YAhoo intrupts wide of my research even if it is deselected and delete the page prefreneces. and the search bar.

When I search something on Google finds them, I open the pages requested. it flashes the right page then Yahoo stops and takes me to a page of security

Im not a subscriber of yahoo. I have never used the site. I think that his atrocious.

How can I fix this to get my Google to work right
Im running firefox 43.ob2
on a MAcBookPro 2012 model...


Thank you for sharing the details of your browser, that appear to the right of your message in Question details > Details of the system more. If you check your extensions, you can see that you're infected with "Searchme" and you must delete it.

Open the page modules using either:

  • CMD + SHIFT + a
  • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

In the left column, click Extensions. Then on the side right, remove or disable Searchme. Keep in mind that all extensions are optional and none is included with Firefox when you get it first.

Often, a link will appear above at least an extension disabled to restart Firefox. You can complete your work on the tab and click one of the links in the last step.

Is that what helps you regain control?

This could be the tip of an iceberg of malware. When you install free software, you often get the options grouped under silence. I don't know the best way to 'clean up' a Mac of these elements, but you may want to consider the issue.

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    It is possible to add individual search engines

    The best method is simply to install the version of Firefox.

    There is no need to uninstall first it just download and run the installer again. Note the UK version currently use Google, but if preferred you can change this to Yahoo with a few mouse clicks.

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    The best way to get Google as your search engine. is on the upper right as in my photo, click on your search engine's and don't forget to choose Google as your search bar. After that click on the glass lens in the same search bar. It takes you to Google home. Simply copy the URL when you get there and then go to 'tools' select 'options' in the ' general tab you can paste the URL or choose "use current page.
    When it is finished, your problems are solved.

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    Best regards

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

    Reset the pref browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone through the context menu by default on the subject: config page and close and restart Firefox to restore the on: default home page.

    • Open the topic: config page through the address bar
    • Type in the filter bar: mstone
    • Right-click on the browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone line, and then select: Reset
    • Close and restart Firefox
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    4.0.60831.0 is the Silverlight plugin, there is no need to disable plugins.

    A new tab opens by default like a Virgin tab (topic: empty).

    If this isn't the case, then an extension has changed this behavior.

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  • delete the search yahoo on chrome engine

    Recently (although this seems to be an older problem for Windows users), my default search engine has been hijacked to display Yahoo whenever I click on 'new tab' on Chrome. It's happened on Safari, but solved the problem by changing the default settings.

    The solutions I could find are all specific to Windows. Does anyone have a Mac solution?

    Running Chrome v47... (to date) on a 2-year-old iMac, v10.10.5, using Avast security. Interestingly, the Avast icon is gray when the Yahoo Search tab is turned.

    Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

    Reset Google Chrome settings: reset of the browsers on OS X (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

  • My page tabs shows nothing else the new bar research but who cannot even be used on a

    So I use the page newtabs all the time, infact everytime that I open firefox but I opened newtabs page this morning and none of my pages are here at all and I did not click on "hide the new tab page. All that is on the newtabs page is this new search bar, but it does not for research.

    Thanks for you answers fast @cor-el but I managed to solve this problem myself.

    I typed > topic: support in my address bar

    Then I reset firefox to its default state, that solved my problem.

    Maybe you can use this information to help others.

    Many thanks - Rob

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    Thank you... In fact, I had an another "fix"... my computer crashed, so I had to get a new hard drive, etc. What I've been able to find out, however, even if all the settings that you have in your answer were what I had been doing before I posted, I discovered that a program to rip the DVD I bought recently had all these toolbars wicked as automatic installation with the express install option. I found those today and not controlled before screwing the system. It's a real shame when people stir this crap in the paid software programs and make sure you can not escape or uninstall them.

  • In 23 Firefox search bar I cannot move to another Yahoo search engine. What is going on?

    I even tried using about: config and it do not allow me to change defaultsearchengine from Yahoo to Google.

    Thanks to all who responded, but especially of Phillip. Its solutions to try first and the problem was resolved after I removed the CDA Downloader which was not compatible with Firefox 23. I also removed the 2 other extensions that I wanted more. Restarted Firefox and I was able to access the glasses in the search bar! Problem solved to do only half of Phillip suggestions, but I'm running anyway both suggested programs. Once again, thank YOU!

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    at the time, my default firefox location bar search engine is dynamic, it always follows the preferred search engine on the right upper search bar

    but I clicked some ads in accident, and just go wrong

    my default address bar search engine always uses google, back then, it searches in wikipedia when I use the wikipedia on the top right search engine bar even when I'm just typing "firefox" to search in the address bar, it will be automatically redirected to wikipedia search for "firefox".

    TL; Dr., how can I make a default address bar search engine follows the search engine in the search bar?

    Thanks for your attention

    You can now move on to the beta version of Firefox which is Firefox23 already.

    Don't know exactly what your old configuration were able, but whatever happens and in the near future it must always be easy to change the right hand search bar to use the various search engines.

    At some point in the future there are possibilities the search address bar may be combined and there is also the possibility of a new system of Search-tab under development.

  • Firefox hangs at random, even with all extensions disabled and new profile, but not in safe mode

    From about 2 weeks ago, Firefox has been crashing. Accidents is seemingly random, but normally occurs when several pages/tabs are opened. In addition, all observed accidents occurred in the middle of some operations of the user. If I leave it just opened (and responsible), he would never crash even after a long period.

    Also, accidents happen even once all extensions are disabled manually. However, it seems not to happen in Mode without failure.

    After each accident, in the crash report dialog box, the 'Détails' report would not respond. However I can open reports using the command about: crashes.

    Before the accident would happen, sometimes evil-following behaviors may be observed:

    • Firefox fails to render characters CJK, their view as a rather square boxes
    • Ideogram IME(Namely Google Pinyin, an IME for Simplified Chinese) is no longer can be enabled in Firefox, on a Web page element, or on the UI of Firefox itself (i.e. the address bar or the search bar)

    The following has been tried but no luck:

    • Disable all extensions manually
    • Start a new profile
    • Reset Firefox
    • Uninstall/reinstall Firefox
    • Beta version of FX, 14 to 15, and then to 16

    Hello Rainarrow, other users who have recently updated the graphics driver for their ati hardware (for the version of catalyst ati 12.8) reported similar accidents. Please try disabling hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > General & see if that solves the problem of frequent accidents at the moment.

  • I have a Yahoo Search bar acting as a tab App that I can't get rid of. There is no option to unpin when I right click on it.

    I have a yahoo search bar, which was installed during a download and the installation of a SIW.exe system information application. This is the freeware version which is add-based software. However I wasn't expecting that the search function would be such a nusance and interfere with the functions of Firefox.
    The search bar behaves as a tab App that I cannot move or get rid of. There no option to pin the object when I right click on the bar or to modify it in any way using the function 'group your tab' to the right of the tab toolbar.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

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    How can I make this work again (he did until recently)?

    Firefox 3.6.17 on Windows XP SP3

    You have good match case selected in the search bar?

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    Check the pref keyword. URL on the topic: config page.

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