10MB ethernet point to point, traffic problems

We have a 5324 on each end of this service from point to point ethernet 10MB.

When we flood udp the link to a server on the end, all other ports of call, i.e. ping, snmp, e-mail and others.
Therre any options to ensure that ALL traffic gets a piece of the pipe, and it does not collapse. ?

Thank you

Tags: Dell Switches

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    iOS devices, however, hurt that is to get or maintain a connection - even if they connect to and then some time later they will fall the network. Go to settings shows the client attempts to connect, but seems to be stuck with an assigned random IP (not on the subnet of law), no gateway by default, etc..

    iOS clients are an iPad 3, iPhone 5 & iPhone 5 c. All about the latest version of iOS.

    Other access points by train (Belkin, billion) that's fine.

    DHCP etc. everything is managed by my router which is a constant for all devices and access points - but I tried to change that, and he has not made a difference also.

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    Change the channel seems to resolved this problem.

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    Hi WRGasior,

    1. have you made changes on the computer recently?
    2 does the problem occur when you open any perticular programs or all programs?

    I suggest you perform the clean boot and check if the problem persists.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
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    You have two options; You can download and run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for Mac, which was developed by a respected contributor and confidence here and therefore is not shaded, or you can remove it manually.  I'd personally go with Malwarebytes because it's tidy, fast and only removes the malware/adware software from your hard drive, nothing else.

  • Point Panamoric - problem of lens distortion

    Hello amazing artists there,

    face problems while "stitching" of the panoramic photos I've shot. Basically, of Phtoshop file > automate > Photomerge and Edit > Align/auto-merge of layers works well, but FAIL on the LENS DISTORTION.

    I had tried to remedy with filter > Correction of the lens, but still not get a perfect result.

    Please see the image as an attached the results, you can see the building looks like twisted. Please check/download the images of the source of the http://www.prashanthvfx.com/130330_adobe_stitch.html.

    Any solution?


    Merge layers puts out Photomerge, and then choose Filter - Adaptive Wide Angle in the menus.

    There are videos on how to do floating around, but basically you draw lines along the curved parts you want to be straight, so you can manipulate them.

    It will start to deform the image some SE if I remember.

    I dabbled with it several times, but I remember not really smooth out a pano of the bridge Snake River Gorge in Twin Falls.


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    Thanks in advance...

    figured it out...
    The width of the label in my stylesheet is the question...

  • Convert the anchor point tool problem

    I'm new to illustrator... when I want to move the tangents that regardless it only works with the first I catch, another disappears and reappears while I hold one... bug?


    What happens if you:

    1) select directly the anchor.

    (2) alt/OptionDrag one of the handles.

    (3) drag handles?

  • Cisco Nexus 3548/3524 SNMP Interface traffic problem

    Hi all!

    I would like to share with you the problem I've encountered SNMP interface respect tracking on the Cisco Nexus 3500 of traffic devices.

    We is transferring our network infrastructure in the Nexus and we encountered a problem with the interface bitrate of tracking traffic on Nexus 3548: deltas SNMP counter ifHCInOctets and ifHCOutOctets show no valid data.

    We have investigated this issue and figured he could be linked with the refresh rate of the meter.
    I measured, by snmpwalk, the time between simple increments the counter ifHCInOctets to Interface VLAN and it apears to about 140seconds. But for physical interfaces (Eth), the interval of interface SNMP counters are 15 seconds and with sampling frequency of the 1960s for the queries we can still observe the problems on graphs (see attached screnshot).

    We get the same results when testing the question on various physical devices (3548 Nexus) on versions of different software - including the last being.

    And for Ethernet interfaces (same NMS - ZABBIX-config):

    We tested a wide Huawei s6700 switches and the range of Cisco IOS devices and there is no such problems.

    The main problem is that we cannot monitor our crucial nexus, via SNMP devices (as you can see from the attached chart).  Results are the same when configure us Cacti or Zabbix to monitor Nexus devices.

    The results of this monitoring not having meritorical value or use.

    We are working on this case with Cisco TAC, and they manage to reproduce the problem in their LAB environment. But for now, they cannot provide any solution and they claim that this isn't a bug. If we get any final statement for this case, I'll post here for your information.

    I'll be more than happy if you can post ideas that help me solve the problem described.

    Thank you in advance!


    Looks like a bug to me.  His return of erroneous data.

    Maybe try asking your file be traced back to the team leader.

  • Return EZVPN traffic problem


    I installed EZVPN but I can't get back to the top of the head of line traffic.

    When I debug ICMP on an internal switch and ping the device to the customer, I can see the answer to the IP address of the vpn client, but it does not make to the customer.

    This is not my subject harder but I can see all seems ok. Note that I have a number of internal networks defined in the ACL CE tunnel.

    Clues to what I am doing wrong welcome.

    Thank you

    The config is as follows:

