WinDVD Gold 5, end of life

I ran a Secunia scan today and my WinDVD Gold, which is preinstalled on my A61e has been classified as a CAT4 (highest level of danger) security risk.  This is because it is listed as a product of end of life and should be upgraded to a later version (I think might be acceptable, v9).

I scanned the posts here on the series A and M for a solution... no reference to the A61e.  I saw a post that said an upgrade did not Support and downloads for ThinkCentre A61, but my model systems (6418) was not.

Dear gurus: if I download the upgrade of WinDVD 9 of Lenovo to the A61 would it nuke my A61E?  Looking for guidance here because I would like to conclude this security exposure. If there is a version for the A61E, please please send me a link. Note: I do not understand that the site of Corel offers V9 at a price, but as that program upgrades are available for other models of the A61, why would mine excluded?  TNX.


I plan on upgrading Vista to Windows 7 this weekend. I understand that WinDVD may not work under W7.  There is no indication that I should uninstall it before the update... so I won't.

Yesterday I went to the Support and downloads for the A61E (6418) and found that there no upgrades for this product available, whereas it is available for several other Lenovo systems.  WinDVD came preloaded on the A61E and I registered it with Intervideo in 2007, however, Corel has developed its website to ignore Intervideo registration information.

I searched Lenovo S & D on WinDVD and came across a WinDVD5 to WinDVD8 for upgrading systems to Windows 7. I downloaded it. The A61E was not as supported a system.  I don't know if it works or not and I close this post because I'm ticked.  This my my solution.

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    Kind regards.

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    Kind regards

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    Hello group,

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    As far as I know, no. You must read the appropriate product page and their end of LIFE announcement, if published.

    But ask yourself in the wrong forum (see the description for more details), and I'm no expert on the subject. I'll pass your question to the community, I would like to fit better this kind of question. Hopefully someone more qualified will answer you.

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    I could not find in the product page.

    This document Announces EOL/EOS for the CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution 2.3:

    Given that it is necessary to run the CSA MC 4.5, this product is included in the migration options.


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