Why type break on firefox?

Type becomes blurred and breaks down after a few minutes opening browser. He moves from one line to the page and is frustrating the type becomes unreadable.

Hello, this could be a problem with hardware acceleration - try updating your graphic driveror in case this does not solve the problem, or there is no new version available at the time, disable hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > General.

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  • Download a file should implement an option to open the file or save it - for some reason any now just downloading it straight to the download folder. Why? Problem with Firefox or something else?

    Download a file would normally bring up an option to open the file with the appropriate program or save it - for some reason any now just downloading it straight to the download folder. Why? Problem with Firefox or something else? It is very frustrating - sometimes, you want the first opened file so it can be discarded or stored in a different location.

    Find the type of file in the Firefox -> Options -> Applications Panel, open its menu drop-down and select 'ask '. To reset all the actions of download, delete the mimeTypes.rdf file in your Firefox profile folder (or rename the mimeTypes.rdf X if you want to save as a backup). The file will be regenerated with all types of files, restore the default actions.

    For more information, see application Panel - set how Firefox handles different file types and change what Firefox does when you click on or download a file .

  • Why YouTube think that Firefox is outdated if I run 3.6.6?

    Why YouTube think that Firefox is outdated if I run 3.6.6?

    URL of affected sites


    Your string UserAgent in Firefox is marred by another program that you have installed and YouTube does not know that you run Firefox 3.6.6.

    type of topic: config in the URL bar and press ENTER.
    If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access this page.
    Filter = general.useragent.
    Preferences are "BOLD", a line at a time, and then select reset, right click
    Then restart Firefox

  • Why, when I open Firefox 9.01 this I get a message that I don't have the latest version in the help - about Firefox said I do?

    There are / were three problems:
    1. why, when I open Firefox 9.01 this I get a message that I don't have the most recent when version help > on Firefox said I do?
    2 also, with version 8 of xx, I was unable to open a new window with a right-click, until I upgraded to 9.01. (Old problem now, but I'm curious).
    3 when I tried to uninstall the old version of the uninstall program told me that I had to close the open version, but it was closed according to my taskbar. I also have this problem with Thunderbird.

    1. you are using the latest version which is Firefox version 9.0.1

    From your description, it seems that if you still have the old start page for Firefox http://www.google.com/firefox hosted by Google as your homepage. This old default home page is no longer used as topic: Home is in use since Firefox 4.0

    Ignore the message, change the homepage of topic: Home, replace it with another page or leave blank.


  • Why the habit of firefox 4 log in my account automatically?

    There are sites that don't have any important information and I would connect it easily to them
    Firefox remembers my passwords, but I must still go to the Panel in place, and then click
    why he did this now... He has not done this in the previous version

    Use a master password. Then, when you go to a site that requires you to login and you fill in your details, you will get the option 'Remember password' which is pop up (actually a pop-down). If you choose "Yes", then you will be presented with the master password field.

    Enter the password you created for her, and then the next time you access this site, you will get the master password field each time. When you type in and click OK, it will fill in your login information.

    The other way to do this is to use the option of most of the sites have which is something like ' Remember me ' you will need to checkmark. But this option requires you to have cookies enabled permanently.

  • Why does'nt agree Firefox with BankID for the sarakahlaoui?

    When I try to use the BankID to reach my bank account in the sarakahlaoui, Firefox becomes crazy. It begins to open new pages over and over again and completely blocks the Firefox program. I have to use Ctrl Alt Delete to stop it and then Firefox is blocked.
    The BankID people tell me this isn't their fault a TI must be Firefox.
    You have a solution?

    Endless tabs opening can be caused by direct Firefox to open a file type that it cannot manage effectively. This article contains more information on this problem: Firefox opens several times empty tabs or windows after clicking on a link.

    I couldn't read the BankID site. Should I use a plugin, or exactly how it integrates with Firefox? If it does not add a plugin, make sure that it is set to "Always enable" so that it can be used in a transparent manner. You can set permissions on the page plugin modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click on Plugins. On the right side, you can find plugins that integrate into sites, which you often put to 'Ask to activate', plugins that work in the background, working often better set to "Always enable" and plugins of mystery that have no apparent value, which can be set to 'never activate.

