Win 7 install disk on Satellite L40-18E driver problem

Hi "to the point im trying to install windows 7 on a Satellite L40-18 and when I boot from the cd, he said: I have no safely remove the storage device."

When I run Vista as usual and try to install from my computer it says that I don't have hard drives. am so confused please help :-)

I m also confused with problem described.

You are using the original installation disk Microsoft Win 7.
Do you own OS installation or upgrade only?

Please send us more information.

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  • Cannot install VAP on Satellite L40

    Hey people,

    I have a model of Satellite L40 - S13, which I formatted today. In this process, I installed Win 7 (32 bit).

    Now, the FN keys do not work. I read, so I have to install the Flash Cards Support utility and Vaule added package.

    The installation of the Flash Cards Support utility has no problem, but I can't geht the VAP to work. I tried the version of Win 7 and vista version. I always get the following error message: ID_ERR_NOTINSTALLTVALZ_MESSAGE.

    So I read, I have to update my bios. I downloaded the update to the Bios of toshiba home page, but even that does not work.

    Can you help me please, I'm kind of stuck here. Searched the Internet for hours and downloaded like 20 different packages...

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards

    It is sometimes problematic to install and get configuration working 100% on old machines with Win7.
    For example, I installed Win732bit on two Satellite A300 with no problems. I installed VAP only without flash cards support utility and everything works perfectly, so I think you don t he need for your L40, no more, just VAP.

    Have you tried already?
    Now is better to install OS again and start over.
    After that OS installed driver chipset display driver, driver sound utility password and then VAP.

    It is not so easy.

  • Installing WXP on Satellite L40 - 18Z


    I recently bought a laptop: SATELLITE L40 - 18Z, MODEL No. PSL48E. One of their salesmen dim wit forgot to mention that the warranty expires once you remove the VISTA machine.

    I make music and need for XP as no software has caught with VISTA yet.

    Someone out there has done this on this machine? It works if you download all the drivers for the model of the toshibas download section? When you have to install the drivers and through what media bring you on the machine? Do yuou should reformat the hard drive at all prior to xp?

    I'm not clued by all means on this side of things for any help/advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank you

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    > One of their salesmen dim wit forgot to mention that the warranty expires once you remove the VISTA machine.
    That s is not true.
    If you want, you can install the XP. That will not affect the warranty!

    If you want to install the Xp you simply boot from the XP CD.
    Then, you will need to include the SATA (Intel Storage Manager) driver using the F6 key during the installation procedure.

    All or all the drivers needed XP, you should find on the page of the pilot!

    See you soon

  • Error installing XP on Satellite L40 (PSL40L)

    I need XP on a Satellite L40 (PSL40L).
    The crash of Setup with a STOP: 0x0000007E error message.
    It's a French system and the message is:
    try to update the BIOS or disable cache mem

    There is only a BIOS update for Windows Vista on Toshiba download for this model pages.

    What should I do?
    Flash the bios (BIOS vista) or try an another XP BIOS (PSL48G for example)

    Please help me!


    You try to use the installation of Windows XP SP2 home edition?

  • Satellite L40 - need driver for the modem on high definition audio bus device

    Hey there!

    I have a little problem with my Satellite L40-143 (Modell Nr.: PSL40E-04E00LGR).
    I changed from Windows Vista to Windows XP Professional and found that all need drivers, except a "device on high definition audio bus modem.
    The drivers I found on the Toshiba page don't work anymore.

    I would be very grateful for all the good ideas.

    Thank you ^ ^


    Laughing out loud. Hey Buddy what s the problem
    You have no sound on your laptop or you cannot burn a CD with your CD/DVD drive?

    The fact is that DON T need all the drivers for the CD/DVD drive. The operating system uses Microsoft own driver!
    If you want to burn media, you must install a burning like Nero for example software!

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300 - Win Vista instalation disk missing

    Hello world.

    This is my first time on any forum ever :)

    In August 2008, I bought laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 149. There was a lot of turbulence in our relationship, but we always went by them so far.

    Some time ago I added an additional hard drive just for the system. I did it just to have all important data in the entity. This extra drive decided to die.

    The problem is that there is no more the oryginal disc recovery so I have a laptop, hard drive and the product key for windows, but no instalation windows disk or at least file.

