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I am trying to install the update for iCloud for Windows. I get the following: "there is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the Setup did not finish as expected. Contact your supplier of staff or the package of support ". I tried everything to get another msiexec.exe file, but it is not found. Because Windows 7 was preinstalled on the computer when I bought it, I have no disks. Accepted suggestions.

Wow!  It really worked.

However, it has been a very long road to get here.  Update of the "repair" procedure you suggested above did not work when I had initially received an error message different iCloud installer when I tried to install the iCloud as well as when I tried in vain to uninstall and fix it: "the specified account already exists."

I did the following steps:

(1) I uninstalled all other Apple products on my system.  (iCloud install/uninstall/repair still did not work)

(2) I deleted manually the files and folders to install iCloud

(3) I deleted all entries in registry iCloud (still no iCloud install success)

(4) downloaded and run Microsoft Fixit: (it detects no error, but after operating for nearly an hour he totally froze my system.)  I let it run a little more long and then hard power which crashed my system.  When it restarted, checkdisk worked automatically, and surprisingly found some errors)

(5) I tried to install iCloud again and received the error 'windows package install' this thread is noting.  I'm really surprised that any trace of Apple still resides on my PC.

(6) the repair procedure you took note and received the message of 'success '!

I hope this helps others in view of the huge number of people who reported the initial problem I had.

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