Windows media player switches will not remain on the view full screen because then a minute

I watch a video stream on windows media player from and generally it works quite well but he just started to turn off full-screen after a minute of me clicking on it someone knows a fix for this, it starts to become annoying it spend every minute, that I started to watch it on the normal screen, but I want to go back at the mercy of full screen for any help I receive


Hello jamessharmon_3349

It is designed to run reduced to save resources for other applications that are running at the same time.

Check your display settings to see if your screen saver is set to activate so that maybe that's why your Windows Media Player minimizes full screen.

You can use the Task Manager to see what processes running high when WMP is reduced to a minimum. It could be a resource as Antivirus taking over CPU causing WMP decrease its size.

Thank you


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  • Windows Media Player 12 will not reinstall, corrupt the file 'mpvis.dll.mui '.

    I'm trying to fix Windows Media Player 12 without success.

    I tried 'turned on' and 'off' Windows Media Player via "Turn Windows features on or off"-there did not work.  It will not fix the problem, and I think I know why.

    I ran sfc/scannow from the cmd prompt gives me the following in the CBS.log log error message:

    [RS] Could not reproject corrupted file [ml:520 {260}, l:106 {53}] '------? \C:\Program files (x 86) \Windows Media Player\en-US "------[l:26 {13}] 'mpvis.dll.mui '; source file in the store is also corrupted

    I just took the 'ownership' of the file and replaced by a different copy on another hard drive that worked.  I have the journal and if the information is needed to solve this problem I'll post here apart from the above error message.

    Attempt to run Windows Media player only gives me the error message:

    "Window Media Player is not installed correctly and must be reinstalled.  You want to install the player from the Microsoft website? »

    I 'want' install the player on MS website, but they do not offer this possibility because it is nowhere available for download.  I have to say I am frustrated by this situation and I would like to know why MS decided to make this hassle to reinstall a program properly.

    I guess that's the only option.

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  • Windows Media Player 11 will not play video

    Windows Media Player 11 will not play DVD-video or video files from a SD card.  I tried several update codec options, but none were successful, including the option offered by Microsoft (  Windows tells me that a more recent update has been installed and refuses to go forward.

    Hi RonMcCulloch,

    ·         You receive an error message or error code?

    ·         What is the type of file you are trying to play?

    ·         The DVD I get recognized by the computer?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    In the meantime, you can try to reduce hardware acceleration, and see if it resolves the problem. (Only if your video card supports hardware acceleration)

    a. open the screen resolution by clicking on the Start button, click Control Panel, and then under appearance and personalization, click adjust screen resolution.

    b. click on settings Advanced , the Troubleshooting tab and then click change settings.

    c. move the hardware acceleration slider toward none to reduce or turn off video hardware acceleration.

    d. click OKand then click restart now.

    Let us know if it helps.

  • 1: 0x80042318__2 system restore error: Windows Media Player 11 will not work open__3: Internet Explorer 8 crashes when opening.

    I have these three questions of program after reinstallation of Windows Vista and tried (mostly unsuccessful) using Windows Easy Transfer to move and reinstall my programs and files. My computer had some problems before start, (it would be almost always gives me the blue screen at startup and go into Startup Repair). The Startup Repair wouldn't fix anything and just lose about 20 minutes of my time. Finally, he wouldn't even load at all and the Startup Repair did not help so I decided to reinstall Windows Vista. It worked perfectly until what stupidly, I decided to try and use Windows easy transfer if everything goes well "to" my programs this new copy of Windows Vista.

    So now my questions are: Windows Media Player 11 does not open. I don't see a thumbnails of videos that would open with Windows Vista either. Oddly, although I can use Windows Media Center very well. I also installed Quicktime player and it seems to work perfectly.
    It was not catastrophic but especially a gene. I use VLC player to manage most of my videos very well, but love using WMP before.

    Second: I can't create restore points at all. Once I try, I get this error message:
    "The restore point could not be created for the following reason:
    An error was detected in the copy Service VSS (Volume Shadow). The problem occurred while trying to connect with the VSS writers. Please check the event system service and the VSS service are running and look for errors related to event logs. (Ox80042318) Please try again. »

    Finally, for some reason any after the transfer, eventually after Internet Explorer automatically updated it will completely freeze when I open it. This is for me the prompt to open the session previously was crushed, and if I try that or close the dialog to open just the home page, it will freeze completely, even the blue circle next to the name of the tab to load.
    Fortunately, I have Firefox and Google Chrome installed, both work very well.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm not entirely fretting on IE8 and WMP 11 but I feel really that less stressed if I know that I have a System Restore Point in case my previous numbers start to happen again.

