Why not charge my battery

my battery is not charging when plugged, how do I change to fix this?

Maybe the battery needs to be replaced?

I suggest that contact you the office of support from the manufacturer of your machine...

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  • Satellite A100 - will not charge the battery


    I have ned to help. My Satellite A100 will not charge the battery. He works the power adaptor for the led indicates charging status, battery shows 1% of loading tatus information, but none does change - no loading any time. When disconnected everything just stops off like normal desktop.

    I've already put battery in and out, made upgrades to the antivir software, makes Toshiba controls, tests, but what ever he did did not any change. If there is no way for restoration of battery how to check what the problem is I have no second battery or AC I can always buy new batttery but I don't know if the old one is broken and weather new would work properly?

    Best regards

    Hi pawelg,

    I agree with the user above. The battery can be charged only up to 500 times, and after that, it must be replaced. I think it's the case now, I mean that everything works correctly on the AC adapter so I think that the battery must be the reason for this.

    By the way: you can buy a new battery to an authorized service provider. ;)

  • Satellite A100 - 166 PSAA9E will not charge the battery


    My laptop will not charge the battery.
    Although Windows Xp recognize the battery and says loading, the battery does not charge.
    I tried with a spare battery that I thought that the battery was faulty, with the same results.

    Strange thing is, when I turn off the laptop the power led remains lit and the blue, even without the power supply attached therefore discharge the battery.
    The battery led is still orange but not load!

    What is the problem with the laptop?
    Thank you


    Generally, there are three possibilities;
    (1) the adapter is faulty
    (2) the battery is faulty
    (3) the logbooks electronic malfunctions (ESF)

    So now he of needed to check all these steps to find the fault.
    You said you've tried different batteries and AC adapter works too.
    So it is possible that there is something wrong with the electronic power supply

    In this case there is not much to do to contact the ASP in your country. Technicians should check the portable and should run diagnostics tests

    I recommend contacting the guys and ask for more details and manipulation still good luck and happy new year.

  • Satellite M70 do not charge the battery

    My satellite M71 do not charge the battery, not only when works now, but also when power is off. Do not charge batteries supplied with the adapter plugged.


    I agree with the user above.
    This really looks like a malfunction of the battery. I put t know how old laptop is but generally cover the battery for about 1 year.

    You know that, after the words of 500 of loading and unloading procedures battery automatically loses performance and battery life battery decreases.
    It s nothing unusual.

    But if the battery is new, you must contact the ASP (partner) in your country.

  • PC HP ENVY 15 x 360: battery icon reads "plugged in, not charging" and battery led flashes white

    My battery is empty and does not load.  I plug in the power cord to opperate the computer but the battery won't charge.  Icon is reading "plugged in, not charging" and battery LED light on the side of the computer is flashing white, even if the laptop is turned off.

    I checked the adapter cord and battery test that came back "ok".

    Is it my laptop stop working once I have run out of battery even with the adapter cord?  How can I fix the battery?

    Thank you


    Your battery part number is 761230-005.



  • LC - E6 quickly shows the flashing orange light. Will not charge the battery.

    The charger that comes with my new 5 d Mk III LC - E6 battery could not operate right out of the box. Would not load my new battery, nor any of my other Cannon batteries. Amber led flashes quickly.
    The old LC - E6 charger supplied with my EOS 7 d charging these batteries normally.
    I updated the scrapped charger delivered with my 5 d Mk III, and bought a new LC - E6 B & h. This unit has the same question. Sometimes it will load some of my batteries of Cannon, but more often the clear amber, after 20 seconds of just flashes quickly and will not charge the battery. My old charger LC - E6 Bill still all these batteries in normal mode.
    I use brand Canon LP - E6 batteries in these cameras.

    I followed the instructions found in the owner and guide online the site of Canon USA to charge the battery. The batteries are relatively new and show the good working condition on the information panel of the menu camera camera battery. These units (LC - E6) never worked properly.


    AC power removed normal home. All high-tech devices are functioning normally.

    As for replacement by Canon, I don't have the original invoices for this item, so I'm just going to buy another.

    Thanks again for your contribution.

  • Acer V5 - 571P says "plugged in, not charging" and battery LED flashes orange from time to time.

