A Web site that I use States: this agency will support is no longer using the Protocol of internet security TLS 1.0 or 1.1 - how to change this with Firefox?

I use a site that now has the following statement:

Safety notice: as part of our ongoing efforts to improve security, this agency will be no longer support the use of the internet security TLS 1.0 protocol effective August 1. In addition, we will also stop the support for the Security Protocol Internet TLS 1.1 on 1 September. This means you must update your browser to use this site. For any questions about the update, please consult your browser provider.

How do I change this?

Unless your Firefox settings have been changed, Firefox is ready for sites that use TLS 1.2, the latest version of the SSL protocol.

For example, if you click on the Green padlock on this site, so more information, the bottom of the Panel security in the Page Info dialog box should show that the page was encrypted using TLS 1.2. I have attached a screenshot showing where to find this information.

Can you confirm that this works?

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    Thank you.



    You can try to reset (power off / on) of the router.

    Do a check with some malware malware, analysis of programs on the Windows computer.

    You need to scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.

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    I checked the website and they seem to be using a GIF (sprite) and use the CSS code to display a specific number of this sprite to dial the numbers that display prices.

    So make sure that you do not block the CSS on this site to make it work.

    "Clear the Cache":

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    Hi redsoxfan15b,

    (I think I can have answered your ticket of Support of Typekit earlier today, but I'll post here the same information to be certain).

    We have recently added a new feature to Typekit that can sync your desktop fonts and use them in print design. The announcement on our Web site has more details:


    Font sync is available on any portfolio Typekit, Performance or Business plan.  Here is a list of all available fonts to use the Office to:


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    I hope this helps; Let me know if you have any other questions!  Best,


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    single user licenses allow you to use the adobe corporate programs and allow to sell the products that you create using adobe programs.

  • Try to access some Government Web site, but get message that it uses a protocol not supported.

    Original title: compatibility

    I'm doing something online with a governing body, but whenever I try to go ahead he said he uses a protocol not supported... can you help me please

    Hi Marystack,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description of the problem you are trying to access some government site but get message that it uses a protocol not supported. This question might be if you are connected to a network domain, or there is no restrictions applied to surf these sites.

    If you use Internet Explorer and cannot open certain websites then, there may be a chance that the site is not compatible with Internet Explorer. So, I suggest to open these websites in compatibility view and see if it helps.

    • Open Internet Explorer.

    • Open Web site which is getting blocked.

    • To open the toolbar, press the alt key pressed .

    • Now, click on Tools.

    • Then click on compatibility view settings.

    • You will see the name of the Web site under Add this Web site, to do this, click Add to add this Web site.

    • Close the window and restart your computer.

    Try it out below mentioned methods and see if it helps you to solve the problem.

    Method 1

    If the problem persists, try to trust these websites by following the steps mentioned below.

    Step 1: Open the trusted sites

    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Press the Alt key to display the Tools menu.
    3. In the menu, click Tools.
    4. Now, click on Internet Options.
    5. Click on Security tab.
    6. Select Trusted sites.
    7. Click the Sites.

    Step 2:

    Add the trust Web site

    1. Enter the address of the site you want to add.
    2. Click on Add.
    3. Close the open windows of Trusted Sites and Internet Options .

    Hope it would help. If problem persists always post back with the current state of your computer and the result of the proposed suggestion, we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards

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    I have a few Web sites that only the moving load on my desk for computer laptop-widows 8.1. How can I change this?

    What are the dimensions of the browser window?
    Some website changes automatically the movable display if you make the window too small.

    Can you attach a screenshot and possibly post some links?

    • Use a type of compressed as PNG or JPG image to save the screenshot
    • Make sure you do not exceed the maximum size of 1 MB

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
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    How can I create a widget from Adobe Acrobat DC Pro that I use in my Web site instead of using EchoSign/DC, as I am now?


    As the creation of widgets is an echosign feature and not an Acrobat feature, unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to create widgets with the Acrobat DC pro subscription. This is due to the reason why you get echosign pro subscription when you subscribe to DC, Acrobat pro, which does not support the widget.

    If in the case where you are on Echosign pro subscription, you wouldn't be able to do so because it does not support the creation of widgets. You will have to opt for a global echosign or the company's plan to create widgets.

    Or you can opt for one of the Acrobat business plans to perform this task.

    If you wish, you can connect with the support of Adobe for more information in this regard.


    Please click on the blue button "Still need help" to connect with one of the frames.


    Sukrit diallo

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    One of the changes in Firefox 42 title adds a blocker follow-up in private browsing windows. That type of filtering may affect integrated features of the social site.

    If you use private windows, you can disable the functionality of anti-tracking on the Options page as a test. This article contains more information on where to find this setting: the Tracking in private browsing Protection.

    If the problem occurs in windows common, hmm... I think you have already tested in Firefox Safe Mode, but if not:

    In Safe Mode, Firefox disables extensions, hardware acceleration, and a few other advanced features to help you determine if they are at the origin of the problem.

    Does not work if Firefox: Hold down the SHIFT key when you start Firefox.

    If Firefox is running: You can restart Firefox in Mode safe mode using either:

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > restart with disabled modules
    • Help menu > restart with disabled modules

    and OK reboot.

    Two scenarios: A small dialog box should appear. Click on 'Start mode safe' (not update).

    Any improvement?

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    A few extensions you can watch:

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    I accidentally visited a Web site by typing errors. The site is eonine.com. He sent me to a Web site that redirect it to a video that plays automatically. I have x - Ed out and cleared safari. Could this site put something on my computer? I have an Apple, but that was before the most recent security update.

    Thank you!

    Redirects can be caused by adware or malware.

    You can use the free Malwarebytes utility to remove it.

    Click here > https://www.malwarebytes.com

    Then click on download.

    It of free and takes only a minute or two.

    When you are finished, open Safari go to the Safari menu bar and click Safari > Preferences then select the Privacy tab, then click: delete all data from the Web site. Then go to the menu bar, click history > clear history. Then exit and restart Safari.

  • (Very safe and reputable) Web sites that I do always redirected... _

    Web sites that I'm going to always seem to get redirected elsewhere.

    Error message: Sorry, we couldn't find http://ad.doubleclick.net/adi/wpni.washingtonpost.com%3Bkw. Here are some related Web sites:

    This page has been generated due to one of these two reasons:

    The web address you entered has not resolved correctly.

    You have entered a keyword query in the browser's address bar.

    This page is intended to provide you with useful content, including paid advertising and web search results, depending on the significance of the web request address/keyword you typed. This program can be uninstalled from the Control Panel Add/Remove programs. Look for the application named "redirector error browser address. Older versions can be called "GoogleAFE".

    This is usually caused by a malware infection.

    Through these generals the malware removal not systematically - http://www.elephantboycomputers.com/page2.html#Removing_Malware

    If you can't do the work yourself (and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea), take the machine to a professional computer repair shop (not your local equivalent of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad). Please be aware that not all shops are skilled at removing malware, and even if they are, your computer may be so infested that Windows will have to be properly installed. If possible, have all your data backed up before taking the machine into a shop. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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