Windows XP performance issues

Hi, I have a win xp 32-bit sp3. When I start the computer, it works very slow works very well for some time. I haven't made the disk defragmentation, disk cleanup still no luck.

* original title - slow performance, start, stop *.


Hi Nicole,.

Try to configure your system starts in cleaning ( mode to see if the system works very well.
Also check your task manager when you feel that your system is slow to see which process is using the CPU high usage.

I hope this helps.

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  • Windows 7 performance issue when he out of the idle situation

    For all the last months when I start windows it will work fine, all programs, IE, as long as I continue to use the computer.

    If I'm away from the computer for an hour or two when I get back to Windows it cannot find all the programs, e-mail,

    Task Manager and even IE cannot stop him, I have to use the power button / stop. Then when I reboot and Windows

    same cycle load all over again.

    I ran Malwarebytes, Combo Fix, an assortment of rootkits even reinstalled Windows nothing helped.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you, Alan

    Original title: Windows 7 run before oneself times


    In Windows 7, use Ctrl + Shift + Esc instead of Ctrl + Alt + Delete. It lets you in the Manager of tasks more quickly. Select Task Manager, performance, resource monitor tab and tab memory. What are the numbers for reserved equipment, in use, modification, sleep and free?

    Is your Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit? The amount of RAM is installed?

  • HP Elitebook 8570p - Windows XP USB very slow and the transfer rate performance issues.

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone else knows some performance issues with the HP Elitebook 8570p and Windows XP Pro - SP3.

    I get a VERY slow start, general poor performance (waiting time when opening files and programs).

    I asked to burn in tests that show that everything is good.

    USB transfer rates are VERY slow (tried all ports of a Seagate FreeAgent USB drive, which works fine on other laptops etc.) for example a 30-minute transfer a 7gig single file of the USB HD on the desktop. Only 3 minutes to do the same on another laptop.

    I think there are problems with the drivers, like Windows 7 works very well and does boot from a bootable USB.

    USB transfer rate are also good when starting from a Windows boot environment.

    I installed HP SoftPaq Download Manager, and all the drivers are up to date.


    I think outside of the box here... Select the Intel (r) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller instead.

    If it does not, I raise the white flag.


  • Performance issues when coming out of sleep

    I recently built a gaming PC. On Christmas day, I finished putting the thing together. It has an Intel i7-4790 CPU running Intel HD Graphics, 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM, an Asus Z97 - A Mobo and a 2 terabyte Seagate HDD. I installed Windows and put everything in place. Then a week later, my MSI GTX 970 arrived in the mail.

    So, I take the thing to sleep and decreases the performance of the whole thing. Videos YouTube stutter, simple as games fight of World of Tanks to run at its usual rate of 60 fps. To avoid this, I simply restart my comp and then it works fine. performance is back to normal.

    A few weeks, Windows gave me a message on one of the Nvidia drivers causing performance issues when you wake up from sleep. I don't think a lot of it and rejected it. I'll try to reinstall all my Nvidia drivers. I uninstall the Intel HD graphics driver a few days ago and has not changed anything. I would appreciate an answer to this problem because I would like to continue to use the "sleep mode" because it consumes less energy and prolongs the life of my case of LED. Thank you!

    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

    Please run the trace when you encounter the problem
  • Cannot open a file error where zip is a "compressed (zipped) folders error". Windows cannot perform the extraction.

    Original title: loading with a password required

    I'm trying to open a zip via windows 7.  Same error occurs on windows xp.  There is a "compressed (zipped) folders error" error  Windows cannot perform the extraction.  The destination file could not be created.

    I recently got 8 deleted window and window 7 set in... I've never had a problem before


    1. Using default Windows 7 application or any other 3rd party application?
    2. What type of file you are trying to open?
    3. You try to extract the zipped file documents? If so where are you trying to save?

    I suggest you try these methods and check the status of the issue.

    Method 1

    Try using Windows to extract the zipped files

    Method 2
    Perform the check and the boot if the problem persists.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: follow step 7 of section of boot KB929135 to the computer in normal mode.

