1850 mobility Express

I would like to propose the new mobility Cisco 1850 express solution. According to my understadning the 1850 built in the virtual controller for up to 25 AP and info is transmitted via wifi to the next access point.

My question is what do I do if the AP is not in the master of 1850 AP wifi range? the AP will continue to receive information of the 1850? or in this scanario ill have to go to a conroller tradiionnels as the 2500 series?

No, perhaps to make you believe otherwise is the fact that the PA primary, while acting as a controller, is always as an AP and clients can connect to him in this way.

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  • Aironet 1850 as a standalone (mobility express master)

    I just bought a new AIR-AP-1852I-E-K9 for waiting room.

    I've never had a Cisco product before. We have always had some before cheap consumption points.

    I plugged the AP to the POE and it gets an ip address. But the SSID CiscoAirProvision will not be displayed.

    After much research, I'm a bit confused. Maybe someone can help me.

    -To learn more, I have the wrong firmware on my AP I have need to install the mobility Express version so the AP can act as stand-alone.

    -The correct firmware would be AIR-AP1850-K9-ME-8-2-100-0.zip

    -I have no contract with cisco, so I can't download this firmware. Why does take a contract to download the Cisco software?

    -J' tried to ssh to the AP with PuTTY to know whether what version is currently installed on the ap but I can't connect to it.

    Any help would be highly appreciated and sorry for my English.

    Send you mail, respond with precision, will help you download.

  • Option admin status when creating a new WLAN mobility-Express

    We have three Aironet 2802i, where one of them is running mobility Express.  (One of them seems to have hardware problems while we get it replaced, but that's another story...)

    When you configure a new WLAN on a mobility Express, which is "Admin State" for?  I was not able to find on the Guide to me what that really means.

    In addition, there is a documentation on ME running on a 2800's?

    Thank you


    Hi Dennis,

    The "Admin State" configuration option is used to toggle the WIFI. Keep it as "Enabled" will cause the SSID to the AP and diffuse.

    Can you let us know what specific documents are looking for wrt ME on 2800?

    Best regards


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  • Conversion of Cisco Mobility Express Bundle


    I have a question about the Cisco Mobility Express Bundle (not the device without mobility Express on 1800 series AP). When the beam is bought, is the software on the 2500 WLC a cut version with the day Setup Wizard 0 and the new dashboard or is it the full version of the software that would be the same when you buy a stand-alone 2500?

    Thank you


    According to my knowledge, it will be with the full version of the software that would be the same when you buy a stand-alone 2500.


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  • Blue screen! Cannot install XP on Intel HM65 Express Chipset Family LPC Interface Controller - 1 49

    Recently I bought the HP DV6 with Windows 7 pre-installed. I want good old XP OS to which I am addicted.
    F6 function fails for chipset HM65 with "Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller" is the machine based on Win7, but I like XP and tried to install it using F6 utility and the latest driver SATA from Microsoft download center.
    But whenever I encountered BSOD with the message "STOP: 0X0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF73B9D66, 0xF78B1EA0, 0xFF71B1B9C)"
    Another mistake, shown on the BSOD screen is "acpi.sys - address F73B9D66 base at F73AE000, datestamp 480252b 1.

    I tried many a times by "slipstreaming" the SATA Driver detected at Microsoft and by using the floppy USB F6 also drive. But I'm unable to load Xp on the machine.

    Whenever the operation of F6 when I select the option "Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller I met the BSOD and the establishment fails.

    kindly advise me with an appropriate method to install xp on my HP machine whose bios is locked or disabled for change the IDE to AHCI RAID.

    Thanks in advance

    I suggest you to refer to this link and check if it helps:
    It will be useful.
  • Unable to get quick installation of mobility on 1832 AP

    Model is 1832I-B-K9

    I can't get the AP to start for mobility Express.  I have AP installed on a completely isolated network, so it becomes an option 43 DHCP, DNS or L2 response broadcast resolution from a controller.

    Switch a local DHCP server configured on it, and AP receives an IP address.  Watch the output from the CLI, I see the AP obtains an IP address, moves into the State of discovery and remained several minutes before reboot and start the whole process over again.

    I also tried to wipe the config by holding the Mode button for 5 seconds, but still get the same results.

    Here is some more info from a version of the show:

    AP3820.5682.2F20 operating time is 0 days, 0 hours, 2 minutes
    Last recharge time: Mon May 16 01:14:15 UTC 2016
    Reload last reason: triggered capwapd restart
    Cisco AIR-AP1832I-B-K9 ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l) with 997136 / 784820K bytes of memory.
    Card processor ID KWC193805BX
    AP running Image:
    Main boot image:
    Backup boot image:
    2 gigabit Ethernet interfaces
    2 802.11 radios
    Radio FW version: 0a4f55efe8a32b394e3881a2a53a5db0
    NSS FW version: NSS. AK.1.0.C4 - 00026-E_custC - 1.24160.1.29595.1

    In addition, I have a 3802I-B-K9 who behaves in the same way... :-(

    For any help or suggestion of the group is greatly appreciated...

