Why the extreme to express signal is broken

I have an Airport Extreme b, g, n, ac cable (ethernet) to my router Verizon Wireless. The router has been updated by Verizon end of last year and works very well. From there, I have an iMac with 802.11 b/g/n/ac cable into the extreme as well. I have a Windows pc in another room wired with ethernet to the extreme as well.

At the back of my house, I have an Airport Express b/g/n I used to extend my Airport Extreme signal for the past 18 months without any problem. I had problems of signal with the Express and it seems to re-defining the Express worked, but the image of my signal has changed my Airport utility on my iMac. Previously, the signal was solid from the far down to the Express, and the image on my iPhone 6, at the launch of my Airport utility has been broken from the extreme to the Express.

Now the images are reversed where my iPhone has the solid signal, and my iMac broke the line signal. Someone knows why? It works, but the lines threw me.


A dotted line between the terminal of the AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme indicates that the Express connects to the extreme by using a wireless connection.

What do you want?... or... the Express linking to the extreme by using a wired Ethernet cable connection?  If If this is the case, there should be a continuous line between the Express and Extreme.

What device do you have used when you reset and reconfigured the Express... the iMac or the iPhone?

Did you completely turn off the iPhone, has waited a minute or two and then he fed up and checked the AirPort utility again this way?

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  • Expand my network using the extreme and Express

    I am currently working on installing wifi in a very big house.  I have an Airport Extreme, also located as possible with multiple Airport Express branching.  There is always a part of the House that receives no signal wifi however.  Here's my question: is - it possible with this configuration, to add another extreme from the Airport via the ethernet connection in where the extreme original is located at a location between the extreme original and the section that does not have WiFi, then plug an express airport out of the extreme (cable) second?  running ethernet all the way, he will not be able to happen and ethernet over powerline adapters not working already on this distance.

    Is it possible with this configuration, to add another extreme from the Airport via the ethernet connection in where the extreme original is located at a location between the extreme original and the section that does not have WiFi, then plug an express airport out of the extreme (cable) second?

    Sure. Run the cable from one of the LAN <>- ports on your "main" AirPort Extreme to the "O" WAN port on the AirPort Extreme distance.

    Use Apple install "wizard" to configure the remote AirPort Extreme "extend using Ethernet" and it automatically adapts the AirPort Extreme to use the same wireless network name being the "main" extreme.  The following example shows an AirPort Express... you would see an AirPort Extreme on your screen during installation.

    The AirPort Express's power off, wait a few seconds, then it to power up. It will then pick up the signal from the closest AirPort Extreme.

  • How to extend a WiFi router network not Apple using Airport Extreme and Express?

    My cable ISP company just gave me a new modem/router - a DG of Arris - 2470. For the last two years I used a cable modem independent older with a connected Airport Extreme (both located on the ground floor) and an Airport Express station on the floor as an Extender. I was very happy with the power of the signal around the House.

    Since his arrival to the Arris router my signal has become very low to the floor. I would use my two Apple devices to extend/boost my network, but do not know how to do this.

    Thank you!

    Basically, you have two options:

    1. (Best overall performance of the network) Connect the extreme and Express on the Arris Ethernet gateway device and configure all for a traveling-type network. This would require an Ethernet connection between all routers that can be accomplished by either using Ethernet cable or the use of mains adapters.
    2. (The overall performance of the adequate network) Simply connect the extreme to the Arris Ethernet, then extend the extreme using the Express.

    Which of these do you prefer?

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    Why all the emails Outlook express opens at the far right of the screen? I have to take the cursor to the top right of the computer screen, then click to maximize the file so that it opens to the normal size and location. Does not try to 'change' the file to the normal position. Thank you

    Any window that you want to resize all the time must be the last closed window.

    Take the corners of the window and drag it to the format full screen. Do not use to expand. Close all other windows first via the taskbar and the latter. Windows will remember the size of the last closed window the next time that you open the program.

  • Why the signal are seen in the way IQ?

