8610 OfficeJet all-in-one: fax and copy only with an Officejet8610e all in one printer

I bought a 8610 to use only as a fax and photocopier. I have no computer at home.

Can I get out of the box and try to use it for these two functions without having to download the software CD that came with it?

Of course

Simply connect it to your phone line for faxing and use the copy option, none of these options require the use of any computer.

Follow these steps to configure the fax device:


And below, you might find the steps to use the copy machine to make it necessary:


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  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 - paper format and copy

    I have an original document which is 216 x 330mm (8.5 x 13 in) and the paper of the same size. I want to copy the document to its original on the document size. When I try this, thumbs down, or so of the original are not copied. Now, for reasons known only to HP, the "Paper size" menu (on the printer) in the copy options gives a very limited number of possible paper sizes, and 8.5 x 13 is not one of them. From there, I understand:


    that replace the region of the printer setting affects which paper sizes are available under the menu copy and this seems to be true, but I tried a lot of different countries and none of them include 8.5 x 13.

    My only option was to scan the document and print it then my PC. Note that when you print from the PC the 8.5 x 13 size is available, and if I get the result I want - an enlarged copy on paper of the same size. However, it's much slower just made a copy of the printer, and if I had to copy a large number of documents, it would be really possible.

    So is there a solution to this? I for the life of me don't understand why everyone thought it would be a good idea to limit considerably the range of sizes available destination when copying. What would be really nice would be to have all of the available formats, the same list see you if you go to 'Print Options' on the PC, the printer, what that is the region, and if this list is deemed to be a bit heavy so to choose the settings by default, perhaps in an 'Advanced' options menu

    Hi Bell,

    I cut paper format legal until Folio and tested on a 8600 JO.

    I found that the setting of the copy to legal size and feed the page via the ADF has copied the entire page on Folio paper I created.

    There is no errors if the printer did not bother the paper more short.

  • 2840 AIO: aio HP 2840 print white or yellow, fax and copy is in color

    The printer prints white or yellow. Fax and copy is without any problem and in color. What can be the François for this dysfunction between fax/copying and printing.

    I try to imagine the proper name for it, but this point that does not is the solenoid that engages the carousel in position.

    This solenoid holds the stationary carousel while you print to any given color and then frees him then the carousel can turn a quarter turn it is necessary to get to the next color.

    What happens is that when the carousel does not lock out of position toner cartridge derivatives and none of the toner transferred to the intermediate transfer belt. Sometimes you get yellow is the first color of the 4 it sets for an image.

    What actually happens is the piece of foam rubber that is located between the arms of the solenoid and the solenoid deteriorates and becomes sticky and arm sticks to him instead of the carousel of locking in position.

    To fix this you will need to disassemble the machine where you can remove the solenoid and remove the arm from the solenoid, it's pretty simple when you look at it. Then clean the tarry residue and replace it with a very thin pen, you can get them at a dollar store, if you buy the high quality pads they are way too thick and the solenoid valve will not work. You have to have something between the metal arm and the metal Center of the solenoid or the residual magnetism that has developed in the metal causes the two parts together.

    You can find the service manual for this machine to: feedroller.com

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  • RoboForm does not work with your new browser. It is very fustrating and works only with Windows Explorer. I need to reinstall the old FIREFOX program?

    RoboForm does not work with your new browser. It is very fustrating and works only with Windows Explorer. I need to reinstall the old FIREFOX program?

    RoboForm has already released a version with support for the latest version of Firefox. See http://www.roboform.com/support/news. Try upgrading to the latest version of Roboform.

  • OfficeJet 4620: How to cut and copy on HP Officejet 4620

    I am trying to reduce a document to 60% and then copy it.  Because I can not find a guide for Officejet 4620, can someone please tell me how to do?

    The printer front click on copy.
    Click the key button to access the setting of copy menu.
    Select reduce/enlarge, and then select custom, set it as 60% and press OK.
    Click the back button once, and then click Start, black or color copy.

    Kind regards

  • HP Officejet all in PDFs print a disorder

    HP Officejet all in one automatically will fax when I try to print a pdf file, but prints without problem with a regular document. It started just after working fine for moths. Can you help me? Thankl you!


    When you print the PDF file you make sure you select the printer and not the Fax icon that is installed from the software?

  • Windows fax and scan only saves the first page

    When I use the windows fax and scan pages to analyze. You can get an overview of all the multiple pages scanned, but what emailing or save you then cannot see the first page.


    If you're using a scanner with a charger of documents and Windows Fax and Scan, you can scan multiple pages into a single file of scanning to the TIFF (.tif) file format. For more information, see:

    Scan a document or photo with Windows Fax and Scan

    If you use Windows Fax and Scan and a flat bed scanner, you can scan multiple images to separate files probably. Not all scanners flat have this ability, so you may need to contact the manufacturer of the scanner to get a driver so that your scanner flat may offer this option.


    Scanning: Frequently asked questions

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher
    Microsoft technical support engineer

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus: how and where can I find the year of the printer? HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 more

    How can I get the printer HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 year more?

    I looked in the staus report printer and the different labels I can find on the printer itself. I don't know that I just lack.

    I bought it new, so I have no reason to suspect that the information has been removed before purchase.

    Thank you

    The printer status report has 47 online date (rounded to the week) the print head has been installed.  Except in rare cases where that the printhead has been replaced, this would be the date of the printer has been installed.