    Sometimes of plugin permission changes do not take effect in the current windows, but only in a new window.

  • Why my change in Firefox "39" from one day to the next?

    I swear that more just yesterday, my Firefox ("39.0" according to speech) had a standard X in the upper right corner to get rid of a window, but also a symbol to the left of the beginning of each URL that could slip and fall on the bookmarks toolbar.

    Today, both of these features have disappeared. In addition, the previous button does more, despite not grayed out. Anyone know what what the hell is Firefox? I'm sorry if this has been requested 5,000 times. First Mozilla insisted that I get another user name and password to the right, and once I had made, he would not just show me recently asked.

    It was my theme. Which I had not changed. I used - I think it was called LittleFox. Go to the all fixed default theme. I do not think to check the extensions or themes or none of that because I had not changed or added, and you showed me in exactly in the right direction. Thank you very much - I'm pretty bad at this.

    I'm actually not sure if I got LittleFox or Microfox active, looking at it now. Does not matter, because using a Firefox breaks now. I get the same madness icon and periods nonworking "back" button. Here's hoping someone comes up with a compact theme that works quickly, because I have a very short, very wide screen on this laptop.

  • Why is-36 of Firefox on Windows receiving connections from DNS servers? Option network.dns.get - ttl

    Following update Firefox 36, my firewall was flooding asking me to allow external connections from the Internet to my browser. Looking at it more closely, Comodo Firewall indicates that external websites are trying to connect to Firefox, port 53 to an arbitrary port on my machine.

    If I disable the option FF36 new network.dns.get - ttl, it stops. I can't find any documentation or help on this option.

    Why Firefox do this? Is Comodo incorrect when he labels it as an external connection attempt? (It has normally been extremely good to differentiate the incoming and outgoing traffic). I guess that Firefox is trying to determine the TTL for DNS caching, but it is not make sense why DNS servers then try to connect to me.

    I am reluctant to create a firewall rule to that arbitrary Internet connections on my machine are OK as long as their origin on port 53, tips on how to manage all that this new feature is firmly States would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi grammarye,

    Yes, you're right in thinking that Firefox is trying to find the TTL value. This is new in Firefox 36 behavior and was presented as services frequently changing DNS records (such as Cloudflare) were not working properly for Firefox users.

    Firefox makes asynchronous DNS searches - which means it will make a DNS query and then proceed to perform another task instead of waiting for an answer.

    Your ISP DNS server puts in cache only TTL an area for a short time, so if it does not the current LIFE expectancy, he will interview with other DNS servers to find.

    IANAE, but probably what is happening is:

    1. Firefox tries to find the DNS record for the domain that you want to connect to
    2. Your ISP DNS server does not have the current LIFE expectancy, then connects with other DNS servers to find
    3. During this time, Firefox lingers with something else
    4. DNS server, then reconnects to give you full DNS, including the TTL check
    5. Comodo sees the packets of the DNS server and panic

    I completely agree that arbitrary ports of white list is a bad idea, but in this case, the behavior is completely harmless.

    You can want to whitelist Firefox in your Comodo Firewall, or continue to let network.dns.get - disabled ttl.

    (edited to fix broken links and add a sentence)

  • When I type in a firefox window, typing backwards, for example ABCD appears as DCBA solutions?

    I am a passionate user of Mozilla Firefox for several years, but recently, what I type in Google or any window open a bookmark out backward for example ABCD appears as DCBA. I also have access to Internet Explorer, and it works perfectly. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, any suggestions? I use Windows 7 x 64 Edition Home Premium.
    Thank you

    Finally cracked. COR - el followed advice and new profile. It's early days, but everything seems to work well. Thank you all for your help and advice.
    Thank you, all have a good 2015

  • Why is developer of Firefox more stable and faster than ordinary Firefox?

