A little help with my question please!

I have a HP psc 1210 all-in-one printer, and I lost the software for Windows 98 SE disk. What should I do to recover the software?

Hey X-5002.

You can find all the available drivers and software to download at the top of this page. It is titled support & Drivers. Here is a screenshot:

On next page, just type in your model number and it will give you the opportunity to choose the software drivers &. Here you will find all drivers available for your printer. Windows 98 is no longer supported so I'm not sure if you will be able to find a driver. Are you sure that you are using Windows 98? Windows is not is no longer support Windows 98.

Thank you


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    Tried for months now to get windows update to work properly. I still see a message pop up in my lower toolbar, that says: windows cannot verify the updates, with a red x. I'll try to update manually and it shows 0% all the time. When I go and check to see if there have been updated, it will show a little from time to time, who have downloaded successfully, but believe that is made during a unrolled task he is set to make only 1 or two from time to time will show. I don't know what else to do. It's Windows Vista. Help, please... My Windows defender seems to fine day. Help, please... Thank you...


    I guess that part of the question could be a driver which is really old or similar should not be loaded.

    This exit Windows updates on (after you have access) and stop the updates of the driver to load.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730606 (WS.10) .aspx


    You can use the solutions in this KB - 3 methods and I listed a little help for them below

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to
    install an update in Windows Vista

    Method 1: Start Windows Vista with the Windows installation media and use the repair feature

    How to do a startup repair in Vista

    You can also do a safe mode startup repair to access the Recovery Options If you have them available
    or use the DVD as described above.

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options

    Try recovery options Startup Repair

    How to do a startup repair

    Method 2: Start the system in safe mode and then use the system restore feature

    How to make a Vista system restore

    You can also do a restore of the system of starting with a Vista disk.

    Method 3: Rename the Pending.xml file, and then change the registry (this method is part of the advanced troubleshooting)

    See article below for that.

    You can use this method on the updates that have this problem.

    Hide the update (click right - HIDE in the updates of Windows) and go to the Microsoft Download Center to download
    and install it.

    Microsoft Download Center


    Once you are in Windows I was running once again reset here as a precaution.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Hope this helps sort it out for you.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Help with button code please?

    I am a novice and have completed my first animated film. I need help with action script.

    The film is currently in a loop and I created and invisible button the size of the frame with the intention that a user can click on the picture of the movie to stop it and the second click continue the film from where it stopped.

    I used AS event handler method to stop the sequence. I tested it and it works. But I can't understand the appropriate code to restart the movie.

    Two questions;

    1. I go to the task the right way? (should I use two buttons, a stop, a tenure)?

    2. If my approach is possible, can someone give me the right to re - start the movie and put me out of my misery please?

    You can use the following after having changed 'yourbutton' and 'yourmovieclip' to use appropriate instance names:

    {yourbutton.onRelease = function ()}

    {if(!this.) Toggle)}

    yourmovieclip. Stop();

    } else {}

    yourmovieclip. Play();


    This.Toggle =! This.Toggle;


  • Help with multitasking it please?

    Since I got my phone (Moto G 8 GB), multitasking has been terrible. I love the phone, but it's his left out major. Switching between the 2 applications at the same time generally involves having to reload the entire application, even some of the lighter applications such as contacts. I looked in the settings and everything is OK, as the apos as the default background. Also, I don't seem to have any heavy applications running in the background. Facebook is the heaviest app I have on my phone. I wonder if there is anything I can do to remedy to this or if anyone else has this problem?

    When you switch between applications, they restart because the system runs on the RAM. You see the message to reboot on some of these processes because the system killed these processes in order to keep others running and to free some RAM when its need is why you always have a bit of free RAM.

    Even the Air iPad with 1 GB of RAM, even that bike G, has problems, keeping applications running in the background. I'm afraid that this problem is quite normal if you have applications that run in the background taking up RAM. The system kills just the process relatively little important, as Google play music and display of WiFi, to keep others running and have at least a little memory available when it is needed.

    So you're an Android user average above that you have several applications that won't install average consumers, so I recommend going with a phone in the future who has at least 2 GB of RAM.

    P.S. I read in places that Motorola is aggressive with background applications to help with the battery, so maybe that is why the system cannot even keep apps simple people in memory, even if you have still a few available RAM.