  • Crack speakers and buzz only with online video. In charge of the music and sound of the DVD fine

    I have a HP 15-r011dx laptop with windows 8.1 when on youtube or videos CNN, the speakers carack and pop. The ads CNN play before the story are very good as a DVD or my music loaded. I relly don't want to reinstall. I've had the computer for 3 weeks and I don't know if she was there from the beginning. I have updated all of HP, including the BIOS and tried another browser and adjusted the volume levels. Windows has made updates.


    I have some other ideas, but it becomes more an environmental issue. Something (I couldn't say what) is causing interference with the audio. As this occurs only with online video/music and not anything ran computer laptop or DVD directly, this indicates that it would be something to do with the Internet.

    There might be questions about Internet bad signals via wireless or bad connections to Web sites. You have problems with streaming?

    You can also try to connect to your network with an Ethernet cable, to test. The question is perhaps more wireless streaming. Again, this could indicate some sort of interference.
    You can also test your router with the nearby. If you notice the problem disappears in some places but is apparent or worse in others. Check to see what's around, other devices may cause the buzz.

    Have you noticed problems in streaming video and audio on other capable network devices (iPhone, Desktop, etc.).

    The last possibility, again it goes back to poor/bad Internet could be the router itself. If it is older, then it might 'go. '

    I know nothing of the above are direct troubleshooting suggestions for the laptop, but two doing exactly the same thing is very rare. More often then not it is and indication that "something else" happening. The idea and the tests above could help determine what exactly will.

    I would like to know how it all happens.
    Thank you.

  • How to connect a HP officejet 4500, Fax and copier and scanner 3 in 1 for my pc?

    I have a new computer, windows and a 3 in 1 HP officejet fax, scan and print.  How can I connect it to the fax. I have a modem xfinity and his hook up correctly (I think)

    Monday, October 1, 2012 17:31:54 + 0000, Sheba33 wrote:

    I have a new computer, windows and a 3 in 1 HP officejet fax, scan and print.  How can I connect it to the fax. I have a modem xfinity and his hook up correctly (I think)

    It's hanging in wrongly. Your Xfinity (Comcast?) modem is connected to the
    connection to the internet from your cable provider. You cannot send a fax to the
    the cable line. The fax must be connected to your phone of the voice

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • OfficeJet 4500 Scanner not Fax or copy

    Operating system HP officejet 4500 all-in-one version Windos Vista of origin. message appearing in the lack of window scanner cannot scan, copy or fax

    Please help me solve the problem

  • why I can not install my canon PIXMA410 printer, fax and copyer scanner. It has been installed. now, he tells me that this is not something drivers

    After putting the new ink in there it will not respond or print

    This should be included in the Canon support forum, because it seems to be a hardware problem with the printer and is not a software problem or driver.

  • When you try to open a zip file with Explorer the screen just flashes and stops only with a reboot of the system

    This happens when I try to open the zip files downloaded, photos or music.

    This happens when I try to open the zip files downloaded, photos or music.

    No guarantee... but maybe the following discussion offers a few ideas:

    Vista crashes when opening zip files

    This article may also be useful:

    Windows Vista - compress and uncompress files (zip files)

  • Impossible to scan, fax, or copy of HP Officejet 6500 All-- E709a One in

    I can print from my HP Officejet 6500 All - in - One-E709a, but I can't scan, copy or fax.  All drivers and updates are underway; No recent updates have been made before the problems that occur. I use Windows 7 64-bit.  When the printer is turned on, it still shows Original charge, but no documents are in the charger or on the glass (I already cleaned the glass and have ensured that the lid is tightly).  I have problems to scan, copy and fax. The automatic document feeder works.  I tried to reset the printer several times.

    When I try to scan a document into the document feeder (it feeds through) or from the glass, I get varying answers - rarely, he asked well how I save/handle the doc (e.g., save them in pdf format), but the document does not actually scan and I'm headed to reload the document OR it displays no. Scanning Options. The document does not appear in my analysis.

    When I try to copy, it shows the document as copy, but there is a long delay before the progress bar occurs.  When I copy using the document feeder, I actually get a copy (rarely and always disappeared - looking) or copy prints white - two results are always followed by an error message to reload the document.  When you copy from the glass, the copy print in white with an error message to reload the document

    The same problems occur when you try to Fax.   If trying to scan, copy or fax, the printer does a lot of gears whirring noises.

    Again, I can print a document from my PC without any problem, the problem is limited to scanning, faxing and copying.

    I tried the doctor of printing & scanning HP.  It always stops at the HP Twain scanning stage, saying that the scanning process was cancelled by the user (not true).  When I click on continue, it proceeds to the stage of Test analysis, but nothing happens when I click the button of Scan Test.  It only will allow me to ignore at this point.   All the other steps show green checks.

    My first question is really going to reach the merits of the case, I heard you say that the printer produces noise, but if you lift the bar A) trip through the screen and the light cover B) up?

    In addition, perform both of these resets and I would like to know how they are!

    All-in-one HP printer reset - HP Officejet 6500 - YouTube'

    Have a great day!

  • HP5610 All in One Printer and for some reason any fax does not work

    * - Original title - the printer does not properly

    I have a HP5610 All in One Printer and for some reason any fax does not work.  What could be the problem?  I don't have the CD installation disc.


    To provide a proper resolution, I would need more information on your side.

    1. what operating system is installed?

    2. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    We can refer to this article and check if that helps.

    Unable to send or receive Fax: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c01670485

    You can also ask your question in the Forums of HP Support (scanning, fax and copy): http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Scanning-Faxing-and-Copying/bd-p/Scan

    Thank you.

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