Windows Mobile Device Center works very well, but then all of a sudden will not get connected mobile, it remains disconnected even if the PC sounds when the phone is attached to the USB.

Windows Mobile Device Center installed. If I reboot computer everything works fine and he

might work for 1 hour or 1 day, I can connect and disconnect the phone and it appears every time,.

but then sudeenly it stops working.

When I attach the USB of the computer phone rings (because it connects), but then nothing happens

in Windows Mobile Device Center, the phone remains disconnected in Windows Mobile Device

Center. It's really enoying!

Any suggestions on how to debug/fix?

Work around: someone knows how to restart the Windows Mobile Device Center without rebooting


I already tried to reinstall Windows Mobile Device Center, did not help. Both CD

comes with the phone and software downloaded from Microsoft.

I'm really stuck!

Help, please!

/ Marcus

It's a Samsung Omnia II GT-I8000

Tags: Windows

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