    Can you please help me and tell what should I do now because I can't undo what I've done already :)


    Your A300 was delivered with the operating system from Vista preinstalled (recovery image). This recovery image is saved on the HARD disk. Operating manuals s described document that each owner of the laptop must create the installation of recovery disk using pre-installed recovery media creator tool.

    If I understand you right you didn't he create if it is your only error.
    What can you do now?
    You have two options:
    1 / you can order the original recovery disc -
    2 / you can install own OS version

    I have too many A300 and for three years I use it with Windows 7 32 bit. It works perfectly and much better than original Vista.

    In any case, you do need to make the decision. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

    Good bye

  • Question on installing XP on Satellite L40 - 13 c

    Hey people,

    Does anyone have experiences with the downgrading to XP on L40 - 13 c?

    Heard talk of so many problems of Vista I want rather avoid it until the teething problems have disappeared.

    Thanks for any help!


    I see no reason why you should not install the XP on the L40.
    Perhaps one; Toshiba XP drivers are not available at this time on the page.

    But in my opinion, it's just a matter of time. I think that the Toshiba will provide some XP drivers for what is another series of notebook!

    Please also check this thread on XP and L40:

    best regards ;)

  • It is a solution - how to install XP on Satellite L40

    NOTE: you will need a license for XP Pro SP2(it should work with Sp1 and Home, but runs better on Pro SP2)!

    First download and install nLite. (requires .NET Framework version 2.0, you can download .NET Framework from here:

    Now download and extract the slipstream drivers into a folder like C:\Drivers-temp\

    Insert your WinXP installation disc, exit the autorun if it appears.

    Start nLite, click Next on the start screen. Tell him where is your CD. It will ask you to tell him where to cache the files to. You can simply use a folder like C:\XP-temp\ for this.

    On the predefined settings screen, click Next again. Now click the button drivers, as well as the "Bootable ISO" button, then click on "next".

    On drivers screen, click Insert, and then several driver's record. NLite to the location where you extracted the drivers slipstream, such as C:\Drivers-temp\ and click OK.

    In the select several drivers to integrate the window you will need to highlight the path to the Summit (for example, C:\Drivers-temp\) by clicking on it once, and then click OK.

    In the window driver in Textmode integration Options integration options highlight the entire list by clicking once on the top element, then shift-click once on the background element. With this list still highlighted, click OK at the bottom.

    Back on the drivers screen, click Next. Apply it changes: dialog box should appear asking if you really want to start the process. Click Yes.

    Once the treatment is completed, you will need to click 'Next', how youâ ¢ will be taken to the final screen.

    On the "Bootable ISO" screen, change the menu of 'Create Image' to 'Burn Direct' drop-down 'Mode '. Eject your WinXP disc and insert a blank disk into your burner. For security reasons, place a check next to "check".

    Finally, click on burn.

    Congratulations, you now have an installation disc, suitable for any Toshiba laptop with S - ATA hdd (in fact you can use it on any pc/laptop with S - ATA hard drive).

    Now, you will need boot up your laptop on this disc. In order to be able to boot from the CD, we must first make a couple of quick changes in the BIOS of the laptop computers. In the BIOS, you will need to make sure that the first boot device is the DVD - RW drive.

    NOTE: Make sure you backup all your data before continuing, because the next step will erase everything.

    Restart the laptop with your new XP cd inserted, after it is started, the windows installer will ask you where you want to install Windows XP to: follow the prompts to delete all existing partitions, and then follow the prompts to create a new partition and install Windows XP to that. You can choose the "quick format" to speed things up.

    Follow the rest of the messages guides for windows in the usual manner.

    This solution was made to another mobile phone manufacturer but I just filled where it considers that Toshiba.

    You will need the drivers for your system ready when XP complete installation, so be sure to download before starting all this and make a CD, you can use them again. Most chipsets Intel a driver for XP on Intels homepage.

    What about Atheros, then you can find the drivers here:

    Many of the drivers of Toshiba Vista driver package runs on XP, just read the readme file or the inf file.

    If you have any questions then let me know.



    Hi Jan

    It looks very nice and useful s. I'll give you 10 Rewards points ;)
    I've seen lots of questions here on the procedure of installing XP on different laptops with controller SATA HDD.
    I assume that you can use this solution on several laptops that were equipped with SATA controllers.

    Best regards

  • How to install WinXP on Satellite L40-139?

    I can't install Windows XP Home edition on my laptop.

    If i press a key to start to install for a view very short time just "Setup inspects the hardware configuration of your computer' and then nothing happened.