    Hello world:

    I'm confused on a phenomenon I have seen since a simple demo. The demo is that a sinusoidal signal is transmitted by the USRP by I traced.  I have observed sine signal to two I have paths and Q of the signal for the same USRP. Signal path Q is not smooth like the I traced and the amplitude is lower.  However, I think that the Q path should not exsist signal.    I understand this problem as shown in the figure and the attachment is the demo

    The USRP allows Tx and Rx LO are independent with a common reference, allowing you to tune in at two frequencies at the same time. It also means the phase of are of two different LO. This means that the acquired signal scatter energy between I and Q, but will have a common complex amplitude. If the traces on a constellation diagram, what it would look like a rotated constellation.

  • Linking New Extreme old Extreme and Express. New Airport utility does not recognize old Extreme/Express

    I had a linear new extreme connection (connected to the wireless model Cat5) related to the old extreme then Express (newish).

    I would have put in place using airport Utility (for example) 4 years ago and has worked well.

    I changed my wireless modem (formerly broken) but cannot now reconnect the old extreme and express to the extreme again.

    The extreme new connects to internet just fine as long as it is in Bridge mode (does not work in DHCP/NAT mode).

    My real question is the utility software Airport now seems not to recognize the Express extreme or old old to get re-connected.

    The manual of Apple still shows configurations using the old utilitarian approach Airport (with each unit sitting on LHS page)

    If you're still using OS X (10.5.8)... as, you enter in your profile information... then the AirPort Utility in this operating system must be able to recognize the old AirPort Extreme and Express.

    However, if you have updated to a new operating system such as the Mountain Lion (10.8.x), Mavericks (10.9.x), Yosemite (10.10.x) or El Capitan (10.11.x)... and... you have more "round" or version 'dome' in the form of AirPort Extreme, and an old version of the AirPort Express A1084... so, the new version of AirPort Utility is not compatible with older airports.

    So, this would help a lot if we could get clarification from your part...

    (1) what operating system you're using now?  If you are not sure about this, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then click on about this Mac and post back with the Version of OS X number that you see there.

    (2) what version of the AirPort Extreme you may have.  Is it a 'rounder', or 'dome' in the form of version... or... The "flat" or "square" version? If you have flat or square version, the number of model of the device is required. It is on the lower part of the airport, probably integrated in the base of carpet of MOSS. The model number starts with an 'A' follow-up of four digits. Please post back this information.

    (3) what version of AirPort Express you have?  Please look for the model number on the side of the Express. It is difficult to see, with grey lettering in a certain context, so you need to perhaps good lighting and glasses to discern the number of reading.  As extreme, the Express, model number starts with an 'A' followed by four digits. Please post back this information.

    Once we have the information we need, we know more about how to proceed from this point.

  • The Apple AirPort Express Base Station is a good solution?

    I'm moving so leaving the wifi station that Verizon gave me. I think I have the Apple AirPort Express Base Station by station WiFi. I connected an iMac (main computer) MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone.

    My main question is how this used for the WiFi base station compares to others on the market.

    Thank you!


    The AirPort Express has limited the ability of speed due to its slow and limited capacity wireless Ethernet port due to its very small built in WiFi antennas.

    However, if the plan of your new Internet Service Provider (ISP) is limited to about 50 Mbit/s, then the Express would probably be OK if most wireless devices will be located near the AirPort Express Terminal.

    If the budget allows, an AirPort Extreme is a much better product... up to 10 times the speed of the Express... with additional WiFi antennas located just above the 'tour' to improve performance.

    If your new ISP plan is 100 Mbps or higher, then AirPort Extreme would be a better match.

    If you are considering other routers from other manufacturers... we cannot comment at all on their performance without knowing the number of brand and model of the device you are considering.

  • connected to the extreme, but slow (not more than 1 MB/s)

    new computer dell laptop

    connected with 802.11ac

    Watch 433Mbps

    very slow and won't exceed 1 MB/s... my iPhone 6 is connected to the same AP and tests shows 275Mbps

    I am at a loss, which is why four-legged

    went to the restaurant for test and connected to the 802.11n to 45Mbps and worked very well so it must be parameters

    I have same SSID on 2.4 and 5 ghz on the extreme AP


    I would like to begin your troubleshooting here: solve connection problems on your Wi-Fi for Windows 10 - Support from Dell

    Then, try this one: the problems of connection network in Windows 10 - Microsoft Support

    Don't let not the article titles fool you, they also cover bad connections as well, not only the problems of connectivity Internet.