    Laptop didn't work when it's plugged in and the battery says "plugged in, not charging." Battery LED also flashes a few times from time to time, so I don't know if it's a circuit board problem or the battery itself.

    I tried updated driver battery without success.

    You can try to unplug the power and remove the battery. Press and hold power for 30 seconds, Plug and see if it is supported.

    Generate a report on the battery


    Your numbers will be different from the one below, but the left is good, the right is bad.

  • Aspire M5 - 481 T-6488 - does not recognize that AC is plugged. Will not charge the battery.

    Aspire M5 - 481 T-6488 - does not recognize that AC is plugged. Will not charge the battery.

    Laptop is about 2 years old.  Running on the Windows 8 origninal accompanying.  Had the same problem when it was purchased.  He sent to Acer.  Returned with no report / Details.  Has worked very well. Until recently.

    Noticed that seeing orange lights up when it feels like load and stops at 35% load.  Load is something dark, don't miss especially.


    Stick a PIN in the "battery reset" hole on the back

    Uninstalling the 'API Microsoft' battery

    Remove the battery to see if it'll work without it (it has an internal battery)

    Of course Acer won't help now since the warranty has expired.

    Please notify.  Thank you.

    Power plug has been checked, flinched 19V.

    Laptop briefly, then lost load capacity.  Checked power once again, 0V.

    Power adapter is bad.

  • ElliteBook 8740w: 8740w ElliteBook do not charge the battery or start. The battery icon flashing orange color

    Hello, all of a sudden my 8740w ElliteBook will not charge the battery and the battery flashes of color to orange color. Well, I have even if the battery is dead (it is already 5 years old) so I bought new. Well, the laptop will not charge too much new battery. When he consumed all the battery power the situation is the same as with the old. When I disconnect battery dock and plug AC the same problem is vithnessed... baterry icon flashes orange. AP power seems good however it provides compatible 19, 94V. What's wrong? Thanks, Ales

    Hello @AlesR ,

    To get your question more exposure I suggest you post in the trade forums since it is a commercial product. You can do to commercial Forums.

    Even if it is a Commercial product, here is a link to to test the battery.

    Plug the power supply directly to a wall outlet works. Do not connect it a power strip, surge arrester, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.

    Thank you.

  • Satellite M100 will not charge the battery while the computer is on

    Hi all

    I have a M100 and the battery won't charge while it is running.
    The battery starts to charge when I plug in the adapter and the orange light comes on. 10 seconds later it stops charging.
    If the battery has more than 90% of the costs it wll the rest very well.
    I have three batteries that all do the same thing on this computer. All three batteries are working fne on my other M series.

    When the computer is off, it loads very well.

    Why is it so?


    I think that the problem of charging the battery is about the problem of portable equipment.
    Maybe it's something s wrong with electronic power supply or another part on the motherboard.
    I doubt that the problem could be solved by updating the BIOS but you should definitely check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS update and test again
    If that does not help, then you should get in touch with a local service for verification of equipment technician

    But note; If it s the question of the motherboard, the motherboard needs to be replaced and it would be a costly affair

  • Satellite L755 would not charge the battery

    Hi all. I bought a new laptop today... it wouldn't charge the battery so I exchanged in-store. The replacement also has this problem. I'm doing something wrong or I was just unlucky?

    The battery in the bottom right of the screen icon tells me that the battery is 0% charged, but he is in charge. The red light on the laptop before left turns as if to show that the battery is being charged also.

    Yet battery does not charge.

    If I unplug the laptop from the network, the laptop turns off instanty.

    It is today the second laptop brand new with the same problem. Maybe a part of a lot of battery defective or is - a problem that can be corrected with the software? I don't want to take the laptop to the store for a second time in the day.

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    If the laptop stops immediately after that the AC adapter is not unplugged, it means that the battery is empty and not loaded.
    Are you sure you plugged the battery correctly into the battery bay?
    Please check if the battery is well suited.

    In addition, I recommend to remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter.
    Then press the power button / stop along 30 seconds and reconnect the two parts.
    Then leave the laptop connected to the network for a longer period of time (2-3 hours).
    Then check the battery charge level

    If he would always stay at 0% then I recommend you visit the dealer and check the other unit or the battery.