    Have someone some practice with it?

    I assume you are using Microsoft WXP CD installations. Am I wrong? Is the visible HARD disk when you start the process facilities?

    I found a few topics on similar problems. As in the other thread suggested that you must first install an Intel Matrix Storage Manager before you continue the installation of XP. The installation is very easy. During the installation process you must press F6 to include the Intel Matrix storage manager from an external USB FDD drive.

    After this instillation please don t HARD drive format but continue installing XP

  • Where to find the XP SATA driver for install XP on Satellite L40 - 12 x

    I should add that drivers of nLite for windows instakltion disck where can I find these drivers?
    I have the model L40-12 x or L40 PSL40e

    Check the Intel page for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

  • How to install XP on Satellite L40 - 14N

    OK when I got this laptop for Christmas had installed vista
    I would install Xp
    Read only a few threads on here, but can't have it installed. I have read that I need a floppy drive. So went out and bought a USB floppy drive to the drivers.
    I thought I'd need on diskette.

    Now what happens is I press f6 for the SATA drive and press S when asked.
    It gives me a driver option so I say yes installs a bit more, then asked the driver again and I press on enter and nothing happens.

    Any help please?
    Read somewhere I can have to integrate but don't know how.

    Doug's soon


    Floppy drive is not necessary only for the drivers but for Storage Manager. Please download and extract all the files there. Later, when the WXp is installed you can download all the drivers directly in Windows XP Home edition and start the installation.

    Please download Installations instructions document and install all the stuff following this order of installations.
    Good luck!

  • How to install XP on Satellite L40-14B

    How to install windows xp on this laptop?

    I tried and I can't. Say that he didn't plant the hard drive.
    The hard drive is sata.

    In the Bios I have much choises. I wanted to switch from AHCI to ide... but I do not have it.
    I therefore now vista... is the only system that worked on it... but I cannot start without thread on this.

    BTW: where is the led when the wireless is on this laptop? I sow where it is?

    I think that a bios update should work... but I can't find one. Now I 1.60... and it's only for vista.

    So, if someone can help me pls.

    Check back for the right driver WLan and the new BIOS for XP.
    Then, everything should work fine

  • Missing HARD drive when I try to install WinXP on Satellite L40

    I have a problem when I setup Windows XP. Its a message appear that there is no HARD drive devices.

    I am using Vista now.

    Waiting for your advice.
    Thank you

    Ceco85 is right. You must install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager before you continue the installation of XP.
    The iMSM can be downloaded from the Toshiba page or from the Intel page.
    Then you will need an external USB FDD to include this driver.

    If you n t the external USB FDD drive, I recommend the creation of a new XP CD with SATA drivers using the 3rd party freeware software called nLite!
    Google for nLite details ;)

    I hope I can clarify this issue. Best regards

  • Satellite L40 - HARD drive upgrade

    So, I have a Toshiba MK8037GSX in a Toshiba L40 laptop.
    I would like to be updated on the drive hard Toshiba MK2552GSX.

    My question is if I have compatibility problems...
    The older MK8037GSX ATA-7, while MK2552GSX, is ATA - 8. No problem with that?

    Should I do anything else in addition to taking on the old hdd and put it in the new?
    It will interfere with the big cable that connects to the hard drive, I have to change it?

    Links for specs on hard disks:


    No, you should not get problems using ATA-8 HARD drive.
    The point is that the SATA controller is down.
    Means that you can use SATA I and SATA II HDD without any big problems

    > Will I have to do any other thing in addition to taking on the old hdd and put it in the new?
    No, after the HARD drive has been connected to the laptop, go into the BIOS and check if it s is recognized correctly. The new installation of the operating system should not be a problem as well. The installation disc must format the HARD drive and you could install the operating system.

  • Satellite L40: Need driver WLAN for XP

    I just bought this laptop and I removed Vista and installed Windows XP. Since then, I can't use my wireless LAN.

    Does anyone know, what wireless LAN chip is on board and where can I find the driver.


    The L40 Sat must be a new series and not very long on the market because I didn t find the XP drivers for this laptop.
    But I discovered that some of the L40 units were delivered with an Atheros Wlan card.

    Toshiba offers a useful information portal WLan. You can also find the latest WLan drivers:

    Try to install the drivers from the above site.
    It seems that these are the very latest versions of driver Wlan available for Intel and Atheros cards.

Maybe you are looking for

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