Why does'nt agree Firefox with BankID for the sarakahlaoui?

When I try to use the BankID to reach my bank account in the sarakahlaoui, Firefox becomes crazy. It begins to open new pages over and over again and completely blocks the Firefox program. I have to use Ctrl Alt Delete to stop it and then Firefox is blocked.
The BankID people tell me this isn't their fault a TI must be Firefox.
You have a solution?

Endless tabs opening can be caused by direct Firefox to open a file type that it cannot manage effectively. This article contains more information on this problem: Firefox opens several times empty tabs or windows after clicking on a link.

I couldn't read the BankID site. Should I use a plugin, or exactly how it integrates with Firefox? If it does not add a plugin, make sure that it is set to "Always enable" so that it can be used in a transparent manner. You can set permissions on the page plugin modules. Either:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + a
  • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

In the left column, click on Plugins. On the right side, you can find plugins that integrate into sites, which you often put to 'Ask to activate', plugins that work in the background, working often better set to "Always enable" and plugins of mystery that have no apparent value, which can be set to 'never activate.

Sometimes of plugin permission changes do not take effect in the current windows, but only in a new window.

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    I would have you try both.

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    You should take a look at your startup programs and decide what is really necessary and what is nothing more than useless clutter. There is nothing wrong with the startup programs, some may be really useful or even necessary for your personal needs. But keep in mind that many programs build to start when you start the computer and that most of them must not start when the computer starts, all they do is slow down your boot time and clutter of things when you're trying to solve problems, and some are downright harmful!

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    Suggest that you first spread malware as the cause of the problem by following these steps:

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    DO NOT USE ANY cleaning of the advanced options. DO NOT TOUCH THE REGISTRY OR TOOLS. At least not for now.


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    UTC/GMT is 18:16 on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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    Hi Nicolas,

    I suggest you to check the battery. Additionally, make sure that you have installed the right drivers for you Consumer IR Port.

    For more information, you can check the link below,


  • Why does text appear distorted since I downloaded the latest version of the player.  I run a Microsoft operating system on a desktop computer.

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    Hi markm10760403,

    Open the drive, go to the edition menu > preferences > Page Display > rendering > set smooth text for laptop / monitor.

    Click OK to confirm the changes.

    Restart the drive and check if the problem persists.

    Kind regards


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    I had to wipe my drive since then with the trouble with Apple Store without acknowledging my machine and Time Machine reloading gave complications. Can you please cancel my trial and make my money from trial.

    Hi jack gordon.

    Adobe does not charge for the 30 day trial, but it seems that you have subscribed to Acrobat Pro (as a simple app for creative cloud membership) return March 15. To cancel your subscription, please contact customer service.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.



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    Hello, Winston,

    It is actually for troubleshooting only.

    Networking Mode safe mode starts Windows in mode safe mode and includes the network drivers and services needed to access the Internet or other computers on your network.

    Some applications may not work properly or not at all if you use safe mode with networking for everyday computing.

    Wireless network adapter may not work when you use the Option "Safe Mode with network.


    Safe mode disables most of the processes and services running. These services include the Windows Update service. »

  • I bought a windows version of 11 elements and not a mac version. So I can't install the dvd and it does not accept my serial number for the "downloadversion" how this can be solved?

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    You can also download the Mac in trial version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.

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    I'm a customer of CS5.5, why say that I am not eligible for the discount?

    There are two price for Lightroom: full or upgrade.

    The upgrade price is the same for all owners of a previous version of Lightroom.

    So, if you have purchased a version upgrade then you got your discount.

  • Problem with pdf for the opening of the health gov Web site.

    Problem with pdf for the opening of the health gov Web site. I use my ipad in Safari and have installed the application to adobreader. Healthcare gov support only suggested to disable the pop-up blocker. I did, and I couldn't always open the file. No problem on a desktop computer regardless of the browser.

    In my view, they spend on their web server to a document ECM server authentication. Someone else has the problem?

