once installation is complete, the installation box will disappear "

    Then open the Applications folder and locate the Adobe Application Manager icon and double-click it.

    It will start the update process and gets update for Creative Cloud desktop application.

    Then sign in to creative cloud.

    And launch applications CC and check.,.

  • Why my Adobe Application manager is not loaded to the top! MAC


    I'm on creative cloud trying to download Adobe Photo Shop, but my Application Manager does not load on my MAC, I tried all sorts of ways of its opening, but it still does not work? On creative cloud says that the download of photoshop, but nothing shows that the MAO does not load.

    I managed to download illustrator in the past, about 3 weeks ago.

    Please can someone help me. I'm on a Mac. Should I uninstall and install again? Y at - it an option to uninstall AAM?

    Thank you


    Kindly try to remove Adobe Application Manager using the cleaning tool and Creative Cloud help | Uninstall the creative Office Cloud app and install it using: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/install-apps.html

  • How can I get a copy of Adobe Application Manager?  I can't update 13 items because I get a message telling me that the Manager is missing or damaged.

    How can I update the 13 items?  When I try I keep getting a message that says Adobe Application Manager is damaged or missing.

    I downloaded from the Adobe website and installed in this way. It worked this time. When I tried several times before it wouldn't let me install because it's only for the CC.  He now works in any case.  Thank you

  • Adobe Application Manager closes right on me--the ideas of how to run?

    Just purchased Adobe CC for a year and clicked on the button to download my first app, only Adobe Application Manager (the latest version) to just quit on me. Tried to restart many times but it's always the same "Adobe Application Manager quit unexpectedly." Can someone please tell what could be the problem?

    I tried to download Indesign, Photoshop and illustrator all separately on several occasions, but each time the same thing happens. This is the first time, I installed and tried to use Adobe Application Manager on any device.

    I use an iMac with a lot of Ram etc. 10.9.4 OSX version

    Thank you

    Don't worry, I solved the problem. When you install the new CC products, Adobe does not automatically download the latest version of the Application Manager - so you must download separately and install it before you can download all the programs. Go here for Application Manager:


  • Adobe Application Manager Trying Update itself gives the error Code: U43M1D207

    I have CS5 running on Windows 7 with Adobe Application Manager and I have ben notified and installed the software updates very well for the last 18 months. But there are a few days the Adobe Application Manager informed me of an update and every time I have try and install the update it gives me the following error after downloading the patch 'a mistake to is updated. Quit and try again later. Error code: U43M1D207. »

    I tried several times the update even after restarting the system. It seems to me that it is an update for Adobe Application Manager itself.

    Any thoughts?

    If not I can remove this app, so I can get rid of the annoying icon on the bar telling me tasks, I have an update avialble who can't be implemented?

    Thanks for any help.

    I went into the preferences for the application manager and the saw was both CS5 and CS6 products listed and so I just disabled all CS6 products and he said no update available and the icon went away. I also see in the preferences, you have the option to disable the icon in the task bar if you don't want to tell their updates.


  • Impossible to download, the installer fails

    Try to download the trial version of Adobe Muse, from Adobe's Web site. The installation program fails... What should do? I have Windows 7, 64 bit.


    Try a few steps in the following article and this fixed the issue


  • Trying to download ACR 9 Raw, had error Code U44M1I210. But now, I can't even open the Adobe Application Manager to start any download.

    Hi, error Code U44M1I210 mean? I try to download Adobe Camera Raw 9 and got this error message.

    Photoshop Camera Raw 9.0 (CC)

    There was an error of installation of this update. Quit and try again later. Error code: U44M1I210

    Press Windows button (located between Ctrl and Alt buttons) with the key R together at once, you will get a command window.

    Type below command and press the enter"" key.


    Then go to the Local > Adobe > AAMUpdater.

    Open the AAMUpdater folder and rename Old - 1.0 1.0 file.

    Then launch Photoshop application and click on the Help menu and select updates.

    Always the same question?

    Try to install the update manually:


    Note: If you get the access denied error.

    Just click on the link below and the open Photoshop Elements download page, just keep it open and click on the links:


  • Adobe Application Manager hangs during activation of the license of the team

    When I try to open my apps CC connect I get a thank you window that says "creative cloud is now allowed to...» ", but when I click on the continuous AAM falls down and restarts with the window"login required"in an infinite loop.

    The steps I've taken so far:

    • trashed the file opm.db in support of the request
    • uninstalled applications CC
    • trashed the AAM and CC files in utilities
    • Run the Adobe CC cleaning tool

    I then reinstalled everything but it continues to be.

    Any help much appreciated.


    This link may help: Re: loop "Sign in required"

    Kind regards


  • Installation of Adobe Application Manager is stuck on "prepare the files."

    Help. It is stuck on the "preparation of the files.

    Rename the opm.db file.

    1. Close the application of Creative Cloud runs.
    2. Navigate to the OOBE folder.
      Windows: [system drive]: \Users\ [user name] \AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
      Mac OS: /users/folder/Library/Application Support / Adobe / OOBE
    3. Rename the file opm.db in opm_old.db
    4. Launch of creative cloud


  • Update CS5 with Adobe Application Manager.

    I tried to update CS5 with Adobe Application Manager. But after downloading the files, he immediately stopped saying "update is not a success, failure to download the file, stop the program and later it starts again." No code or somethinh else. The system is Win8.1. Does anyone has a tip?


    Please try to download the update from the product updates

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Application Manager sees not what is installed.

    Manager application Adobe does not see what is installed on my computer.  It is said that acrobat XI is "up to date" when in fact it is not yet installed on my computer.  I had to uninstall X when it kept crashing and use IX since last year.  I would like to install XI since I am paying for it, but can't see how to reinstall it from the process manager, y at - it a trick?

    Hi Steven,

    Run the cleanup tool to remove all remnants of previous installations and re - install Adobe Application Manager. You can download the tool for cleaning of Acrobat from the link below:


    Make sure you select the right options while using the cleaning tool to uninstall Acrobat 11 only and not previous versions.

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Application Manager - Code A12E1


    I can't complete installation of adobe application manager - code A12E1 - to download the creative cloud applications.

    MacPro, OS X 10.8.2

    I cleaned all the former facilities of CS (3, 4, 5, 5.5) with the cleaning tool Adobe CS and no process running, Manager application MAA downloaded via CC and directly from the Adobe website.

    No hint what to do?

    Thank you

    Adobe offers a cleaning tool, which removes the entries in the database but not the physical files associated with the installation.  Run the programs uninstall program to remove all components.

    Remove the creative cloud on Mac OS

    1. double-click on your hard disk.

    2. go in Applications > utilities > Adobe Installers.

    3 run all the Adobe uninstaller programs to remove all Adobe Creative Suite products.

    Try this: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-creative-cloud-installation-download .html


  • Impossible to download creative cloud, acrobat pro or Adobe Application Manager

    I bought adobe pro and click Download. It saves the file on my computer, but when I click Run, it stops downloading when it is over 75%. It tells me to download Adobe Application Manager. I click on the link and it's downloaded the creative cloud. When creative cloud is almost done signature, it indicates there is an error and I need to download the application support. I click on this link and it tells me that the aid application is no longer available. A circle without end with no luck. Removed the firewall, tried to open different browsers. It's for my laptop with Windows 8.1 running on 64-bit operating system. All the tips in order to get my download as I bought a few days ago and really need it to work.

    Thank you.

    You seem to have done all the troubleshooting available in our help documents; Please Contact Customer Care as agent to be remote in your machine and solve the problem.

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