    Here are my system specs, in case that dans le cas ou c' est is somehow useful.

    Dell Studio 1535 laptop
    Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
    Service Pack 2 recently reinstalled
    Intel Core 2 Duo 4 Ghz processor
    3 GB Ram
    4.0 Windows Experience Index/Rating

    Big thanks in advance to anyone who can give a glimmer of assistance. I tried searching on these issues online and found no help. My next step is the Dell technical support (.. don't looking forward not to y).

    Do you have these problems if you for testing purposes create a new user?

    Other things you can try after trying the suggestions "Sreenkanth T" is to run the ChkDsk program.

    Try running ChkDsk to check your drive for errors. Right click on your drive icon / properties / tools / error checking.  Try first by checking do not each box (that it will run in read-only mode) to see if it reports any problems file or hard drive.  If so, restart it by checking both boxes and restart to allow him to attempt to fix any problems found

    Windows Easy Transfer moves not installed third-party programs on the whole, he does that move their settings, your files and settings Windows.

    As you have just reinstalled Vista, where were your old programs and files (on which machine) when you used Windows Easy Transfer, you still have access to them?

    You have to maybe do the reinstall once more but forget your settings and just manually copy all of your data?  This way you will give you restart with no old parameters of any other machine?

    You can also consult the third-party program (costs a little money), but he can move everything, including the programs installed.


  • Windows Media Player 12 will not play mp4, mp3, wmv files through IIS hosted local site when the PC is disconnected from the Internet

    I have an IIS Web site 6.1 on local 32-bit Windows 7 machine that serves HTML and MP4 videos via Internet Explorer on the local computer.  An internet connection is not necessary because it is all local storage and local accommodations through IIS.  IIS is configured to serve the MP4 videos in the form of downloadable files, don't not streaming somehow.  I have the right MIME type ".mp4" with the installation of "video/mp4" in the IIS server, so I don't think that's the problem.

    When the machine is connected to the internet, by clicking on a video link MP4 in any HTML page served by the local IIS server results in Windows Media Player opening and playing the video in its own window.  However, when the Ethernet cable is unplugged, by clicking on the same results of video link MP4 in Windows Media Player by opening its own window, and then display this error message:

    Windows Media Player cannot play the file.  If the file is on the Internet, connect to the Internet.  If the file is on a removable storage card, insert the storage card.

    It's almost as if Windows Media Player has a bug and since it accesses this media file via a URL, but the machine is not connected to a network, he thinks that this file is unplayable.

    When the Ethernet cable is disconnected, the local IIS server is still all the HTML code and ActiveX content except for media files.  I also tried to access MP3 and WMV files via the IIS server to see if Windows Media Player will open those when the computer is disconnected from the Internet.  These caused also Windows Media Player files display the same error message.

    I tried the VLC (VideoLAN) Player after changing the property file in VLC of WMP for .mp4 files extension.  With VLC installed and the extension changed to VLS property, I can download/open the MP4 video using the link in the web page served by IIS all when they are disconnected from the internet.  The only thing I can't do is get VLC player to open and play the video simply by clicking on the link in Internet Explore web pages served by the local IIS server.

    I would like to make use of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player with this IIS server that serves the MP4 videos rather than using VLC player.

    Thank you

    Michael Rayman

    I finally found the answer to my problem:

    When they are disconnected from the internet, mysteriously, Windows Media Player 12 requires that you check a checkbox in tools > Options... > zone settings tab player called "Internet connection (ignore the other commands).  Once this box is checked and the settings saved on APPLY, then Windows Media Player 12 will play videos served by the local IIS server on the same machine, while disconnected from the Internet.

  • Windows Media Player 12 will not play or burn music CDs!

    Running Windows 7 Home Premium-Windows Media Player will play a DVD but will not play an audio CD, which begs the question: why it does not burn the CD using Roxio Burn (which just sits there doing nothing) just like WMP 12.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and suggestions in this forum, but nothing is done.  Microsoft has really any solution of constantly failing to player?  In addition, reinstalled my computer back to the State factory and Media Player STILL will NOT play or burn music CD.  Hello, Microsoft, I would rather download Media Player 11, which at least has worked, so tell me how to get that back.  Thank you.