    I tried the Penguin, Chrome and Atomic browsers on the ipad and the same issue.

    Thank you!


    Okay, actually, I think that there is a problem with the type of form. It is a form of a special kind (called a form XFA or Designer, for what it's worth), which can be opened with Adobe Reader and only on Mac or Windows. There is no iPad software that can read these.

  • So frustrated with Google Sync does not. Not a replacement for the 755 p

    As a new device, the Pre is very nice, very slippery.
    To replace the 755 p, this thing doesn't cut it, and I don't know what to do about it.
    With my 755 p, I used the Palm Desktop calendar and contacts, Notes, DocumentsToGo, DayNotez, Alison and SplashID regularly, or even several times a day.  I was fully aware that some of these things wouldn't work right away on the meadow and have no problem with that.  It's a new product, things will come.  I knew there was a way to get the calendars and contacts to convert on the meadow and that's all that I was really interested.
    I run the data transfer Assistant when I got home after picking up my new 6/6 pre - calendar and contacts entries all copied on the phone - not the Notes.  I believe that all my Contacts and perhaps 30% of my entries in calendar copied on Google in the next 24 to 36 hours and then they stopped.  Yes, it has literally taken so long.  After spending hours reading the forums and try a lot of things before leaving, it seemed the right answer was to reset the phone and try again.  Almost every spare moment (and no spare) since then I spent trying to get this working.  Several times this week I did a full erase on the phone, deleted my Google Calendar, deleted all my contacts from Google and run DTA once again, wait about 6 to 12 hours between each time to make sure that it is not all data circulating everywhere in between.  Some attempts seem to take days to fill in the information of the Google phone, so I wait patiently to see if this time it will work.  Between each attempt, I remove entries more in my Palm Desktop calendar, thinking that the number of entries there maybe that is the problem.  I have spend hours going through the last 6 years of my calendar, removing more and more of the things that I absolutely need.  I'm now down to ~ 1600 entries in my Palm Desktop calendar, leaving only what I really need right now.  Last night, I reset and ran DTA again (maybe 9th time this?).  This morning I seem to have everything on the phone, but only half of the entries in my calendar and contact in my gmail contacts.  This transfer of data inconsistencies frankly scares me.  How will I never really feel confident that he got 100% of my data without manually browse entries of 1600 +?
    I spent maybe 25-30 hours trying to get this to work last week.  I don't really mind even spending all that time screwing around, because I'm jumping on a new piece of technology and problems expected.  I actually quite enjoy the challenge of it and don't mind going through my old calendar entries and remembering all the meetings and events, I attended.  However, when it has been a week and I do not see a resolution in sight, I start to wonder if I should give up on the thing.
    I may have to try.
    I simply cannot delete calendar entries more and don't know what else I can do to make it work.
    There is no way to sync the Word & Excel files (although it is trivially easy to make an app for it via the USB cable), a little more difficult, but not impossible to do it live.  You can do this manually via the USB port, but the hands are not what I need.  I don't know that a solution will come.
    There is no ssh client. I can't wait to do this.
    There seems to be no way to synchronize your notes what whatsoever to make them available on a PC or on the web.
    It doesn't seem to be any application of newspaper/journal as DayNotez still (Evernote is not what I want) and angelique said they do not plan to put forward.
    SplashID is out with a pre - app, but I need to access this data on my PC.

    Why Palm would not to propose a solution that has the potential to restrict and limit access to data.  If the Internet is down at work or at home, I am unable to use cloud computing via my PC and I will not use the Pre to enter meetings, view calendar entries and write documents.  Cloud computing as a concept is great, but to do the PC apps there for people who prefer to use computers to do things and a way to synchronize all these data for the Pre.  The Pre is not the answer at all, or most of the things ever.
    I'm not saying that the pre is not great.  It's a great device, but I can't see it being able to do what I need to do or what the data transfer Assistant is supposed to to do any time soon.  Do you have?
    Still not sure what I will do here.