    Please post back your results.

  • Cannot run AirPort Extreme or Express 7.7.7 Firmware update-&gt; gray button


    I have an AirPort Extreme and Express stations. Both come with a pill that indicates a upgrade must be performed:

    Now, I click on the AirPort Express icon. The following window appears:

    He told me that a Firmware update is available. But in this window, I can only select "ignore". I can't select the choice of the update.

    If I click on the "Edit" button to change the settings of the station:

    But in the window that appears, the "Upgrade" button is gray:

    The same thing happens when I click on the icon of the AirPort Extreme station.

    What is the secret path to the update of the Firmware 7.7.7?

    Thank you



    MacBookPro 13 "mid-2012. 10.10.5 OSX

    Click on 'version' and you should be able to update from there on.

  • Why the new apple is not available to the Canada

    Why the new apple is not available to the Canada?

    Because Apple has not currently media partners to the Canada to provide reports to fill out the app.

    By the end of 2012 mini Mac, OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 beta 2;  Watch, 38 mm silver AL, Watch OS 2.1; iPad 2 Air & iPhone 6 + iOS 9.3.2 beta 3;  Apple Airport Express

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    Why the last OS update cost me gigabytes of data when you are connected directly to my computer and ISP via Itunes.  29 February 2016

    While it is connected to ITunes via my Dell system, I was informed of the latest OS update for my IPhone 6.  I decided that the direct connection to the internet would be the fastest way to download and install the software.  During the process I started to have some warning of our AT & T account that I approach the limit of our data plan, then in quick succession, only warnings, said I've reached the limit and then passed in the data, limit charges.  At the time it was done, I had accumulated more than 2 gigabytes of additional data charges.

    Until that point, I was very pleased with the device and confident in the ability to use Wifi and data.  Due to this incident, I became very suspicious of the camera and the huge potential for data overcharges. It is extremely disconcerting as it happened while it is directly connected to the internet using my computer at home.

    Please note that, in the episode my ISP and the computer is remained connected to the WEB with no sign of connectivity issues.

    Someone at - he had a similar experience and understand what went wrong?

    Thanks for your support,


    JerrolK wrote:

    Why the last OS update cost me gigabytes of data when you are connected directly to my computer and ISP via Itunes.  29 February 2016

    While it is connected to ITunes via my Dell system, I was informed of the latest OS update for my IPhone 6.  I decided that the direct connection to the internet would be the fastest way to download and install the software.

    You have chosen the option of direct download, you have received a message of warning from AT & T about it yet.

    He did what you asked it to do.

  • Why the Apple Music Radio plays only for a short period?

    Why the section of Apple's Music Radio play that for a short period and then stop at the end of a song? Sometimes after thirty minutes, other times, it will play for three hours. I can restart the music by pressing Pause, and then move to the next selection, then play. I have a start 2011 15 "MacBook Pro, El Capitan 10.11.1 and an Airport Extreme. All other aspects of iTunes and Apple's music work very well.

    It seems that your connection to the music of Apple streaming servers is interrupted for some reason any. I did have problems with Beats1 radio a break at any time that I have been listening. You can try to reboot your router if you do not have and test on ethernet vs wifi to see if that makes a difference.

  • Construction of a wave of fishing without Express/Signal Processing Pallete

    EDIT: I forgot to attach the VI. I'll do it when I get home in 45 minutes

    Hey guys,.

    I'm working on a laboratory project that drives me crazy. We're building a VI that generates a sin, but we are not allowed to use the Express palette or sine wave functions. So we are stuck using tables and the Sin function. I have attached the VI if anyone can take a look. I would try to explain where he goes wrong, but... it's all so... One thing that I recently broke is the 'dynamic' wave is no longer scrolls to 10 Hz, but I think it's an easy fix. I hope someone can give me some pointers on what goes wrong.

    Also, I have attached a copy of explicit assignment details in case you do not want to see them.