  • need a little help with time calculation


    I tried to implement oauth2 and youtube api. I can connect and can recover the access_token and other oauth required as expires_in json values.

    What I'm trying to do is drive if my access token is valid or not before making another call to their api - youtube gives a value - expires_in that normally contains 3600, which I suppose is seconds. I'm trying to add this time now using clock_gettime(), but I don't get correct values for my calculation - nowTime + expiresInt.

    Anyone can point out the problem with my code please? It could be a bad way to do it, but I thought that I spent a few hours on this subject before asking for help.

    Thank you.

    token = c.value("access_token").toString().toStdString();
        refreshtoken = c.value("refresh_token").toString().toStdString();
        saveValueFor("access_token", QString::fromStdString(token));
        string expires = c.value("expires_in").toString().toStdString();
        saveValueFor("refresh_token", QString::fromStdString(refreshtoken));
        struct timespec* start;
        clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME, start);
        int nowTime = start->tv_sec;
        std::stringstream str(expires);
        int expiresInt;
        str >> expiresInt;
        nowTime += expiresInt;
        stringstream nowTimeString;//create a stringstream
        nowTimeString << nowTime;//add number to the stream

    Now you install milliseconds and seconds.

  • Need help with the composer please?

    I am very new to view and work my way through the implementation in our society. I get two different messages when the composer fails.

    "Could not perform the operation active directory. COM 2147016654 "error code

    "the partial distinguished name of the ad container specified is not valid.

    I would appreciate help with this. Thank you very much in advance!


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  • Help with required fields please

    I tried to get help with a required field and of forum aid said he's got to work for me but I can't and I have not been able to get answers more of him to help me more.

    I try to have a radio box when YES is selected to demand another field to fill.  The script I got is:

    getField("Location").required = (getField("Group1").value == 'Yes');

    Location is the area I need to be filled if the Group 1 is Yes.  The previous programme of assistance forum said I had to have this script in the two fields in Group 1 and when I do that, nothing else happens.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Please, I need to fix this immediately and I'll use this java script on many other forms that I have so I need to get there soon.

    Thank you in advance.

    This works.  It's perfect.  Thank you very much. You're my hero!

  • Need help with these questions of virtual machine?



    Thank you


    Answers are





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  • Join with count() question, please help!

    Hi all

    I have this problem (probably simple) that I can't solve... I have 2 tables (tbl_system_engineer and tbl_task_request) here... (only relevant columns are listed below)

    -id NUMBER
    -full_name VARCHAR2

    -tr_number NUMBER
    -submitted_on_date DATE (date of work was presented)
    -ass_comp_date DATE (date of task must be performed)
    -closed_date DATE (date of task was officially closed)
    -applicant NUMBER (the id of system engineer, the person who created this task)

    The request is meant to summarize how many of the tasks of engineers system is as follows:
    -"past completion date" - how many tasks have tbl_task_request.closed_date > tbl_task_request.ass_comp_date SYSDATE or > tbl_task_request.ass_comp_date for the engineer
    -' The completion Date approach' - how many tasks have a tbl_task_request.ass_comp_date in this month, but not "past date of completion" of the engineer
    -The calendar"- how many tasks have a tbl_task_request.ass_comp_date > the end of the month SYSDATE and year

    Result set lines are supposed to look like...
    'System engineer full name', after the completion date County, approaching County end date, the time count

    Help, please!


    Welcome to the forum!

    This is an example of a Pivot , where you want to GROUP BY a combination of columns and some columns appear different, not different rows as columns.
    The way to do that is to GROUP BY the expressions for which you want to tidy and use CASE expressions for others.
    For example:

    SELECT       e.full_name
    ,       COUNT ( CASE
                   WHEN  r.closed_date     > r.xyz_comp_date
                   OR    SYSDATE          > r.xyz_comp_date
                   THEN  1
                )     AS overdue
    ,       COUNT ( CASE
                   WHEN  xyz.comp_date     <  ADD_MONTHS ( TRUNC(SYSDATE, 'MONTH')
                                                      , 1
                   AND   r.closed_date     <= r.xyz_comp_date
                   AND   SYSDATE          <= r.xyz_comp_date
                   THEN  1
                )     AS approaching
    ,       COUNT ( CASE
                   WHEN  xyz.comp_date     >= ADD_MONTHS ( TRUNC(SYSDATE, 'MONTH')
                                                      , 1
                   THEN  1
                )     AS on_schedule
    FROM       tbl_system_engineer     e
    JOIN       tble_task_request     r     ON     r.requestor     = e.id
    GROUP BY  e.full_name

    I do not have the versions of your tables, so I can't really test this. I suspect that some consideration for the NULL values must be added to the conditions of the CASE.
    If post you a small example data (CREATE TABLE and only relevant columns, INSERT statements) so people can test their ideas.