    Are normally given CD detected?
    If not, the problem is probably with the drive itself - CD and DVD is access differently if we wouldn't necessarily affect each other.

  • Windows Media player 12 will not update DRM


    I use my local library's digital download service. I tried to download a digital book... and he tells me that I need to improve my 25.00.0 to 25.00.1 DRM... or something like that.

    Then I followed the instructions of programs... no upgrade

    So I tried the link to Microsoft, they provided for use in Internet Explorer... There is a button to upgrade, but it turns so it can be pressed.

    Then I went into Media Player and looked to see if it had to be upgraded... says that it is fully upgraded.

    Ok... I'm fresh out of ideas... anyone else have an idea?

    Thank you


    Hi Rick,

    What site are you talking about?

    I suggest to follow the steps below and we update on the State of the question.

    Method 1: Launch windows media player troubleshooting DRM and check what is the cause of the problem.

    To do this, please follow the steps below:

    Open the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type Troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Click view all, and then click Windows Media Player DRM.

    If the method above does not work, proceed to the next method.

    Method 2:
    rename the DRM folder, this forces Windows to build a new one.

    Follow these tips:

    If Windows Media Player 12 is running, quit Windows Media Player 12.

    (a) click Start.

    (b) in the start search box, type "search".

    (c) click on "change search options for files and folders.

    (d) now, click on the view tab.

    (e) in accordance with the notice,.

    (1) select the radio button show the hidden files, folders and drives

    (2) remove the checkmark from the checkbox Hide extensions of known file types.

    (3) remove the check mark from the box Hide protected operating system files.

    (4) click on apply and Ok.

    After having access to hidden folders and files, follow the steps below:

    (a) If Windows Media Player 12 is running, quit Windows Media Player 12.

    (b) locate the DRM folder on the hard disk, and then rename the DRM folder in backup DRM.

    (c) Note by default, this folder is in the following location in Windows 7:

    System folder\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM

    Visit the Microsoft Web site at the following address:

    Follow the instructions on the website to update the safety component of Windows Media Player 12. This procedure allows you to obtain new licenses for media content. You can also reset licenses for purchased content so that you can play that content on a computer.


    On a Windows 7 computer, you must run Internet Explorer as an administrator before update you the safety component of Windows Media Player 12. To do this, follow these steps:

    Click Start and then click all programs.

    Right click on Internet Explorer and then click Run as administrator.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click on continue.


    You must contact any third-party stores where you purchased music to reset the licenses for that music. If you copied CDs for protected Windows Media Audio files, the CD must be copied again.

    Check out the link for more information below.

    You can try the Tool ResetDRM and see if the problem can be solved.

    If you have additional problems, please reply to this post and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Media Player 12 will not remain full screen for more than 5 min.

    Upgrade Vista Ultimate to 7 Ultimate. Media Player now will not stay full screen for more than 5 minutes during movie playback. How can I fix this please?

    When presentation settings are turned on, your mobile PC stays awake and system notifications are turned off. I would not advice you constantly running in presentation mode because it does not allow your computer becomes idle (and display the screen saver) even when you do not do anything. He probably solved your problem because one of your application does not perform certain actions as before, because it's always 'think' that your computer is not idle.

    You should do something like this: check the settings for these two applications: Vaio update and Trend Micro (probably you can get there after right-clicking on the icon in the notification area and choose the appropriate context menu position). There should be some options when these applications are performing the update process. No doubt, one of them made when the computer becomes inactive if it may affect the mode full-screen. I guess that might be Vaio update, because I read that since version 2010, Trend Micro has been improved and should not cause this problem, but you should check the two of them. You should change the appropriate settings, so it will play the update process in another moment.

    There is also something else you can try. You can read this article: How to prevent the flight home in Windows programs . You can find how to prevent theft of focus programs, then perhaps it can also solve your problem. Maybe after the upgrade to Vista, specific registry key does not contain the appropriate value, and you must follow these steps to fix that:

    1. Click Start and then click run (or you can press Windows key + R )

    2. In the text box on the run window, type regedit and click OK. This will open the registry editor program.

    3. Find the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER under my computer and click the plus sign (+) after the folder name to expand the folder.

    4. Continue to expand the folders until you reach the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel registry key.

