"Windows services Centre" call by saying that I have a problem with my internal security system


I received a phone call from 'Windows Service Centre', James Henderson, employee of 406-235-1159, phone number #7098 (Yes, that's an indication 406 and 416 - which is one of the reasons why I'm suspicious), but gave a speech in Mississauga (Ontario), saying that I have a problem with my internal security system and even if www.ammyy.com I need to talk to the technician to solve this problem. I do not trust him and hang up, but called the number, responded to the same person (as he had an Indian accent with a lisp in addition to this) and he said that Joseph and not James!
Scam or what? Thank you

It is a scam! Who is becoming extremely common and was even on the news in some places. As long as you don't give them any personal information, you should be fine. Should they call once again, simply hang up.

See the recent thread below for more information; Shenan Stanley and the spirit of the messages contain very useful information:

The call tech support?

The links below contain excellent information regarding this and other scams:

Avoid scams to phone for tech support

Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently

The site ammyy.com offer legitimate a service to help users to connect remotely to other computers; the crooks simply operate these services. This is the first time I have heard of this site, seems most of the fraudsters a different use.

Kind regards

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    Fake phone calls to technical support

    Such unsolicited telephone calls are almost always a common scam. Do not let them give any info, do not give access to your PC, not give them all the money and do not go to all the websites that they suggest. One moment.

    Please see:

    http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/security/online-privacy/msname.aspx .

    Microsoft does ever not requested for telephone calls of support or security.

    (such persons may use names other than Microsoft as well)

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    Not legitimate... do not answer the call... Mike Hall MVP - Windows Expert: consumer http://msmvps.com/blogs/mikehall/

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    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1:

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    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7



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    • Are you facing any problem on the computer?

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  • "Windows services Centre" call saying to pay to get viruses fixed

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    Can you let me know if there is a place called Windows Service Centre in Sydney Australia.  They also ask to connect to teamviewer.com and a gentleman there called me after I had sent an email to complain about not receiving my payment.  The man said there is a scam going and they use his company called teamviewer.com

    Everyone has similar problems.  How can I get rid of spam

    Microsoft has none of the unsolicited telephone calls to help you fix your computer

    In this type of scam cybercriminals are calling you and claim to be of Support technique Microsoft. They offer help with your computer problems. Once scammers have earned your trust, they try to steal and damage your computer with malicious software, including viruses and spyware.

    Although the law enforcement can trace phone numbers, often authors use pay telephones, disposable cell phones or stolen cellular phone numbers. Better avoid fooling themselves rather than try to repair the damage afterwards.

    Treat all unsolicited sceptically telephone calls. Don't provide personal information.


    You can report it to the center of internet crime complaint center if necessary


    Filing a complaint allows your complaint of information potentially be combined with other information from related discipline, which can lead to initiation or improvement of the investigation.

    Please contact the support of safety for the consumer, microsoft to help with the removal of virus



    Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently

    Cybercriminals often include the names of well-known companies, such as ours, in their scams. They think it will convince you to give them money or your personal information. While they usually use e-mail to you wrong, that they sometimes use the phone instead.

    Common scams that use the Microsoft name

    • "You have won the Microsoft Lottery"
    • Microsoft "requires credit card information to validate your copy of Windows.
    • Microsoft sends unsolicited e-mail with attached security updates
    • A person of "Microsoft Support" calls to fix your computer

    Avoid these dangerous hoaxes

    We do not send unsolicited e-mail or make unsolicited telephone calls asking for personal information or financial or repair your computer.

    If you receive an unsolicited e-mail or phone call which is supposed to be from Microsoft, and request that you send personal information or click on the links,delete the email or hang up the phone .

    You did not win the "Microsoft Lottery".

    Microsoft customers are often the target of a scam that uses e-mail messages falsely promising money. Victims receive messages saying: 'You have won the Microsoft Lottery!' There is no Microsoft Lottery. Delete the message.

    If you have lost money to this scam, report it . You can also send the police report to Microsoft and we will use it to help law enforcement catch criminals who send these e-mails.

