Windows Update was not able to verify the new updates for the last 30 days, go to windows update to resolve this problem

Hi people

I'm on Windows 8, and in these last days, I get this message

" " Windows Update was not able to verify the new updates for the last 30 days, go to windows update to resolve this problem"

It is on a blue banner that goes directly to the screen and it is very annoying

I get updates through so I do not understand this

Any help would be great

PS I have tryied the restoration of the system, and it's always the same

Lee was soon

Original title: looking for some help please


Hi Lee,.

I had this same problem and it drove me crazy, but I solved it.

I clicked on the link above that 'Shubham Chin"gave, and in this link all the topic, if you click on the topic" my PC is not responding all by searching for the or to install updates.

below that it will then say "try to run windows update convenience store", click on that and it should get rid of this very annoying pop to the top and other problems with your laptop... hope I helped :)

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