    Sometimes, especially when the columns are mutually exclusive, it is more simple calculate a value in a subquery, saying which column of output each line is associated with. That the calculated value is then used in the CASE expressions very simple in the main query,

    Among the features of this awkward site are ithat ir replaces what he thinks are naughty words with s.  I suspect that it happened in your message.  I guess that all of the columns with * are the same, for which I substituted above.

  • Please help with javascript question

    Hi all

    So ive got this piece of javascript-

    $("#verse_inscriptions").on ('change', function() {}

    verse of the var = $(this).children("option:selected").val();)

    If (verse! = "0") {}

    $("#textarea").val ($("#textarea").val () + "" + verse);




    This page http://www.milesmemorials.com/product-GH54.html that I need is to adapt it so that it will allow this function to arrive while also inserting the same information into the textarea - here

    < textarea = "textarea2" id = "textarea2" name > < / textarea >

    So basically I have 2 forms, the first is where customers make their choices/selections and the second form retrieves these choices and inserts them in form2 by attributes "onchange", but the piece of code above that from occur (only on this part of the form 'inscriptions and verses' and 'textarea', which, as you can see both are interrelated).

    Can someone help me with this? I appreciate all help.

    Sorry it's my typo (extra '} ')

    $("#verse_inscriptions").on("change", function() {
            var verse = $(this).val();
            if(verse == "0") verse = "";
            $("#textarea, #textarea2").val(verse);


    Kenneth Kawamoto


  • Please help with a question of style image...


    1. I defined a style of image that looks like this in the picture style editor:


    2. I applied the style of an image. As expected, in the WSIWYG Editor, the image is intended for 1.75:


    The code (for this simple page, which is be a master page, but I found the problem on the regular pages too) looks like this:


    3. HOWEVER, in preview mode and in the WebHelp output, graphics is flat against the right edge:


    Is something being crushed somewhere? Or, perhaps, I do not understand is what a 'class '?

    Thank you!


    HI Kurt

    I may be wrong here, but what you've shared shows the image 'smooshed against' the LEFT is not the right side.

    I wonder if the issue here is your designation of the style. I note, there seems to be a period in it. You could try again and make sure that the name of style does not contain a point. I think that this is perhaps confusing things.

    See you soon... Rick

  • I need help with a question command line syntax

    I got 3 issues that need to be entered in command line / syntax.
    I had no training in command line and need help for that setting in the command line syntax.
    (The IP address is a fact).
    This will be done also on a PC that requires elevated permissions. So if a programmer can zip through it in no time it would be much appreciated. Perhaps one without high and an example with.

    1 setting up daily ping test to a server with the IP which will be composed of 1 000 ICMP echoes.
    2. establish daily ping tests to a server with the same IP address which will consist of one hundred 1 500 bytes ICMP packets.
    3 configure these run every day and are output to a text file.

    Hi Matt,

    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. Appropriate in the TechNet forums.

    Please post your question in the Windows 7 IT Pro: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/category/w7itpro/

    Thank you.

  • Little help General and question about layout theory

    Hello... any help appreciated:

    I am a photographer who has always been a person DIY.  I built a Web site for my work on my own using Dreamweaver and some tutorials online.  He comes back, it works (although a little slow), but the code would, I imagine, most of you take your computers and whiten your knuckles.  In short: it works on the tape, Staples and ideas of jerry-rigged.

    I've watched more tutorials and am rebuiding the site, trying to clean up the code and the site.

    I have a number of questions and issues that I have not been able to solve on my own and so I turn to this site.  I'll post a few initial questions here and even more in the following days.

    I sincerely appreciate the time and help you would be willing to offer.