    AAA new-model



    AAA authentication login local authentic

    author of local AAA authorization network


    AAA - the id of the joint session

    IP cef



    property intellectual auth-proxy max-nodata-& 3

    property intellectual admission max-nodata-& 3



    IP domain name yyyy.com





    xxxx xxxx password username



    crypto ISAKMP policy 10

    BA aes 256

    preshared authentication

    Group 2

    ISAKMP crypto keepalive 10 3

    ISAKMP xauth timeout crypto 5


    ISAKMP crypto client configuration group ezvpn

    key xxxxx


    ppvh.com.au field


    Ezvpn-st-acl ACL


    Max-connections 3


    ISAKMP crypto isakmp-profile ezvpn

    address of self-identity

    group membership ezvpn-group match

    client authentication list authentic

    author of ISAKMP authorization list

    client configuration address respond

    KeepAlive 10 try again 3



    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp_aes256_sha aes - esp esp-sha-hmac


    encryption dynamic-map ezvpn-card 10

    Set security-association second life 28800

    Set transform-set esp_aes256_sha

    PFS group2 Set

    Isakmp ezvpn isakmp profile set

    market arriere-route



    dynamic vpn-card 65000 ezvpn-map ipsec isakmp crypto map




    ATM0 interface

    no ip address

    ATM ilmi-keepalive

    DSL-automatic operation mode

    PVC 8/35

    PPPoE-client dial-pool-number 1



    interface FastEthernet0


    IP nat inside

    IP virtual-reassembly

    automatic speed



    interface Dialer0

    the negotiated IP address

    no ip redirection

    no ip unreachable

    IP mtu 1486

    NAT outside IP

    IP virtual-reassembly

    encapsulation ppp

    Dialer pool 1

    No cdp enable

    PPP authentication pap callin

    refuse to PPP chap

    PPP pap sent-name of user password of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

    PPP ipcp dns request

    failure to track PPP ipcp

    card crypto vpn-map


    ezvpn-pool IP local pool

    IP forward-Protocol ND

    IP route

    IP route

    IP route

    IP route


    no ip address of the http server

    no ip http secure server

    no ip nat service sip 5060 udp port

    the IP nat inside source 1 interface Dialer0 overload list

    The dns server IP


    ezvpn-st-acl extended IP access list IP allow all

    IP allow all

    IP allow all

    IP allow any

    IP allow any


    history of logging of information

    access-list 1 permit

    access-list 1 permit

    access-list 1 permit

    access-list 1 permit

    access-list 1 permit

    Dialer-list 1 ip protocol allow



    So you see the response to ICMP on the SW internal echo, but they are not seen on the EzVPN client, right?

    You see them on the server EzVPN?

    For example:

    SW---> Server EzVPN---> Internet---> EzVPN client

    What type of device is the server, router, or an ASA?

    Please be sure to add the exempt NAT rule on the server, so that you save in return traffic to be melted by any rule NAT.

    In addition, your SW pointing EzVPN server as the default gateway? If this isn't the case, please add a route for the network remote (s) pointing to this device.


  • Ethernet controller and network device problem


    I re - install my software to windows 7 and now I lost all my drivers and the most important of them drivers Ethernet & network without it I can't connect to Internet

    Please can someone help me with my problem, I have all ready looked on the internet for hours

    I have: Windows 7 Home premium

    HP Pavilion 1070sj g6

    Product LD055EA #ABT number

    This my internet card info

    adpter vendor: Broadcom Corp.

    adapter NAME: BCM4313 802. 11b / g LP - PHY

    SubSys vendor: Hewlett-Packard Company

    Thank you

    All the drivers for your model that is compatible with Windows 7 are available for download from the following link:

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/WC/softwareCategory?CC=US&DLC=en&LC=en&os=4062&Product=5064497&Query=G6%201070sj&sw_lang=&Tool= &

  • J5 create ethernet & usb 3.0 hub problem - windows 7 Home premium medion 17 "laptop 2011 vintage

    After the stuffing until the installation of this device by NOT following the instructions to the letter, my 3 USB ports only two have been disabled. Even after a clean install of Windows 7, my two 3 USB ports only have the power (can be used to charge devices, etc.), but no capacity USB (USB 2 or 3). Device Manager shows no problems with the USB system devices.

    Thank you

    Hello Philippe,

    To resolve the problem with your USB ports, we recommend that you check this link.

    Keep us informed.

    Kind regards.

  • 6224 to 5324 on Embarq 100 MB point needs help of Ethernet on MTU

    We run on optical fiber with Embarq on their ethernet point to point service. On the 6224 I MTU normally the default value of 1518, Embarq sets the MTU in their Cisco 3400 to 1546. When they do, we have major problems with traffic, not to complete any work of web pages, or outlook connectivity for most.

    When they their MTU on 1510, we have better connectivity, but still experience slowness and the questions on the web page.

    Is there a standard for MTU for ethernet 10 MB, because it is the speed of the port.

    We spent more than a week, trying different ideas, to get the circuit to the process so Web pages that the actions of prospects more admin, effectively.

    I connect the 6224 their Cisco 3400 in their cloud, then a Cisco 3400 on the end, connected to our 5324.

  • save point restore activity except

    Hi all

    jdev version -

    I have created example for implicit savepoints. I am able to store points of database based on the connected user to backup.

    now when I try to get back them on under the scenarios that I get

    oracle.jbo.AlreadyLockedException: Houston-26030: unable to lock the file, another user owns the lock.

    I have 2 pages in stubborn tf. principal and hand update I select save point and click on restore to update the page and restore save point.

    Scenario 1) if I click the page 2 (updated) back button I go back to the home page and if I try to restore save point just this problem.

    Scenario 2) if I close the browser and connection and try to recover save point this problem occurs.

    But if log out me of the application and sign in again, then everything works fine.

    can anyone help on this?

    Thank you


    Try this,

    1 change the mode of locking in the App to "Optimistic" fi module is not.

    2. your bean managed must implements Serializable.

    Thank you


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    Anyone with the same problems or anyone with a solution to the problem?

    Welcome to the Germany

    any reason spec that you use static ip? most of the networks work really better if we let just use dhcp even not sure if they can ensure

    another device is not given the same IP as the appletv

Maybe you are looking for

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    When I send email to myself using XP and Windows Live Mail to test CCI, there is an additional address which comes outside to withhold Receipents, after the semi-colin. The address to which is added the mine is @CDS066.dcs.int.inet. I switched from O