Winamp playlists appear empty when the rocket

Hi all

I see that I'm not the first to this problem, but the solutions that I found doesn't seem to work for me.

When I create a Winamp playlist (latest version) and transfer it to my rocket (new firmware), music and the playlist is transferred as they should.

But when I select the playlist on the "rocket", it says that the playlist is empty.

I have tried different places of the playlist (the root and the /MUSIC folder) but it seems to make no difference what so ever. I even tried to make the playlist on the drive (by Winamp), but no difference.

Can someone explain what looks like the structure of a playlist to WORK and the right place to store the file on the drive .m3u?

Thank you

Thank your for your help.

I tried Media Monkey (, and now, everything just works, without needing to do anything manually, or change anything by hand (or by using WAX - great name! )

I could I kick for having recorded WinAmp before discovering Media Monkey. Well, that's life.

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    Try to disable the GPU performance by clicking on the icon of the rocket in the App bar and the de-selection of the Performance GPU checkbox.

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    Being this recent, try a system restore to the most recent point when everything worked very well.  See for more information.

    Good luck!


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    Refer to:

    so if your page is part of the workflow, use weight first

    1 method call activity as default activity in Taskflow:

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    If is not part of the FO, use the second option

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    -This means that the position of the top left of your canvas stacked on top of the canvas content.

    b.Viewport WIDTH, HEIGHT

    Specifies the width and height of the display for a stacked canvas.

    -This means that the actual size and the position of the view that defines the part of the drawing area is displayed in the window running.

    2- T it position from view of the piled in canvas (Viewport) on stacked canvas itself. (Display X, Y Position on canvas window)

    Viewport X, position Y on canvas

    Specifies the location of the top left corner of the view from the upper left corner of the canvas. The size and location of the window define the view; in other words, the part of the canvas which is currently visible in the window which is attributed the canvas.

    This parameter specifies what part of your willingness to stacked canvas the viewport (visibility) will cover.

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    You should try for yourself & recognize more clearly.

    Amatu Allah

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    Here's my break control file, I have some data for a sanitized public viewing...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >

    " < = xmlns:xapi xapi:requestset ' "type ="break"> "


    < xapi:delivery >

    < xapi:email server = "" port = "25".

                         from=" [email protected] "RΘpondre α =" [email protected] ">

    " < xapi:message id ="123"to =" ' [email protected] 'cc =' "attachment = 'true' content-type 'text' subject = 'Test out' = >

    < body >

    The error report is attached ready for you to review. < br / > < br / >

    Text here! < br / >

    More text here! < br / >

    < / body >

    < / xapi:message >

    < / xapi:email >

    < / xapi:delivery >

    < output = xapi:document "test2.xls" output-type = "excel" delivery = "123" > "

    "< xapi:template type ="rtf"location="/ua4001/oracle/MFSGUAT/apps/apps_st/appl/xbol/12.0.0/xml/MWACIIER.rtf "> < / xapi:template >

    < / xapi:document >

    < / xapi:request >

    < / xapi:requestset >


    Here's my problem, it's related to the messaging tool that I use to watch the attachment...

    You use Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 access one
    mailbox on a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service
    Pack 1. When you download a .xls file attachment and then try to open the
    file, the downloaded file is empty.

    This problem occurs if the .xls file contains XML data. In
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    To resolve this problem, install the update rollup 6 for Exchange
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    service pack or update rollup, see the following Exchange Help topic:

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    If the user fills out the form using the Preview on a Mac (instead of Acrobat/Reader), I think that it will exhibit the symptoms you describe. The next thread is the place where I got this link (GKeiseril displayed in the message 4) Although it may not be the question for the poster who started this discussion:

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    Did you drag the button menu bookmarks with the marker of fall on a toolbar?

    Customize Firefox 4 has two buttons bookmark with a star in the window.

    A single star button has a marker to drop that open Bookmark menu.

    The other star button without the marker drop open bookmarks in the sidebar.

    Drag the button menu bookmarks with the marker of fall on a toolbar.

  • Computer screen remains empty when the computer is started.

    I recently moved my computer in a another part of the House and when I got back everything was working properly.  I was in the middle of the removal of unused on my computer programs when I had a program not responding do not message.  All the icons have disappeared off the screen and the taskbar, but I could still see the background.  I shut down the computer manually becase Ctrl + alt + delete didn't work.  Now, when I turn the computer on the gateway screen comes up and the green bar when windows is preparing to start, but it loads a blank screen. The only visible thing on it is the mouse pointer.  I tried to use the windows vista operating cd but it wont run it.  Any ideas?

    No you can hear it running.  I would say that it was computer games that I uninstall and the wireless card that I used on it, now it is connected directly to the wireless router. Also, I forgot to mention in the post above that I had the computer on it two weeks and when I had it up and running in the other room windows defender came on wanting scanner, so I let it scan and then the antivirus software did a scan of the computer.  They both finished without any problems.  My antivirus (McAfee) software installed updates at the time wherever it froze.

    go to safe mode (press f8 when you turn on your pc) then preform scan using

    Malwarebyte s

    and get avast download or try the mcafee update after scaning above programs using

    then in safe mode go to msconfig by typing it in the search box of windows and enter presing. then prepare your computer to clean boot by disabling all startup items and non-windows services. then restart?

    See if it solves your problem?

  • Rings of color on 1131 is not appear blue when the associated devices


    I have a few 1131 that host SSID wireless, and most work in accordance with the documentation, which means that the color ring is green light when it is waiting for a connection and blue turns once an association is going. We seem to have discovered two AP that begin to light green, and when an association happens they turn dark green instead of blue?

    Please tell me that someone has seen this before. We have also upgraded to the latest version of the firmware on the devices in question and see the same result. I thought I would wager a guess as to what could be the problem but I'm probably wrong. Maybe the filaments that make the blue color are damaged?  Pretty crazy, but let me know if you have seen this before.

    Thank you


    1131 aPs that do not show the color rings appropriate when users are associated are considered as having a hardware failure and need to be replaced. Replace the units with defective color rings.

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    Thanks for the details.

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    In this case, the solution here could be like: change the color set of default hyperlink in muse and republish the site and see if that helps.

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