    Display two sine waves on a single graph. Generate sine waves in a While loop that updates
    at 10 Hz. At each iteration, the second wave should gradually phase shift by a certain
    amount (degrees).
    Have controls for frequency, the displayed number of periods, displayed points, phase shift, and
    difference between display of waveforms. Make sure that the axis of the time-displays correct units. All the
    controls must be active and adjustable, while the program is running.
    Tip: You may find it useful to use a chart of waveform and the wave to build function.
    Do not use the range screw Express for the manipulation of signals and signal analysis. Using more arrays

  • How to change the configuration of the BIOS with NO SIGNAL - to accept the new card PCI - ex

    Compaq Presario SR2030NX

    Product #RJ036AA

    S/N {removed privacy}

    MB: ASUS A8M2N - LA

    Bought: October 2006

    OS: Windows XP Media Center 05

    New graphics card: MSI N210-D512D2 graphics card GeForce 210-512 MB, DDR2, PCI-Express 2.0 (x 16), 1 x DVI, 1 x VGA, DirectX 10.1, mono-emplacement

    New: 480w PSU

    ERROR:  NO SIGNAL on monitor and can not reset the BIOS to accept the new video card in the PCI slot

    PROBLEM: The user reports the monitor suddenly became white with blue lines finally erased.   On start-up, the screen shows "No Signal" then turns off.

    Troubleshooting has included:

    Fixing monitor with its cable to another PC - monitor work

    Fixing working monitor and cable to the PC - No Signal

    There is no boot beeps, fans, lamps, not work cable defeated, no video.   I concluded the embedded video component failed.

    Installed the new video PCI - ex card and new power supply 480w and still get NO SIGNAL.   New video card specifications called for a minimum 350w power supply.  The fan on the new video card PCI - ex works.  Search on the HP Support pages indicates that the BIOS should be modified to change the type of PCI slot type in-flight video.  Makes perfect sense to me, sounds like it might work.

    How to reset the BIOS when you do not see what you are doing?

    I have moved the jumpers to reset the CMOS, but cannot tell if it worked or not.  I tried a couple blind BIOS resets, but I could do this for months.

    If I could determine the Version of the BIOS, I might be able to blindly to reset the BIOS.  The Compaq Options of Menu and "BIOS Setup Utility information" web page provides instructions for BIOS version 6 or less and version 7 and greater - menus and access steps are very different.

    QUESTIONS:   How to determine the version of the BIOS.  Which key I hit to access the BIOS (F1, F10, esc, Del)?  Which menu I followed to reset the type of video, so how can I save and exit?


    Thanks for any help


    Thank you Paul,.

    I didn't know that it was just a function of Regedit - piece of cake.

  • Why the mathscript well below matlab performance?

    Hi all

    I do the signal processing on a signal acquired with an ADC. The flow of information is roughly 10,000 x 1000 int8 Matrix per second. I'm trying to process the data at the same speed. Signal processing is done in a ".m" matlab file. The treatment is much to complicated to be coded in the G code.

    I have two choices:

    1. use matlab nodes

    2. using the Mathscript node.

    I've implemented the solution 1, but loses a lot of time just for the transfer of data between labview and matlab (matrix transfer ~ 10 MB). MATLAB is very quick to do signal processing. A faster version of this solution was to write the matrix in a bin file and pass the name of the file to matlab. It is faster (don't ask me why), but is not fast enough.

    Solution 2 sounds better, because as Mathscript is a native language, it is not necessary for the transfer. Prior to joining Mathscipt, I did the following test: run the same simple code on two solutions: calculate the fft of a matrix of 1024 x 1024 ten times (code attached).

    As a result, Matlab version node is 0. 5s compared to 1.6 s for the Mathscript node version.

    Why is the performance of mathscript so much less than the performance of the matlab node?

    If really Mathscript is much slower than Matlab, so I'm afraid I'll stay with node of matlab. Is there a better way to transfer data through files?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

    You do not know, I can help you, but I found the same thing.

    I have a few guesses - do you use 64-bit Matlab? If so you may have noticed that MathScript runs under 32-bit LabVIEW.

    The other possibility is that Mathscript runs as a process integrated into LabVIEW, while if you use MatLab you use Simulink to communicate with Matlab in its own thread.

    Third option could simply be that Matlab is a commercial product that is much more optimized.

    Honest answer is that I don't know!

Maybe you are looking for