    Thank you!

    K9C is by default explicit mobility, you need to install manually express mobility in 1832 to K9.


  • Tecra A11 - 1F4 (PTSE0E-OM6052EN) which XP AHCI driver?

    I am trying to install the drivers for XP on a Tecra A11 AHCI;

    I have a ghost image that loads on this laptop in compatibility mode in the BIOS and I try to update the driver for the drive in AHCI controller, restart & change the disk to AHCI mode in the BIOS.

    That's what I usually do for HP laptops, we have, and it works most of the time.

    Storage power Toshiba drivers are in the form of an executable that will only work if you have AHCI enabled, how anyone runs in compatibility mode supposed to use these?
    They don't even extract driver files, you can use only the .cab files and an installer.

    I have listed in the device under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers Manager;

    Intel (R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 3B2D
    Intel (R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 3B 28
    Primary IDE channel
    Primary IDE channel
    Secondary IDE channel
    Secondary IDE channel
    3 entries for Peter card reader &

    Intel drivers, I downloaded from-

    s http://downloadcenter.Intel.com/Confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.Intel.com/21730/eng/f6flpy-x86.zip&lang=eng&DwnldID=21730&DownloadType=Driver & OSFullname = Windows + XP + *.

    .. .and it gives me the list of controllers to choose;

    Intel (R) 5 Series 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel (R) 5 Series 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel (R) 5 Series/3400 Series SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel (R) 7 Series Chipsets SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel (R) 7 series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel (R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel(r) ICH10D / DO SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel(r) ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel(r) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel(r) ICH9M - E / M SATA AHCI Controller
    Intel (R) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller

    The device ID of the controller (Intel (R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - B 3, 28), I'm trying to install the drivers AHCI is;
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_3B28 & SUBSYS_00011179 & REV_06\3 & 115 83659 & 0 & FA

    Please can someone tell me which of these to use with the above material?

    It takes me ages to build, install, bluescreen & rebuild to try again...

    Thanks for sharing!

  • SATA drivers to install XP Pro on HP630 via diskette (F6 at startup)

    I have a laptop HP630 with SUSE OS installed. I want to install XP Pro but I don't know where to find the SATA drivers for installation via floppy with the F6 key at the start of the Installation of XP. Where can I find them?


    Ciao, Renato:

    You can get them at the link below: XP 32 bit is the second listed download.

    http://Downloadcenter.Intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?AGR=Y & ProdId = 2991 & DwnldID = 20625 & ProductFamily = Chipsets & ProductLine = Chipsets + Laptop & ProductProduct = Mobile+ Intel % c2% ae + 4 + Series + Express + Chipset + Family & lang = eng

    When you are prompted to install the driver, use your up/down arrow and scroll to select and install the Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller.


  • Satellite L300 - no vertex shader and material & t on XP


    I have my Satellite L300 - 11G 1 year and now I keep getting screens well blue of death (BSOD). I thought that his problem of RAM, and I used the memory diagnostic tools and no problem with the RAM.

    I try to install another driver for Intel GM965 chipset, it gives me error saying "this material is not meet your system requirements" or something like that so I went to the website that is provided by intel [files\systemrequirementslab | http://systemrequirementslab.com], you can test the games that you can run on your computer, and there I was shocked! When I saw

    Required that you have
    Hardware T&L Yes No
    Vertex Shader version 3.0 0.0

    who's who? I thought that my graphics card does not support Vertex shader. I opened WINDOWS 7 with the same computer... Shocked again!
    Required that you have
    Hardware T&L Yes Yes
    Vertex Shader version 3.0 4.0

    Windows 7 my pixel shader and vertex shader = 4.0, Hardawre T & L = Yes
    Under windows XP my pixel shader = 3.0, shader vertex = 0.0 and hardware T & L = NO
    I NEED solution here is my description of the computer: -.

    RAM DDR2 2 GB
    VGA card mobile express chipset intel GM965 256 up to 358
    Bicoeur T2370 1.73 GHz processor

    How do on XP as if was on Win 7

    Hey Buddy,

    First of all, you can t have Pixel and Vertex shader 4.0 on XP! Windows XP supports only to competition only on DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 .0c or more possible to use shader 4.0 s and therefore you need Vista or Windows 7!
    So I think everything is ok and don t forget you don t have a high-end gaming laptop. That's why you should buy a new one, a Qosmio series for example.

    > I try to install another driver for Intel GM965 chipset, it gives me error saying "this material is not meet your system requirements.
    I had the same problem and the solution was simple: just install manual chipset driver through the Device Manager where you can choose the driver directory (Advanced installation).
    Check it!