    5. Select the key of Office under Control Panel .

    6. On the right side of the screen, locate and double-click ForegroundLockTimeout DWORD.

    7. In the Edit DWORD value window that appears, set them value data: field to 30 d 40 .

      Note: Make sure that the Basic option has the hexadecimal value, when you enter the DWORD value.

    8. Click OK , and then close the registry editor .

    9. Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

    10. From this moment on, programs should no longer steal focus from the window you are currently working.

  • The Windows media player 12 will not play 40% of my library

    He will not play about 40 percent of my library and even custom show new downloads. How to obtain as new again.can it be restarted etc.

    Original title: the Windows media player 12 is damn wrong. Need help.


    1. have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest to follow the steps provided and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Try to run the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter:

    Method 2: Troubleshooting to launch Windows Media Player library.


    Method 3: If the problem persists then clear database of Windows Media Player. To do this, follow these steps:

    a. exit Windows Media Player.

    b. for Windows 7: click Start, run, %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Player and then click on OK.

    c. Select all files in the folder, and then click delete on the file menu.

    Note: You don't have to remove the folders that are in this folder.

    d. restart Windows Media Player.

    Note Windows Media Player automatically rebuilds the database.


    Method 4: If the problem persists, try to disable and enable Media Player and check.

    Step 1: turn off Windows Media Player:
    a. go initially and in search type 'Turn Windows has or not'.
    b. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    c. find multimedia and uncheck Windows Media Player.
    d. restart the computer.
    Step 2: Enable the Windows Media Player:
    a. go initially and in search type 'Turn Windows has or not'.
    b. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    c. find the multimedia functions and place a check mark in front of the Windows Media Player.
    d. restart the computer.

    For more information, see the article:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Media player 11 will not read all the dvd please help

    I have changed the setting, reinstalled dvd, reinstalled media player, I don't know what other 2


    1. which version of the windows operating system is installed in the computer?

    2. have you made any changes to the computer?

    Race fix from the following link and check if the problem persists:

    Method 1

    I suggest delete you the database of Windows Media Player and check if it helps.

    Exit Windows Media Player.

    (a) click Start, run, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Player, and then click OK.

    (b), select all the files in the folder and then click on Delete on the file menu.

    Note: you don't have to remove the folders that are in this folder.

    (c) restart Windows Media Player.

    Note Windows Media Player automatically rebuilds the database.


    If the above does not solve your problem then clear cache of database of Windows Media Player files. To do this, follow these steps:

    (a) output Windows Media Player.

    (b) click Start, click Run, type % LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft, and then click OK.

    (c) select the folder Media Player and then click on Delete on the file menu.

    (d) restart Windows Media Player.

    You cannot view, add, or delete items in the library of Windows Media Player 11

    Method 3: You may need to download the audio effect plug-ins or ability of DVD in Windows Media Player, please visit the link below

    Method 4: You can see the steps mentioned in the article below

    Supported decoders MPEG - 2 software DVD in Windows Media Player for Windows XP and Windows Vista

    Note: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • Windows Media Player 12 is not correctly play the .wav file.

    • Windows Media Player 12
    • Error message: Windows Media Player has encountered a problem while playing the file.
    • I can play .wav file one by one, without any problem. But when we want to play as a selection with a lot of .wav file inside, he stops playing and leaving an error message like above. There is nothing wrong with my files, I can play even on my phone (Windows Mobile) or any program of music player. That's why I think it was lack of Windows Media Player 12.
    • Here are the files. You can download and test it yourself. It is the French from a to z alphabet.
    • I bought Acer, Aspire 4745 G laptop. It comes with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit, pilot of the last manufacturer installed, updated the OS to the latest version through Windows Update.
    I want that Microsoft to resolve this issue through Windows Update.
    +++ How to change font style of my post? It is very difficult to read. +++

    Hi WildRavin,

    1. run the troubleshooter in the Windows Media Player settings. Troubleshooting looking for issues related to playback of audio and video files in the drive by checking its configuration and network parameters.

    Open the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter

    2. If you have installed any third-party codec or plug-in for Windows Media Player, uninstall them temporarily to check if they are causing the problem.

    3. turn off audio enhancements and check the results. You can check the link for the steps below: How can I stop my music skip or break down when I play it? :

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • my windows media player 11 will not rip music. He used to rip very well, but I got comp. recovered, and now it will not. What's wrong? everything else works fine, it is burning, play music, etc.

    look to the top title. my windows media player won't rip music. used to RIP is fine, but I'm me comp. recovered, and now it will not. It's all fine.


