Windows 7 turns off without warning when you reach the low battery level

I was using a laptop HP which is upgraded from a family of OEM/RTM Windows Vista Edition Premium x 64 SP1 installation to a cleaning of the Version FULL of Windows 7 Home Premium x 64.  When I used it on battery it takes 25-27% left and it close it self of without any warning that the battery was low.  Then, when I connect it to the power cord and turned on I got the message of recovery Windows error that we will choose between the SafeMode / SafeMode with network/Safe Mode command prompt / start Windows normally and I chose to start Windows normally.  I went in the power and clicked Options on advanced settings for the power management that I use and when I extended battery it says:

Critical battery action
On battery: hibernation
Plugged in: do nothing
Low battery level
On battery: 25%
Plugged in: 10%
Critical battery level
On battery: 5%
Plugged in: 5%
Low battery notification
On battery: 5%
Plugged in: 5%
Low battery action
On battery: do nothing
Plugged in: do nothing
Reserve battery level
On battery: 7%
Plugged in: 7%

Why have I not a warning when he got low battery level and why it automatically shut down and give me this error message.  How can I fix it.


It could be that your battery is bad.  With my laptop, the battery lasts a few minutes, and if it passes underneath of ~ 20%, it stops instantly.  So, I just put the battery level critical to 25% and the hibernate on battery battery critical.  Windows 7 should be smart enough to tell you if this is the case (at the bottom left icon will have a red x through it, and if you hover over the battery icon it will say "consider replacing your battery."

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    Hello Kenneth g. Mann

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  • Qosmio F30-140 - turns off without warning

    Hi guys!

    It's me again.

    I hope that the last time! After I fix this computer :), I am the sale! 3rd year and still problems. I need to get something new.

    Ok. Now the problem!

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    Hi mate,

    This only happens if you a video via live stream?
    Well, maybe the laptop is overheating. You should try to clean using compressed air stream. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans.

    What operating system you are using? Maybe reinstall Toshiba Recovery disk Windows could be useful
    Check it!

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    Hi rikusg98319732,

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  • I'm having the same problem with windows 7 problem is that he stops, turning off without warning at different times

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    It could be a temperature problem.  Go to and download SpeedFan.  It will tell you what are the internal temperatures.  If base temperatures under 50 degrees C, you are very good, over 65 is a problem and between two bears watching.

    If not, you can look at the rather cryptic system event log.  To do that click on start-> Control Panel-> administration-> event viewer tools.  Once in Event Viewer system log-click and scroll entries looking for these "error" with indicator see if you can find guidance on where the problem may be.
    When you get your system in good working condition, I invite you to back up your system up to an external hard drive and it puts regular periodic updates.
    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

  • Portege M200 turns off without warning.

    Hi guys,.

    My Portege M200 has just developed a problem today. It stops without warnings or information.
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    Is it possible to test the fans / sensors to determine where is the problem?

    Can anyone think of all the other things that I can check or which would do this?

    Thank you guys.

    I think also that occur due to overheating. In such cases, the laptop turns off simply without any warning. Sorry, buddy, but I think it's time for cleaning. Here the question how you want to do. Only or it should be done on a career path.

    Your decision!

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    Hi ctcp-ga,.

    You can try to change levels of notification and check if you get any user account control prompt.

    Enable or disable the User Account Control

    How can I change the behavior of user account control by using the slider?

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Satellite M40x-250 turns off without warning

    HII everyone,

    Hope you guys can help me. I have an old Toshiba Notebook (Satellite M40x-250).

    I don't know how old exactly, but I think around 4 or 5 years. Ive never had any problem with it, but now its weird action. Recently, I was typing something and suddenly it just turned itself off.

    I waited about five minutes before I restarted and it worked perfectly again.
    Same thing just happened half an hour ago.

    Now his works once again, with no loss of information.
    My laptop is just getting old, or would be - this other problem that could be solved?

    Thank you!


    In my eyes it s typical overheating problem
    As you say it s a laptop plus age (4 to 5 years) and I suppose that the cooling fans have not been cleaned since the first day
    I think that there is a lot of dust and debris that prevents the cooling modules to work with maximum efficiency, this can lead to a higher temperature and shut downs.

    The laptop turns off automatically to prevent the equipment from damage
    Clean the fan using a jet of compressed air! In from time to time, and it helps!

    Welcome them

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