Why the scroll wheel does not work since version 3.6

Since the installation of the version 4.0, there was a problem with the scroll wheel doesn't work does not correctly. Most of the time it works but sometimes the wheel stops working and is no longer made the pages up and down. At this point, I have to close the browser and reopen it.


Have you updated your mouse drivers lately? In addition, this can happen if you spend the rendering engines using an addon like IE Tab. If you have installed IE Tab, it may need to be updated.

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  • Ms. Comfort Mouse 6000 presents itself as Comfort Mouse 4500, so the scroll wheel does not work right.

    Hello, I would like to explain the whole situation.

    I tried already to Microsoft support and they did not / were not able to help.

    I have three mice:

    (1) comfort Mouse 6000 for business, white

    (2) comfort Mouse 3000 for businesses, white

    (3) comfort Mouse 3000 (commercial version), black.

    The 1 and 2 appear in Intellipoint and Windows 7 64 - bit (Devices section and printers) as Comfort Mouse 4500. 3 however presents itself as the correct model (3000). 3. scroll wheel perfectly works (it's instant and smooth). 1 and 2 scroll wheels don't move unless I really push on this issue, and even then it only moves a little at a time.

    I uninstalled however Intellipoint at some point and 1 (tried 2) will work as it should (instant scrolling and smooth), however I can not change the side buttons.

    Any help? Thank you!

    Given that the same problem occurs in different computer, the problem here lies in the mouse. I suggest you to contact the Broken/defective product group for further assistance.
    Broken or defective products

    For the quick replacement of the broken or defective product, call warranty directly: for warranty in the United States support, call the 800-360-7561. For Canadian assistance under warranty, call the 800-933-4750. Or see this article for more information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326246
  • Why the "scroll" symbol does not work in Firefox Rel 6?

    When the scroll of the mouse wheel is pressed scrolling
    symbol must appear and allow smooth scroll
    Web pages. He has always worked in previous versions, still works
    in IE, my mail client, etc.

    'Use autoscrolling' is checked in tools-> Options-> advanced-> general

  • Installed the new version of Firefox, scroll wheel does not work

    Installed the new version of Firefox, now my scroll wheel does not work. I need this problem immediately or will be forced to give up Firefox as my browser. Can anyone help? I've seen some Q & A on this, but no trouble. Thank you!

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == Immediately after installing

    UPDATE: I've updated my synaptics driver for my touchpad (by going to the device by clicking on Update Manager in the tab drivers mouse) and this fixed the problem not only for my touchpad, but also for my USB mouse. My computer is a laptop HP, is told by the way.

  • The scroll feature does not work on my mouse.  I installed new batteries, but it still does not.

    The scroll feature does not work on my mouse.  I installed new batteries, but it still does not.

    Look in the system Prefereces - mouse and make sure the scrolling feature is set up how you want. If the action still does not work, please reset the SMC and the PRAM by iMac SMC and the PRAM reset

  • Why the object_not_found exception does not work?


    I have the following statement in a package.procedure:

    -- (...)

    Select dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName)
    in the cDDL - clob for index DDL
    of the double
    -- (...)

    When dbms_metadata.object_not_found then

    -- (...)

    Execution is stopped in the select, not enter the exception and the following message is displayed in PL/SQL Developer MicroHelp:

    + "ORA-31608: specified object type INDEX not found." + "

    I did it another way by adding the following clause:

    -- (...)

    Select dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName)
    in the cDDL - clob for index DDL
    of the double
    where exists (select 1+)
    of all_indexes+.
    where table_owner = 'OWNER'+.
    and table_name = sTableName); +
    -- (...)

    + When no_data_found then +.

    -- (...)

    It works, but: why the object_not_found exception does not work?

    Thanks in advance for everyone!

    Oh I just noticed:

    What happens if instead of this:

    Select dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName)
    in the cDDL - clob for index DDL
    of the double

    you say:

    cDDL: = dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName);


  • Why the alt tag does not work in firefox to open a description of an image on mouseover

    In IE, when I ride my mosue over an image, it gives a description of the ToolTip of the image contained in the html alt tag. Why this does not work in Firefox?

  • Why the YouTube widget does not work?

    I have some difficulty working with the YouTube widget. Everything worked well with her two days ago (8/18), but since yesterday it stop working. All my colleagues are facing the same thing. The test button no longer works. When you tap on all we get is a black screen with the YouTube logo on the bottom right. When I press F11 to display an overview of all works fine, but when published we get the black screen with the logo in the bottom right. What is executed that the publication of the file locally, a remote server or Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. I am running version 9.02.421 and colleagues use this version and the previous version (9.01.xxx).

    What differs from F11 preview vs a file published? adobe.

    Please help I need a solution for this ASAP as video is the main format that I work with and have a time-sensitive project that should be displayed.

    I can confirm that the test button now does not work in the changes of URL to "youtube.googleapis.com/v/". I still Captivate installed on a machine and the same thing happens in this YouTube widget as it is in my install.

    A few questions for you.

    Are you an edition to the HTML5 or SWF?

    Can you confirm that the widget is the most recent version? You can do this by clicking on the blue in the Properties Panel icon when you have the widget selected in the slide.

    The version should be 17. If not you will have to remove the widget from your slide, then reinsert the Interactions of learning.