    1. when I try to preview in Firefox, my computer switches to Firefox, but the site is not displayed.  All that appears is what was the last page I looked at Firefox.  This does not happen for Safari, Opera, etc..

    2 I watched videos on the site, built the site largely with a layout of the Tables and then a page turns with the Table in a template for the pages that follow.  I guess it's a frequently asked question: most people set out sites this way to make... or with the ApDiv?  I feel I'm learning a foreign language by the book... now I wondering how people REALLY speak.  My site is www.tomgriggs.net (look at the code at your own risk).  I provided that in the hope that, if you take a look, you might see a way to layout would work for me better than the other.

    3. What is recommend for my table, wide... I'm focusing on the photogarphers and others who usually have large screens and I want to maximize the space I have for my pictures, but I also want to most people when they visit my site to get the site on their screen.  The solution would only be a percentage based tabular presentation?

    I'll save the other for another day or post questions.  I appreciate any response you have!

    1. There is a known issue with Firefox 3.6.x and preview based on the browser.  It is noted in the Mozilla bug database and has been approved for publication in the next version.  I got the bug number in an old post, but I don't know off the top of my head.

    2 tables are a deprecated feature in Dreamweaver and have been removed from CS4.  So I recommend against learning in this way.  Œuvres of absolute positioning for some cases, but if you want a layout pass little matter that someone has the resolution you will end up with an elastic layout using percentages.  You can use div tags PA in it to achieve some effects.  But most of the time it should be used in some sort of container because otherwise your site will have different appearances according to the resolution.

    That your site is concerned, many will run your site through a validator: http://validator.w3.org/ - HTML, http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ - CSS.  At the moment your site validates 100% with CSS and has only a single error in HTML format (other errors are related).  Your "and must end with a ' / > '."  Apart from that, everything is in order.  Personally, I like the simplicity of your Web site, although I think you could add a little more to the grey background by integrating one of your images in the background.

    3. return to the table.  Closer look at your code and I see that you have a table around your content with a width of 1134.  Personally I trash and follow these steps:

    Here, all the power to the table remains

    If you get away from the table and move to div and layers, so you can make your more elastic page mentioned in the #2 response.  This code inside the body tag would give you a width of 90% of the visible area and auto margin: 0 would set the margin at the top and bottom of the page to 0 while the auto Center the page horizontally in the window of the browser.  As stated previously, layout tables are obsolete and will be not available in the latest versions of DW from CS4.  So I highly recommend moving ahead of them if you can.  The following resource is a good starting point for CSS ( http://www.w3schools.com/css/ ).  Think about the design of web sites in this way, just said HTML what should appear, CSS says what it should look like when it appears. Based on your current layout, it wouldn't be hard to reproduce this with fewer lines of code using basic CSS layout compared to the current table layout.  If you need an example, I could try to stick something together.  It may take a few days if.

    And if you have any other questions, feel free to post them.   Most of the users here are more than willing to lend a hand.

  • help with the msn please!

    help my msn keeps disconnecting me

    my guard signature msn me and then there is a pop up that says windows live communication stop working and it says that it is because Norton 360 install a update of Norton 360 tool, which I have not!


    Discussions in Windows Live Messenger

    They will help you with your WLM questions when repost you your questions in the highest Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • BlackBerry smartphones help with my bbm, please

    Broke my old style of bb, got a new and a larger memory card. I downloaded the latest version of bbm and then restored contacts back... but still not able to send and receive messages. Help please and thank you...

    Hi there and welcome to the forums,

    There are a few quick things you can try:

    1 check to make sure that your phone can receive data. Since you are the Sprint, when you look at the upper right of the screen, it should say 1XEV. If it is not capitalized (i.e. 1xev), you should probably call Sprint and let them take a look at all the settings on your account.

    2. go to Options > Advanced Options > host Routing Tables, press the BB Menu key and select Save now. This will help save your BB on the BlackBerry network.

    3. go to your e-mail settings, log in (if necessary), press the BB Menu key and select Service books. On the next screen, choose the option to send Service directories.

    4. follow steps 2 & 3 with a battery pull if it still does not work.

    That should do it, but if not, then the next step would be to contact Sprint without worrying to make sure that your BB has been implemented properly on their end.

    Good luck and we keep abreast!

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