    For more information, see Microsoft report fraud Lottery . To protect yourself against these e-mail hoaxes, you can use the same general orientation you use to protect yourself from phishing scams to protect you from these e-mail hoaxes.

    Microsoft do not ask for credit card information to validate your copy of Windows

    We require that your copy of Windows is legitimate before you can obtain programs from the Microsoft Download Center and to receive software updates from Microsoft Update . Our online process that performs this validation is called the Genuine Advantage Program. at no time during the validation process we request your credit card information.

    In fact, we collect any information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, e-mail address or other personal information.

    For more information, read the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Privacy . To learn more about the program in general, see genuine Microsoft software .

    Microsoft sends no communication unsolicited on security updates

    When we publish information about a security software update or security incident, send us e-mail messages only to subscribers of our security communications program.

    Unfortunately, Cybercriminals have benefited from this program. They sent fake security messages that appear to come from Microsoft. Some messages to attract the recipients to Web sites to download spyware or other malicious software. Others include an attachment that contains a virus . Delete the message. Do not open the attachment.

    Legitimate security communications from Microsoft

    • Legitimate communications do not include software updates as attachments. We never attach software updates to our security communications. On the contrary, we refer customers to our Web site for more information on the update or the software security incident.
    • Legitimate communications are also on our websites. If we provide information about a security update, you can also find this information on our Web sites.

    If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer"If you find it useful, mark it as useful by clicking the 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

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    I have an old Dell laptop with Windows XP. A person named [(510)943-3040] a Mark called and said my computer was a lot of mistakes and has been infected. If I turn on my computer, it would be happy to turn it off for me.  I get a lot of error messages - send error report, for example, but I don't think you would contact me in this way. Am I wrong? What should I do if he was right? John Clark

    It is a phishing attempt! Do not give any information.

    Reported people on these calls for a person who represents Windows (note: not Microsoft).

    It is a scam! Not to follow their instructions or advice and not to provide ANY information to them.

    Because they use the internet lines and/or phone to complete their fraud, there may be federal agencies in your country who are interested in discovering their calls. Their report directly to the appropriate agency if you feel you can contribute to their arrest and the charges.

    Microsoft do NOT pick up the phone and start dialing customers and never phones/e-mails asking for personal information or asking them to visit a web site!

    On another note, if you encounter any problems with your computer, please do not hesitate to post a desription of situation and the error messages you received in those forums. We would be happy to help you. (information staff unnecessary or requested !)

  • people keep calling from 'Windows Tech Dept' Indian accents telling that there is a problem with my computer at risk

    I've been deflecting calls from people who say there is a problem with my computer, claiming they are "Windows technology department.  A woman comes to call.  She said her name was Fiona and his identification number is 1104.  Call back phone number is 1-866-539-8674.  She was very beautiful, but persistent.  I got his information to call her back.  She said that whenever we get on the Internet, some viruses or damage of some sort gets into our computer.  She wanted to go on the computer right then, and she show me all error messages or something like this.  I said my husband was using the computer and I was in the middle of something, which was true.

    I know that we have received an error message that Windows XP is not 'more protected by Microsoft' and basically we should buy a new computer.  Is this related?  What exactly means that Windows XP is no longer supported?

    Windows has anyone who receives messages and codes of error for individual computers and pay people to call users and warn them of the disappearance to come computer threats?  Calling us that part just seems unlikely.

    Y at - it a Tech Department Windows calling proactively computer users?  I should do in addition to using Norton antivirus or McAfee (or what my husband has on this computer) to protect us from viruses and hackers?

    Thanks for the reply.

    See the following for more information:





    NOTE: http://www.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows/enterprise/endofsupport.aspx

  • My laptop is windows 7 and with most of DVD it says that there is a problem with the digital copy. I'm also having trouble changing the region

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    There is a chance that the free VLC Media Player
    would be to read your DVD without changing the region code.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    VLC Media Player
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    You should take action with your local law enforcement agency.

    Kind regards.


    I have no sound on Spotify... ItTells Méthéré is a problem with my sound card... How can I fix this?

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    Absolutely not... It's two downloads for YOU don't not to share with colleagues, employees, friends or family. Only for your own computers, not not to use at the same time.

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