  • Works Suite 2003 will not install on windows 7. compatibility issue?

    Original title: Works Suite 2003 will not install on windows 7. compatibility issue? If so how to solve it.

    I tried to install Works Suite 2003 on my laptop using Windows 7, 64 bit. He has a problem loading and wants to perform a clean boot. The boot minimal instructions do not apply to windows 7, so how can I get this Microsoft program on this computer running a Microsoft OS?


    ·        Which edition of Windows 7 you are using?

    Works Suite 2003 is not compatible with Windows 7. Click on the link below.

    You can try the byAndre.Ziegler suggested in his previous post suggestions, but note that XP mode will only work if you have Windows 7 Professional / Enterprise / ultimate.

    Apart from this, you can install the program in compatibility mode and check if it works or not.

    Make older programs in this version of Windows

    See the article mentioned below for the minimum system requirements for the continuation of the work 2003.

    Works Suite 2003: Minimum system requirements for the Installation of Works Suite 2003

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Performance issues with Photoshop CS6 64-Bit


    Issue at hand: in recent weeks, I noticed significant problems with performance since the last update PS CS6 using the Adobe Application Manager, from the unexpected shut downs to bring my computer to a crawl (literally, my cursor seems to crawl on my screens). I'm curious to know if anyone knows these issues, or if there is a solution I have not yet tried. Here is a list of actions that give rise to these performance issues - there are probably more that I have not experienced due to my frustration, or were not documented as occurring several times:

    • Opening files - results by hanging processes, takes 3-10 seconds to solve
    • Paste from the Clipboard - results by hanging processes, takes 3-10 seconds to solve
    • Saving files - takes 3-10 seconds to open the dialog box, another 3 to 10 seconds to return to the normal window (saving an image PNG compressed)
    • The eyedropper tool - will crash Photoshop on the desktop, or take 5 to 15 seconds to load
    • Try to navigate any menu - Photoshop crash on the office or take 5 to 15 seconds to load

    Attempts I took to solve this issue, which failed:

    • Uninstalled all fonts I have added since the last update (it's a pain in the *, thanks to be glitch Windows Explorer)
    • Uninstall and reinstall the application
    • Edition 32-bit use
    • Change process priority to above normal
    • Confirm the process for all available cores of the processor affinity
    • Change the configuration of the performance of Photoshop options
      • 61% of memory is available to Photoshop to use (8969 MB)
      • History States: 20; Cache levels: 6; Tile cache size: 1024K
      • Records of work: active on the production of SSD, ~ 10GB of available space
      • Dedicated graphics processor is selected (2 x nVidia cards in SLI)

    System information:

    • Intel i7 2600 K @ 3.40 GHz
    • 16 GB of RAM Dual Channel DDR3 memory
    • 2 x nVidia GeForce GTS 450 cards, 1 GB each
    • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    • Adobe Creative Cloud

    This problem is cost me time that I work every day, and I'm about to start looking for alternatives and cancel my subscription if I can't get this resolved.

    Have you tried to restore your preferences to set the parameters of performance return to their default values and restart Photoshop? t - issues.html #Preferences

  • DB performance issue

    Hi friends,

    We know the performance issue with our applications/database oracle.

    I run the OEM and I got the following charts in the report:

    Is there evidence that these cards can give re: performance problem?
    What other charts in OEM who can help solve or give assistance performance problem?

    Thank you very much in advance

    ytterp2009 wrote:
    Thank you Charles,.

    The server has 16 GB of Ram... way means that, due to limitations of 32-bit on windows only 4 GB of Ram was used and the 12 remaining GB is inactive?
    What is the proper way to tune?

    There are restrictions on how the memory beyond 4 GB can be used by Oracle. As far as I know, the memory is reserved for the buffer cache.

    Not all memory below the 4 GB limit is available for programs. Some of this memory is laid out in memory of the device, such as the video cards, RAID cache on board, etc., and some of the memory Windows is needed to track the objects window, icons, etc. Although it is possible to back up 2 GB per process limit to 3 GB, making Windows limit to use for its own purposes the memory that remains after the memory is drawn to embedded devices, and I think that the Oracle Metalink site does not recommend trying to go up the by the limit process completely to 3 GB. And this low by the process boundary should be reserved for the memory window. Your current value of pga_aggregate_target should be checked, because there is no way that the apparent present value could enter into the available memory.