  • AHCI for Windows professional XP on Elitebook 2560p drivers

    Due to a specific part of the software, I'm trying to install Windows XP on an EliteBook 2560p with drivers for the SATA AHCI controller.  Where can I get these drivers, and what is the best way to install?  I guess that since the laptop doesn't have a floppy drive I need to incorporate them into my XP CD?  What is the specific chipset driver? -from what I've seen on the page from Intel, there are a bunch of different options; ICH10d, ICH10R, ICH7M, etc, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    TSK, tsk.  You must have obtained the name of the first ACHI SATA controller.

    This is the reason why we should always have a USB FDD in their Toolkit.

    Ok. I'll take a guess and say that you have the Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller.

    Now that you have already installed XP, first install the chipset driver and restart.


    Download the second listed file and then extract these drivers to a folder that you put somewhere on your drive C:\ so that you can navigate him later.

    http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20216&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%20XP%20Professional * & DownloadType=.

    Follow this procedure to install the AHCI with XP driver:

    1. right click on the icon my computer, click on manage, select Device Manager

    2. click on the + sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, it would show the devices under this category.

    3. you will find the listed Intel SATA AHCI storage controller.

    4. right click on the Intel® 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 1 01
    listed, then click on set to update driver.

    5. in the Welcome to the Hardware Update Wizard, select No, not this time. Click Next.

    6. Select install from a list or specific location (Advanced). Click next

    7. Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install. Click next

    8. click on Have Disk

    9. click on browse

    10. Select the location: c:\folder you saved the Intel AHCI drivers.

    11 choose iaAHCI.inf

    12. click on open

    13 lists several SATA AHCI controllers. In this list, select the Intel(r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller. Click Next.

    14. the update driver warning will be displayed. Click Yes

    15. the driver will be installed, and as soon as the update Hardware Wizard appears. Click on finish

    16. you can find the update controller in Device Manager.

    17 while the reboot, press the F10 key and start the BIOS configuration utility. Return to your submenu device configurations and change the setting of SATA to ACHI, save the settings there (F10) and their output, save the changes and restart.

    Now, the SATA driver is correctly installed and the Bureau will start in Windows, with device SATA AHCI Mode value.


  • No resources available in the Standard of AOE conquerors 2 game.

    When I start a standard game vs HAVE, there are no trees, stones or gold anywhere on the entire map. Even the minimap remains black.
    I can still build a foundry and limber yard etc., but there is nowhere where source materials of refinement.

    The computer is an HP laptop. Direct X is up to date. The graphics are Intel Mobile Express. The game has been played successfully in the past.

    Hi anfo.

    Thanks for visiting the site of Microsoft Windows Vista Community!

    You did it changes on your computer?

    You may need to install the latest drivers to view the game manufacturer's Web site.

    If the installation of the drivers is not enough, follow these steps

    You may need to perforrm the system restore:

    Follow the link for the restoration of the system: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Turn-back-time-on-your-PC-Undo-system-changes-with-System-Restore

    You may also want to contact the AOE support: http://www.microsoft.com/games/pc/age2expansion.aspx

    For more information, follow this link:
    I hope this information helps!
    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/answersfeedback/threads/ Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • HP envy 14-2090eo: activate the ahci with new ssd on hp envy 14-2090eo

    Hi Hp experts...

    I just ordered a Samsung 850 evo 500 GB ssd, replace the drive hard seagate 750 GB original in my HP Envy 14-2090eo. I then took a peek in the Device Manager and found that when I click the menu ATA/ATAPI IDE controller, it shows a new field saying: Intel(r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller. Does this mean that AHCI is enabled automatically when I install the Samsung 850 evo 500 GB ssd? Its because I don't have any options the normally settings in the BIOS to change to AHCI mode and then he hit me maybe its on automatically, or what I have to do to switch to AHCI mode, which I have heard is the best setting when installing SSD´s...

    Best regards to all


    Yes, he does.  AHCI is enabled and cannot be changed.

  • Windows 7 SATA storage driver hp pavilion dv6


    I recently bought a new drive hard and continuously an error message when I try to install the software for it. This is the exact number, I have: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11713

    I confirmed that the BIOS is locked in AHCI on my laptop model, so the solution is to upgrade the storage SATA driver to the latest Microsoft native driver, but I don't know how to do this. The only driver available on my system is "Intel(r) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E SATA RAID Controller '.

    Help, please!

    ~ Gorkycreator

    Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (installation costs)

    Laptop model: HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC

    Hard disk: Western Digital Black2 Dual Drive

    Error: Unsupported storage SATA driver / Incompatible

    Driver update: Intel(r) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E SATA RAID Controller


    Dv6t-7000 has Intel & chipset series and uses the Intel (r) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller.

    If in RAID mode, it uses the controller Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAID.

    If you try to install W7, please try this...