  • Satellite A300-1 MB - do not charge the battery

    Hello, a friend of mine gave me the laptop a300-1 MB and it has a problem. It is not the battery.

    I changed the battery and the charger with another laptop that work well, but they have not worked in the mine, but the only way to charge the battery must have the laptop off, put the ac charger, remove the battery and reconnect the battery. Then he is in charge. In which case I have remove the charger and connect it to the laptop it stops again loading.

    are there solutions to this?


    If you can only charge the battery so that the AC/DC adapter is plugged in, I think that the problem is hardware related. I mean that if the battery will be recharged while the laptop is turned off, the battery seems to be ok and even the AC/DC adapter. Theoretically, it could only be linked to the motherboard

    I think you should contact the nearest authorized service provider. Guys can check your laptop computer and help you to swap the motherboard.

  • Satellite L500-12V - trendy but do not charge the battery


    I have problem with my battery. Says this computer system is "plugged in, not charging." When I click on the battery info it says available at 26%. When I try to start the computer without the charger is plugged in, it does not work. If I plug in charger when the computer is turned on, it is turn it off. Is my battery dead already or it is problem with charger or something else?

    Sorry for my bad English.


    What battery LED on your laptop? If you plugin the AC/DC adapter is this light on or off?
    Can you charge the battery while the laptop is turned off?

    Generally if Notepad starts with the charger plugged in the charger works properly and that the problem must be the battery itself or in the worst case the control of load on the motherboard :(

    On the Toshiba site I found an interesting article:
    [I have trouble to charge my battery to 100%. What could be the problem? http://APS2.toshiba-tro.de/KB0/FAQ35007K001ZR01.htm]

  • HP Pavilion 17 Laptop: battery connected, not charging AND battery unaccessable

    In recent months, at one point, my battery would indicate nn % (plugged in, does not support) and maintain this accusation so much it was plugged. Running on the battery, the charge would eventually diminish and in order to get the battery charge again, I went through the process of uninstalling the compatible battery control method ACPI in Device Manager. Usually within 24 hours, choses things would be back to plugged in, does not support. However, that is no longer to fix the problem. (When it was a question the indicator next to the place where the power adapter is plugged blue flash. Also, I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 a few weeks ago, but this question was held for a few months now).

    Now the battery is 2% (plugged in, does not support) and when I use the HP Support Assistant to check the battery, I get the message "control of battery HP could not access the battery. I did a hard reset, reset the BIOS and updated the BIOS, to anything will do. If I unplug the adapter, the computer turns off.

    Suggestions of additional corrections? I saw a further suggestion to perform a system recovery but I did not yet a recovery disk to win 10 (I don't have one for victory 8.1), and it would make a difference anyway since no plugged in, charging problem took place under win 8.1?

    Hi @shmay7,

    From the information provided, I think it's a problem with the connection between the laptop and the battery. It might be something wrong with the point of contact between the battery and the portable or to the battery circuit. It is better to have another battery, so you can try it with the laptop. The creation of recovery media should not be affected by the problem of power with the battery is not installed.

  • Satellite A100 (PSAA9) is not charging the battery

    I have the original (10.8 v, 4000mA/h) who suddenly died battery, the laptop don't see (energy saving does not detect the battery), but when it is connected to the charging LED is on and it stays on for 8-12 hours.

    I bought a new battery, the laptop he detected (see energy saving), after completely discharging the battery I have pluged in the AC adapter (laptop off) and waited for 12 hours, when I turned on the laptop, the battery was at 0% cost in energy savings, the reading is correct because the laptop does not start without AC pluged, the new batt is dead too.

    -bios version v6
    -Repeat the process charing time and time again (12 times with the laptop off & on)
    m ' help to restore the bios? (If so, how to get an older version of the bios?)

    All tips that might solve the problem are WELCOMED.

    If you have the original Toshiba battery and the problem persists, I fear there is a problem with electronic power supply on the motherboard.
    Contact the nearest authorized maintainer to check the electronic card.
    They use diagnostic tests and special tools and they can for sure what is wrong there.

    Forget the BIOS and these solutions. He won't help at all.

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