    I agree with Martin - the best way to take full advantage of the memory is to pass on a 64-bit platform. Most, if not all the memory limit headaches disappear on a 64-bit platform. Of Windows 2003 Standard edition supports up to 32 GB of memory, this could be an option for you. It may or may not be a huge effort, but this means system loss of time (which can be considered a reason to call it a huge effort). You will probably find that the server, if less then three years, will support a 64 bit version of the operating system, but check the 64-bit versions of all the drivers are available and consider replacing hard disks containing the operating system if you need to return to the current operating system.

    Charles Hooper
    IT Manager/Oracle DBA
    K & M-making Machine, Inc.

  • Performance issues when you build a large crossroads


    I have a performance issues when you build a large crossroads.

    So here's my situation:

    We use Discoverer Plus
    Database Oracle on Windows 2003
    1.5 GB of RAM on my PC

    -J' planned a workbook with 1 single worksheet that takes 2 minutes to run. The table generated in the database to store the results from 19 columns and rows to about 225000 (I know that's a lot, but it is what the customer needs).

    -When I opened the workbook, it takes about 2 hours to recover the data. The data is retrieved in groups of 1000 and at the beginning, the lines are read much faster than at the end. There are also 15 minutes more to build the crosstab. So overall, it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes for the crosstab display on my screen.

    Can someone explain to me:
    -Why does take so long?
    -What can I do to improve the execution other than changing the application or displaying the results in a regular tab? Is there some setting that I can do on the database of the Oracle Application Server?

    Note: I have reproduced the worksheet in a simple tab and demand it. The table generated in the DB to store the results is the same and it takes only 2-3 minutes to open this spreadsheet and extract all lines.

    Thank you!


    Hi Mary
    If you have 225 000 lines in your basic spreadsheet, then it will take a lot of time to produce a crosstab. The reason is that Finder can not calculate how many buckets he needs until he has read all the data. I can almost guarantee that with 225 000 lines to read and manipulate that you are short of memory.

    You might be better suited someone create and populate a table with the results you need rather than try to get the discoverer to calculate values in crosstab on the fly. If the final result of the crosstab is a few lines of aggregated data, then this is what is right for your table. The advantage of using a table and a few SQL (or PL/SQL) is that you will not be using your local computer during the aggregation / sorting phase. Don't forget a crosstab also sort based on the values in the left columns, the columns you have aggregations (buckets) you will have and most necessary sort. Using a table, you can index or even partition the results that will make for a much faster recovery.

    As a tip, recommend Oracle, confirmed by myself during the exhaustive tests, no do not build large paintings to double entry due to the performance of touch that you will have. The tables are much more efficient because you can pull back x lines at once. You can't do that with a crosstab and all values must be read before that whatever it is is displayed.

    Does that help?

  • Qosmio G50-12 X - Windows 7 performance index decreased

    After having changed the HARD and WIN7 32-bit drive to SSD and Win7 64 bit Windows Experience Index decreased:
    for processor - 6.1 to 3.9
    for memory (RAM) - 5.9-4.5.

    This isn't good, is it?
    Does anyone know what might be a reason?
    Does anyone have the same problem?

    All the official drivers for Win7 64 (chipset, video, etc.), tried to install different versions for other OS-did not help.
    PC: Qosmio G50-12 X (PQG55E).

    You have changed the system to 32 bit to 64 bit.
    There is a difference between 64-bit and 32-bit system and therefore the performance index will also be different.

    To be honest, I don t care about clean internal Windows experience index.
    Firstly this Index isn't very useful because any change in the system may affect the unique results. So the results are not very significant.