    Also, can you confirm for me that the YouTube URL uses the correct structure? It should be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= and not the shortened structure https://youtu.be/ .

    The difference between F11 and F12 previews is F11 shows a preview using HTML5 and present F12 to preview using the Flash. The final publication should be the same as the preview of F11, if you are publishing on HTML5, but you need to run a local web server or publish the file published on a server to ensure that everything works the same. There are a few things that are happening in the published output requiring a web server in order to display correctly.

  • Why to the can't 'Shared VMs' does not allow to share folders with the host and why the copy/paste does not work on them? :-((

    I want to put in place a "build mini-server' for our team. Since VMware Player is not taken in charge more I had to use VMware Workstation, and with some success, I put things up. But now more and more surface of trouble!

    To enable auto-start for the virtual machines, they must obviously be "shared." But it looks like, with this, the nuisance that these virtual machines cannot share folders more with the host. And also, it seems that copy and paste does not work with these "shared VMs.

    Is there a work around to get these features also works with 'shared VMs?

    It is VERY annoying and tedious to always have to these VMs to shuttle between shared and non-shared mode just to be able to transfer data or new versions of code for them!

    Thank you for using the workstation. How to create a script with:

    WS t vmrun start "c:\my VMs\myVM.vmx".

    And add the script to the Windows Task Scheduler to run at startup.

  • Auto hide the scroll bar does not work (SE)

    I recently built a simple editing with the new setting "Auto Hide Scrollbar" Viewer, but it does not work as expected on my ipad.

    See the screenshot number and the version of the viewer below:


    The scroll bar and the superposition of 6px are still persistent on the screen.


    Thanks for reporting this. I've logged it as a bug.


  • Why the mouse keys does not work?

    I would use MouseKeys in windows to use my keyboard as a mouse, but I was not able to get the function runs.

    I am able to activate the MouseKeys without any problem, but by pressing the keys on the numeric keypad does not move the pointer of the mouse at all.

    I can see the mouse keys icon in the notification area of the taskbar of windows 7 and I am able to switch between the left and right mouse buttons using the / and - keys on the keyboard, but that's all I can do.

    Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

    Thank you


    Hi, thanks for your response.

    I found the solution to my problem. Keys mouse was working, but I didn't know it because my mouse speed setting is set to minimum. Although it seemed that nothing was happening when I was pressing the keys on the numeric keypad, the mouse began in fact to move, but only very slowly.

    I adjusted my settings of the mouse, and the mouse keys now work properly.

    Thanks again


  • Why the selective function does not work.

    I used Adobe 2, 4 and 5 years.  I frequently ask selective highlights or sharpness in an image using the layer to double orders, highlights, adjusting the image, layer mask, hide all.  When I try to apply selective effects using brush nothing happens.  ???  How can I solve this problem?  I appreciate your help.



    There are a few things that could cause that. The most obvious is that you use not perhaps not the right color (transparent, visible/black-white) or maybe the opacity of the brush has been set to a low value. If not, the next thing I would do is to check and make sure that you have the thumbnail of the layer selected and not mask the image layer in the layers panel. If this does not work, could you upload a screenshot?


  • Why the command/tab does not work in the new discourse during a presentation

    Why the command/tab doesn't work with Keynote 6.6.1 during a presentation.  I can't get out (smoothly and professionally) presentation for applications that run in the background, then return smoothly.  Slows down my presentation, seems unprofessional.  This key combination worked very well until I used the new version of Keynote.

    We have no problem with the service application switcher using Yosemite and Keynote 6.6.1 on any of our client systems, or there is no record of anyone having this problem on the discussions.

    This sounds like a problem of systems;

    • what amount of RAM is installed
    • What is the amount of free space on the boot volume
    • have you antivirus, security and cleaning of installed applications
    • emptied the Recycle Bin
    • is the clear office of files and folders
  • Why the story to does not work on onclick in Firefox?

    Why doesn't javascript:history.back() not working on onclick in Firefox? All the form fields are empty if recaptcha filled with evil and the page is reloaded. This works fine on chrome, but not Firefox. Please suggest how we can solve this problem. Make it work like chrome charge back that all fields should not be empty.

    The server sends "no-store" with the page, while Firefox does not store the form once you leave the page. (See attached screenshot).

  • Why the dehaze cursor does not work in Lightroom CC in old photos

    Why is it not the CC Lightroom dehaze cursor available for old photos

    davidb36894620 wrote:

    Why is it not the CC Lightroom dehaze cursor available for old photos

    As it is explained that old image files have probably been processed in LR 1, 2 or 3 with process Version 2003 or 2010, which does not support the new Dehaze filter. You will need to click on the lightning icon in the histogram to update the image to PV2012file. Old image with the command 'Dehaze' available files were probably converted to PV2012 in a session of previous edition or at the current session by pressing the button "Reset".

    A picture is worth a thousand words...

    LR will attempt to settle the basic Panel tone controls so that they correspond to the settings of the previous version, but it does not always work well. Check the "review changes via before and after" from the context menu to compare the new PV2012 settings that will apply. If the results are less than optimal I suggest a double click on the word "Your" in the base Panel to perform the settings for 0 and start over from exposure control down.

Maybe you are looking for