    Looks like we can see a solution for this in the recent release of 1.03!  I improved the second, the update went live and just did a bunch of tests and the sync seems to work perfectly.  I'm going to enter all the data to my calendar now!  I'll be back if I noticed any problems and report in.

  • Hello??? Android? Why does not appear there a version for Android users. After all the Wacom and Samsung are the only two companies of manufacturing tablets for the artist...

    Apple artist left behind years ago. Why these new mobile applications are only available in ios? I use a Tablet much more sophisticated than your dad's iPad. My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has more than 1000 points of pressure sensitivity and was built with Wacom technology for the artist, but first artist programs don't release them these mobile applications to the apple app format?

    Even the Evangelist using windows based operating systems in 90% of the videos I watch on; line of Adobe, so why are still claim us Apple is the only platform that is important, leaving many serious artists out in the cold? Download these apps on the store of Google game as soon as POSSIBLE, please.

    Not sure if you saw thisblog post of April where we announced to come for some of our mobile applications on Android. Since this blog, we have published CC color, shape CC, CC of the brush and Photoshop Mix for Android. We are also currently working on an Android version of the draw by lot and if you want to help us beta test it now, please join the community app Android Adobe here.

    Thank you

    Will be

    Product Manager

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    Pages come normally, then after scrolling, the text becomes "garbled" and unreadable, as if the colors that make up the letters are not aligned correctly. Sometimes small colored boxes appear in the text. Highlighting the text seems back to readability. IE doesn't do this on my Windows 7 computer.

    Try disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox by going to the Tools menu, select Options, and then selecting the Advanced tab. You will find a check box below the navigation area that deals with hardware acceleration. Uncheck the box that then restart your browser.

    If this is useful, you can try upgrading your graphics card driver to its latest version. We have seen the text rendering problems in Firefox due to the graphics card.

  • Why hp can't provide a driver for the d6160 that works correctly with windows 7?

    I've recently updated my computer using windows 7 and am having problems getting my printer to work. Ink levels is not available, when I try to print it tells me to replace the cyan cartridge, which I did but the message keeps appearing always and it will not print, even though I told it to print in black only. In fact I can't print at all.

    Looks like you are having a driver issue. For starters, HP provides all their drivers online. I'm going to inlcude that the link below with instructions for installation.

    First of all, if you use a USB cable, be sure to remove it (it's important). Do not plug it in again until the software instructs you. Through devices and printers, programs and features and issues Device Manager and make sure that all copies, files, and programs related to the printer are removed. As indicated, and then restart the computer.

    In the menu START menu type "%temp%" and press ENTER. Here, I want you to press Ctrl + A, and press DELETE. Some files you cannot delete them, ignore these files and delete the majority that allows it to.

    find and install SOFTWARE to FEATURE FULL if it is available:


    Install and let me know the result!

    Have a great day!


  • Visual Voicemail for blackBerry Smartphones does not sync/reconcile with notification of the icon

    new blackberry... have the 9630 Tour and am very happy so far but I have a few problems with the Visual Voicemail:

    (1) the e-mail inbox voice Visual doesn't save new voice messages... I have to constantly manually "resync mailbox," even if I wait 20-30 minutes for a voice message record once I get a standard notification

    2) once I have listen to Visual Voicemail and delete it, the notification on the homescreen icon do not reconcile that they were listened to... even if I listened to their Twitter.com.

    (3) I would prefer not to receive 3 a new VoiceMail notifications in my main Inbox... I get notification of 1) icon on the home screen, 2) of the "new voicemail" message and (when working) 3) of visual voicemail.  I looked but can't find how to set a preference to filter these redundant messages.

    any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!

    YES... Press the phone icon to get the phone, press the Menu, goto Options.  Select Call Logging, then choose 'None' will benefit more triple notifications, but missed calls still appears in the list of phone.

    With respect to the AVC and the Home icon reconcile... always disturbing.

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