    If you want to get more details about Windows 7 performance index, I recommend this MS site:

    However, the upgrade of the SSD HARD drive is the best decision you could ever made.
    I also changed the HARD drive to SSD drive and the performance gain is huge

  • Satellite A100 - low Windows Vista performance index

    Hey there,

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A100 just for more than a year now with Vista Home Premium. I recently formatted the laptop and installed Vista Business. When I got Home Premium, my 'Windows experience index' (found in Control Panel > system) has been a 3.0 for the graphics. Under Business, is however now that 1.0. I guess that it has not detected the graphics hardware on my laptop.

    How do it detects hardware?

    > I guess that it has not detected the graphics hardware on my laptop.

    I put t know what do you say that it has not detected the graphic material, but you should definitely check out if the graphic and other driver drivers Toshiba have been installed on your laptop properly.

    In addition, the Windows Vista experience index can change and can go down if more programs are installed on the system.
    I noticed that my Windows Vista performance index decreases every time if a 3rd party application has been installed and then removed from the system.

    In my opinion, Windows Vista index experience might be less because you have installed a newer version of the Vista operating system which contains functions of Vista more and so would need of more resources.

    Best regards

  • Slow Windows XP performance and video freeze

    original title: WINDOWS XP slow performance and video freeze

    Are there programs MS FIX - IT for WINDOWS XP fix the slow performance and video freezing?

    What is the best protection for malware, worms...

    Also, when I run that these free fix it offers, that really charge you, they detect the registry errors etc that is not the FIX - IT

    See establishing a fix for.

    Hi shawn thornton.

    ·         Since when are you facing this problem?

    ·         Videos freeze on the internet?

    Method 1: You can run the next Fixit and check if it helps.

    Difficulty of Windows system performance slow computer problems

    Method 2: Try to run an online scan and check if that helps.

    For Windows Vista and Windows 7 security scanning

    Malicious software removal tool | Protect your computer

    You can also download Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Method 3: Try to start in safe mode and check the number.

    Please respond with more information and results, so we can help you better.

  • How can I improve my desktop for windows aero performance

    Hi I have a 4.4 WEI this being curbed by "Graphics: Desktop for windows aero performance" have a score of processor game graphics 5.9 5.6 5.2 and 5.9 main hard drive memory. Any ideas on how I can get the score of 4.4 superior?
    What about John

    Search for the latest drivers on the website of the manufacturer of your video card. Manually search for on the site, don't use no matter what scanner because it and the one in the device manager - driver updates can find old drivers certified, Microsoft is well behing certifying new driver.

    If you need help to find them look in control panel - display adapter - device management

    Tell us the brand and model with driver Dates and Versions.

    Also allows a fast video card but I'd check the driver 1.

    You realize that if disable you Aero the video picked up a little. Rob - support element, Cascade Bicycle Club P.O. Box 15165, Seattle, WA. 98115-0165 206-522-3222-24 hr hotline 206-522-BIKE

  • Windows operating system; Version: 6.0.6000.16386; Event ID: 200; Event source: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance;

    Windows operating system; Version: 6.0.6000.16386; Event ID:200; Event source: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance; This error arose mutiple times in the last month but has critics in the last days. How the world I remedy this? Thank you


    Apologize for the delay in response. Please see the following link that talks about this problem:

    Note: The information mentioned in the link is also applicable to the Windows Vista operating system.

    Clean boot Warning: Take care to put the MSCONFIG Utility to Normal startup once you are done with the troubleshooting steps.

    Hope the information is useful. Back to us for assistance.

  • Windows live mail issue when my wife deleted our email, we lost our files and folders

    Windows live mail issue when my wife deleted our email, we lost our files and folders

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community site.

    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Mail and would be better suited in the Windows Live Solution Center.

    Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    I can always see the message after I formatted the hard drive: Insert the disk labeled:Driver Intel Matrix Storage Managerin drive A: Is anyone know to help in this step of the installation. I've got the floppy with the SATA drivers (which were neces

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    Windows 7 is installed.  I have the GWXWebWindows.exe file and it works.  It displays a window indicating: do a quick check before you plan your upgrade.He is hanging here and not any progress.  I saw a screen saying my system is compatible. What sho

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    Hello is it possible to create a field of custom text so that I can reuse a class several times. If possible, then pls provide me an example. thankx.