    Download the drivers from this link below (first or second file listed - 32 or 64 bit depending on the case).


    Extract the files on a usb flash drive.

    With the flash player and the installation of W7 media connected to the computer, boot from the installation of W7 media.

    After selecting the install now option, select the training - Advanced menu, Options and select the option load a driver.

    You should now see the storage driver files listed.

    If you check the box, it only includes the compatible driver.

    Follow the prompts and hopefully, W7 should install.

  • HP Envy Sleekbook 4-1130us... How to install Windows 7 on new SSD

    I want 4-1130us comes with Windows 8 on a hard drive and also has a 32 GB SSD as a cache.

    I want to replace the HD with a SSD and install Windows 7.

    Can someone confirm the process...

    (1) make HP restore discs in Windows 8

    2) download on an external device HP windows 7 drivers for the laptop

    (3) change the settings of the bios to Legacy Bios and disable secure boot.

    (4) stop and replace HD with an SSD.

    (5) install Windows 7

    Issues related to the:

    No comment on my approach to the installation?

    I read, that I might need a storage driver to install 7

    but I do not see all these drivers listed for this laptop on windows 7. Do I need one?

    I have also read that since the laptop has an SSD hd and hiding

    permutation for one SSD HD requires additional settings in the bios,

    people say to google, but I'm not finding the info?

    I'd be happy to simply be remove the small SSD of 32 GB and use other where

    or use it as a separate drive when the new main SSD is installed.

    Last question, if I manage to install win7 should I ever want to sell your laptop

    simply replace the original HD and SSD would win 8 reexecute.

    I read that someone who tried, but a safety feature would fail to boot from the original HD?

    Thanks for any help...


    I agree with your statements 1-5, with the amendment that there is only the W7 x 64 drivers for your laptop on its support page and driver, since HP only supports consumption patterns for the BONES of public windows into force at the time of the laptop (now Windows 8).

    Therefore, based on the hardware in your PC, I recommend you to use the W7 x 64 drivers and software for this model instead.



    Now, I love the idea of installing on a separate HARD drive and returning the original disc if you want to sell the laptop, or simply go back to the use of W8.

    I think that if you went into the BIOS and returns settings to their default values and close the notebook before reinstalling the original drive, it should work perfectly.

    If you do not change the BIOS to their default settings before installing the original drive, I tend to accept that he cannot start.

    You cannot change all settings for the storage controller BIOS in your laptop.

    I think with the models with these caches ssd, is by default the RAID BIOS.

    If you use a Windows 7 installation disc or an ISO file that does not have SP1 media refresh, then Yes, you probably have to load a sata driver.

    Here's how to confirm that your speed controller is set to (AHCI or RAID).

    The simple way to check if your laptop drive controller is set to AHCI or RAID (it will be one of the two), is to do the following.

    To check if the drive is set to AHCI, go to Device Manager. Look at the categories of device.

    If the laptop is AHCI, there will be a category of devices IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.  Click to expand this category and you will see the name of the controller sata which are listed there.  For the chipset of your model, you should see that an Intel (r) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller listed.

    If your laptop drive controller is set to RAID, look further down the list of device category, and you'll see a category of storage controllers. Click to expand that, and if your laptop drive controller is set to RAID, you should see a controller Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAID.

    Here is how you can determine which mode the inverter of your laptop SATA is configured for.

    Here is the link to the sata drivers, you may need... You want to download the first file listed for W7 x 64

    https://downloadcenter.Intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=2101&DwnldID=23060&Keyword=Intel+Rapid+Storage+Technology+(Intel+RST) & lang = fra

    So here's how to install the driver...

    Extract the files downloaded on a USB key.

    With the flash player and the installation of W7 media connected to the computer, boot from the installation of W7 media.

    After selecting the install now option, select the training - Advanced menu, Options and select the option load a driver.

    You should now see the storage driver files listed.

    If you check the box, it only includes the compatible driver.

    Follow the prompts and should install W7.

  • Dv6-7020us SSD upgrade

    I bought a LS Force of privateers and gettingfairly slow read/write speeds.

    First of all, I have reinstall windows, I activate trim. I don't know if I have the right storage controller driver intel.

    Installed the storage controller driver is: "Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAOD Controller.

    Sequential read/write speeds I get are 265 MB / 90 MB (rounded)

    What kind of speeds can I expect if everything is installed correctly?

    I suggest that you leave like that then. Benchmarkings are all synthetics. The performance of real life, it's what it takes. He there was much development of technical reference other SSD on the market actors improvise on their products so that selling off like anything. At the end of the day, it depends on what you get on your SSD.

    Related: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7337/corsair-force-ls-240gb-review

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    stupidly allowed pccurelive in my computer. I now have people who call to refund my money for me. I realize now that it is all a scam. How to remove pccurelive from my computer?   I hope you can help me