    ·          What happens when you try to extract?

    Step 1: Try the following steps:

    a. open Windows Media Player.

    b. click on tools, Options, then choose Devices tab.

    c. Select the CD drive, and then click Properties

    d. Select digital and use the correction of error on the part of reading both Rip.

    e. click on apply and then click Ok.

    f. try to rip music and check.


    Step 2: If the steps above fail, try the following steps to change the settings for Windows Media Player:

    a. open Windows Media Player.

    b. click on tools, Options, then choose tab music Rip.

    c. under Rip settings, change the format to MP3 or WAV.

    d. then set the Audio settings for best quality.

    e. click on apply and then click Ok.

    f. try to rip music and check.

    See also:

  • Windows Media Center and Windows media player 11 will not work on my Gateway (Vista) computer

    On my windows media player, I get the following comment after I try to read the dvd:
    Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with the digital copy between your DVD drive decoder and video card protection. Try to install a driver available for your video card.

    On my media center to windows, I get the following comment:
    The dvd can be used by other players, need to change resolution b/c it is too high.

    But Tuesday, I played the DVD without problem and now, I am confused and I need help to understand what is happening.

    Hello texanbelle,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft answers Forum.

    I am including instructions below a scan to help repair the system files related to some components of Windows, including Windows Media Center, and Windows Media Player.

    Repair Windows Vista Media Center files

    You can use the following steps to repair files that are part of Windows Vista Media Center:

    1. click on the Start menu, choose all programs, then Accessories, then right-click on the item to the command prompt and select run as administrator

    2. click on continue to allow it to open a prompt with administrator privileges

    3. run this command in the cmd prompt: sfc/scannow

    4. the cmd prompt should list text stating "start system analysis. This process will take time. »

    5. wait for the scan to complete (this may take several minutes, so be patient).  This command will scan all protected system files and attempt to replace the incorrect versions by appropriate Microsoft versions

    6. once the analysis is complete, the SFC tool will indicate whether or not it found no problems and whether or not he was able to correct

    7. If any errors are reported that SFC could not resolve, there are steps in this knowledge base article which explain how to locate and attempt to correct errors

    8. after fixing errors that are found, try to use Windows Vista Media Center again.

    Fix Windows Vista Media Center registry entries

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix key/registry values that are installed by Windows Vista, as there are files.  If you want to try to repair the registry values/keys that are part of Windows Vista Media Center, you will need to re-run the installer of Windows Vista operating system and repair the operating system.

    Try this and tell us if it helps with your question.

    Engineer Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • the Windows media player 12 will not play 3gp (from mobile phone) with sound files

    I have windows 7 media player 12 and when the videos are downloaded from phone video shows but with no sound. Have all the updates so far I know. Turn windows media player


    Hi vett82ce, 

    You will need a codec to play the video file. A codec is a software to compress or decompress a digital media file, such as a song or a video. Windows Media Player and other programs use the codec to play and create digital media files.

    You can check the link to see the guidelines on the issue below:

    You can use the link provided below and check if you get the necessary codec to download depending on the type of file, you try to play.

    You can also use your favorite search engine to download and install a codec based on the file type, you must use.

    NOTE- Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Kind regards

    Gaurav Prakash - Microsoft Support
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  • Windows Media player 12 will not play .avi files

    Original title: Media Player 12

    I have WMP12 on my windows 7 and never had a problem 2 days ago. Now I can't play video files, it seems to be only the .avi files. When I click on it I get a message saying that windows media player has stopped working and is looking for a solution. Some of these files, I had some time and always played using WMP12 without problems. It will play everything, MP4, MP3, audio books simply not excerpts from movies avi, I looked for updates, codec & addons, nothing helps, any suggestions

    I already have VLC that I use for the .mkv files, but I prefer WMP it has better quality image and sound. I downloaded the codecs from the link you gave me, (Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2013-08-01) and installed it. Yay it worked. Thank you very much

Maybe you are looking for

  • Open file warning

    In my work, I get a spreadsheet model Excel from a supplier using windows machines. Using numbers 3.2.2 on opening the Excel file a warning dialog box appears.  One warns against a missing font, and another warns that protection of the leaf"has been

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    I know that you have a second HDD models, but ist it is possible to add a second HDD to my program P775 - 11 p? Because the place and the Bay is already there, only the cables are missing... Help, please...

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