    So, I have some great experiences with regular Firefox. It works great themes, beautiful, good plugins, security etc., but there is one thing that bothers me in Firefox on ALL computers on EACH operating system. Whenever I have install Firefox, it is already slow, he stutters sometimes and sometimes it freezes. And this isn't just my problem because many of my friends and classmates using Chrome right now they complain about the speed of Firefox. Now, for me it is not a problem, I'm not a patient person, but it certainly is the browser that will protect my privacy rather than Chrome.

    Recently, somewhere, I saw download link saying something like "Developer Mozilla, for people like you", or something like, I installed and the man, the browser is like 10 x faster than regular Firefox AND Chrome AND Safari, I mean, this speed is outrageous! It's great, no sarcasm!

    I don't get, why is so slow regular Firefox and Firefox Developer so frickin' fast? Why? Perhaps, you can base your next update of Firefox to the developer of Firefox?

    Sincerely in love with developer of Mozilla Firefox. * muah *.

    Firefox Developer Edition is a version of Firefox. So what you see in the developer edition is coming out to regular Firefox in about 12 weeks (we releases every 6 weeks, and Dev edition is two versions before publication)

    Dev Edition also uses a fresh profile, which may be faster than your old profile which is full of old data.

  • Why when you choose firefox, how can default to MSN I stop this

    When I choose firefox this Iam woth MSN browser

    Are you talking about the internet browser or the homepage?

    Firefox Options > advanced > General. Check the browser defaults to the
    bottom of the page.

    As for your page of the Home tab / news

    Open a new window or tab. In the address bar, type Subject: config.
    If a warning screen is displayed, press the button to be careful .
    That's where Firefox considers the information he should run.
    At the top of the screen is a search bar. Enter browser.newtab.url
    and press ENTER. browser.newtab.URL
    tells Firefox what to show when a new tab is opened.
    If you want, right click and select Edit. You can change the
    setting to;

    Subject: host (default Firefox homepage).

    Subject: newtab (presents the more visited sites).

    Subject: white (a blank page).

    or you can enter any desired web page.

    The same instructions are used to the new setting of the window, classified

  • Why itunes update causes Firefox to crash?

    My husband tried to update itunes so it could add music to his ipad. He plugged his ipad to our PC and tried to download music. However, he was told he had to update itunes. When he goes to access the update, we lost our internet connection. I guess that Firefox has crashed. He was able to restore the connection, but it took a lot of effort. How could we prevent the accident and how could we have restored more quickly? iTunes seems to wreak havoc with our PC whenever we need to make an adjustment. Why is this?

      Thank you for your help.

    I do not, please contact Apple support.

  • Why! will not firefox to remember a username and passwords more

    Tried everything! Firefox don't remember some username and passwords for specific sites.
    I don't know why, but I have a solution:
    Change the 'password manager' so that it will allow the manual input and change.

    Are you looking for a publisher of password? Maybe: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/saved-password-editor/ (I don't use it myself)

  • Why can not download Firefox 12 on my computer when I meet all the system requirements?

    I'm running Windows 7 on my laptop and am currently using Internet Explorer 9 as a web browser. I want to switch to Firefox. When I try to download Firefox 12, I get an error that the installer could not be downloaded. The error will not tell me why it does not download, and I checked all my settings download and system requirements; nothing seems out of place. Any suggestions?

    -> Download the latest Firefox one of the following links:

    -> Install Firefox 12 as described in this article-> How to download and install Firefox on Windows

    Check and tell if its working.

  • Only 1 page print well. Page 2 is shifted to the right, and the information is lost in the page break. FireFox 8 and 9, Mac OS 10.6.8

    Mac OS 8 and 9 FireFox 10.6.8
    If I print a web page, all simply to print or save to PDF, only the first page prints fine. Page 2 is shifted to the right, such as the information is cut on the right edge. Information is lost in the page break, several lines of text will be lost. If I need to print a page, I open Safari, which does a very nice job of formatting of the page for printing. But I want to use FireFox. Can you help me?

    The problem persists if start you Firefox in Mode safe? http://support.Mozilla.com/en-us/KB/safe+mode

    What is with an empty profile? http://support.Mozilla.com/en-us/KB/basic%20Troubleshooting#w_8-make-a-new-profile

    If it happens in the two safe mode and with a new profile, please post the content of about: support

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